Arthur Murray; Dances with Stolen Valor (Updated w/apology)

| February 12, 2017

Our brothers north of the border send us their case on Arthur Murray.

Arthur Maclennan MURRAY of Cornwall, Ontario came to the attention of Stolen Valour-Canada (SV-C) when we were asked to comment upon photographic images of him attending Remembrance Day ceremonies in Cornwall, Ontario. According to a SV-C supporter in Cornwall On, Murray claims to have been an airborne artilleryman serving with E Battery (Para) of the 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA).

LF042015-0102-09Commander Canadian Army, lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse and Army Sergeant Major, Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond salute at the Cornwall Cenotaph, during the Remembrance Day Ceremony on 11 november 2015 in Cornwall, Ontario.Photo: Sgt D.G. JanesArmy Public Affairs#StrongProudReady#FortsFiersPrets


SV-C conducted a thorough review of all available records including websites, newspaper articles, photographic images, regimental journals and tour books, searchable data bases of medal recipients and extracts from military documents in Canada in order to determine the legitimacy of his claims.
No record can be found that would confirm his claims although, Murray did have a number of images of 2 RCHA in action on his FB page, and he claimed to be the subject of those pictures…. The images have since been scrubbed from the page however, many of them are still available in the image gallery of the the Royal Canadian Legion Branch ( where he serves as the 1st Vice President/Army Cadet Liaison Officer. Interestingly, Murray holds identical Legion branch appointments to recently exposed and self-admitted poser Curtis “Jack” Roush of Smithville, Ontario. (
He attended the Canadian Forces Recruit School at CFB Cornwallis in the Spring of 1982, after enrolling in Ottawa however, he left the Canadian Forces with less than two months of service and did not complete recruit training. His release from the CF, prior to meeting the most basic military qualification, would have precluded any follow-on training, employment or deployment as an Artilleryman, a paratrooper, a member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment Battle Group or, United Nations service in Cyprus.
So, unless he has been subjected to a series of administrative errors, and/or perfected time travel, Arthur Murray has absolutely no entitlement to the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, the United Nations Forces in Cyprus Medal, the Canadian Armed Forces operational parachutist insignia nor the hat badge of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery…
It’s SV-Cs opinion that Murray is likely committing an offence under s419 of the Criminal Code of Canada – “Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates”. This is an offence that several individuals have been recently tried and convicted in Ontario including Clayton Donoghue, Franck Gervais, Donald Lemmond, Eric Janssens and former LCol Deborah Miller.
Mr Murray was contacted by SV-C in order to discuss the surrender of the medals and insignia that he has no entitlement to… Meaning, SV-C would arrange for a representative of to take the items into his care and custody for their eventual disposal by the authorities. We also insisted that he provide a written apology for his actions, as it’s long past time for him to own up to the steaming pile of shit he left on the parade square!
Arthur Murray’s actions are yet another example of why Stolen Valour claims are so outrageous and injurious to those who actually served. He made a choice to stand in the blood of our wounded and fallen, and for that, there is a price to be paid!
Lest We Forget
We have been informed by SV-Canada that  Murray has surrendered the bogus medals and insignia to a SV-C Rep.  He has also given an apology for his actions.
That is at least a start.  Maybe we here at TAH  should have Award Recovery Representatives and Tattoo Removal Specialists.  Volunteers?

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    Dude needs a monocle or some shit.

    What a turd.

  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Yeah, well, few people remember me as an NHL hockey player because my best friend and team mate garnered all of the attention. His name was Wayne Gretzky. I think of it rather like Doug Flutie’s famous Hail Mary pass. Every college football fan remembers that or knows about it, but few remember who was on the receiving end of that miraculous reception. So it goes with Gretzky and me and I’m okay with that. No lie. (BTW, Gerard Phelen caught that pass.)

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:


  4. HMC Ret says:

    Maybe one of his chins served. Has that been checked via FOIA requests?

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      I’m think lots of shit may be under those chins. Such as one or two of Waverly Reynars’s Sticky Bums.

    • Instinct says:

      The bottom picture it looks like he is straining not to shit himself while he’s saluting.

      Maybe that’s his war face… who knows.

  5. 1610desig says:

    If this dude jumped out of a plane now it would gain an immediate 1000 ft in altitude….

  6. Redacted1775 says:

    I thought there weren’t any fat people in Canada. What the hell is going on here?!

  7. Bernie Hackett says:

    This is just pathetic or infuriating, and I’m not even Canadian.
    Can we bring back public flogging or the stocks for folks like this?

  8. Bernie Hackett says:

    Gosh, Catherine must have just thrown up her hands!
    Great title! Arthur was such a stiff!

  9. John D says:

    I wonder if any of this crap goes on in say, Vietnam or South Korea?

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Not only does he have a meat gazer’s grin but a collection of chins to boot (More than in a Hong Kong phone book!), it’s obvious he’s NEVER met a jelly doughnut he didn’t like!

    CHIN UP Arthur Murray, and I mean ALL OF THEM. You’re famous now and THE INTERNET IS FOREVER!!!

  11. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    BZ to SV-C for IDing ARTHUR MURRAY as a Stolen Valor ass hamster!

  12. 26Limabeans says:

    The broad in the white coat and the guy with the groin curtains look like they suspect something.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      the Priest doesn’t look like he’s at all impressed as well.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Be careful… that guy with the groin curtains may show you what a “highland rat brain” looks like!

      • mikeninercharlie says:

        I don’t imagine the Commander and Sergeant Major of the Canadian Army were impressed either…

        • BCousins says:

          I can’t believe this guy got to stand in a ceremony with the Commander and Sergeant Major of the Canadian Army.
          BTW, the Army Commander is wearing a US Army Ranger tab on his left sleeve, and I’ll bet he earned it. He also graduated from the French Commando School.

