John Naputi; phony SF operator

| March 14, 2017

The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on John Naputi, who claims that he’s an 18E special forces operator;

John Naputi from Hondo Texas comes to us claiming that he was a 18E Special Forces Communication Sergeant. As well as a 92R Parachute Rigger and 13F Forward Observer.

He claims that he served in the war against terror and that he earned a Combat Infantryman Badge and a Master Parachutist Badge and that he was wounded in combat;

He was actually a finance clerk and a parachute rigger;

No CIB, no master parachutist wings, no awards for deployments, no wounds.

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  1. ocean12 says:

    Ass hat.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      This jackass is the kind of person who was responsible for losing payroll records for an entire division. Not that I was on the receiving end of that, or anything, of course. Just sayin’….

  2. Hack Stone says:

    Finance clerk and a parachute rigger? He should be wearing a golden parachute badge.

    • TankBoy says:

      Finance Clerk. most feared of all MOS’s in the US Military. Can you say “No Pay Due”?

      It is refreshing to have a day of no bi-curious Seal Snipers that look like the leather guy in the Village People.

  3. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    JOHN NAPUTI = Fucking Special Feces Ballsack Warrior!


  4. OWB says:

    Dang. Another crazy embellisher. Does he not realize that payroll is perhaps the most important function in the military, slightly edged out only by the folks who feed you?

    Mess with the food or the pay and you discover real fast the real priorities to the grunts.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Don’t mess with the Docs either! Just think of the following misery after one’s shot records come up missing.

      • OWB says:

        No disrespect intended for those in the medical field – when you need them, they absolutely have your life in their hands. Nothing is more important than that at those moments. Was just thinking along the lines of what is most important every day – that being being fed and being paid.

  5. Mick says:


    C’mon; let’s have it.

    Target is an SF poser in the open. Target is marked by a massive, reeking pile of readily identifiable poser bullshit.

    You are cleared hot.

  6. 1610desig says:

    The worst thing I see here is he is wearing a Texas hat! He may suck oxygen in the great state, but he is no Texan! May he sit on a rattlesnake…

  7. Graybeard says:

    John Naputi lives in Hondo?
    He had better be sure that he doesn’t claim this when my son or I am in hearing distance. This Texas boy will whup his tail and leave him in a patch of cactus – butt naked.

    • AFTank says:

      I live in Hondo, I haven’t seen him but I will keep an eye out for him. I have a group of combat wounded friends that would like to get ahold of him. Asshat!

  8. Rb325th says:

    Jesus H. I wasn’t friends with him but I sure as shit recognize him from social media. Fuckers.

  9. RGQ says:

    The new DRG company clerk.

  10. Henk-Jan Vrielink, the Netherlands. says:

    Well what I see is a soldier who has served honorably.

    So he might have some mental difficulties.
    He might have embellished some stuff or fantasized even due to
    severe mental strain and loss of a sense of reality.

    Does that make him a stolen valor guy ?

    No it does not.

    And for those who never have suffered mental problems or severe depression

    Lift my record if you please.
    I served with distinction in the Tenth Legion at Masada as well at Jerusalem.

    Just write to Emperor Vespasianus. Rome.

    • FuzeVT says:

      Yes, he served honorably and that makes his claiming things he did not earn all the more maddening. He MAY have some mental difficulties, but most of these guys are just out for some adulation that they think their ACTUAL service would not garner. These claims can also get you certain benefits from the state they come from.

      The fact that they know FULL WELL what they are doing you see when you call them on their lies and they disappear into the internet wood work. If they were unstable, would they not be more likely to just keep on with what their story?

      So does claiming you rate things you did not earn make it Stolen Valor? Yes. Yes it does.

      Do you get a pass because you served honorably? No. No you do not.

    • IDC SARC says:

      Well Henk, as a SWCS(A)alumnus and currently an instructor, seeing daily the dedication and sacrifice these troops endure to earn what this guy simply slapped on his clothes and had tattooed to his integument is appalling.

      Furthermore, the combat insignia and other badges he wears and experiences he has fabricated are by definition stolen valor.

      Disagree as you wish, but I’m confident that if I walked out of my office and polled the GBs in this building they would agree with me.

      Similarly, I guess I could say if you haven’t been through this training, then you have no credibility and can thus, GFY.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      So are you voting for Geert Wilders or the other guy? Is there going to be a Dexit in the fall?

    • ex-OS2 says:

      “Well what I see is a soldier who has served honorably.”

      And he shit all over it by lying like a little bitch.

      He is a cocksucker.

    • OWB says:

      “Does that make him a stolen valor guy?”

