Paul Puccillo; phony SEAL

| May 30, 2017

Our partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Paul Puccillo, who claims to be a Navy SEAL (what else?). He likes to lecture folks on how we should all be SEALs like him;

Do you need proof that he’s a SEAL? Well, who would buy SEAL hats, shirts and Tridents if they weren’t a SEAL?

Well, it turns out that we’re all SEALs like Paul, except for actual SEALs;

So he comes clean, sort of. He blames some “incurable disease” that is killing him and he only wanted to help people;

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  1. Doc Savage says:


    Bullshitting may well be incurable…but I’m not sure its terminal

    Unless of course, you are bullshitting about being a SEAL while in the company of the genuine article.

    • Mick says:

      He’s wearing what looks like a wedding ring in one of the photos posted above.

      So I wonder if his wife knows that he’s been rockin’ the phony SEAL lie? If not, we may not have to wait for a genuine SEAL to meet this guy. She might take care of things all on her own.

  2. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Terminal dumbass, maybe.

    I’d love to see what marathons and triathlons he claims to have run/completed recently.

    They keep REAL good records of that shit.

  3. Dave Hardin says:

    Paulie, listen up bitch. You were not just killing a bit of casual time on the interwebnet thingy while your were prancing around in your Trident embroidered bullshit.

    kinda got a high from all the attention didn’t ya? Take this half assed apology and shove it up your ass. I want to see you actually do something instead of just running your punk ass mouth.

    I think some humble work emptying bed pans at the local VA for a while might be a start. Maybe full admissions posted and pinned to the top of all your social media shit.

    I am sure some folks around here can come up with a few more suggestions for ya. There was never a day in your life that a pimple on my ass didn’t deserve more respect than you punk.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Terminal Disease? *BULLSHIT ALERT!*, diarrhea of the mouth is not terminal, it’s curable with a nice dose of STFU.

  5. Wilted Willy says:

    You sir are a lying cocksucking asshamster! I hope a real SEAL finds you and stomps your lying ass into the pavement! How about you go serve a term in the sandbox and prove all of your badass bullshit! You lying cocksucker!!!

  6. Combat Historian says:

    “…He blames some “incurable disease” that is killing him and he only wanted to help people…”

    Probably Clintonian parsing for the actual “incurable terminal disease” that is slowly killing him: NORMAL AGING. This horrible “incurable disease” is also killing everyone of us as well; it is a global pandemic, I’m afraid. But hey, if it induces sympathy for him, whatevers…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Yeah, well, I’ve got that ‘disease’, too, and it hits everyone sooner or later.

      Dogs and cats, too, but mostly sooner. And chickens. It hits chickens a lot.

      No one is immortal, not even the Bronze Sun Gods.

      • rgr769 says:

        Ex-, you probably commiserate with those poor “chickens it hits a lot” every time you bread a drumstick or pick up some KFC.

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    “Incurable disease” my ass… more like a terminal case of recto-cranial inversion with a severe case of diarrhea of the cakehole.

    Military Phonies has a pic of him trying to eat a burrito… probably uses the same technique when he snarfs down a cockmeat sammich with manmayo.

    You’re famous, PAUL “PETER PUFFER” PUCCILLO!

    • OldManchu says:

      And he still hasn’t deleted that facebook account. But he sure scrubbed it good.

      Sounds like Dustin “Doc” Caraway and his fake cancer to follow up his fake Afghanistan combat medic bullshit.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Could I call this guy Piccolo?

    My guess is that he’d get lost in the parking lot at the nearest forest preserve site. He’d squawk loudly at the sight of a dragonfly, and couldn’t last an hour without a trip to the nearest McD’s. If he actually had to step off into unmarked open territory, he’d have an attack of agoraphobia that would curdle milk into yogurt. I doubt he could find his way out of a brown paper bag, even with a map, a flashlight and a compass.

    Sorry, my back is just killing me this morning. I’m cranky. My bad.

  9. OldManchu says:

    Fuck Paul the pencil dick. I tried to look up some Ironman finisher times and all I find are Half Ironman races. Those are no joke, but they are not Ironman. So it appears he is a phony in the triathlon world as well.

    • Pat says:

      I bet if we looked at his race times we’d find missed timing mats and other signs of course cutting/cheating. One thing about these liars, they’re often dishonest in more than stolen valor.

