Casey Gubert; phony veteran

| January 11, 2017

Last month, we talked about this Casey Gubert fellow who claimed to the local media that he was getting tossed from his apartment because of his service dogs. Documentation that he showed the reporters was forged said the VA.

[KXTV] took a letter the couple claims to have given the property manager and showed the VA Medical Center. At first glance a spokesperson told us it looked real until she confronted the doctor who is listed. She told us the letter is not an official document from the VA Northern California Health Care System, nor is the signature on the document from one of their physicians.

After confronting the couple, they stand by what they said in the previous ABC10 interview. They said they gave us documentation, which the VA tells us is a forgery. We’ve asked several more times for them to talk with us again or if they have any other documents proving his service or even pictures. So far, we’ve received nothing.

The National Personnel Records Center doesn’t recognize his name either;

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  1. IDC SARC says:


  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    This whole bullshit story started, of course, with the bullshitter, Casey Gubert. I guess he thought it would be a really good idea to tell his tale to KXTV. They ran with his story, corroborating nothing, apparently. Viewers were reportedly outraged. One who was outraged, but for a different reason, contacted KXTV the day after the bullshit aired. She told the station that that Gubert wasn’t even a veteran. Whoopsie! These newsies will never learn. All it takes is a simple request for starters: “May I see your military discharge papers and any related documents, please?” Well, now, maybe, law enforcement will get involved. As far as I know, forging a gov’t document is still a crime, even in California.

  3. 3E9 says:


  4. Snotcrow says:

    Shocker.. you mean people that forge a medical professionals signature on an phony document, have the audacity to lie about time served in our armed forces.

    What is next? Kids act out against the first amendment and try to silence the opposition, because they feel offended?

  5. ex-OS2 says:


  6. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Fuckfaced monkey shit-brained pisspants lyin’-ass DINGLEBERRY! Enjoy your newfound internet fame, shit-for-brains!

    • The Al says:

      You really shouldn’t hold in your anger like that- you might rupture something.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        You’re right, I shouldn’t have used “shit-for-brains” twice. Maybe I should have used “pus-nuts no-load bucket of cockroach shit” or something similar!

        • Bill M says:

          Yes, API, saying “Casey Gubert is a pus-nuts no-load bucket of cockroach shit” is a well-known stress-relieving methodology often recommended by doctors and other healthcare professionals. One should say it early and often when confronted by certain shit-for-brains buckets of cockroach shit like Casey Gubert.

          But that’s just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

  7. Dave Hardin says:

    Veterans are being portrayed as helpless little victims because of scum like this.

    I get an erection every time one of them is exposed for the fraud phuk they are.

    Phuk em and his doggies.

  8. CB Senior says:

    This is why Vegas is rolling in money. Dumb fucks like this POS keep doubling down on losing hands. Chasing bad bets with even worse bad bets. FOLD you f-ing idiot.

    P.S. Rot you rat fuck.

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    Remember how Lars leaped to this idiot’s defense last time? Go figure.

  10. Combat Historian says:

    As expected, a phony posering scumbag and a lying little bitch to keep him campany. Total useless fuckers, the both of them…

  11. Sparks says:


  12. Skippy says:

    Ditto Sparks comment Shitbag

  13. ChipNASA says:

    Ball working asshole tonguing cock gobbling sperm burping thunder cunt.

  14. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Well, I’m sure that the VA is going to be all over that shit… same with the local Feds.

    He’s probably had a few cockmeat sammiches in his lifetime…

  15. Wilted Willy says:

    What! No vest, no Harley, no hat, no thousand yard stare? I mean come on you shit bag, you aren’t even trying? I would support a public flogging in the town square maybe? You are a flaming bag of mouse shit! Enjoy your Google fame you ass licking cocksucker! I hope your balls rot off and roll up your ass! You are a Cocksucker!!!

  16. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Stolen Valor…..
    The “Victimless Crime”.
    The Rancid Cherry topping the Shit Sundae.
    One has to wonder, what lies beneath, waiting to be dug up and exposed to the light of day…..

  17. Starbux says:

    More like Casey Goober.

  18. Mark A Lauer says:


    They totally forgot that signatures can be checked. Oh, well ;maybe next time….

  19. deckie says:

    That Kirsten Rockwood posts a lot of really idiotic political and anti-religion nonsense on her Facebook page. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was a phony embellisher too.