Travis Aaron Wade; phony Marine Sniper

| May 31, 2017

Someone sent us their work on this Travis Aaron Wade fellow. He was an actor in some show I don’t watch called “Supernatural”. He also acts like he’s a Marine Corps sniper. This is from his website. I think he heard us coming because the page has changed (I’m not as stealthy as used to be, I guess, but I can still take screenshots);

He likes telling people that he spent four years in the Marines. He keeps saying that he was in from 1994 – 1998;

Notice in the middle screenshot above he talks about returning after four years in the Marines, he had lost his humanity or some crap and that’s why he took up theater so he could act like he cared about other people. He told Viva Glam Magazine in an interview;

Ultimately what led me into the arts and into acting was the Marines. I was so stripped of any emotions and feelings that came from being trained to kill another human being or see another human being get killed that I felt lost in the civilian world. I just couldn’t connect to people and I didn’t know what my place in the world was and what I wanted to do with my life.

The problem with that is 1) he didn’t spend four years in the service 2) he was assigned to Gulf Company, 2/23 Marines of the Fourth Marine Division – a Reserve unit in Los Alamitos, California. The Marines stripped him of his emotions and feelings one weekend a month and two weeks a year.

They couldn’t even strip away his chin whiskers apparently;

Yeah, somehow he did exactly three years in the reserves – according to the video below, he was discharged for medical reasons. I do know that he was discharged in 1997 not 1998 (he admits that in the video below), he was not trained to be a sniper, at least not the way he wants people to think he was trained. If his humanity was stripped away by the Marines, what did he do the other 28 days every month?

Here’s a quote from IMBd;

I gave Steven Spielberg The National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) I earned while serving in the Marine Corp as a gift of thanks. I joined the Marines because I wanted to give my life for this Country if need be. I am inspired by people who give back. I can not think of anyone who has given more with their life and profession than Mr. Spielberg and for that I felt he deserved a Medal. What more could I give?

Marine Corp? I’m sure Spielberg treasures that National Defense Service Medal – he got it the same way the rest of us did – someone handed it to us one day.

I guess he’s currently working on a film called The Last Full Measure about Airman William H. Pitsenbarger, Jr., a Medal of Honor recipient. Wade isn’t playing the lead, though. Some pretty big names are in the movie.

In this video he talks about the friends he lost in California;

Added 06/03/2017 2:22 PM; I shut down comments before someone ends up in jail. We’ve all had the opportunity to say our piece. So leave it at that.

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  1. QM1 says:

    IMO, this guy has automatically earned himself a high ranking seed in our annual tournament at this point.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      But has he beaten Daniel Wall’s record yet?

      The Behemoth may be ahead of him.

      • QM1 says:


        At this rate, I’m sure he has the ability to catch up with him.

      • Silentium Est Aureum says:

        Not even close.

        Going from memory, Wall is up around 750-800 posts, as is Colt “I’m not SF” Boulout.

        Now if you get the posts involving the DRG put together, I’d guess 20-25k posts is not out of the question.

        That, dear lady, is the gold standard.

  2. Just a peacetime veteran says:

    Can we discuss the VA definition on who can claim veteran status? Does Travis have a DD214 showing 120 days of consecutive AD service? Does he have a VA ID card showing he’s a veteran? I know you have to provide documentation to obtain one. I have mine. I’m not knocking guard or reserve service, they raised their hand just like I did. But if he wants to be this big of a tool, let’s see valid, legal proof of his status to fit within the government guidelines of what a military veteran is.

    • IDC SARC says:

      Well, now that the VA has said they’re going to start treating people that were not honorably discharged as veterans, that definition (veteran) has been skewed to absurdity.

      • Just a peacetime veteran says:

        I did not know that 😐 It’s changed from my time in and when I worked for the Army HRC.

        • IDC SARC says:

          It was a recent announcement from the VA. I can only think it is money driven, but I consider it a slap in the face to all veterans that served honorably.

          There are laws that guarantee treatment to people that cannot afford care. They existed prior to the ACA and they still exist. Those people don’t need to use the VA and really don’t deserve to, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    He’s so cute when his little panties get in a bunch.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      He’s too busy to reply… he’s at the day spa with Gwyneth getting his mangina steamed and a expresso enema.

  4. REMFAFSC says:

    Here’s the thing. He embellishes his military accomplishments because it differentiates him from other actors, who are a dime a dozen. He’s a reasonably decent actor from the one role I saw, but this way he can be the MARINE actor if he plays that up. He played a veteran on Supernatural. He’s probably had other roles that he got partially because he can use this identity to get work.

    But hey, that’s fine if you just say, “The Marines changed me. I was in the Reserves many years ago and I care deeply about veterans and these veterans’ charities, etc.” I appreciate hearing that and respect anyone who served. An actor who is former military at least knows uniform regs and can probably handle a weapon reasonably well, unlike many in these roles. He doesn’t HAVE to make stuff up or embellish.

    I was in the military over 20 years ago too, for one tour. This is not something that most vets bring up at every opportunity and use to define us or to make ourselves look like heroes, and only crapsacks embellish their records (or immediately fail to correct people who assume more.)

    Supernatural is an oddball fandom, with a lot of people who have fangirls despite being in one or two episodes (you don’t see that with Law & Order or most other shows.) Add to that the money that can be made on the very lucrative convention circuit because of said fans’ photo ops and con fees, and you see a huge economic incentive for actors with marginal fame to milk it as much as possible and build up a dedicated little fanbase who can beg the convention organizers to add them to various dates and pay for autographs and such. There are thousands of dollars up for grabs if you have enough people clamoring on social media to get a photo or autograph.

    I swear I remember a case years back about a male fan who used Stolen Valor to meet the actors on this show or another sci fi/genre show or get a donation for his nonexistent charity. Does anybody remember that? He wore fake medals.

    Anyway, if Travis is reading this, stop being a tool, take your lumps, correct your record, and stop blaming fans. This has nothing to do with other things you’re apparently accused of (I have no insight into that and don’t know the people involved.)

  5. CWORet says:

    Wow. 420 comments! The hits keep coming. How do you like us now b?Travis Aaron Wade, phony Marine Sniper?

  6. ChipNASA says:

    Good job.
    Can’t wait to see you get wrecked.

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    I’m thinking that TRAVIS AARON WADE hasn’t commented because he’s having his “private reflection period”


  8. Graybeard says:

    Travis Aaron Wade is not a sniper.
    Travis Aaron Wade is nothing more than a “Weekend Warrior”.
    Travis Aaron Wade did not serve in combat.
    Travis Aaron Wade is hiding behind the skirts of his fans, because he is not man enough to admit his lies.
    Travis Aaron Wade is delusional if he thinks this will go away.
    Travis Aaron Wade is following the Posers’ Playbook like many liars before him.
    Travis Aaron Wade is unable to hang with the big boys when the going gets tough.
    Travis Aaron Wade is reportedly a pervert.
    Travis Aaron Wade is not being followed by millions of Twitter-pated tweenies.
    Travis Aaron Wade is a looser.
    Travis Aaron Wade is a self-absorbed hypocrite.
    Travis Aaron Wade is Google-famous.
    Travis Aaron Wade is exposed for all to see as a Certified, Bonafied, Categorized, Alphabetized, Serialized jerk.
    Travis Aaron Wade is not man enough to confess his lies.
    Travis Aaron Wade is not man enough.