  10. IDC SARC says:

    He’s not a SEAL, but in reality he’s an Ironman Triathlete too humble to previously mention that or wear a T-shirt he legitimately earned?

    well, that’s logical.

  11. OldManchu says:

    David Goggins = real life SEAL and Ironman Triathlete. And Badwater Ultramarathon, and….

    Paul Puccillo = dog shit stain under David Goggins running shoes.

  12. Green Thumb says:

    This turd is all over the place.

    What a clown.

  13. Graybeard says:


  14. Fjardeson says:

    Ex-OS2, we’ve got another large pile of dinosaur s**t who claims SEAL and incurable disease. Out in the open and collateral damage unlikely.

    Cleared hot!

  15. Mick says:

    Hey, this assclown’s phony black ‘UDT/SEAL’ dog tags in the photo posted above are groovy.

    Or something.

  16. He must have Pinnochioitis, I hear it’s always interweb fatal

    • rgr769 says:

      Don’t be cruel. He just wants to be a real boy, instead of the phoney polesmoker that he is.

  17. OldManchu says:

    Folks this dude is a really creepy one.

    I recommend going to the military phonies website and watching those two videos where he talks shit do people (I guess he is delusional that folks are looking to him for training) as if he is getting them pumped up for BUDS.

    Fucking creep.

    • concerned citizen says:

      You are correct, his videos are extremely fucked up. He’s seems mental

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    Piccolo must be part of SEAL Team 238, eh? It’s one of those special teams that don’t appear in the databases because they’re in such Seekrit Squirrel stuff. Someone ask him if he knows Zack or Repo.

  19. A Proud Infidel®™ says:


  20. TankBoy says:

    All I saw was a “Growing up Gotti” wannabe bitch. Not a Seal. Just a piece of shit.

  21. Robin Hood says:

    His wife ( might be separated) is named Amy Haderlein. She is aware of this site.

    His cell # (847) 977-xxxx

    I believe he is a bartender at a restaurant (possibly family owned) called Salsa 17

    • Robin Hood says:

      (3489 )has nothing to do with his Seal number. I’m glad someone had the courage to do this.

    • Robin Hoo says:

      (3489 )has nothing to do with his Seal number. I’m glad someone had the courage to do this.

    • Greg says:

      He works at little villa restaurant in Des Plaines, Il on wolf road, He got fired from salsa 17. He is married.

  22. mr. sharkman says:


    Nice ST-4 tshirt, Jackass.

    Please don’t choke on it in-between c0cks. That would be tragic.

  23. mr. sharkman says:

    F*ck this guy and his gay assed soul patch, other facial hair, and wannabe tough guy face.

    And double f*ck his ‘incurable disease and trying to raise a family’ sob story.

    I know of a certain 4 guys – Ike, Don, Chris, and a certain LT – all of whom rated that ST-4 tshirt he’s wearing in on of his lame assed pics and none of whom got the chance to (continue) raising a family after a certain f*cked up night in Panama.

    Maybe this MFer will cross paths with Carlos Moleda (look him up) in a dark alley some night.

    My $ is on Carlos. Any takers? Even odds.

  24. Garrett Sasur says:

    He’s been cheating on his wife as well. Works as a bartender in Arlington Heights Illinois. Maybe some brothers from a seal team should visit him for a reunion.

    • John says:

      He doesn’t have a wife anymore…and hasn’t for a while.

    • John says:

      He doesn’t have a wife….hasn’t for a while.

    • John says:

      Shows what you know….

    • Greg says:

      If I showed you a picture could you verify her

    • Greg says:

      someone is about to tell his wife and girlfriends husband about the relationship. He will get his chance to clear the air and most likely he won’t need to apologise he will be running a marathon out of town. How could someone be such a loser and fake something like this. Looks like he lies to his neighbors and restaurants to gain employment in the area saying he was a naval vet for 16 years.

    • Greg says:

      We are trying to confirm which girl it is. He has so many we seen him with. I don’t think he will be married much longer. He does have a wife still but many girlfriends if we are right he will be in deep shit it’s a shame that he still calls himself a man. He is a loser piece of crap and needs a psychiatrist and a good lawyer.