Cameron Gamble and Don Shipley; the 7-part series

| January 13, 2017

Here, I put all of the Gamble/Papini/Shipley videos in one post;








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  1. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    I really don’t know anything about this story other than what I’ve read online from the Guardian and a few others…wasn’t aware of the claims about Gamble or this woman.

    I confess I was pretty ignorant of the entire story. It’s interesting, but I would agree with Shipley that right now until somebody can show who or why this was done it’s all speculation without evidence. Was she kidnapped for use as a product overseas and did Gamble help get her out? The interesting thing is women go missing every fucking day of the week, and a great many of them are victims of human trafficking right here in the suburbs, tricked and coerced into becoming unwilling participants in their own degradation.

    Human trafficking is a real problem in the US, never mind overseas and one of the biggest days of the year for victimization of those being trafficked is fast approaching, Super Bowl Sunday is one of those days…guys who buy hookers or massage parlor women or escorts are the financiers of this evil. Those guys need to be arrested and publicly exposed for contributing to this misery. They should spend more time in jail than the victims, maybe that will get the message out there that we are done fucking around with trafficking in the United States.

    Once again it’s a pretty young white woman who turns the story into national news…well maybe at least now it can be something we do some actual work on instead of just pushing it onto the back page of the news while we worry about whether or not the next AG might have used a racist word 35 years ago…or if Tillerson is too friendly with a competitive superpower…

    • Graybeard says:

      I may be mistaken, but I thought I read a report showing that the spike in hookers before a SuperBowl is an urban legend.

      On the other hand – human trafficking is heinous. A week or so ago there was a case where a young teen girl from Houston was rescued in Louisiana during a traffic stop – having been taken by some illegal aliens from Guatemala.

      Houston has a bad problem with human trafficking. I would not be adverse to mandatory death penalties for any human trafficker.

  2. OldManchu says:

    Well maybe I owe an apology. I’d still like to see the results one day from the professionals who close the abduction case.

  3. ex-OS2 says:


  4. Ex-PH2 says:


    And in the end, Senior Chief says ‘I don’t know who did what to whom, real LEOs looking into what happened. Let it go.’

    That’s fine with me.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      The REAL mystery is why I’m getting hit with the ‘moderation’ tag. Hmmm…. I don’t get that anywhere else.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Because you need moderated. It takes a post or two from you each day before we know if you started binge drinking in the morning again.

        Sobriety is a process.

    • ChipNASA says:

      I’m with Senior Chief Shipley.
      The Hair’s a smart, informed educated and well trained guy. No Doubt. He has his 100% shit together and I’m on board with him as always.
      Thanks and I’ll leave you with this.

  5. 26Limabeans says:

    26Limabeans says:

    January 7, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    “I wanna see them defeather, cook (if that’s possible) and eat one of those giant flying balls of grease.”

    Hey, that’s cheating using one of those mechanical strippers. That’s like using one of those potato peeling rigs with the sandpaper inside. Did you use one of those in BASIC?
    I think not.
    Up heah we use a 30 gallon barrel of boiling soapy water ( dish soap not laundry ). Submerge the goose for twenty seconds then wipe the feathers away.
    Then toss the thing in the road for the crows cause you ain’t never gonna be able to cook it long enough to chew and swallow let alone digest that giant grease ball.

    Oh yea, I agree with the ending. The guy had a great time as a Boomer and parlayed a bit of it.
    I learned lots of stuff in the Army outside my MOS and I was able to use some that training to stay alive and make a decent living. Just the firearms training alone can open doors.
    As far as the abduction nonsense, who the fuck knows? Time will tell I am sure.

    • David says:

      Just had Christmas goose a coupla years back… wife made it taste as good as duck. Gotta serve it hot to keep from tasting greasy.