      Well, yes, actually, it does. Claiming awards he did not earn is precisely what defines him as a valor thief.

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      Actually, not only does it make it SV, it makes his crime that much worse because he KNOWS what it takes, yet still shits on his service as well as others.

      One doesn’t have to have mental problems or severe depression to know that.

      So GFY right back, “Henk”.

    • David says:

      Vespasian? Masada? GMAFB.

      • Henk-Jan Vrielink says:

        Thank you all of you for leaving these comments. As a European I of course do not know the intricacies of Stolen Valor in fine detail but all of you gave me a good understanding and explanation of the matter.


  11. ALVO says:

    Greybeard turning him into a human pincushion sounds appropo.

    • Graybeard says:

      I remember a video of a 4-wheeler who’d lost it into a patch of prickly pear – a large patch.
      There was not a place to lay him where he would not be on pear leaves.
      Just trying to get the spines out would be torture. The fine “hairs”? He’d need a pallet of duct tape.

  12. Martinjmpr says:

    Not SF but made it much closer to wearing a genuine green beanie than most SF posers.

    He made it through SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection, usually just called “selection”) and it looks like he then failed out of the Q course.

    It appears that it was after that he decided to return to civilian life (or he stepped on his dick so hard that the Army decided his services were no longer required.)

    I wonder what the redacted entry right after the Q course is. Some kind of court martial or disciplinary thing?

    Sad to see someone shit all over a perfectly honorable record. As Jonn likes to say, he served at a time when most of his generation didn’t.

    • Claw says:

      “he served at a time when most of his generation didn’t”

      MJ, I respectfully disagree. Service that didn’t start until 1984 doesn’t fall into the Viet of the Nam generation category.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        A smaller percentage of Americans served in the military in the 1980’s than during Vietnam.

        So I’ll stand by my statement. 😉

    • Silentium Est Aureum says:

      I was gonna say, how the hell did he get through SFAS and NOT qualify as a Green Beret?

      I learned something today…guess there’s more than one step. Didn’t realize it was similar to BUD/S–even if you pass that, there’s no guarantee you’ll get to wear the Trident, although the chances of that happening are pretty low. Not so sure of the failure rate of the Q-course after making it through SFAS.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        I’m pretty sure the failure rate is below 50%, maybe as low as 25% but I’m not sure. I was a support puke (intel), the tabbed SF guys would know better than me.

        The whole reason SFAS was to reduce SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course) dropouts. Sending a soldier through SFQC costs the Army a LOT of money and if a soldier fails SFQC that money goes down the drain.

        As I said, I’m still curious about that redacted entry below the SFQC. Makes me wonder if he got bounced for disciplinary reasons, beat his wife, came up hot on a piss test, or something similar.

        I can’t remember how long the 18E course is but IIRC it was one of the longer courses because proficiency in morse code is required.

        There’s another factor, too, that makes me think he may have been booted for some kind of disciplinary or honor code infraction: I have heard 2nd hand that when the Army sends soldiers to the Q course after SFAS, they intentionally “overstaff” the tougher 18 series MOS’s (that would be 18D -medic – and 18E, communications) by sending more soldiers into the pipeline than they actually need in that specialty – the idea being that if a soldier fails academically out of one of the tougher courses, they can recycle him into an “easier” MOS (relatively speaking, since nothing in the SFQC is “easy”) like 18C (demolitions) or 18B (weapons.)

        After all, by this time they’ve already completed SFAS, and usually Phase I, so it makes sense to try and keep the soldier in the SF community if at all possible.

        So if Naputi failed academically out of the 18E course, it seems likely he would have been recycled to 18B or 18C. The fact that they didn’t may point out to this not being an academic failure, but something else – possibly an injury or illness, but also possibly he was booted for misconduct or “peered out” by his fellow students.

        • Silentium Est Aureum says:

          Kind of the same reason the Navy Nuclear Program did several things to lower attrition.

          One was to go from regular “A” school to Nuclear Field A Schools. At the very least, it weeded out the folks who would have failed out in NPS earlier, so they don’t have to pay those folks E-4 pay. NFAS also threw in the Math and Physics required, thereby eliminating the need for “pre-school” (3-6 weeks, based on ASVAB/NFQT scores.)

          Another was to get rid of sending boot E-4’s to the fleet between A school and NPS. Seems a lot of baby nukes found out they were treated a lot better as PO3’s in the fleet than they would have been on a carrier or boat and basically “intentionally” failed out of NPS and kept their ranks.

