The return of Kissing Bobby Dias

| June 9, 2017

We haven’t heard from Kissing Bobby Dias for about four years. He labors under the misapprehension that POW Network exists to record the experiences of Vietnam veterans and POWs. He sends Mary some of his BS stories in hopes that he’ll become part of the Vietnam veteran legacy. The truth is that he never served;

But that doesn’t stop his writing about things that never happened. Here’s his latest tale to Mary, just the way he wrote it;

A Deserter And A Murderer, Not a POW

In 1967, I was on a hill waiting to watch a formation of 5 F-series fighter-bombers to come in to take their targets as they had been ordered to do. This was the second of 7 raids that targeted the home areas of some of the 3 trouble-making Vietcong clans- myself knowing what was under the tree canopy and me receiving aerial pictures to show the pilots where to put their bombs.My aim was to injure or kill people close to the leaders of the 3 trouble-making clans not the leaders themselves so that they could stop the others- in other words terrorize them into becoming peaceful, which they did.

The formation came in, dropped to attack level, but then one pulled up and went into the direction of the sea. That was John McCain- myself and each of the four pilots left in formation signed sworn statements that said John McCain deserted in battle. At first opportunity the United States Navy arrested John McCain on three charges: 1. Cowardice In The Face Of The Enemy. 2. Willful Disobeying An Order Of A Superior Officer(For throwing a paper away that he had been ordered to read by the Commanding Officer of the ship he was stationed on, that officer had ordered me to watch John McCain to see what he did. I signed a sworn statement about what he did/didnot do). 3. Willful Disobeying An Order Of A Superior Officer(for not hitting the targets as he had been ordered to do). John McCain was arrested and charged after being held in Hanoi City Jail(sign in English on top of the building).

I watched John McCain fly towards the sea but then turn to the north- I would soon know why he did that. When the admiral’s helicopter that was assigned to me picked me up I was taken to a field in Hanoi- a 3/4 square mile field that had been clearted by the US Navy’s Seabees. I saw John McCain’s plane it had been shot down by an anti-aircraft gun installed by the US Navy’s Seabees and two US Army personnel. The paper that John McCain threw away was a notice that two anti-aircraft guns had been installed there. If a-hole John McCain had read it he would not have been shot down and he would not have shot 18 people there in that field as they sowed seeds, seeds given to them by the USA. 11 of the 18 died there in the field, 9 were citizens of Hanoi so John McCain was arrested and charged with 9 counts of murder with premeditation( about a week before I had heard a very-drunk John McCain say: “I am going to kill some Cong”. The people killed by ignorant John McCain were not Vietcong- they were citizens of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, a country who had signed a mutual-aid treaty with the USA, President Truman signing for the USA and Ho Chi Minh signing for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

I walked to the Hanoi City Jail to see John McCain. I say here that the infamous Hanoi Hilton had been torn down about two weeks before John McCain went on his murderous rampage- he just plain lies that he was a POW in the Haoi Hilton. He just plain lies that he was a POW- he was arrested for and tried and convicted and inprisoned on 9 charges of premeditated murder by a civilian jury(not an ordinary jury- every one was a graduate of Harvard Law School), also the judge and the court clerk and the prosecuting attorney and the defending attorney- better professional people than here in the USA in my opinion.
A note: when I entered the Hanoi City Jail I heard John McCain call the jailer a bunch of names, including a very racist name- squinty eyes. When I heard that I said to the jailer- “You can keep the mad dog(John McCain). Do you have a human being I can take back?” The jailer motioned to me to follow him and said “An angel….. Two angels” I took back two US pilots that had been shot down by small-arm fire- they appreciated life. John McCain sufferedin the Hanoi City Jail from his own idea of self worth being confined. While there Coward John McCain tried suicide two times.

Bobby Dias
AKA Robert A Dias, Formerly US Navy

He’s a regular Forrest Gump. President Johnson offered him a promotion to colonel once, but he turned it down, according to more of his writings;

When President Johnson offered me an officer’s commission with full colonel after 6 months I refused, saying that an officer’s life would slow me down in times of emergencies of which I was best at. He agreed, saying that he sometimes wished the generals would get to work instead of wasting time kissing his rear. So, I was an enlisted man in the United States Navy- pay grade E-3, Seaman. Think of that sometimes when I speak of what I did when officers were effectively out-ranked by me- I remember two admirals watching me take a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier out of Tokyo Harbor- something I was qualified for but they were not after all their years experience(at the Officers’ Club?). When I started my active duty one admiral did try to “grab” me to his flagship but President Johnson hijacked(his term) me to the USS Paul Revere, saying that the Paul Revere was better for me than sitting while the other ship was being repaired (USS Forrestal, the ship John Mccain almost sunk all by himself. Isn’t he great!).

He also hates the traditional use of punctuation.

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  1. HMC Ret says:

    I’m thinking max dosage of Benzo of choice, q4h.

  2. HMC Ret says:

    Would someone volunteer to shoot me or must I do it myself?

  3. Messkit says:

    I thought I was reading a DU post from Claymore. But then I remembered today isn’t Tuesday.

  4. TankBoy says:

    Not a big John McCain fan, but wow. You can almost smell the peyote and tequila oozing out of his skin as he writes this crap. Did this piece of shit reproduce? I would hate to think there are young people running around already cursed in life due to his brain cell killing DNA.

  5. Marine 0331 says:

    This dude……..well, all I can say is that he is really high on drugs, or maybe just naturally dillousional? Either way, sans punctuation, his writing is certainly entertaining. Now let me say this; this is one poser I would like to meet. An E3 who leads admirals and pilots around. Fucking impressive. Yup, I want to meet this cat!

  6. Starbux says:

    Hahaha, at least get the ranks right for the service you are trying to bull shit. Also he would no idea if McCain was in any CAS mission. Its not like “John McCain here checken in’ call when ready for fighter to FAC brief.”

    I always love the BS story of “I was offered a commission but felt my duties swabbing the deck and cleaning the head were more important to the war effort.”

  7. Fred Steadman says:

    Go look at
    He was good buddies with Elvis to and Walt Disney LOL oh my God this is too rich LOL