      Looks are nice but transient, sex gets more infrequent with time, but a good sense of humor in a great cook? That’s forever stuff right there…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I have a question about goose cooking: if they’re so hard to cook and make them tasty, what was my aunt’s secret to cooking them? Every Thanksgiving, my uncle went hunting and every time, he’d bring home at lease one goose, maybe two, and my aunt would roast it to perfection. I think it’s too greasy, too, but hers wasn’t, for some reason.

      Any clues to why my aunt’s goose cooking worked and others just turn out drek are good.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        Stuff it with lots of bread crumbs to absorb the fat as it cooks.
        Do not salt or apply a brine rub to it as that will seal in the grease.
        Roasting on a spit works good but keep a fire extinguisher handy.

  6. Dave Hardin says:

    This entire process has been utterly disturbing. I toil with the precedence of my talking points. Since this is a forum by which we address issues of military service I will start with that.

    Senior Chief Don Shipley is an honorable man. He has stepped up in the most visible and accessible manner possible to bring attention to Stolen Valor. He and his entire family have taken the brunt of malicious attacks carried out by some of lowest forms of scum on this planet. Don and Carol Shipley are beyond reproach. They deserved nothing less than our admiration and support.

    I am sitting in the cheap seats, as are the rest of you watching this event. It is all to easy to throw popcorn from where we sit. Jarheads fuck with Squids because, well we can, and they make it so easy sometimes. We may bloody each other, but make no mistake about what happens when someone else fucks with either of us. There are people in some of the lowest, debauchery filled, shit holes on this planet that can attest to the brotherhood of Marines and Sailors.

    Senior Chief Shipley, I salute you and your wife for your dedicated service to our cause. You stepped up again on this particular occasion knowing full well you would take the brunt of the criticism while defending the honorable service of a fellow veteran. Semper Fi my brother.

    Now, notwithstanding all that, let me move on to the California Moron. caMoron voluntarily put his dumb ass in the spotlight. When people began looking into who he was and what he claimed to be they immediately found discrepancies in his story. caMoron is now running around with a chapped ass.

    For the sake of the Google gods:

    Cameron Gamble had publicly posted claims about his military service that were provably FALSE. He did NOT train special operations forces on anything shortly after 9/11. That never happened and that is a fact.

    His experience doing that came years later. As best I can determine, it came 4 years later and after he was discharged from the Air Force. Because that initial look into his claims proved false it caused any reasonable person to doubt the rest of his claims with impunity.

    At a minimum Don Shipley has provided law enforcement with a video account of caMoron’s statements. That is a good thing, it will either help clear his name or help lock his ass up.

    I am cheering from the cheap seats that the latter happens. What he did during this case was put his family and every woman in his life at risk. Every woman in his church is now at a greater risk for their safety than they were before he ran his mouth.

    Every wack job in the world now knows he can make arrangements to get money in exchange for women. caMoron is too narcissistic for that fact to keep him awake at night. He claims to sleep just fine.

    His cognitive dissonance prohibits him from grasping a dozen small things Senior Chief Shipley was able to record. The hardest missing person cases to solve are the ones where the abductor deliberately selects a victim that they have absolutely no connection to. They go way out of their way to make sure the person they victimize has never had any remote contact with them. Good job dumbass.

    The people involved with this wanted it to be seen as an abduction from the very first second. They made that glaringly obvious. They reacted as I would have suggested, frustrate the abductors by not acting as if is was one. More food for thought dumbass.

    I am little more than a village idiot, you can bet your ass people much brighter than I see a whole lot more. That has to be the case because there is a whole lot more I see that will not get printed here.

    Senior Chief Don Shipley flushes more fortitude down the shitter every morning than this clown will ever possess. I have witnessed Shipley react under heavy criticism. He does NOT go running to piss and moan like a little bitch. caMoron did.

    PEOPLE SHOULD NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS AND RIDICULE PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. All too often we have to deal with people who besmirch the service of honorable veterans. Veterans do go on to much bigger and better things in life. They are capable of the miraculous.

    Cameron Gamble at a minimum overreached with his experience that does not translate into civilian law enforcement. He put those around him at risk. He did not correct embellished statements about his service available to the public.

    Much respect to Shipley and all he does. He does a great job for a Squid.

    • USMC8151 says:

      Ooorah brother..This guy is a shitbird of the infth degree..He would never have been on my working party…I pity the people he has placed at risk…Draws my attention to that whole Bethel Missionary group.

    • Mr_crabbs says:

      Well said, sir.

      No one questioned Mr. Gamble’s three years in the military, but that is what he presented to Mr. Shipley to address.

      He seems like a red herring in the Sherri Papini case, but when he brought up JPRA SERE training as his background in “hostage negotiation” it got my attention.

      Among many of his inconsistencies, Gamble says he taught at SERE JPRA in his reddit AMA, then with Shipley, he says he was trained there and taught at Rucker. He took a three-week course at PRA, and that is pretty much his whole training. Any of you guys out there who have been through SERE at PRA know he is FOS.

      I’ve commented on part five, so I will synopsise my other comment; Mr. Gamble’ is using his inflated post-military creds to encourage evangelical missionaries from his church to go into very dangerous territories, thus endangering SOF that will be called upon to get those civilians out.

    • Tony180a says:


    • formerMarine says:

      You are contradicting yourself. First you say “PEOPLE SHOULD NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS” (caps yours), and then in the next paragraph you write “Cameron Gamble at a minimum overreached “… sounds like a conclusion to me.

  7. USMC8151 says:

    Anonymous donor from overseas? What was their connection to this donor?…This is straight out of Man on Fire…I don’t think this guy CG worked with someone else to do this and they fucked up…I hope I am correct and law enforcement nails them all…if I am wrong, oh well, ain’t the first time.

  8. USMC8151 says:

    Correction: I think CG conspired in this and it went south quick…Sounds convenient that so many odor are anonymous…He makes it seem like law enforcement are just dipshits and need him…I say law enforcement should work from the theiry that CG was complcit in this.

  9. Prince of Tides says:

    Here was about 80 minutes of video, almost a feature length movie. It all strikes me as inconclusive.

    It was an interesting story but I’m left feeling unsatisfied. It was similar to the experience I had with the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story, the flight that went missing. An interesting story but I was only a viewer and at the mercy of the facts presented to me and what else I could gather by an internet search. I lost interest when I realized that it was going to take some time, there were competent people on it and the mystery would hopefully be solved given time. I had little interest in the speculation but can appreciate that others did.

    So, my approach will be the same. Monitor and see how this plays out over time. Hopefully the entire story will be revealed.

    To the 80 minute message of nobody should jump to conclusions without having all the facts and leave it up to experts. OK, good point but isn’t that stating the obvious and preaching to the choir? Message received.

    Let me return the favor – don’t eat yellow snow.

    I’m still not sure who was being lectured. Was it the stolen valor community, the news media, or the commenters on YouTube postings or the commenters at the foot of newspaper articles? Bearing in mind that the Shipley YouTube video comments came after the fact, it would seem that this was directed at news media and commentators at the foot of the newspaper articles.

    What I’m driving at is there seems to be vague villains that where coming at Cameron Gamble in full force to warrant a strong rebuke. I don’t live in that area of California so it could have been intense locally.

    So, an 80 minute “don’t jump to conclusions and don’t act on those conclusions” message. Not sure I would have done that anyway but got it, message received. Conversely, it didn’t bring me off the fence to get behind Gamble 100%. I’m still skeptical and that’s not the same as labeling him a fraud.

    As someone pointed out, Gamble went on records with statements so that is good. Some of this may come into play later.

    Videos got the word out. Check. Reinforced a message to not judge without all the facts. Check.

    Instead of jumping on the “Gamble was a innocent victim trying to help because Don Shipley stands behind him” bandwagon, I think I’ll wait for more facts to come in and law enforcement is in the best position to complete the investigation and provide those facts.

    Just my two cents. Others may feel differently.