          There was still a 50+ percent failure rate in the pipeline, but like you said, better to get rid of them earlier rather than later.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        Also as far as the “steps” go, at this time, in the early 1990’s, the training pipeline would have looked like this:

        First, SFAS. This is 3 weeks long and is usually called “selection.” Once a soldier is “selected” he is given a class date to start the SFQC.

        Then there are the 3 phases of SFQC. Phase I is the basic combat skills phase – similar to Ranger school. This is where SF soldiers learn the basic fieldcraft skills they will need.

        Then comes Phase II. This is the MOS phase, where each SF soldier learns his specific specialty: 18B (weapons), 18C (demolitions and engineering), 18E (Communications and 18D (medic.) The medic course is the longest and at this time could take 18 months to 2 years to complete (it usually included a “residency” at a hospital dealing with trauma patients and of course the infamous “goat lab.”)

        The last phase was Phase III, which was an exercise that had each soldier apply the skills he had learned in the school. Only after completing that phase was he given his green beret and tab (though I should point out that up until 1993, all personnel in SF Groups wore the green beret regardless of qualification – I still have mine from 1st SF Group where I served from 1990-91.)

        Some time in the late 80’s – early 90’s, a language school requirement was added. This was based on the specific SF Group the soldier was assigned to. 7th Group would learn Spanish or Portugese, 5th Group would learn Arabic, 10th would learn German, Russian or some other Eastern European language, 1st Group would learn Korean, Thai, Chinese or some East Asian language, and 3rd Group would usually learn French, Portugese or some other language common in African nations.

        Then there was SERE: Survival Evasion, Resistance and Escape. I had heard that SERE was being put in as a requirement for the Q course but I don’t know if they ever actually implemented that rule. When I was in, an SF soldier usually didn’t get assigned to SERE until after he was at his unit, but then it was a priority. Support guys (like me) who worked in the FOB didn’t get SERE slots but some of the operational MI guys (intercept teams) did, since they were expected to go to the field wit the SF ODA’s.

        And of course, none of this includes the specialized training that SF soldiers get after they are assigned to a unit. For example if they’re on an MFF (military freefall) team, they’ll get sent to MFF school, SF soldiers assigned to a Scuba team would get sent to Scuba school, etc.

        • IDC SARC says:

          SERE was front loaded for awhile, but isn’t now. My current Q Course students haven’t been to SERE yet, I just asked them. I can’t keep up with the changes.

          Not being an NCOIC anymore, I don’t really have to. 🙂

          • Martinjmpr says:

            My guess is that it has more to do with scheduling than anything else. In a perfect world, a soldier would complete all of his training prior to reporting to the unit of assignment.

            But in the real world, it makes no sense to have a fully qualified SF guy sitting on his butt waiting for a SERE class to start when you could just send him to a unit, get him on an ODA and start learning the specifics of his job while waiting for that SERE class.

            • IDC SARC says:

              SERE is still part of the pipeline, they complete it before donning the beret at regimental first formation.


                • IDC SARC says:

                  OK…talked with someone in the command hallway.

                  SERE and SUT are front loading again, before MOS training…trying to cut down on some of the washouts we’ve been having in the MOS training.

                  ..and so the pendulum swings.

                  • Martinjmpr says:

                    It is a pendulum swing, ’twas ever thus.

                    Make the training too easy and the gaining units will criticize you for sending unqualified troops.

                    Make the training too hard and the bean counters will criticize you for only graduating half the people you started with and wasting their training budget.

              • Eden says:

                They complete it before MOS school. It’s not your usual Army SERE school–it’s SERE school on steroids, three weeks of unmitigated hell. The last week is in captivity, and they make it VERY realistic, to the point that some actually believe it.

                • IDC SARC says:

                  No, they don’t all actually…As I wrote yestiddy my current students in MOS training have NOT been to SERE.

                  What school happens when changes periodically, they will be going to SERE and SUT before MOS training again…that won’t impact us until around June though.

                  • Eden says:

                    Hmmm, I have a family member in MOS school now who already completed SERE training. He completed SUT in the first phase after selection. Maybe different depending on track?

                    • IDC SARC says:

                      Could be, I don’t know for sure how every 18 series is currently operating. So, yeah that might very well have something to do with it. Good point.

      • Eden says:

        You can complete SFAS and NOT be selected for the Q course. It’s not a guarantee.

  13. Thirteen Bears says:

    Him fuck himself, no have sympathy.

  14. Toasty Coastie says:

    “Hooooooahh” Really?!?!

    Fuck Apple Clown.

