Richard Fancy; Canadian punished for embellishment

| March 25, 2017

Our friends at Stolen Valour-Canada send us a link to the story of Richard Fancy who was booted from the Order of Military Merit when he was court-martialled for wearing Afghanistan and Somalia medals and parachute wings that he didn’t earn at a Remembrance Day ceremony.

Richard Fancy was a member of the regular forces between 1984 and 2010, when he joined the reserves with the Halifax Rifles.

He became a master warrant officer in the regiment and received the Order of Military Merit in October 2014, a month before the Remembrance Day incident in Halifax.

In May 2016, Fancy pleaded guilty at a court martial to three counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline and was reduced in rank to warrant officer and fined $300.

The decorations he wore improperly credited him with service in Somalia and Afghanistan and with being a paratrooper.

Here’s a link to the order of Fancy’s termination.

Dick Fancy joins Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Miller in that dishonor. We wrote about her back in 2014 when she was court martialed, too.

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  1. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    I wonder if he knows Wave Reynar and loves his sticky bums???


  2. Mick says:

    Yet another case of Stolen Valor where an individual inexplicably craps all over what appears to have been a perfectly honorable and respectable military career.

    Why do they do it?

  3. Eden says:

    Wait, they COURT-MARTIALED him???? Why can’t we do that??

    • The Old Maj says:

      Money. They would need a whole battalion of lawyers to keep up.

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      Probably because the vast majority of stolen Valor cases in the US are people who don’t fall under the juristiction of the UCMJ.
      There have been cases of active duty military being Court-martialed for wearing unearned awards.

  4. Guard Bum says:

    With a name like “Dick Fancy” I almost have sympathy for him…..naaaaaaaa fuck him.

  5. RCAF- Chairborne says:

    It makes me,a proud Canadian Vet, very appreciative that our government tends to throw the book at Walts and embellishers when they are stupid enough to play Mr.Dressup in public. Now only if we had the RIGHT to bear arms and CCW like our friendly neighbours to the South!