BDS rages in DuPont Circle

| January 19, 2009

Shoe Bush 004
This morning, in DuPont Circle, eight blocks from the White House, Bush Derangement Syndrome raged among the old coots of VFP, VVAW, IVAW, Code Pink, World Can’t Wait and who knows who else was there. Their main attraction was throwing shoes at this thirty-foot blow up of George Bush in a flight suit to remind you of the “Mission Accomplished” chapter of his presidency.

This guy was probably the looniest of the bunch though. His message was that the war is the troops’ fault. “It’s the damn troops that did it.” He went blathering about how they’re no different from the Nazis, that he doesn’t care if they’re homeless when they come home. After they get done cleaning up the depleted uranium, they can go to Vietnam and clean up the Agent Orange.

Oh, that’s the “Rappin’ Grannies” singing in the background.

Shoe Bush 026
Maoist Leslie Cagan’s World Can’t Wait was there;
Shoe Bush 024
VFP was there in their traditional uniform of goatee and beret;
Shoe Bush 029
Now that gas is cheap again, they can afford to drive their SUV around DuPont Circle towing this sign;
Shoe Bush 030

But the real attraction was throwing shoes at the Big Bush puppet;
Shoe Bush 023
Shoe Bush 012
It was the media’s favorite part, too;
Shoe Bush 020
Here’s some video of it along with some ancillary stuff from Vets For peace DC Chapter VP;

Queen of BDS, Ann Wright who thankfully resigned from the Bush State Department worked the crowd up;
Shoe Bush 027
I guess some Guantanamo detainees were allowed to attend and apparently they were given a nice hemp totebag;
Shoe Bush 019
They were apparently eager to “shoe Bush”, too;
Shoe Bush 010

Adam Kokesh was there, too. To his credit, he didn’t call himself Sergeant Kokesh and neither did the guy that introduced him;

Shoe Bush 033

I’ve got a video processing at YouTube in which Kokesh vows to throw one shoe at “Bush” today but that he’s saving the other for Obama if he doesn’t keep his promise to the hardcore Left. Of course that promise is to try the Bush Administration – screw the economy and the war against terror – they want what they think is justice. When the video is done, I’ll put it right here;

Bill Perry was there, too. The first sign of him was this on the big Bill of Rights they had for everyone to sign;
Shoe Bush 006
Then I saw him taking pictures of Ann Wright while she was blathering on about war crimes. So I asked Perry if his camera is still working OK (after I fixed it for him last week at the Israel Hate rally). Then he recognized me and called me by name. Then he went on to tell me that his testimony at Winter Soldier in 1971 was BS and he told it so that the hippies would like him. He went on to tell me that he was proud of the way his unit “Kicked ass on the NVA that day”. So we all know that Bill Perry reads this blog, huh?
Here’s the video with Ann Wright’s blather in the background;

I’m guessing that these organizations that spent the last eight years hating Bush are hurting for donations because Obama won the election. Regular BDS sufferers were purely partisan and they’re perfectly content to have The One in office. It’s making life hard for the Far Left who’ve been scaring people for eight years over things that never happened, so they’re clinging to the “Impeach Bush” excuse to remain relevant.

As always, I have more pictures at my Flickr Photostream.

Code Pink drags out teh BDS in their schedule for the next few days;

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  1. streetsweeper says:

    Couldn’t hear what he was saying except for the remark about the hippies liking him…..However, I got an email from him a while back.

    Got a few other emails too.

    New blog….different host. Hang on to your a$$hat, Perry. I got something for you…..

    Nice try, Bill


  2. Skye says:

    Oh, how I wish I was there! I would have left a message at the Bill of Rights, right under Perry’s message:

    “This Vet says FU Perry!

    Loves & Kisses

    John Grant”

    I’m just evil like that.

  3. LT Nixon says:

    Excellent work, Jonn. The goatee and black beret action pack seems to be pretty standard for these Marxist protesters. But I thought the fanny-pack was a groovy new add-on!

  4. Thanks Jonn for braving the Obasm crowd today to cover this.

    …here’s to hoping all the Code Pinkos and the other BDSers in attendance get the flu!

  5. addison says:

    This is why I almost never venture into DC despite living just outside it. A ghetto of crime, murder, poor education, hippies, self-aggrandizement, and single-party rule.

    Does the ‘evicted’ portion of the sign make sense to anyone? It was Constitutionally impossible for George Bush to be in the White House beyond the 20th of January… I guess thinking is not their strong point.

  6. Raoul says:

    Bill “Bug Out” Perry, the guy who ran away and let his unit walk into an ambush?

  7. Raoul says:

    Anyone who wants Mary Ann Wrights “held” accountable better get a lot of hands to help.

  8. Raoul says:

    LT Nixon,

    The goatee and beret guy gave up the 11 herbs and spices after just 11 seconds of waterboarding.

    Jonn wrote: Be nice. He’s our new spokesmodel;

  9. defendUSA says:

    That picture/comment needed a spew alert…I wonder if that guy was the father of the chick I tried to have a conversation with at a GOE event?…haha. She was a real loon, er moonbat and crazy!

  10. The Sniper says:

    *sigh* That’s all I’ve got to say.

    It’s called cognitive dissonance… it’s what happens when your delusions coming crushing down on you and you realize taht your life has been spent chasing a lie. You’ll see them protesting until the world ends so they don’t have to face the reality that their pathetic little lives mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  11. Scrapiron says:

    I’m glad i’m not around these pigs. If I walked up on the slime bag holding the ‘the hell with the troops’ sign there’s no power on this earth that would stop me from gutting him on the spot and leaving him holding his guts in his hands.

  12. Magic Dog says:

    I love it when the wingnuts have their panties in a twist. Oh how you whine! Eight years, chumps!

  13. mishu says:

    May your disappointment come soon, magic dog.

  14. Raoul says:

    The Magic Dog has been into the Magic Mushrooms again…

  15. Who Me? says:

    I’m just wondering what kind of crack these addicts will be taking once Obama dries up their BDS supply by declining to investigate the Bush administration.

    Obama is smart enough to know that the precedents he sets can be applied to him down the line for whatever policies he implements. Since it looks like he’s going to continue quite a few Bush policies regarding the WOT, he’s not likely to seek an investigation for things he’ll continue.

    Magic Dog needs to get out more, or he/she would figure that out.

  16. libarbarian says:

    These people give hating Bush a bad name, which is a shame because he really deserves it.

  17. irongrampa says:

    Went to the GOE Rally on 17 March and decided that was all for me. Getting that close to these scum is more than my self-restraint can handle. I’m too old to spend the rest of my life in prison.

    I wore the uniform with PRIDE, yet when I see these young men and women serving today, I feel humbled.

    It would be an honor beyond measure to wear it once more, with these people.

  18. I hope they can let it go and find peace.

  19. Jihad Jay says:

    Great job covering the nuttiest of the nutjobs from the Left.

    These people are an endless source of entertainment and remind us of what can happen when one strays off the reservation of education, self-respect and reason.

    I wonder what mainstream democrats think of these moonbats among them?

  20. Daniel says:

    You think it’s crazy to hold a world leader accountable for his actions? Why did we put Hussein on trial, then?

    Just because he led our country, and his offenses weren’t quite so grievous, doesn’t mean the man should get off scotch free.

    He’s a liar, a crook, and a former U.S. President. He should be held to a higher standard, not granted a blanket pardon. He violated our laws. He violated international law. He lied to the public, trying to rally us for war. Send the bastard to a nice, comfy prison, and set an example. If our laws aren’t sufficient to run the nation properly, change the laws– properly. Don’t ignore them.

    Oh, and screw that guy who says to hell with the troops.

    Jonn wrote: I don’t think anyone should be scotch-free. Or rum-free, for that matter. That’d be cruel and unusual.

  21. Ralpheo says:

    Some people are so ignorant. They just ignore the truth about George “Dumbya” Bush’s lies, corruption, etc. The good thing is even though he won’t go down while alive he will pay once he meets his maker. Do the research or remain ignorant.

  22. UpNorth says:

    Um, Ralpheo? Are you talking about the current WH occupant? Seems that way, lies, corruption, kow-towing, and, did I mention corruption? Thought so.
    Missed Daniel’s post, but it’s a good one, about time some of those on left came around on BJ Clinton..

  23. NHSparky says:

    Some people are so ignorant

    Try starting with that reflection in the mirror, Ralph.