  15. Wilted Willy says:

    I don’t care when he served or didn’t serve, the point of his sad story is, that he is a lying cocksucker! I say all of these Stolen Valor cocksuckers should be forced to go and do the things he has claimed to do, just to make an honest cocksucker out of him!

  16. Green Thumb says:

    This loser looks like he is broadcasting from his Grandmother’s bedroom.

    What a clown.

    Probably lives with her as well.

  17. Rb325th says:

    This douchenozzle was a huge “defender” of another fraud, who just finally outed himself as an absolute fraud. Went by Kage Gaigan, AKA Mark Menting on Facebook. They loved busting “posers” together. Not sure I want to know what else they shared a passion for.

  18. Carlton G. Long says:

    If he didn’t endure enough grief over his very unfortunate-sounding last name, or over his “speed bump” eyebrows, he will certain endure some epic grief over this matter.

  19. Scotty says:

    Hi there, my name is Ben and I’m one of the Senior User Admins on RallyPoint; the professional military social network site you listed in your article. One of my roles on RallyPoint is to review all the proof of service documents members are required to be verified on our site. John Naputi’s account was unverified and after seeing this article, I have suspended his account from RallyPoint and marked it to be removed from our website.

    Thank you all for the great work on this poser!

  20. Carlton G. Long says:

    I also forgot…

    Nice place. You should fire your cleaning lady.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    He’s a lying asshole. End of story.

  22. Sandman says:

    It should be pointed out that this cat’s father WAS a legite Green Beret. This shitstain is NOT!

    • Martinjmpr says:

      Technically his beret is “legit” in the sense that it was issued to him. At the time he was at 1/1 SFG in Okinawa (85-86), “support” personnel did indeed wear the green beret with the full flash.

      SF qualification was indicated by the SF tab which was authorized in 1983.

      Misleading, yes, but most likely issued. As I stated above, I’m not SF qualified and I have one just like it that I wore from 90-91 at 3/1 SFG.

      • Sandman says:

        John Naputi Sr. was a SF qualified GB,,not Junior above, is what I mean.

      • IDC SARC says:

        “support” personnel did indeed wear the green beret with the full flash.

        Yep…I was doing prejump long ago and my eyeballs about fell out of my skull when a five footish female in preggo cammies walked by us in the hangar wearing a Green Beret. My “WTF” was quickly put to rest when one of the soldiers explained that support personnel thing to me. lol

        It’s still that way with the Airborne maroon beret.

        • Martinjmpr says:

          It was 1 January 1993 when USASOC amended the beret policy. Starting that date support personnel wore the maroon beret while SF qualified troops wore the green.

          Also anyone who had previously passed RIP/ROP and been assigned to a Ranger battalion could wear a black beret but I never saw anyone who did, at least not in 3rd Group.

  23. mattinnc says:

    SF posers trying to catch up with SEAL posers this week. Jeez.

  24. mr. sharkman says:


    One more time, *with feeling*.

    ‘Operator: A person on the National Command Authority Single Word Code Name list of Assets, tasked with hazardous duty vital to US national interests at the whim of the National Command Authority. A very small and rare set of people can lay claim to this title.’

    It may come as shocking, but I do not in fact know everything.

    My best (slightly)experience-based guess would put said list @ 150 or so persons, divided up among various branches of service and 3-letter traveling circuses.

    Not all Army SF dudes are Operators. Nor are all Teamguys. Not by a long shot.

    I’ve heard well-enough reasoned arguments that all the actual hands-on types @ tier 1 qualify for the term, but the Old School does not agree and I am not going to nitpick issues and wording with the Old School. It might cause them to stop teaching how to hot wire a Boeing 747 with your Penis.

    And for certain, not all Operators came from SOF Land. Maybe I met one long ago who was an MD with an IQ in the 200 range and a shockingly good shot with any/all pistols.

    Sharkman: ‘Wow. Where did you learn to shoot pistols?’

    MD: ‘Somewhere around Tel Aviv I think. To be honest it was a long time ago and I don’t really remember.’

    Sharkman ponders the 40-something MD with a mind like a steel trap and likely memory capabilities, and (wisely?) decides to feign a lack of interest and end said Q&A conversation.

    It’s better to just not be curious about some folks.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      I’m pretty sure there are more than 150 “operators.”

      Hell, I can call one right now, just by pressing “O” on the telephone keypad. 😉

  25. JPGRingo says:

    Was I in the Air Force?
    Was I a Navigator?
    Did I fly AC-130H in a Spec Ops Unit?
    Was I anything special?
    I wounded?
    No. Never in active combat either.
    Did I serve in the Gulf War?
    During, NOT in.
    Am I proud?
    Suck it, Posers!