          • Green Thumb says:

            I would imagine.

            I do not know how much has has changed but back in the day foreign nationals were allowed to attend on a case by case basis.

            If I remember correctly, we had a Canadian 1LT (promoted to CPT in the swamps of Florida in a weird morning brief/huddle/FRAGO/foot check/promotion ceremony)named honor grad. Good dude and competent Soldier/Officer.

            • just some feller says:

              We had an Israeli captain who, as an enlisted man, was on the Entebbe raid four years earlier.

          • John says:

            Yes .. Lt Gen Hainse is Ranger qualified. I know him personally. That dirtbag fooled a lot of people!

      • 26Limabeans says:

        Yeah, I know. Don’t tell him where I live.

  13. Wilted Willy says:

    Hey Guys, look on the bright side, at least he didn’t claim to be a Seal? Even though he looks like a walrus? Even the pile of shit can reach north of our border. Congrats to our northern brothers for exposing this pile of rotten rat shit! I am still holding out hope this will eventually happen to my POS brother! All good dogs will have their day! I wish they would drop this asshole on an iceberg and test his survival skills? EH? Hoser?

  14. sj says:

    Wonder if he knows Sticky Bums?

  15. TheCloser says:

    I’m trying to picture that fat dude jumping out of a plane with a howitzer and and a horse.

  16. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    He looks like he ATE Arthur Murray, then danced away into the night.

  17. Skyjumper says:

    Methinks Arthur Murray is “dancing about” concerning his military service. (see what I did there?)

  18. Instinct says:

    “Claims to have been a qualified CF parachutist”

    I don’t think there is a parachute out there that could take the weight of his fat ass.

  19. Lily says:

    With that potbelly he should have pretended to have been a sheriff.

  20. ex-OS2 says:

    Fuck him. He would have worn those awards until they day his fat ass suffered a coronary.

  21. jonp says:

    Well, he did offer an apology instead of insisting he was right and his records were top secret. At least he did that much and written to boot.
    Still an asshat

  22. Bill M says:

    …Tattoo Removal Specialists….

    I understand belt sanders work pretty well.

  23. OWB says:

    He has indeed done more than most posers do. So, I will conditionally accept the apology. IF he stops lying, IF he doesn’t claim service in the future that he has not performed, and IF he never again wears awards he has not earned, then I will remove the conditions. Only time will tell. If the Canucks can find criminal charges to file against him and he does indeed plead guilty to those, that will also be a condition of my accepting his apology.

    Good first step. Now, apologizing directly to the organizations he has scammed should be his second one.

  24. Carlton G. Long says:

    He looks like he sells supplies to help you fight Diabeetus.

  25. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Methinks that fellow would need an Apollo Drogue chute as the standard paratrooper chute is not load rated for that much stress….

    Lying fat fuck….although he did apologize, mostly for getting caught of course…they never seem to understand if they don’t like at all they don’t need to apologize later….if folks don’t like the truth, fuck ’em it doesn’t change the truth.

    That’s why I like the truth for the most part as it makes life easier…and I say for the most part because sometimes, let’s face it, being less than truthful is the better part of human decency such as when your wife asks if her jeans make her ass look fat and you say no it’s the twinkies….it might be the truth but a lie would have been the better choice here…I’m certain we can all think of moments we lie to others to be polite…but not about shit that really matters.

  26. jarhead says:

    14″ head and a 29″chin, WTF….is this the Pillsbury Dough Boy upside down?

  27. jarhead says:

    Word around here is that he has moved to the warmer South and now hustles old ladies during visits to nursing homes. The ONLY dance he teaches these days is the Hokey Pokey.

  28. The Stranger says:

    Off topic, but I saw on the General Moore thread that someone made a comment regarding my sudden return to coherence. Apparently some shitstick decided to post comments on the Sleeper thread under my name. Rest assured, the comment in question was posted by a phony’s Stranger.

    • ex-OS2 says:

      I had to read those comments five times and still could not figure them out. ahahahaha

    • jarhead says:

      Might be something you’d want to discuss with TAH staff. It was all argumentative as hell. If that was not you, calling him a shithead would be a mere compliment as opposed to what he really is. There are two meanings using the term BDU. He is not a battle dress uniform. My guess is more than a few would be interested in this development.

  29. Hack Stone says:

    This fat fuck enrolled in the Evelyn Wolf School Of Speedeating.

    (Full disclosure; That bit was lifted from the syndicated SCTV. Appropriate for this Hoser Poser)

  30. Marc tremblay says:

    It s with great regret to see someone wants to impersonate a soldier who served especially 1 soldier like me who did go to Cyprus I have nothing mean to say being exposed is gonna be his toughest issue I wish Murray would not have done this. From a soldier who was truly their from 3 battalion PPCLI Cyprus 1988

  31. propsguy says:

    I don’t get it.
    Maybe it’s just me. I’m sure everyone else will dogpile me for this.

    Why do all the tard posers ALWAYS go for Dress uniforms????

    I absolutely HATED Class A inspections, formal events, etc. I hated wearing that uniform.( Mostly because it was always a pain in the ass to put together. I Loved the ACUs for the simple fact that they don’t require ironing and no polishing of boots, pull them out of the dryer , put them on and go to work :D)
    Anytime there was any type of formal event requiring dress uniforms I ALWAYS volunteered for any detail to get out of it.

    Even CQ and Guard Duty. You name it.I always found a grunge job that required me to be in ACUs that day. 😉

    • NormanS says:

      I concur. When I arrived at Ft. Myer, Virginia, to start my tour with the 561st MP Company, I asked to be assigned to detachment at DUSAA (Davison US Army Airfield). Only had to wear Class A on day shift. We rotated, so only one week in three.