Anthony Joseph Colombo; phony Marine captain

| April 7, 2017

Someone sent us their work on this Anthony Joseph Colombo fellow who claims that he’s a Marine Corps captain with 20 years of service;

Apparently he uses this persona to sell military surplus items – and he doesn’t fill the orders. He just takes the money. Well that doesn’t sound like any Marine Corps officers that I know. It doesn’t sound like any Marine Corps officers that the Marine Corps knows either;

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    • IDC SARC says:


    • Mick says:


      Request immediate re-attack.

      Expend all on your next pass.

      Cleared hot.

      • ex-OS2 says:

        Leave the gun, take the cannoli.



        • Mick says:



          BDA: 100/100

          Cleared to RTB to rearm and refuel.

          I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to be running more of these missions today with the way that things have been going so far this morning.

        • spd0302 says:

          Best ad lib movie line ever!

          • Silentium Est Aureum says:

            My vote goes to Rutger Hauer in “Blade Runner” when he said, “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.”

            That and Roy Scheider’s, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

            But yours ranks right up there.

        • Fjardeson says:

          As has been said before, nothin’ left but screamers and wigglers.

  1. IDC SARC says:


  2. Combat Historian says:

    Scumbag fucker; hit this POS with fraud as well as SV charges…

  3. Mick says:

    Oh. Hell. No.

  4. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    So, I guess this means that all those medals I paid for won’t be coming. Shit.

  5. ChipNASA says:

    FUCK YOU ASSMUNCH. You screwed with the WRONG people.
    You do NOT fuck over Veterans.
    Prepare to get a Size 12 inserted in your rear cavity.

    Theft by deception.
    I believe the local constables need to be involved.

  6. Mick says:

    From this assclown’s Facebook screen shot posted above:

    ‘United States Marines Corps’

    Totally legit. I get that wrong all the time, too.

  7. AW1Ed says:

    He lists Ellen Degenerate as a favorite on his Facebook page. Totally legit.

    Wonder how much longer it’ll be up?

  8. Sandman says:

    Shared his fame in 2 of the groups he is in,,,if acquisition of target was correct we should have sock puppet inbounds anytime now.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Ant’ony Colombo? Or is it Tony Colombo?

    Mentre mi rivolgo a lei, Antony, siete un idiota cui madre sconosciuti perché lei era così brutto, è spaventato il Santo merda fuori di lei.

    • OC says:

      Gawd I do love it when you talk dirty, Ex.
      Ummm, it was dirty, right?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, it’s an insult: you’re an idiot who is so ugly your mother disowned you because you scared the Holy Shit out of her.

      Maybe I was too easy on him.

      • SFC D says:

        He’s so ugly his mama had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the dog to play with him

  10. Graybeard says:

    On more question, Mr. Columbo.

  11. ex-OS2 says:

    20 years and still an O-3?

    • Mick says:

      He’d have to have some prior enlisted time before getting commissioned, or be an LDO.

      Not a chance in this case.

      • ex-OS2 says:

        Tony was mistaken and thought that a Marine Captain was an O-6. You know, mistakes that can be made by someone who never served.

        Hey Tony, go fuck yourself with a 12″ Lex Steele dildo, captain cocksucker.

  12. Carlton G. Long says:

    He looks like the sort of fellow who would fake his own death.

  13. Sandman says:

    Did anyone catch his ROTC at the University of Phoenix?

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      ROTC? No shit? Well, I don’t want to brag but I myself was a fullback on the University of Phoenix’s football team. I also played linebacker. Yeah, special teams, too. Was named All Online Conference player of the year for three consecutive years. No shit.

  14. Wilted Willy says:

    This cocksucker doesn’t even have a career to shit all over, so he is just a posing cocksucking asshamster! Go fuck yourself with the barbed cock of Satan, backwards fucker! I say we drop him off in the desert of Syria with a goat under each arm and see if he can make it back? Then maybe we can consider giving him a battle field commission? Oh yes, one more thing, FUCK YOU!!! ASSHAMSTER!!!

  15. Just An Old Dog says:

    I glanced through this dingleberry-lord’s facebook. Nothing but whining about people not helping veterans and rattling a tin cup.
    Piece of shit.

