Leevon Ikuo Kuuleilani Otsuka aka Von Cruz; Unintentional Army Sergeant

| February 10, 2017

Someone sent us a case on “Von Cruz” as he likes to be called.  He was making claims that he was a Sergeant in the Army.

The poor fella claimed he was suffering from “scrapes and bruises” he sustained from being “deployed out”.   Those “scrapes and bruises” were now causing him such horrible physical problems that he was in desperate need of money.

We were getting reports about many other claims that didn’t seem to make much sense as well.  We asked for his official records through a FOIA request just to confirm the poor mans stories.


Otsuka/Cruz or whatever, was discharged as a Private and was a Water Treatment Specialist.  The saddest part of this is he was busted before.  Back in 2015 he was exposed and offered the following apology:

“I read the Bio and why im on here. Om completely sorry about the misunderstanding. I had an agent write the bio for me for my go fund me because i didnt kniw how to set one up. We talked about my military background among several other things. I just seen it says i was deployed out during the early 90’s. I seen it on this website. So i checked
On it. I am completely embarassed and sorry for that. It was NOT supposed to say that. It was supposed to say “I graduated and joined the army in the early 90’s where I suffered a few scrapes and bruises”. Im truly sorry for the misunderstanding. The Sergeant on my facebook was completely my fault, but unintentional. But like I said before, i never claimed to be a hero, or tried to take anything away from those who are, but i am enrolled in the VA due to injuries sustain while on active duty.”

After that apology was posted a few people who claim to know him offered their opinion:

“To whom this may concern, I am a family member of Leevon. All I have to say is, he’s a chronic liar. He’ll do and say anything to get a free handout and it doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger, friend or a family member. He knew what was on the biography he wrote. Not some made up agent. If he has taken any of you for money, do something or he’ll keep leeching.”


“I agree with the family member that posted prior to me. (which I think I know who it is) I know the “history” behind Leevon for more years than you can count on your fingers and toes, combined. I agree, he is a Chronic Liar. I have heard many variations of the same “Lie” throughout the years. If you are “supporting” him, you need to stop, (ref: prior post)  He just jumped over the 40 year mark in his life, with 3 kids, and as far as I know really never had a REAL JOB. (just leeching off of anybody he can) My biggest concern is for the KIDS.  They are the innocent ones and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are taken away from him.  If you are supporting him, you need stop and let him figure it out on his own.”

Now we are getting reports that he has produced a DD214 that “proves” he was in Iraq.   We would love to see a copy of that because the Army does not seem to know anything about it.  Maybe someone here can explain exactly what “deployed out” means.  Or, why he has no awards for being in Iraq.  We have done several FOIA’s on him just to make sure our information is accurate.  It looks like he has had some issues doing the right thing in the past.

He left the following posted on one site:

It seems odd that a big time Chef with that kind of experience and an awesome flair, would have such a hard time feeding himself.  We kinda figure he inadvertently claimed to be trained by Gordon and Emeril as well.  Considering the stellar comments about his character by his own family, we have no reason to doubt the reports we are getting that he is still out there inadvertently making people believe all kinds of things.

Private Otsuka needs to get job, a real job that comes with an actual pay check that he earned.

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  1. Pineywoods NCO says:

    First to say, with apologies to Green Thumb…

    Big fat lazy turd.

    • Green Thumb says:


      And I thought I was the early bird.

      This tool could easily land a job at All-Points Logistics as Phildo’s new Executive Chef.


  2. Claw says:

    Didn’t Elton John sing a song about Leevon, something that said he wears his war wound like a crown and he likes his money?

    Yeah, I thought so.

  3. Mick says:


    Please proceed inbound ASAP.

    Target is yet another dead-beat poser assclown in the open. Target is marked by an ever-increasing pile of poser bullshit.

    You are cleared hot.

  4. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Here’s what “Family member” said about the Stolen Valor Ass Hamster:

    “To whom this may concern, I am a family member of Leevon. All I have to say is, he’s a chronic liar. He’ll do and say anything to get a free handout and it doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger, friend or a family member. He knew what was on the biography he wrote. Not some made up agent. If he has taken any of you for money, do something or he’ll keep leeching.”

    Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      “It looks like he has had some issues doing the right thing in the past.”

      Dave – it looks like he loves the buffet at the local poundhimintheass jail provided by BTJT Deli and Manmeat Market (Home of the WORLD-FAMOUS cockmeat sammich).

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Leevonikuokuuleilaniotsuka. Holy shit.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Chef, huh?
    I’d like to see how he goes about making bacon mac & cheese without a recipe in front of him.
    Just simple stuff, y’know, noting complicated.
    A ham and cheese quiche, perhaps, or 16-bean soup.
    Cornbread, biscuits, sausage gravy with biscuits.
    Smoked sausage with BBQ beans.
    Or how about just plain old chicken noodle soup?

    Bother! Now I’m hungry.

  7. Skyjumper says:

    I think you pronounce his first and last name,
    Leevon Otsuka, as Lyin Cocksucka.

    But then again, I was never hooked on phonics.

  8. Wilted Willy says:

    This ass clown can’t even afford the Harley, or the vest and he probably ate the dog! I guess I will cover for ex-OS2

  9. Graybeard says:

    No dog, doo-rag, vest, SEAL tattoo, not even a real beard, just a little chin-fuzz.

    Even as a Stolen Valor phoney his is low-speed/high-drag. What a loser.

    • Mick says:

      Please see previous request for ex-OS2 fire support posted up above.

      Request immediate re-attack.

      • Hondo says:

        Wouldn’t the proper CFF for that request be “Repeat, over”? (smile)

        • Mick says:

          Aaaaaaagh. You’re right. I’m not adjusting ex-OS2 arty on this mission. I need to get myself squared away.

          I should’ve said ‘previous request for ex-OS2 Close Air Support’…

          Runnin’ him from IP TAH straight in to the target.

          • ex-OS2 says:

            Timeout ok? I am a fucking squid and played with radio shit in the ARNG, I have no idea what the fuck you guys are talking about.

            Just point me in the direction of the ass-clown and tell me what bomb to use.

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Lyin’-assed pecker-puffing POS pus-nuts no-load candyassed pisspants DINGLEBERRY!

  11. thebesig says:

    “I graduated and joined the army in the early 90’s where I suffered a few scrapes and bruises”.

    Now, Leevon Ikuo Kuuleilani Otsuka aka Von Cruz’s ego can suffer a few scrapes and bruises here and elsewhere. BWAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAA! 😆 :mrgreen: 😈

  12. jonp says:

    Big Deal. I was trained by Chef Boy-R-Dee and Dinty Moore

  13. Starbux says:

    I had no idea Water Purification Specialist was a real job in the Army. I always thought that was something Hollywood made up in that Pauly Shore movie.

    • Hack Stone says:

      A few weeks back I met a Montfort Point Marine who was a water purification man (specialist? Technician?). In the Marine Corps they fall under the Engineers occ field.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yep, I remember having a Career Counselor at the MEPS where I enlisted in the Army try to talk me into becoming a Laundry and Bath Specialist. No shit, that MOS exists and is usually part of Field Medical Units. Needless to say I DID NOT take that offer and went Combat Engineer instead. WHY wash and fold sheets when you can build stuff and then blow it up with C4?

  14. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    8 years and rocketed all the way to PV2? I am in awe.

    And scrapes and bruises? I wonder what he would have gone for if he had the HPD (high pressure drain) piping burns on his arms, etc, like I have? 100% disability?

  15. Chris Sullivan says:

    I know this guy. He actually showed me the post. And the responses from his “family” members. Then he produced court paperwork that his mom is trying to get His kids so he would have to pay child support to her he claims. Then he produced his mothers bankruptcy paperwork from Colorado springs, and even his children said that their grandmother was saying things about gaining custody of them specifically to get paid child support to help her pay off her bankruptcy. Then things started to make more sense. Although I try to keep a neutral point of view of things just to give the benefit of a doubt to everyone. I noticed that his story of claiming his Army career was simple. He did tell me about what was going on and he seemed pretty genuine about his bad he feels of the things he’s accused of. He also explained about his chef experience. He claims to have worked with those chefs mentioned, although “training” might be to strong of a word I told him. He did say that he did learn a lot while he worked at ESPN zone when those chefs paid visits. So I gave him a break. I figured close enough. Its whatever. The two family members mentioned is his mother and his uncle who he came to Hawaii to reconnect with, but ultimately is also who made him homeless. His uncle, Virgil Hoffman, told him to come down and had a house for him and his children to live in while he got back on his feet. I guess that lasted a few days. He was actually put in a house that his uncle built, but was never paid for it. When his uncle got paid for it a few days after they got here his uncle shafted him. He then showed me his paperwork from a housing deal that confirms his story. The dude seems like a genuinely good person. He never asked for anything, in fact he helped me out a few times while he was my neighbor. He seemed like a good dad too, I never heard him yelling at them about anything accept sometimes when they have to go to bed. My opinions only, take it as it is. I just think that his family treated him like crap because of his mom from the looks of it. I read his go fund me too, and he mentions the military once, then it just talks about himself and his health and his kids. Not once did he say he won all types of valor medals or anything. He really doesn’t talk about his Army stint at all. Just his kids, etc. So just off of assumptions and what his mom Rosalyn Otsuka, this, I gotta say, is harsh, when there are other dudes out there wearing the uniform claiming crap all the time, but never even enlisted. But each his own. I’m just saying I’ve never had a problem with him at all. He moved out, I helped and he actually paid me.