  9. EODJay says:

    A lot of bases have been covered here. Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations, rally the supporters, call people telling the truth big meanies and my favorite…sock puppets. I love when the sock puppets make an appearance. TAW, if you could spice this up with a few more sock puppets, I would be grateful. They add so much to the story.

    • Graybeard says:

      Travis Aaron Wade is looking for socks to make sockpuppets with, but all he can find is pantyhose.

      • OldManchu says:

        I’m pretty sure TRAVIS AARON WADE jerked off in all his sock puppets so now he can’t find one to put his hand in.

        TRAVIS AARON WADE needs sock puppet donations. After all, he is a vet so please donate. Clean socks only please – he has enough “dirty” ones.

  10. Atkron says:

    I wonder if he’s a Scientologist…this is right out of their playbook.

  11. Atkron says:

    Where in the fuck is EX-OS2?

    Here we have a legitimate target for an Alpha Strike, and that fucker is UA.

  12. ChipNASA says:

    OK With this fucktard doubling down on his lies and threatening Jonn and the blog, I say this jizz gobbler has earned the infamous Wall of Insults®™

    Per our standard Robert’s Rules, do I have a Second?

    • Graybeard says:

      SECOND with Enthuuu-siasm!

    • IDC SARC says:


    • ChipNASA says:

      We now have *MULTIPLE* Seconds….

      Do we have any “Aye” votes??

      • Atkron says:


      • Former EM1/SS says:

        AYe, Aye, a thousand times Aye

      • ChipNASA says:

        We have *MULTIPLE* “Aye” votes, with only one vote being needed to deploy….

        (I was getting nervous, it’s Friday and I haven’t whipped out the WoI this week)

        Alrighty TAH Folks…Stand by, stand by….holding, holding….MIND THE GAP…aaannnnndddddd

        Wall of Insults®™
        FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!
        DANGER CLOSE!!!!
        MOPP LEVEL 4!!!
        TAKE COVER!!!!!

        Travis Aaron Wade; phony Marine Sniper, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, turd-sucking feces factory, Bitch-ass Fuckstick guzzler, pile infested, onion-eyed flapmouthed butt-bailiff, “Fowl” mouthed Chicken fucker, inflamed, “Towel boy” in a gay bath house, Ambulatory verbal dissembling anus, gaping, Cambodian cunt sauce, ball working asshole, Poster-child for abortion, Swallowing Spoo Sampler, shit tonguing, munching wanktoaster, cock gobbling, lientery steatorrhea, sperm burping, tit, sniveling, codpiece licking toilet seat sniffer, lying, Pillow bitin pickle smoocher, Bowl of ass soup, Satan even said about you, “Boy is this guy a DICK!, Sparklepony, worthless, Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas, moldy bowl of ratshit, would wear Richard Simmons’ used jockstrap as a facemask, useless bag of monkey fuck, rancid floor buffer wax spreader, both of your Grandmothers should have had an abortion, just in case, Mayor Grundle of Scrotumburg and Anusville, waste of oxygen, anal sphincter canyon yodeling phallic squeezer, numbnuts, snowball, giggling beerflecked canker blossom , maybe a “buggerer of little boys”, rottencrotched, rump wrangling, culo de chongo, booger eating fuckbucket, Lemon Party-lusting fruitcake, putrid, rotting, whoreson whale’s carcass, overzealous polyp burglar, bed wetting, follows in Victorious Felder’s bovine excrement -filled boots, as fucked up as an opossum eating shit out of a hairbrush, moron, Prevaricating Sphincter, Cock Bagel and Dick Doughnut, baby unit, you’ll never be the man your mother is, Odious Twonk, terminal crotch infection, asshat, dick pickle, wanker, herpes-ridden dung beetle target, first volunteer for being part of a jailhouse human centipede, should eat a nice steaming pile of monkey shit you ass clown, helmet wearing short bus riding window licker, more ate up than a chocolate dildo in a crowded gay bar, shitbag, dipstickus giganticus, Humpty Dumpty cleanup man after the fleet visits Naples, knob gobbling, fimicolous galactic Jackoff, Assistant Jizz mopper in training, inbred, toe-jam from an infected Filipino hooker that specializes in foot jobs, your penis lives in eternal darkness, I’d hate to see your toilet, retardus maximus, Microcephalic Toad Licker, steaming bucket of monkeyfuck, catcher not pitcher, Arschloch, impotent koekeloeren, slaptard, couldn’t even be trained in my AFSC in the USAF to suck farts out of C-5 seat cushions, mumpsimus, reverse dirty sanchez lover, kutomba wewe, douche & enema nozzle, likes to molest small farm animals, dead and alive, is a hemorrhoid, schlong juice, Fuck Tart, Sitzpinkler, lispian, Milksop, puss soaked jackwagon, waste of trace elements and water, Pettifogger, donkey raping shit-eater, pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo it, may he lay a lip lock on the snotty end of a moose cock,butt munch, man of the night in a large animal bordello, I bet you’re the kind of guy that would fuck you own mother in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give her a reach-around (Thanks R. Lee), not a Sniper, did not serve in combat, WAS a three year Reservist, may or (most likely) may NOT have lost “Friends and fellow Marines” while training, fuckstain skidmark on the underwear of life, taint cookie, Fartleberry, Some NCO Should have beat you within an inch of your life, insult to humanity, shit-filled meatsack, masturbates to videos of Jar-Jar Binks, walking shart shooter, test subject for Preparations A thru G, Remedy critch, Gnard gargling queefsquirt, stupid enough to try to sandpaper to a wildcat’s ass in a phone booth, Handgallop, twat, Obamawad, tool, bint, sleezebag, weaksauce, Gobshite, fuck hole, Pillsbury Dough Bitch, Should NOT be around WOMEN OR CHILDREN, touches himself inappropriately, Turd-Burglar, rimjobber, cum-dumpster, bucked tooth, Useless mangy crotch-dropping, Putz, rectal inspector, ferger, Sheep tits, gonad, queefer, chicken shit, choad, dopus, Blue Falcon and Blue Waffle, Fuck Apple with mold, twizzletits, tallywacker, Bozack, Gerbal Felcher, dingleberry, bitch, Saprophyte, ATM, pap smear, shitmitten, Dandy prat, Tazmanian Dorkwad rat fucking, shit-sucking warthog’s asshole, gimp, bescumber, coccydynia, sack of siberian sheep shit, mangina micropeen, Syphilitic Turd Burglar, possibly likes to pick his teeth with Bernath’s used catheters, Hircismus, cheat, pope-fondling, turbo apeshit crazy, Cacafuego, Cock-juggling *Pussy* thundercunt.


  13. Marisa Feathers says:

    Thank you for this post. Thank you for your service. Thank you for standing up for the truth and for Honor with a humor that’s had me laughing harder than I have in weeks.
    Semper Fi, good sirs!

  14. DawnS323 says:

    TAW has released a complete non-statement

    Also deleted his Instagram post asking people to go after John after he was informed doxing is illegal in California.

  15. Ckat says:

    Funny thing, a lot of non military folk had no idea this was going on, until TAW posted on his Social Media about it and then I went to the Google and have now read all of this and now I’m sitting here, eating my popcorn, waiting for Dave to report in on his convo.

    I learned of him thru SPN show and conventions, and let me be the first to tell you, he does NOT represent the type of people within the cast or fandom of that series AT ALL. I’ve always felt something a bit ‘off’ with him, so this makes sense to me. Thanks for calling this out, I’ll share this link in some of the SPN fandom stuff, too. Although given what’s gone on in the fandom already, I’m sure no one will be surprised.

  16. Graybeard says:

    Travis Aaron Wade obviously does not have the courage of a real U.S. Marine, because he is hiding under his bed wetting his pants.

    Travis Aaron Wade is still not a sniper.

    Travis Aaron Wade gives Weekend Warriors a bad name.

    Travis Aaron Wade thought he was tough, until he tangled with Ex-PH2 (who, by the way, was blindfolded and had one hand tied behind her back).

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Yeah, y’know, I believe he’s only about 8 inches taller than I am.

      I figured I could handle the business. I was right.

      Back to my weekend. I have strawberries for dessert.

      • Graybeard says:

        I offered 10:1 odds with no takers.

        Fresh strawberries, I hope. Our blackberries are about done for the season.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Fresh, of course!

        My local live stream news link has changed their live stream so that it no longer gives me live news. I guess I’ll have to live without the latest junk news, and I won’t miss it. New computer is out of the question right now.

  17. Dave Hardin says:

    Let me bring people up to date as much as possible. Travis has posted online that he was never a Sniper or in STA Platoon.

    He has written a statement, he read it to me. It is obvious that he took some time and thought in doing so. It was not perfect but it was a damn site better than we get from most people.

    Travis is in a bit of a strange place and he put himself there in my opinion. He is being told by people that he has to answer to not to publish or respond to anything at this point.

    He has taken down all the posts about TAH and Jonn. He called me, not the other way around. I truely wish I could publish his statement. Many would find it appropriate and some will take exception to parts of it.

    Personally, I think if he did publish it he could just move on and most of this would be put to rest. So, he posted that he was not a Sniper or STA platoon publicly. The rest of it he did address.

    Now, in my opinion there is some responsibility to be spread around. An Officer in the United States Marine Corps and Beirut Veteran who has been involved in the movie business for decades should have done a much better job of vetting. Another Marine that works with Travis also should have stepped up. Neither of them did and shame on their ass for not doing so. That was unsat.

    On the scale of poser offenses he doesnt get too high up the scale. The manner in which he dealt with it initially caused most of this to blow up.

    I know people want a full disclosure, so do I. At this point I believe he does too. So, to the lawyers and other parties looking out for their own interests over truth…I am not done with your ass yet. But most of that has very little to do with Travis at this point.

    • sbalm says:

      Thanks for doing this summary, Dave.

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you meant that the other two Marines should have vetted Travis vs. you meaning they should have stepped up to support him.

      Maybe it’s the way I read it.

      Lawyers – they ruin it every time.

    • jp says:

      Thanks, Dave.

      I noticed he reedited the bio on his website to put back in all the ‘stripped of his emotions’ and why he went into acting stuff. That information has now been edited OUT of his IMDB bio. I couldn’t find where he said specifically he wasn’t a sniper or STA; just that neither bio contains those claims.

      I agree his handling of this whole thing – which was very typical of his response to criticism – escalated the problem. If he’d had that second conversation with you first, it would have been better. He’s definitely put himself in a precarious position, just like always. My guess is, since he just wrapped filming on a major-studio production and is trying to get backing for this thing with Capt Dye, he’s being instructed to button it up for publicity reasons. Just a guess.

      Question: you mentioned the spreading around of responsibility and the Marines he’s working with not stepping up and ‘vetting’. Could you explain that a little?

      Thanks again, Dave. I hope this contact with you will signal a shift in his attitude. You and the other folks on this site may be the only people on earth he actually listens to about this. Well done. 🙂

      • Dave Hardin says:

        One of the observations I have made over the years is about people around an individual embellishing or making false claims enabling the process. They usually do this and later claim some kind of plausible deniability.

        Too often we end up solely focused on the individual and pay little attention to the people who knew better and did not step up.

        One example is a fake Airman of substantial rank. His family must have know what he was doing was wrong…they did not stop him.

        In this case, people above him in the movie industry who make their living in part by using their military experience to do so are accountable. The plausible deniability comes most often in the form of “I didn’t know he had sniper claims posted online.” Well, fuck that. It was incumbent upon such a person to conduct due diligence BEFORE they get someone involved…in my humble opinion of course.

        I hope this project gets done. One reason I dont watch or support such things is exactly because of this kind of nonsense. I am an idiot and can get a FOIA. I dont have access to millions, I can get a FOIA.

        There are many places that he has corrected what was previously posted there. Twitter, FB, etc.

        Not sure how I will proceed from here…I guess that depends on the cooperation I get from others involved.

    • Dave Ross says:

      It wasn’t just his Sniper claims though. He flat out stated that he was one of the writers for Jarhead and that it was based on his unit, his loss of humanity, and length of his career, etc. Not to mention the way he (or his sockpuppets/ personal assistant/s) handled themselves when it became clear that he was full of shit. I can understand that you’re looking out for a fellow Marine, which is honorable, but he still needs to take ownership for all of it. Just my two cents. I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now but haven’t been a contributor.

      • Daisy Cutter says:

        Welcome, Dave. You have come out of the shadows and are no longer a lurker. 😉

        That’s the slang, and is not indended to be demeaning.

        You should contribute more often.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      I’m confused, Dave.

      What seems to be going on is that Wade is tangled in the process of Hollywood circling the wagons. Here’s an actor involved in a film about a Medal of Honor winner. Obviously, any threat to moving the project forward is going to get a reaction.

      On the other hand, setting aside what may or may not be the relevance of The Supernatural, Wade is not a major entertainment industry player. It’s not as if we’re talking about Douglas Fairbanks Jr. hoovering blow off some starlet’s tits at the Trocadero. Making a big fight of this would most likely trigger a mini Streisand Effect in my opinion.

      I can understand those dynamics.

      What seems less clear is what does all that have to do with TAH? It seems a real stretch to imagine this motley crew somehow doing the equivalent of signing a retroactive NDA if, in fact, that’s what the pro-Wade posse is demanding. Are they not aware that intimidation is probably going to get the opposite result from what they intended?

      • Dave Hardin says:

        Well, Jonn is the God of Stolen Valor. They can take exception to what we post down here in the lowly comment section, for we are but mere mortals.

        Who really wants to be on the shit list of any God?

        Honestly, I think they realize that Travis is just a man, all men make mistakes.

        Except me of course. Oh, and Jonn. Um…probably Hondo as well. Ex-PH2 is usually wrong…just humor her.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      In my view, when someone aspires to float to the top in a cutthroat industry like motion pictures/TV, the best thing anyone can do is be as lowkey as possible and NEVER make an ass of himself in public.

      Since Wade has done his due diligence, I expect to see public behavior from him that is appropriate to someone his age, 42 years old, and NOT someone acting like a drunken frat boy at Lollapalooza.

      I have no intention of keeping a watchful eye on him, but he should realize that when he goes ballistic over being confronted about fabricating events in his life and just plain lying about things that happened to him, he should have enough sense to know he’s doing himself and his career more harm than good.

      Glad you brought us up to date on this, Dave Hardin. Now, can I have my pink bathrobe back?

    • Tom C says:

      Hello Dave, I have known Travis for about six months. I served in 2/505 PIR, 82nd ABN as an officer. West Point 1987 grad. Ranger, Jumpmaster, etc. I’m about as cynical as one gets. I’ve outed face to face a number of “Green Berets, Rangers, SEALS,” etc. in Hollywood. I got this cynicism for my Dad who lost his leg in Korea with the 187th Rakkasans earning the Silver Star. When I met Travis, and I was interviewing him. He said he was a Marine and he served with a sniper platoon. I flat out asked him if he was a Marine sniper and he quickly said no. I even asked if he was active duty and again he clarified he was in the Reserves. I know when someone is me. Travis really is a good guy. Though unfortunately, many love to hate and bash. Was he and his team not precisely accurate? Yes,, and he’s paying the price. Was their intent to deceive? I truly believe not, as again, he was truthful with me. And I can understand the clerical mistakes as he has others updating his info. It’s happened to me and still is happening to my wife, who is an attorney. IMDB has her listed as a Spanish actress and I’ve written numerous times to fix it. They don’t answer their phone either. So I get the screw ups and the cutting and pasting. But that is still no excuse, I agree, there is some culpability, but getting crucified on line doesn’t fit the minor errors, in my opinion.

      What I read was infantryman / sniper. Even if he wrote it, which his assistant told me she did, it could mean to him he served with snipers and did sniper stuff. The few errors to me are minor, rounding up his serving from August 1997 to 1998? 4 months off? Geez, his assistant told me she also did that and feels horrible. I’ve had people write I was a Ranger or served in a Ranger Battalion, I was not, I earned my Ranger tab, but did not served in a Rgr BN. I doubt I will convince the haters out there, but I can tell you, you have this guy wrong. Should he have been more diligent in what was written about him by his people or others? Absolutely. I’ve had to correct articles referencing my service inaccurately a few times. My wife still to this day screws up when she tells people about my service. Guys, I’m just saying, it’s not like he was a civilian posing as a SEAL or wearing a Silver Star. He was a Marine and he was proud of his service. And the picture of him in a uniform with scruff was a relative’s who was deceased, where he wore it after he was out and donated the uniform to Bands4Arms, which gives back to vets. And folks bashed him for that when it was for a veteran cause?? This guy is proud he was a Marine, even if he served in the Reserves, and he goes out of his way to support veterans and their causes. He feels betrayed. Again, I agree, he should have been more diligent, and he agrees as well, and believe me, lesson learned on his part. But this is way overblown. Guys who never served pretending that they have, or guys who have served but are wearing ribbons and medals they never earned, then yes, call them out. As for his emotional discourse, he was speaking to a Hollywood audience and it was coming from his heart and he did not intend to hurt veterans. 22 vets commit suicide every day and I’m sure many of them never deployed. This guy does a ton for vets in the industry promoting their causes and helping other vets get hired in an industry which is riddled with people who have no respect for vets. If you guys knew, I think you be thanking the guy instead of blowing up his career hurting his ability to put food on the table. Just cause he’s an actor doesn’t mean he makes a ton of money. Most struggle from job to job. Anyway, I’m sure my 2 cents will fall on many def ears, but regardless, I wanted folks to know this is way overblown, and he has never lied to me. If he had, I would be writing this. And again, I respect vets like John who find and out the truly egregious ones. Lastly, I’m sure his attorneys counseled him to not engage so that is what I guess he is doing. Thank you for letting me bend your ear a bit and also thank you all for serving. AATW!

      • Dave Hardin says:

        I should introduce you to Mike Sleeper, he seems to think he was a Ranger. Maybe you help him with some perspective. Just watch your blood pressure when you deal with him.

        Travis did embellish his military experience as well as doing and saying things that brought discredit to himself, other veterans and the Corps.

        The use of the term, “was a Marine” is inaccurate. Travis Aaron Wade “IS A MARINE”. He earned his Eagle Globe and Anchor and served honorably.

        He has steeped up and corrected what he had been doing to a large degree.

        Notwithstanding any of that, when someone has embellished claims of military service posted about them online that have been there for years and not corrected or addressed online… they are facing an M18 that reads “This side towards enemy”. They should not get too pissy when people start going clicky, clicky with the little green thingy.

        Thanks for your post bro

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Okay, TomC, I have a hard time with your excusing Wade for several reasons that are obvious to me, and to other people.
        1 – This twit you’re defending can’t wear the USMC uniform properly for a photo op. It’s been 50 years since I went through boot and I can still wear my dark blues correctly.
        2 – Your buddy Wade is 42 years old. He’s a middle-aged adult. When he has gone to fan cons, he has repeatedly acted like a drunken frat boy at Lollapalooza or a Stones’ concert. Groping and ogling teen girls and young women half his age is not JUST inappropriate behavior, it is a RED FLAG that there is something wrong with him.
        3 – He doesn’t like ANY criticism and attacks anyone who criticizes him with threats and more inappropriate behavior, and yet, he’s working in an industry that is awash in criticism from every corner.
        If you want to defend him, fine, but he doesn’t just make mistakes. He repeats them. He is rapidly trashing his own career with what he does. If he’s your buddy, I suggest you tell him emphatically to grow the fuck up and stop acting like a spoiled brat throwing temper tantrums, right NOW.

        • IDC SARC says:

          Yeah…tom kinda took it balls deep there.

        • Tom C says:

          Ex-PH2 Thanks for commenting.

          Just want to respond to your points.

          1. He did this for Bands4Arms a charity. If he knew it was for a “photo shoot” that was to be circulated in the public, I agree with you. Putting the uniform on for others to see, even if years after service, must be done correctly and with respect. I’m thinking he wasn’t thinking.

          2. It takes longer than 6 months for anyone to be considered my “buddy.” I am only giving folks my perspective from my interactions with him. In the time I’ve known him he has never lied to me or embellished anything. Again, if I had I would not be wasting my time writing as I am more than busy running my company. I just think the piling on is excessive and doesn’t fit the “crime” in my opinion.

          3. I cannot comment on his past behavior. I can say I have lived in LA for nearly 20 years (which I cannot wait to move my family back East) both in and out of the industry and people on both sides of the fence can be slime balls and predators (fans, people desperate to make it in the industry and industry people with a little or a lot of power). It’s disgusting.

          4. How he handles criticism publically I cannot comment, either. I haven’t seen it. Though I would venture to say if anyone on this forum was attacked in such a viscous way, in a widespread public forum, where it could ruin your career, well, I’m thinking most would get very upset especially if much of what was written was untrue, exaggerated or blown out of proportion. In Travis’ case, errors blown way out of proportion as I do not believe there was an intent to deceive.

          When I met Travis, he easily could have lied to my face but he did not. Once he said he served with a sniper unit, I thought, “here comes the bullshit” and then I asked him, so you were a Marine Sniper? and he immediately said no and clarified he was in a Reserve unit who trained with a sniper unit.

          That said, I agree a higher responsibility to accuracy and due diligence by him and his team should have been taken when it comes to anything the public will see concerning his military service, or anything for that matter. He now understands that crystal clear.

          Just a closing note, I know for a fact Travis has gone out on a limb to help other VETS in the industry get work. I’ve seen it several times in the past 4 months. The industry discriminates against VETs in general. He is actually helping VETs gain work when many other VETS in the industry wouldn’t lift a finger just because another guy is a VET. To me, that is the irony here. Through some of his contacts he has opened doors and secured work for some VETS. Many would not do that. Actors, including some VET actors, can be very selfish assholes and only help themselves to get ahead. It’s a shitty industry. They don’t want to “waste” a contact or relationship. This guy goes out of his way for VETs and to promote VETs in the industry.

          Again, I cannot comment on conventions, prior alleged misbehaviors, or other areas I have no facts on. I’m only commenting on what I’ve witnessed and my interactions with Travis. Maybe he has this split personality and a sinister side to him. But I haven’t seen it at all, in fact, the opposite.

          The bottom line is though mistakes were made by him and his team, which he has fessed up to does not warrant this kind of public crucification which could ruin a career. I remember when a past 75th Ranger Association president was outed he was never a Ranger. That takes big balls, and stupidity. Now that deserved a public shellacking for sure.

          I agree he should post a statement explaining himself and taking responsibility and “man up” as some have said, and I believe he will and I know he wants to. Though I’m sure his attorney would advise against it. My wife who is an attorney agrees with that thinking, yet I disagree with her. He should post.

          Hope everyone has a good weekend.


          p.s. I like the “Tom took it balls deep.” Creative writing. That was a good one.

      • HellYeah says:

        I have been dealing with this kind of gaslighting for years now. I’m sorry you fell for it. Don’t. Worry eventually it’ll all be over.
        His assistant takes the blame for EVERYTHING. Before he had one he blamed random other people too.
        They all left him or where publicly trashed by him for calling him out on anything.
        Many of us are not wired to be dupped. I know BS from a mile away. What Travis does is NOT BS. What he does is much like the behavior of cult leaders master manipulation. 6 months is nothing trust me. At 6 months I thought he was a really nice guy too. But he screws up. Huge!!!!! And when he does he will pass blame to others. If he can’t he will pass it to his victims. If that’s not an option he will claim no foul. I hope you stay away from him. He will get mad at some point. Usually after he can’t get anything from you. And there will be a moment he realizes he has no control on what you think. When that happens he will become a pain sending his children after you like the manson family. They have made a habit of doxxing his victims even 17 yr old girls. Calling employers. Hunting down addresses. It gets very disturbing very fast. And Travis glows in it all.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Tom C – I understand about standing up for someone that you consider a “good guy”, we’ve all done that. Remember the adage about a screw up flushing down the drain all of those “atta boys” you may have gotten in the past? Travis, by not being “accurate” for some time about his service, looks like he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth (the nonsense about the service “stripping away his emotions” and embellishing his service on one hand, while supporting vet causes) – we’ve seen it here too many times with others who have engaged in Stolen Valor.

        After looking at what’s happened over the last few days, including Travis’ actions, he and his “team” have been engaging in old fashioned damage control – and it’s been going on for a while with the accusations of his behavior at conventions. It’s the same old story of the actor/actress acting badly and having the studio/PR people clean up the mess with the press release about it being a “mistake” and “going to rehab” or some other nonsense.

        Travis needs to “man up” about this – not have some PR/publicity hack tell him “how” to do it for the sake of him “image”. He needs to take personal responsibility for his actions, and be SINCERE about it. He should also look at finding another PR rep and agent that will do a better job of telling the truth about his personal and professional accomplishments instead of coming up with some BS to make him more “human”.

        Travis hurt his own image and name – he’s a 40-something year old man that needs to grow up. His actions dishonored those that have worn the EGA proudly throughout the Marine Corps history – it’s time he takes a good hard look that the Core Values that the Marine Corps taught him years ago and start living by them. If he needs some role models to help him, maybe he needs to get to know Dale Dye, R. Lee Ermey or Kevin Jiggetts – I’m sure that they would be willing to help.

      • sbalm says:

        TomC, Good post and I appreciate your involvement.

        However, I do take exception in how you frame some things.

        * “Travis really is a good guy. Though unfortunately, many love to hate and bash.” This statement makes the false presumption that anybody that disagrees is a hater and loves to bash out of pure sport. I for one do not know TAW, so can think of much better things to do with my time than to log on the computer and randomly bash someone I do not know with no good reason other than I enjoy doing it according to you. He lied about his service and he’s demonstrated a refusal to admit it. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

        * “clerical error” This excuse is like fingers on a chalkboard. Go on over to Wayback Machine and see for yourself.

        1) Go to:
        2) Type in:
        3) Click back to the earliest date in 2015 – May 26th.

        Go ahead, I’ll wait right here.

        If you want to extend a little trust you can save yourself a little time – that sniper claim first shows on May 26, 2015. This is just over two years ago and appears to be when the website was created. There are no more archives earlier.

        This means that:

        [1] website that TAW has full control over had a “clerical error” up there for over two years that went unnoticed by TAW. This is what you would have us to believe?

        [2] Or you want us to believe that he didn’t have access to his own website and tried to change that for two years unsuccesfully?

        Is it one or both that you would have us believe?

        * “He feels betrayed.” This is classic storytelling 101. If you are connected with Hollywood, as it sounds like your wife is, then you can hopefully appreciate the following – I agree with you that he most likely feels betrayed. That’s because somebody rarely sees themselves as the villain in their own story. They struggle to create a narrative that they can accept for themselves, then use that narrative to convey to others. Let me help him out a little bit.

        – Go for the misunderstood but not yet vindicated hero.

        or – How about the there’s got to be a way to turn all this negative publicity into a shot in the arm for my career, but I don’t see how yet?

        or – Tear a page out of “The Departed” playbook and say that the whole Marine Corps Reserve storyline was a CIA sheep-dipped effort so that he could infiltrate Hollywood and sniff out veterans that have committed Stolen Valor. His cover is now blown, but the public doesn’t understand the danger of revealing his mission. He’s in “balls deep” and there is no other covert operative they can fast track through the sheep-dipping process so they have to resurrect his image. Unfortunately, his initial cover was blown by teenage girls at a conference so the CIA is having daily meetings as they are in damage control. We need to all patiently wait because the movie is slated to go into production in 2019, starring role going to Mark Wahlberg with Travis Aaron Wade getting story credit and a cameo.

        * You speak about him representing veterans and veteran causes. I litterally spit out my coffee when I read this. How is he helping me? Come again? He’s doing more damage than help with his behavior. Even if he was “representing” me, I would be embarrased over his behavior. I’m supposed to get behind the bit about him being emotionally striped by the military? Or what, I’m a hater?

        I appreciate your father’s service as well as yours. I also appreciate you weighing in but the arrogance that you display by presuming that we are all haters if we don’t back Travis Aaron Wade and his lies and mischaracterizations was over the top.

        You lost me at hello.

        • Tom C says:


          You are right, I should not categorize all here as “haters.” My apologies.

          He is helping VETs in the industry secure work, he is bringing awareness to the industry that hiring VETS is a good thing (promotes realism, etc., and he is helping Bands4Arms a charity donating to VETs.

          Every time I see a guy in the movie wear a beret like a pizza hat, or a patrol hat “puffed up” on top (sans Ranger crimp) I get pissed off. That’s because they hire bullshit tech advisors that B.S.ed their way onto the production. Two stupid examples out of countless.

          So getting more VETs working behind and in front of the camera will help how soldiers are portrayed in Hollywood.

          As for his emotions, why bash on a guy for that if that is what he felt. He didn’t mean to hurt VETs (Marines in particular) by sharing how he felt when he got out. Now if he would have said that about Paratroopers and Rangers, we’ll then I’d agree with you:) Kidding aside, it’s how the guy felt and he was conveying how he got into acting. I get it because the industry (in general) looks at VETs as ultra conservative, war mongers with not a creative bone in their body, so he likely he was cognizant of that in the interview. I can’t speak for him but I think I understand how that manifested.



        • Travis Wade says:

          I have a civilian that created my website two years ago. You can contact her directly. I did not create my website. I do not have access or control my website. When Scott Levy told me a few weeks ago that Sniper was on my website, we both contacted Vicki immediately and had her take it down.
          You can contact Vicki or Scott to verify.
          I rarely look at my IMDB or website.
          Vicki Bartle has controlled my social since July 2015 due to the extremely toxic and mentally unhealthy individuals who are super brave behind their keyboard. Those people don’t shock me anymore but veterans being #thumbthugs? Shameful. I’m not hard to find and would be open to meet anyone face to face.
          If you’ve met me or spoken to me then you are not leaving hateful messages on this site.
          And for the love of god, have some common sense and ask how I could go around Hollywood, do over 15 conventions around the world speaking to over 50k people, multiple interviews and articles written and it took 18 years for something to come out claiming that I go around claiming I’m a Sniper? Have some intelligence. It’s a simple clerical error and once it was brought to my attention it was removed. Weeks before this article came out. So do some deep thinking? How the hell would I be involved in multiple military charities, done multiple projects about the military and have multiple friends who are veterans in the film community and no one will tell you I ever claimed to be a Sniper. So keep following the lead of some very unstable sick fans of a sci-fi TV show Gents. The fact you all are listening to these people should tell you a little something. When did Veterans become followers to bat shit crazy fans? Lastly due your research and look these people up. Then get back to me.
          Semper Fi

          By the way, any Veteran of the Armed Forces is welcome to contact me directly. Or you can keep being cowards behind your keyboards. You want to talk about me? Say it to my face. If you want to keeping talking trash here then what does that say about you?

    • Travis Wade says:

      Setting the Record Straight;

      Yesterday, I was made aware of an article published online calling into question my service in the Marine Corps from 1994-1997.

      Before I address each issue in question, I would like to first say how proud I am to have served my country and earned the title of United States Marine.

      Next, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to any Veteran who felt the military was disrespected in any way due to my lack of awareness for what was either posted online about my service or the way I wore and auctioned off my uniform for charity. I take responsibility for paying more attention to my professional career rather than paying closer attention to detail as I was taught over 20 years ago. UNSAT and I agree. After speaking with Dave Hardin, I became more informed on the importance of the title I earned moving forward. I respect his advice and will honor our conversation by keeping a closer eye on my responsibility as a United States Marine & Veteran.
      Dave Hardin, thank you for your time and integrity.

      Over the past two years I have become a target to the hatred, negativity and lies that exist on social media. Sadly, it’s a part of being in the public eye. A very specific group of fan(atic)s have continued to harass my life and do their very best to damage my reputation. They recently reached out to this man, Jonn Lilyea, who has written an article about me entitled “Phony Marine Sniper,” and has me listed under, “Phony Soldier,” on his website, “This Ain’t Hell.”
      I have never met Mr. Lilyea, nor was I ever contacted by him or anyone at TAH to interview me for this article.
      When I wrote to Mr. Lilyea and asked to speak with him by telephone, he informed me that he was not well and has no voice to speak.
      Yesterday I publicly posted some information that my lawyers sent to me concerning Mr. Lilyea but I have since taken it down. Regardless of the information I received, I was wrong to post it and publicly go after a fellow veteran on the open platform.
      I have no further comment towards Mr. Lilyea and I think it is untoward for one Veteran to argue with another in public.
      These are the facts I’d like to state publicly:

      I joined the United States Marine Corps in 1994 at the age of 18.

      I enlisted as an 0311 Infantryman, and started boot camp at MCRD San Diego in August of 1994. I graduated from boot camp in November of 1994

      I began SOI (School of Infantry) after a 10-day leave from boot camp in November of 1994, and graduated in February of 1995.

      After SOI was completed, I entered into the Marine Corps reserves so I could begin my college education at Citrus College in Glendora, CA.

      My original goal was to attain my college education, attend OCS and TBS, and become a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps.

      My Marine Corps reserve unit was Golf Co. 2/23, located in Los Alamitos, CA.

      During my time as a reservist, I injured my right knee on two separate occasions during training.

      Ultimately, this led to an Honorable (medical) Discharge in August of 1997.
      I have stated before that I lost “friends” while in training.
      I will come clean about the fact they were not “my friends” but they were fellow recruits & Marines in training and seeing their loss of life at such a young age had a profound affect on me.
      If you’d like to obtain their identities, then I suggest you submit a Freedom of Information Act, and gather that intelligence.
      I cannot and will not compare myself to what any Combat Veteran has see, experienced or felt.

      I joined the Marine Corps for two reasons:

      1. I wanted to honor my grandfather who served in the British military, and fought in the South Pacific during WWII for many years of his youth, as well as to bring honor to my family.

      2. After a trip to Tijuana, Mexico during my senior year of high school, I took pause to look around and see the difference a border makes. In that moment, I felt privileged to be a United States citizen and I wanted to serve this great country, and my fellow man.

      Now, as far as a credit on my IMDb is concerned, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has been around for decades as resource that people can utilize to look up professionals in the entertainment community, and see their credits. Most actors/actresses do not set up their own IMDb, and that anyone can go to any individuals profile, click update an item, and add whatever they like about that artist or individual. My IMDb was updated by a civilian some 17 years ago, and that individual published that I was a sniper in the Marine Corps. I had no celebrity to my name at the time, so I have no idea who put that there or why, but over the past 17 years I have personally asked to have it removed every time it gets posted. This continues till this very day. It will most likely post again next week and we will take it down immediately.

      Now, I am a twice qualified expert rifleman in the Marine Corps, and I’m very proud of that because I had never fired a weapon previous to my service. I never said that made me a sniper. I’m an actor who has had several civilian agents, managers, entertainment journalists, publicist, fans etc that have promoted my career. These individuals do not know that a Marine reservist that did a few weeks of training with STA Platoon in Oahu does not make him a Sniper. I have never once told any of my representation or anyone for that matter that I was a Sniper or to promote me as such.

      My point is, what civilians post and write about me is something I can not control.

      I’ve spent the past 20 plus years of my life in service, working with children, saving animals, and giving back to the veteran community.

      A few more things, and these are small points. I was involved with the film, Jarhead, for several months, a few weeks before filming started, Peter Sarsgaard, became available and replaced me on that project.
      I was in Golf Company 2/23 and the book is based on Golf Company 2/7.
      Let’s be very clear, I never said I was in STA Platoon nor have I ever said I was a Sniper. While in Oahu we trained with the STA Platoon for a few weeks. That interpretation between myself and civilian journalist has been the issue. That I own and have done my best to correct. I will continue to do so anytime anyone suggest anything other than the truth
      Civilians calling me or writing that I am or was a Sniper is something that I constantly have to correct. I have no need to falsify that information to anyone. Please use some common sense here and I’m not trying to be rude. How can I go around Hollywood claiming I am a Sniper when almost every project I’ve worked on has Military Tech Supervisors? Do you not think I would have been called out a long time ago if I was going around saying I was a Sniper “IN” STA Platoon?
      I trained for several weeks with the Peter Chu of the BPD for the film THE FORGER but that does not make me a Boston Police officer.
      As far as JARHEAD is concerned Bill Broyles Jr., (USMC Vietnam Veteran) wrote the script, I contributed a few of my personal stories that they used in the film and I received a special thanks credit at the end of the film, below Panavision, and above Sam Rockwell.

      In conclusion, concerning the recent photo in my dress blues. My grandfather recently passed and I pulled out my uniform to see if it still fit, in order to possibly wear it to his service. I still fit in the blouse, but not the trousers. I’m no longer a size 28 waist, unfortunately. The picture you obtained was originally sent to my mother to show her I still fit in my uniform. We ended up using that photo to promote me donating my uniforms to a charitable company that helps Veterans called, Bands For Arms. I truly am sorry if that photo was upsetting to any Veteran. This simply was for charity but I now know the important of paying closer attention and never putting on that uniformed unless it’s 100% ready to be presented with the respect it deserves.

      As for me not shaving, I am an actor and was working on a project that required facial hair.
      I’m a veteran actor and producer in the entertainment industry. One who’s devoted to helping veterans secure more employment behind, and in front of the camera? I’m here to help and do all I can to not only right my mistakes but correct the injustice of Hollywood telling our stories without employing us. That’s my mission along with getting Captain Dye behind the lens.

      Semper Fi

      • sbalm says:

        Travis, You are commended for stepping up in the manner that you have. Most won’t, and don’t.

        I can accept some of your reasoning, but it is difficult for me to accept the stuff about IMDb updates. Here’s where my skeptism comes in:

        You say “anyone can go to any individuals profile, click update an item, and add whatever they like about that artist or individual.”

        So apparantly you are completely locked out of your own IMDb page, but a random nobody on the street can edit it. If that’s the case, why didn’t you get your sister or a friend of your to log in, because you can’t, and change your profile?

        Let that sink in for a second.

        Now, apparently I am a “hater” for not accepting this premise. Can you even begin to appreciate how odd this all sounds? Maybe it’s true, but I can think of a thousand easy work arounds. Why not pair up with another actor and have them update your profile and they update yours? Is IMDb that smart that it can sniff out anybody even remotely associated with you?

        Just create a sock puppet. Is that concept foreign to you? Have your sock puppet update your IMDb so the evil puppetmaster at IMDb doesn’t recognize you as trying to clean up your own resume.

        Here’s what to me is blatently obvious – you BENEFITTED from having that false information up there on both your website and IMDb. Since you are trying to make a living in an industry in the public’s eye, your resume is critical.

        Your namesake and the accuracy surrounding it should be absolutely critical for you to take the time to preserve. You’re reputation is EVERYTHING.

        Again, you BENEFITTED by these so-called people out to get you or had good intentions but got it all wrong and embellished your resume. In my opinion, you get a B- minus for effort, but you failed to convince me that your reasoning is truthful. It is a far stretch to expect anyone to believe this aspect.

        I believe you will do well to put this matter to rest and get it behind you. Unfortunately, I also believe you will have an asterik by your name forever based on your explaination not passing the smell test with some people. There will be people that don’t care, just like a wife believes her husband is truly sorry for striking her, because they WANT to desperately believe it.

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          If only he had told the truth from the start, he wouldn’t have to be backtracking and digging himself out of a very deep hole.

          I think that this and the others issues that Travis has been dealing with over the last few years will have producers and directors thinking twice about him in a film or other project – he’s not a “A” list actor that has all sorts “handlers” and “publicists” out there to deflect the blame. The crew he has representing him are doing him and his career a disservice by trying to spin this into a “they are picking on me” pitty party.

        • Travis Wade says:

          I addressed it above

      • Toasty Coastie says:

        **Pulls on Hip Boot Shit Waders**

        Do you work for the Department of Redundancy Department? These statements are generic enough to apply to a goldfish. In a grammatical sense, this essay went to the bar, got wasted on Jaegerbombs and Zima, and then stumbled out into the street and heaved syntax all over this page. Your ego has a gravitation field so big it can dig a nice big hole for itself, but decided to ascended a ramp to a UFO with Paul Bunyan and it was so cool because he was a Keynesian economist who taught you how to understand vending machines.

        Your mouth diarrhea ass-zookaed the whole room poop-painting three walls behind us like an over torqued manure spreader. Reading this is like a flatulent interpretive dance to the soundtrack of Frozen, being powerless to stop any of this, as your mouth bowels explosively rocket brown Yoohoo on the TAH web page like a Golgothan sprinkler system. My poor brain feels like a shaken up snow globe. I get it though. Your narcissistic brilliance won’t let you stop haunting folks like a deranged ghost. Gonna stop here. Just gonna let that last big fetid turd lie, leave it for someone else to mull over how to hide being a mirror-sponge of word salad.
        Listen, there is a message for you. It whispers on the wind, but for those who can hear, it rings clearly, like a fairy’s bell.
        It says “Stop you psychotic Swampbeast, please just STOP.”
        Almost magical, isn’t it? Take a powder Sparkle Pony.

  18. Kmart says:

    Hey team,
    Your comments are spreading through SPN fandom twitter and WE LOVE YOU!!!! Thanks for the A+++ roasting for this truly deserving bullying lying asshat.
    As you were, good people 🙂

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, Kmart, if he doesn’t pull back right now and stop acting like an asshole, I don’t think his career is going to go anywhere. There are too many talented people who are willing to work hard to get to the top.

      Wade is making a mess of things for himself. I hope he stops doing that.

      • HellYeah says:

        We live in a world where honesty is not valued any more. Where women champion for women’s rights but rip women apart doing it. Where hard working men are shamed for being strong and powerful. My first run in with him left my Marines ready to march. But I stopped them. Because here is the painful truth. Travis is a master manipulator. Its really creepy if you experience it personally. A narcissist that will pull you in at the very sound of his voice. Its unsettling to say the least. Often made me feel I was toying with a snake. But with every jab I see less and less people fall for it. When he talks you feel compassion while you are furious. Then he twists just enough to almost be a threat. Then he loosens a little so you feel maybe he is just conflicted. He is surrounded by bad advice. In the end he gets what he wants. His believers worship, pitty as a broken person, and no he will not actually admit that he is wrong about anything.
        The name changing happens every time his power is questioned. To see who will flinch who will follow. Very common tactics for a cult leader.
        You all here are amazing! Watching you all be very honest. Dave thank you for the updates. I’ve had conversations with him. I know it is both pleasant and unsettling.
        I don’t care about old drama. Thats a dead horse. I care about the amazing men and women my children look up to. I care about all that really means. And in a world where they have so little to look to for examples of courage commitment honor and sacrifice I value our military so much. My son asked me when he was 6 “Mommy if I was the only boy left, would the Marines die for me? ” I said “They would fight to live but be willing to sacrifice” He said “Like Jesus? He didn’t want to but he died any way.” I nodded.
        Our military is full of dirty mouths and dirty minds. But most of you have something the rest of the world can’t quiet understand. Honor!
        And I’m so thankful (as well as entertained) for the opportunity to see you all stand up for what is right. In the most colourful way. Bc we don’t see that enough. All we usually see is the Travis’ that are vomit. They leave us all feeling like there is little honor left.
        Thank you for your service.
        Thank you for speaking up when something is so wrong. Thank you for allowing us to be a little a part of this.
        Bless you all!

        • Keepin' It Real says:

          Some people never learn what quality in relationships is truly out there for them.

          Everybody is complex and represent the sum total of their experiences in life. I used to get frustrated with people that I knew until I realized that they never knew how to extend trust to someone else. Maybe they were abandoned as a kid, or never had a strong father or mother figure in their lives?

          Perhaps they learned to rely only on themselves? Every challenge in life had to be figured out. They valued the input of others only to the degree that it gave them operating space as everyone likes to feel that their advice had value.

          I liken it to welcoming someone through the front door. They thank you but refuse. They go around to the side window and check to see if it is open. Then try the back door. Makes no sense because you offered that they could come right through the front door, no strings attached.

          If they never come through the front door, they never realize that they can and it is so much easier.

          The only thing you can do is suggest and encourage. They’ve got to walk through the door.

      • Kmart says:

        So true,
        He’s wiggled into Sebastian Stan’s entourage recently, that will end in another dumpster fire of blame & denial.’Oh poor me some malicious person hacked my account for the 6th time’
        I may have more compassion if he showed any real desire to change.
        Thank you for your service and for keeping it real!

  19. Daisy Cutter says:

    It is so close, it’s simply got to go to 500 comments now.

    Strange thing is this mindless say nothing comment gets it one step closer.

  20. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    WOW, 492 comments so far, I wonder if this thread on Travis Aaron Wade (GOOGLE HIT!! :D)will reach 600?

  21. Roh-Dog says:

    And that’s 500! Welcome to the club Travis Aaron Wade!

    • The Other Whitey says:

      I’m sure he tells himself that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        I’m sure ‘TAW’ tells himself that and if him or his minions read this, you’re right. Keep up the GREAT work!

  22. Toasty Coastie says:

    Maybe Travis Aaron Wade would like to come and play with the Big Girls that are real deal Vets….some how I think that Travis Aaron Wade would shake in “Oh So Cool Crocs with Socks Sandals”.Travis Aaron Wade is so underwhelming as an actor that he lost many a role to a stuttering vagina who slapped his ears silly for trying to get too close. Like Turds in a Toilette Bowl, these are the days of Travis Aaron Wade’s Life” A lonely old sot who can’t handle real adult women and has to chase after little girls even though they have a higher IQ then he does. Its a shame the Travis Aaron Wade likes to play in the fun house of mirror and lies and misconceptions. But the Flaccid Fruit of a Hobo with a the Brain of a Kipper doesn’t know when to stop acting like a shit flinging monkey going banana balls crazy before stomping off like a tired toddler to his redneck buckle bunny who wants nothing more out of life than a double wide trailer on someone else’s property in his hometown, a beat-ass pickup, and a dancing hamster. Travis Aaron Wade is just another Jiggly Piff Swamp Root of a completely incompetent bag of stupid who thinks he’s slicker than Owl Shit. So on that note, Travis Aaron Wade you may now add to your resume Untalented fool who lives in a universe of suckitude slumped over in your chair drooling.

  23. FatCircles0311 says:

    So did he ever mention the friends names that he lost during training? Did he apologize for that?

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Yes, he did directly apologize for that. The Marines he spoke about were indeed killed. I knew their names, rank and unit before I ever spoke to him. They were not in his unit, they were in other units that served near him.

      I think we will manage to get his statement published. Sooner than later.

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        Served near him? Sorry but in my opinion unless you are pretty close to them, as in the same company its not cool to drop their names as your ” friends” if you are trying to get some sort of pass or prove you have been affected by their loss.

        • PTBH says:

          I had heard through a very reliable source that Travis Aaron Wade now regrets using the term “friends”. He said that he did not know these Marines personally and could not produce their names. He heard about the incidents anecdotally while in training.

          Of course, you would have to hear that directly from him and as Dave Hardin says I would not want to put words in his mouth. If he didn’t know them, I would not see why he would challenge the above statements I am making since his only recourse would be to spit out their actual names.

        • Travis Wade says:

          Hey Old Dog
          Why not contact me directly and we will talk about my feelings? Dave knows how to reach me
          You have something to say why don’t you say it to this Marines face?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Being the skeptic that I am, I will withhold my response to his apology until I see it in writing.

        Breakfast is scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, raisin toast, nice crispy bacon, hot tea/coffee, milk and OJ.

        Lunch is chopped salad (zukes, radishes, green onions, grape tomatoes, feta cheese in a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette) and nice crusty bread with brie.

        Dinner will be pasta carbonara (made the traditional way), an ante pasto plate, bread, bried and a good white wine, and strawberries for dessert.

        • jp says:

          Dave says he apologized and I believe that. I also believe it would be good to apologize openly, in public – hope he is able to do that soon.

          Breakfast: veggie scramble and crunchy yogurt.

  24. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Added 06/03/2017 2:22 PM; I shut down comments before someone ends up in jail. We’ve all had the opportunity to say our piece. So leave it at that.