  16. SgtMass says:

    Did everyone see this? From one of his photos…

    ‘Well family fellow patriots and brothers and sisters in arms I am once again showing this photo of me because it shows power and strength. I have been ill for a while but I have beat the odds again I thank all those who know me and what I do and support me I will continue to do what I do as far as those who I have blocked because of your disrespectful selves and doubt in my ability to make anything happen because God is on my side I will never support or help you again you tried to discredit my name and that doesn’t fly with me. I am in need again for donations for another vets home and housing for vets is always in need for your support even $5.00 helps so no donation is to small all is welcome thank you Billy Breeman Below and Paul Mirenda you are my brother and friends til the end God bless”

    • ChipNASA says:

      This other one claims 19 year of service and claims VA benefits
      What the hell is this really now they are basically say if you want your guns and control of your on life give up your va benefits and you can do as you please fuck the va come get my guns and fuck your benefits cause if you come for mine I will show you how a true Marine and true patriot feels about your made up laws that you will not pull on me fuck this government and all these fucking pieces of shit that have run this country into the ground I have fought for this country for over 19 years and will not lay my guns down that I protected my freedom with all these years kiss my rebel patriot ass

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Uh, ChipNASA, in that first photo, with the Big Gun, is he supposed to have his booger hook on the bang switch?

      Seriously, he could punch a hole in his roof if he’s not careful. I’m not sure an insurance company will cover you if you report a hole in the roof that is the result of carelessness with a ballistic weapon.

      But what do I know??

    • Paul Mirenda says:

      This scumbag ripped off our 501c Charity (Housing for Vets) and we did a military search and discovered he was a fraud several years ago. We were in the process of going after this POS after I exposed his lies of his original facebook page for Tony Columbo and he took this FB down immediately. Now I see he is at it again with a new Facebook page for Anthony Columbo. This guy is the most ruthless A Hole I have ever seen in my life. He preys on Veterans charities by claiming to be in the Marine Corp offering to help with the charities. He will actually do some volunteer work to get your trust then he starts to steal and he is good at it. He ripped off another charity helping vets in Florida, which was run by another combat vet and police officer. As we were working to together to take down this criminal he moved and disappeered until now.

  17. TankBoy says:

    Going hot on this douchebag as soon as I get home. Hello Friday night hate.

  18. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Tony “COCKSUKER” Columbo looks like he’s a real deal, taint tickling, ballsack warrior that enjoys tongue punching crusty hobo fartboxes!

    • TankBoy says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, Master Chief. I have now spent an hour messaging people on his friend’s list and a couple of Raleigh television stations. It may up his ability to collect charitable donations if he can get on television.

  19. TankBoy says:

    Wow. That’s a big friend list. Makes it easier to help make him famous, I guess.

  20. TankBoy says:

    My messages to Captain Columbo. Still no reply.

    Captain? Really? LOL. Feel free to see your dedicated page At the web site @This ain’t he’ll but you can see it from here. By the way, I’m a retired Marine First Sergeant. You? A Captain in the Corps? If you are going to lie, attempt to make it believable. The Marine Corps wouldn’t commission someone if your caliber on their worst day.
    What up, Captain Douchebag. Dearborn? Cool. Me too. And in North Carolina I lived in Holly Springs. right down the road from where you are now.
    So no reply? I was hoping you were curious as to why. So I could send you a picture of my friend, Captain Alan Rowe. My friend. I have a picture of him as a 2nd Lt administering the oath of re-enlistment to me when I was a SSgt on the Drill Field in San Diego.
    He died in Al Anbar province in 2005 about a month before I got there for the battle of Fallujah.
    So you see, I take it personally when a grifter piece of shit begs for money while stealing the honor he paid for with his life.
    Chat Conversation End
    Type a message…

    • mr. sharkman says:

      ‘…a month before I got there for the battle of Fallujah.’

      (really bad weather day)

      ‘Well, at least I’m not in Fallujah’.

      Much respect for you Tankboy – are/were you an USMC M1 tanker?

  21. TankBoy says:

    Messaged about fifty people on his friends list. Anyone that looked like a veteran. Referred them to a link to this page.

  22. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Someone needs to take this shit-filled meatsack and stuff him back into his mother’s womb so they can do the abortion right this time.

  23. fedupwithposers says:

    So I sent this dumb shit a message.

    so you are a captain in the Marine Corp
    so you don’t want to answer real marines… stop telling your bullshit to others.. your a fake and a phony.. and a piece of shit as well.

    Still no response… Bitch

  24. TankBoy says:

    My earlier work is starting to pay off. Five of his friends of the fifty I messaged have contacted me so far. Still waiting to hear from a federal friend I contacted.

  25. TankBoy says:

    So it seems, like all the others, there is more to this piece of shit than just being a valor thief. I have been contacted back by two individuals with stories of him ripping off veteran charities in North Carolina and Florida. I would love to get my hands on this turd.

  26. Green Thumb says: