Garin Sparks; phony medic

| November 7, 2016


The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Garin William Sparks whose claims are that he is a twenty-year veteran of the Army medical field which he has parlayed into a career in Hollywood.

Garin William Sparks has built quite a career for himself – both in the Army and in the film industry. He claims to have worked on over 100 films as an on-set medic, the most recent being “Olympus Has Fallen“, “Boyhood” and “True Grit“.

Garin Sparks Claims

So the folks at Military Phonies ordered his records;

Garin Sparks FOIA

Garin Sparks Awards

Garin Sparks FOIA Assignments

First off, he’s not a sergeant E-5 like he claims. He’s a specialist E-4 – big distinction between the enlisted rabble and the non-commissioned officer corps. He wasn’t a medic – big difference between being a medic and an artilleryman. Especially when he uses the phony medic story to be the head medic on movie sets and he really has no experience in the field. That could be dangerous.

He was deployed to Noble Eagle, United States and Canadian military operations related to homeland security and support to federal, state, and local agencies, and a deployment to Iraq in 2007. An admirable career, a huge rack of awards, no need to embellish that at all.

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  1. Louisiana Crew says:

    I have the misfortune being on a show with him right now. He is getting his jobs through the production assistants and assistant directors according to them. I hear him bragging about him being an Ex-Marine and a combat medic and how the movie Boy Hood is based on his life as a combat medic. He has been cutting his union rates to secure work with producers (according to the production offices) and telling everyone how great they are as he has his hands in every department helping. Not only is it against union biilaws to cut your rate, it crosses definite lines to be touching other crew member’s equipment. I’ve even seen him jump in a Teamster’s truck and move it! This is why he is probably seen as a nice guy for being overly generous in helping and telling everyone how great they are. From what I’ve seen working with hm on shows, he has to go out of his way to be nice so the people hiring him won’t check his licenses. Now to find out he really is a fraud and to be working with him on set really pisses me off and offendeds me deeply. I’ve talked to crew members over the years when ever he’s been on my shows and he is not liked. So is it because he’s cutting his rates? To productions: Is it worth the risk?

    • David Pomeroy says:

      Fucking with a Teamsters truck?????? I’m suprised they didn’t cut off his nutsack and use it as a tobacco pouch.

  2. IMDB Monitoring says:

    IMDB has removed over 100 of his Medic credits he had given himself. Thank you for the the effort put into this important research and documentation. Fraud is serious and will not be tolerated. He will be monitored.

  3. Left Shark devours says:

    Wow! Garin was the “Left Shark” on the Katy Perry Super Bowl half time show! He has it on his IMDB resume so it must be true! How convient that he couldn’t remove the head on his costume so we could all see he was in the suit when he posted it all over his Facebook page…

    That’s been reported too you fucking sociopath A-hole Garin.

  4. Studio Safety says:

    All major studio safety personal have a warning out not hire this individual. If anyone sees Garin Sparks on any film set, please report him immediately to the safety hotline number on your call sheet. All calls will be anonymous. Please remember to reference Military Phony/Garin Sparks.

  5. PLEASE REPORT says:

    He’s still working! Now he’s a shop steward in charge of safety and medic on Jeepers Creepers/part 3. Help the crew report this asshole! Keep this set and others safe. All calls can be done anonymously.

    Call your Safety Hotline: