Michael Sleeper; Fake Ranger / Desert Storm veteran. (Updated)

| January 27, 2017

Someone sent us Mike Sleeper.  He has a cool man cave in his garage.  Apparently he collects campaign memorabilia…including his own.  We have reports of him claiming to have been deployed to Iraq during Desert Storm.

Mike also likes to tell people he was a Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment during conversations.   He backs up those kind of claims with pictures on his FB profile.


It sounds like some actual Desert Storm veterans found discrepancies in his stories.

Evidently,  he is on the School Board in Columbia County, GA and according to his twitter account he also likes to play trivia games.

We thought a little Trivia of our own would be nice, so we ordered his official records through a FOIA request.


That one page alone tells us all we need to know.  Not a Ranger, No deployment to Desert Storm and he was discharged after a few years as a Private.  He spent his time in Alaska as an 11B Grunt and he was not a Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment.    His only award listed is the Army Service Ribbon.  It appears the Army got tired of dealing with Pvt Sleeper and sent him back home early.

Private Sleeper should probably come clean with some people who are under a false impression that he is something that he is not.  Particularly the kids in his school district.


Mike Sleeper called me.  We had a frank conversation.  He has an opportunity to come forward and set the record straight.  Rarely do we post all the information we have on a case in order to give people an opportunity to man up.   Mike is insistent that he served with the 75th for a period of time.   That very well could be, but its not in his official records we were provided.   What is a fact is Mike was never a Ranger.

As I stated in the blog, we have reports that he has made claims we know are not true.


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  1. jarhead says:

    This might be helpful to contact with the fully understandable explanation of who IS and who IS NOT a ranger. Columbia County School Board Chairman who is quoted in the above story happens to be an attorney.


  2. jarhead says:

    Based on Sleeper’s delusions, it’s only logical to assume he believes he needs no exhaust fan in his bathroom.

    Before this is over somebody will donate a huge attic fan just for Sleeper’s bathroom!

  3. OWB says:

    It would have been so easy for this clown to have originally said something like, “The dog ate my paperwork, so since I cannot prove my lies I will quit lying.”

    Meanwhile, he can solve it all by signing an SF-180 to allow the local folks to access his full records. That would settle it.

  4. Claw says:

    Don’t have anything to say right now other than Sleepers a Dumbass and this comment makes the comments a nice round number at 500.

  5. ChipNASA says:

    I like how the Public Affairs Officer for the 75th chimed in.

  6. ex-OS2 says:

    “The tab on the wall is a companion to the one on my shoulder.”
    Mike Sleeper, 2017.


    • ChipNASA says:


    • Mick says:


    • RGR 4-78 says:

      If you increase the size of the picture of his boy cave, to the right of the large Ranger Tab (flag?) there appears to be a vanity license plate that looks like a Ranger Battalion scroll with a Ranger tab over it.

      If that is what it is, he is claiming both time in the Ranger Regiment and Ranger school completion.

      • Timmy says:


        hadnt noticed the plate. too funny.

        but mike sleepers claims vary depending on the day and he contradicts his douchebag self often. he contradicts REALITY even more often. he has variously claimed both tab and scroll, and also injury from a parachute jump.

        FOIA shows he did neither, and also didnt earn airborne wings.

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    A little music to set the tone for MICHAEL SLEEPER and his current situation with the local school board and the public:

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    HEY Ex-OS2, doesn’t Michael Sleeper’s sudden and lengthy silence as well as his having someone attack by proxy make him say, a


    • ex-OS2 says:

      Private Supercocksucker!

    • ChipNASA says:

      OK…here it goes from a few days ago, *UPDATED*

      Michael Sleeper; Fake Ranger / Desert Storm veteran.

      GOOGLE HITS!!! …work balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, pile infested, inflamed, gaping, ball working asshole, shit tonguing, cock gobbling, sperm burping, sniveling, lying, worthless, waste of oxygen, shitbag, moron, asshat, dick pickle, catcher, impotent koekeloeren, mumpsimus, douche nozzle, hemorrhoid, Milksop, jackwagon, Pettifogger, butt munch, not a Ranger, insult to humanity, Handgallop, twat, tool, bint, sleezebag, weaksauce, Turd-Burglar, rimjobber, cum-dumpster, gonad, dopus, twizzletits, tallywacker, Bozack, Felcher, dingleberry, bitch, gimp, bescumber, coccydynia, micropeen, Hircismus, cheat, Cacafuego, Cock-juggling *Pussy* thundercunt.

  9. Jonn Lilyea says:

    No jump wings – proof that he’s a Ranger, FFS.

    Sleeper is County Commissioner’s son-in-law.
    The locals are afraid of Boss Hogg FIL.

  10. DidiMau says:

    Austin Rhodes on his radio show today said he offered Mike Sleeper an opportunity to come on the show and clear things up. Sleeper told him that he didn’t have time. Rhodes commented that was about a month ago. Rhodes then gave examples of other locals officials who had gotten in trouble and suddenly refused to come on his show anymore to discuss the issue. These officials had ended up in jail. Realize Sleeper had guest hosted this radio show and knew Rhodes would be fair to him. It’s time for a campaign to force his resignation from the county Board of Education.

  11. West lake neighbor says:

    Not in Columbia County! And Chairman Cross is a straight shooter that is by the book and runs a clean operation. There’s no way Mr. Sleeper would lie about something so serious! I’m sure he has a good reason for not being able to prove he was a true Ranger.

    • Ret_25X says:

      Yes, he does have a good reason.

      He was never a Ranger.

      I was never a Ranger either.

      The difference?

      I don’t lie about it.

      This does not even qualify as a decent sock puppet attempt.

      Too easy. Next!

    • Green Thumb says:

      Sleeper = Loser.

    • jacksoo1917@gmail.com says:

      columbia co. is infamous for thieves, scoundrels and child rapists in office

  12. West lake neighbor says:

    Seriously, no one is that insecure to pretend they are something they are not. And Cross, his father in law, would be embarrassed to no end if this was true. I’m sure he was all he says he was and more! This is Columbia county y’all!

    • Ret_25X says:

      Columbia county….LOL

      Says it all.

    • ex-OS2 says:

      Yeah. Big Ron is going to be extremely embarrassed.

      This is TAH y’all.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      MICHAEL SLEEPER is insecure… that’s why he hasn’t answered the allegations (unless you count showing your ass at a school board meeting and deafening silence as an answer).

      Nice try…NOT!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Like they say up in Nooh Joizey, *FEEEHHHHHHH!*! Michael Sleeper WAS CAUGHT LYING about his past Military Career and his feet are being held to the fire over it.

    • jacksoo1917@gmail.com says:

      columbia co. is infamous for thieves, scoundrels and child rapists in office

  13. jarhead says:

    And so another morning arrives. Guess who wakes up and the first order of business is “Hold the pee while I check to see if the TAH folks have FINALLY realized I’m not going to cave in and face the defeat I created? I’ll be damned glad when I no longer see my name in their headlines. Daddy Ron gonna be so proud of me when he realizes I outwitted them and they gave up. Meanwhile these sleepless Sleeper nights are killing’ me! Damned veterans…where in the world did they come from? And what business is it of theirs if my lies got me in office? Trouble makers are those veterans I tell you. They got no respect.” (R. Dangerfield)

  14. jacksoo1917@gmail.com says:

    ex-OS2 please elaborate on mike sleepturd’s absence from trivia night. any more details? if that’s happenning it’s a good time to start contacting the trivia venues.

  15. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Just wanted to let Mikey know that we haven’t forgotten about him. I wonder how his “official request” for what he was handed upon discharge is going. Yesterday marked one month at TAH and, at over 500 cmts, he’s doing damn well.

    • jarhead says:

      Sleeper hasn’t been forgotten by no means. While he sits around thinking all has been forgotten by now, little does he know nothing has been forgotten. Not to mention the Piece de resistance is currently near completion. All said and done, I’d be wearing a raincoat (s__tcoat) if I were standing in front of a fan.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, then let me add my five cents’ worth here, just to keep the electrons flowing.

      Mr. Sleeper is a skankazoid crapweasel.

      • Timmy says:

        thanks for the clarification. mike sleeper is claiming to be a conventional, rather than a skankazoid type of cr*pweasel. mike sleeper has been embelishing again. what a piece of dog*hit he is.

  16. ColCo Parent says:

    I guess he’s won. This has been forgotten about and he’s going to be allowed to continue to influence my children’s education. I’m sad for my county and its children as this low life has been able to sweep his lies under the rug. Can something be done???

    • ex-OS2 says:

      Mike Sleeper is far from winning. I would encourage you to attend the school board meetings and let your voice be heard. Stop his political path in it’s tracks. His goal is probably county commissioner or state representative.

      Follow this thread as well.


      • ColCo Parent says:

        Thank you for the advice and the link, Makes me feel better that this isn’t going away quietly.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Go to the board meeting and use the citizen’s comments section of the meeting to ask him about his service and his service records. Push for another candidate to replace him. Make his political life Hell… he’s lied to you and the community for years.

      • ColCo Parent says:

        He definitely has. And having been in attendance at the last meeting, it seemed as if it was going away. But hopefully it is not.

        • Timmy says:

          please attend meetings. test the waters of your right to speak. 5 or 10 voters should demand, not request to do so. each meeting. if they stop you, you have cause to challenge them in another venue, possibly in court, disputing their authority to silence you, which they do not have.

          its like congress’s right to filibuster. you must actually do it. be persistent. when you do speak, i suggest you calmly state that mike sleeper is lying, and that its already been proven by the federal government. its simply a fact.

          the CCBOE chairman is remiss in his duty as well. call him on it. he should have filed, or requested the county legal counsel do so, for an FOIA. he’s not doing his job.

          no one should ever have suggested that the accused investigate himself. nobody needs mike sleeper to file anything.

          folks on this board are just reminding mike sleeper that he’s toast when they suggest it.. they are making fun of him.

          but the CCBOE chairman is passing the buck. he refuses to file on behalf of the board.

          any person can file for free.

          the FOIA result is final. it has nothing to do with this blog. its about the federal government.

          there never was any debate. mike sleeper cannot and will not get an alternate answer by filing anything. , not ever.

          y’all need to show several elected officials the door.

          • Timmy says:

            asking mike sleeper to provide documents is childish. unless youre simply making fun of mike sleeper like the folks here.

  17. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Michael Sleeper may THINK he can lay down and sleep this off, but he does so failing to realize he has a very RUDE awakening coming to him.

  18. Timmy, 91B ( 70'S style MOS) says:

    comment on the whine line. mention the attorney / CCBOE chairman. the guy who’se strategy it is to 1. treat the NPRC as an unverified source 2. request mike sleeper investigate himself .3. refuse to direct CCBOE counsel to run an independent FOIA for 10 weeks. sad to say this chairman guy served.

    whine line censored this message.

  19. DidiMau says:

    The Augusta Chronicle Sunday editorial said this today: Mike Sleeper was hosting trivia night at an Augusta-area restaurant recently when the subject of the Columbia County Board of Education came up.
    A Georgia Southern University student in the group piped up, innocently but obliviously: “Hey – aren’t they the ones with the fake Army Ranger?”
    Awkward, for Sleeper himself is the board member under siege for being unable to produce proof of Army Ranger service, which he has claimed and allowed others to recognize him for.
    Ever since a “stolen valor” website challenged Sleeper’s claim months ago – and Sleeper has been slow to prove it – he’s received a torrent of skepticism and criticism. He says he and his family have been attacked about it, and that he has been maligned in social media, email and phone calls from across the nation.
    “The assault I’ve been under has been staggering,” Sleeper says. “It’s probably one of the worst ordeals I’ve been through. It’s been pretty brutal. In some cases it is a mob mentality.”
    To be sure, Sleeper hasn’t helped his own predicament much. When boldly challenged at a school board meeting to prove his military record in a blunt, read-aloud statement by board Chairman David Dekle, Sleeper didn’t mount a defense. Instead he shot visual and verbal daggers at Dekle.
    He just hasn’t been forthcoming about it all – until an interview with us last week. The reason, he said, is because he thought it would all be cleared up easily and quickly.
    He has since found that not to be the case – saying his military records are wrong. He’s now hired a local lawyer, William Cassara, who says he is one of only two dozen or fewer lawyers in the country who deal in such military matters exclusively.
    Cassara told us he has found that Sleeper’s military records are indeed incomplete. He says he’s received verbal confirmation that Sleeper attended Airborne School and is working to get written confirmation of that, as well as confirmation that Sleeper served with the 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning.
    Cassara says Sleeper went through the Ranger Indoctrination Program in late 1985/early 1986.
    “I know from his follow-up assignment at Hunter Army Airfield,” Cassara told us, “he obviously was Ranger-qualified or else he wouldn’t have had that assignment. But again, it’s not in his records.”
    It could take months to get it cleared up, he said.
    “Once I get all of that documentation, we will petition the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records to correct his records to reflect those two schools. That process takes about a year.”
    The public will know much sooner than that, Cassara promised.
    “Whatever our conclusions are, you’ll know. We’re not going to hide the ball; we’re going to let you know.”
    Suspicions of Sleeper’s truthfulness, which have dogged him for months, have only risen with each day that has passed. One veteran told us that, just to prove to himself that Sleeper could clear this up quickly, he obtained copies of his own records within a week or two.
    Yet Cassara says he knows from experience, and from working on Sleeper’s case, that it’s more involved than that.
    “People said ‘well, it’s really easy to fix this.’ Well, it’s not really easy. It takes a long time, because 1. records don’t go back that far in many cases and 2. even once we get some form of verification, there is an entire process to getting the records corrected.
    “I remember one person saying ‘all you’ve got to do is look at his 201 (personnel) file. Well, his 201 file is wrong. And I see many people whose 201 files are wrong.
    “Hopefully, within the next couple of months we’ll have the whole puzzle fixed.
    “I am convinced, based upon what I have seen, that he did attend Airborne School and then graduated and attended the Ranger Indoctrination Program.”
    One thing we do know, and which both Sleeper and his lawyer confirm, is that Sleeper received a General Discharge, under honorable conditions, after just a few years in the Army. Receiving a General Discharge is generally a sign of trouble – and Sleeper and Cassara both cite Sleeper’s poor attitude as the culprit.
    While Cassara says such discharges are “not that uncommon,” Sleeper makes no excuses. While he didn’t get into the specifics of his transgressions in the service, Sleeper laments, “It’s something I’m not proud of. I was a young, stupid kid with an attitude.”
    The main bugaboo at this point is how long this has dragged on – which has only cast doubt on Sleeper. But his lawyer says he gets calls all the time from vets who served in the 1970s and ’80s “that their military records are pretty devoid of any real detailed information about their service.”
    The bizarre thing about this imbroglio is that all parties may end up being right.
    The public’s intense desire to know the truth in this case is understandable – and real instances of “stolen valor” are rightly condemnable. Yet, attorney Cassara makes a compelling case that Sleeper is telling the truth.
    The only fair and rational course of action, even considering the length of time this has taken, is for everyone to keep their powder dry. We just don’t know the truth yet.
    If Sleeper is proved to have lied, he should resign the school board. If his claims simply can’t be proved satisfactorily, then we will have achieved a military stalemate.
    If, on the other hand, Sleeper proves his claims, he may have been seriously wronged. But exactly who has wronged him? Even his lawyer says the public – aside from the barbs and reproaches aimed at Sleeper – has merely been asking good, unanswered questions.
    “People reported that there appeared to be a gap in his records – that he was saying certain things that were not in his records,” Cassara says. “That’s a true statement. It’s not in his records. We’re working on getting it in his records.
    “I don’t see what would be (legally) actionable about that.”
    Under those circumstances, if Sleeper is proved correct, it’s hard to say how he could be compensated – or by whom.
    “I’m not even sure what that would entail,” Cassara told us. “I would hope that once we get all of this done that y’all run a story and say, ‘Hey, turns out he was telling the truth and he has these two certificates, and we’re good to go.’
    “As far as how you make somebody whole after that – we’re not going to sue anybody. People have drawn some conclusions and we’re going to hopefully correct those conclusions.”
    “It will never be like it was,” Sleeper says. “My reputation has been damaged permanently.
    “I will never be made whole.”
    At this point, everyone wants an answer.
    Regardless of what that answer is, it seems clear that after this prolonged and bloody skirmish, Sleeper will become the answer to his own trivia question.

  20. DidiMau says:

    Keep in mind attending the Ranger Indoctrination Program is a prelude to attending the actual school. He could have been assigned to the Ranger Bn, awaiting assignment to the school as most were, but never attended. That did not make him a Ranger. He says the discharge is a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. Do we know that and the circumstances? He did not finish his service obligation, but passes that off as the result of the attitude of young person.

    • Ret_25X says:

      Many soldiers were assigned to Ranger Battalions that were not Ranger Tabbed back in the 80s…After all, 2LTs had priority at the school house.

      I even worked for a SSG in the late 1980s who was assigned to a Ranger Batt who had not gone to airborne or the ranger school…the best part is that he was an 11M not an 11B so the assignment probably should never had happened, but such was the system back then…LOL

      We called him “leg ranger” and said he went to “leg school”…LOL

  21. DidiMau says:

    Notice how the lawyer has shifted the focus to whether Sleeper attended jump school and was assigned to a Ranger BN. His discharge and rank of Private is glossed over. The fact he never was a Ranger is too. It’s now he spent time assigned to the unit.

  22. Timmy, 91B, 1970's. says:

    the timeline is bogus. he was in AK, not hunter. “verbal” equals what? he spoke to sleeper?

    columbia co. voters are sheep.

    by what fantastical mechanism does the information take a year to arrive? ny what magic is this s**tbird gonna give it to the public first? before he has it.?

    stalling until election day.

    glad to hear we gave mike a hot foot. weve hardly started. ouch!

  23. Timmy says:

    didi mau: sleeper claimed RIP school AND assignment to the regiment. he did neither. straight to AK out of infantry school. all time periods have been accounted for. since then he’s varied his lies and switched up.

  24. Timmy says:

    ““Once I get all of that documentation, we will petition the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records to correct his records to reflect those two schools. That process takes about a year.”
    The public will know much sooner than that, Cassara promised.”

    cassara promises to release the information before he has it. by MAGIC or maybe time travel.

    from this point forward, jonn, dave and mary please note that any client of this creep william cassara should be subject to extreme scrutiny.

    another former military lawyer defecating on his own uniform. this guy’s slightly worse than the valor vultures.

    his stated facts have been de-bunked by another method. “incomplete information” doesnt explain why he was IN ALASKA when his fake RIP school was supposewd to be hapenning.

    the record for those years is COMPLETE.

    im going to call him attorney fonda.

    a one page FOIA from the NPRC is final. it is what it is.

  25. Timmy says:

    romulan subcommander mike roadturd sleeper and his mouthpiece attorney jane fonda are trying to delay and stall until the may 2018 election.

    without evidence, attorney fonda is regurgitating mike’s narrative as fact.

    the relevant range of dates is fully accounted for by the NPRC. mike sleeper was in 11B school and then shipped straight to AK for the next 2.5 + years. mike has told FIVE lies on local media and emails to dave.

    no tab
    no scroll
    no wings
    no EIB
    no jump injury

    he claimed all five.

    none of the above, asshole.

    shame on all of you who traumatized mike “snowflake” sleeper in his safe zone. its been an “ordeal.” and he wants whimper about it over a hot cocoa and some hugs.

    hey mike, theres veterans of Tet 1968 present. and other rough times. you weep about an ordeal. youre a scumbag. and your attorney is named Fonda.

  26. Timmy says:

    attorney fonda is not a “military lawyer”. hes one civilian representing another civilian, and not in any court anywhere. hes filling put forms for a board application.

    when he was a military lawyer he wasnt authorized and paid to
    screw over the american people and assist a valor vulture , and oppose the NPRC’s findings.

    and here’s what passes for journalism in podunk acres:

    “If Sleeper is proved to have lied, he should resign the school board. If his claims simply can’t be proved satisfactorily, then we will have achieved a military stalemate.”

    the conclusions of the NPRC are final., until sleeper proves otherwise. nobody should be waiting on that process .sleeper blatantly,contradicted his own lies , and attorney fonda hasnt released a shred of evidence to support fonda’s lies.

    all fonda has said is that he will release board results to the public BEFORE they become available, by magic, or maybe by using a time machine.

    this clown is simply trying to stall, and thinks hes bought a year’s time by running off at the mouth.

    at least sleeper’s having an “ordeal”. glad to hear it.

    this is why we need criminalization of stolen valor. sleeper would be going to trial for a crime
    and his smoke and mirrors would be ignored as irrelevant by the court.

  27. JohnSteele says:

    A Self Absorbed person
    only can see the faults
    of others but are often
    blind to their own.

  28. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    How you doing with getting your records together, MICHAEL SLEEPER?

    Yep, thought so…

    • ChipNASA says:

      Michael Sleeper; Fake Ranger / Desert Storm veteran is still a lying sack of monkey shit.

      Fuck you.

  29. 26Limabeans says:

    Hey Mikey…Got those records straightened out yet? No? Ok keep trying we’ll check back later.

  30. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    What’s up with your records, MICHAEL SLEEPER??? Still getting advice from the FIL on handling this?? Still using that Gmail account for handing school board business instead of the school district’s e-mail account?

    Be getting back to you later….

  31. 26Limabeans says:

    Lots of stuff on the internet Mike.


    Maybe you can pull some strings and get your records problem straightened out in an expedited manner. People are waiting.

  32. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Michael Sleeper continues to waffle, what a surprise!

  33. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Hi MICHAEL SLEEPER!!! Ever come up with your documents backing up your claims as a RANGER? Still taking advice from your FIL about handling this?

    Thought so…

  34. 26Limabeans says:

    Hey Mike Sleeper, have we ever got a gal for you. Lying sack of shit school board member just like you. And she has a foundation.

    Hook up with her about getting your missing/incorrect/non existant records.

  35. Green Thumb says:

    Mike Sleeper is still a turd.

  36. 26Limabeans says:

    Mike Sleeper and Jan Spann.
    Each for the School board they ran.
    Jan resigned but Mike whined,
    and should own up if he can.

  37. 26Limabeans says:

    Hey Mikey!
    Jan Spann is getting her ass handed to her.
    Maybe you can learn something here and avoid the same fate of an embelshing phony.
    Found your records yet?

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Hi Mikey… how you doing with the records search? Still using that gmail account to do school board business with?

      Yep, I thought so… ASSCLOWN!

  38. Charles says:

    I wrote a email to William Cassara (the lawyer) asking for an update.

    Still waiting.

  39. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Hey MICHAEL SLEEPER, just wondering when you were going to cough up those records you said you would, Are you still witting to see if you Boss Hogg Daddy-in-Law will somehow sugarcoat this over for you?

    LOOK AT how Jan Spann ended up, Michael Sleeper!

  40. 26Limabeans says:

    Yo MICHAEL SLEEPER. Looks like a few positions will be coming up for grabs in Banning CA.
    School board needs a new poser.
    If you are interested get in touch with this guy.


  41. Paper Tiger says:

    Looks like Mike just loves seeing his name in the news. http://chronicle.augusta.com/sports/2017-09-22/ironman-day-mike-sleeper

  42. 26Limabeans says:

    Happy New Year MICHAEL SLEEPER
    Hope you find those records this year!

  43. Paper Tiger says:

    Looks like Sleeper’s Twitter account is public again… https://twitter.com/mike_sleeper/ It seems he has removed all references to his military service.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      AW GEE WHIZ, you mean Michael Sleeper is still trying to sweep this under the rug instead of coming up with a DD214? Michael Sleeper, the one who has a Boss Hogg type of Daddy in Law who runs at least half his county via Bubba Mafia? I wonder if Michael Sleeper is going to keep running for School board or Will Michael SLeeper seek other office? Gee whiz, look at all the Google Hits I left in my comment, ain’t I a dickweed?!