Shulkin: VA won’t cut disability payments

| June 16, 2017

Late last month, we talked about a VA plan to cut disability benefits to some veterans. reports that the VA has changed their minds, thanks to the VSOs;

“To withdraw this benefit from people who rely on that money would be very difficult to do,” VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin said at a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing.

Shulkin said that the proposal to cut IU came from an effort to make more efficient use of department funding, but it soon “became clear that this would be hurting some veterans, and I’m really concerned about that. I’m not going to pursue policies that hurt veterans.”

The proposal to cut the benefit, which VA officials said averages about $1,600 a month, to about 330,000 veterans provoked furious opposition from those receiving it and from veterans service organizations.

A number of you folks have wondered aloud about why you should join the American Legion and the VFW and this illustrates the answer perfectly. Once again, the VSOs have represented you in the halls of government to protect that which you earned. Maybe it won’t affect you now, but down the road you might need help – I’m a good example of that. I’ve always been in perfect health until this ALS thing hit me, and the things that VA offers me has made my life much easier, and I have those things thanks to the VSOs which are my voice in the bureaucratic cubicles.

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  1. Graybeard says:

    Good news.

  2. Mayhem says:

    That settles it. I am joining the VFW, American Legion and GITBWCTO (Guys Invisible To Beautiful Women Cuz They’re Old)

  3. I’ll breath a bit easier thaks to this news.

    Life member of VFW and DAV. Annual member of AL.

    • ChipNASA says:

      DAV and AL life member. not eligible for VFW even though they said to me, “Well hell, just cut us a check…your retired, you’ve *got* to be eligible, to which I said, “Um, no, I’;ve not served in Korea on duty status and never deployed in a war zone so, I’m not.” Thanksyouverymuchly

      They seemed a little miffed at being rebuffed.

  4. Commissar says:

    Good news. Illness can be disabling and that does not even include the time it can take to even identity and diagnose a disease. Took 6 years of fighting and more than a dozen trips to the emergency room. All before I could even file for anything at all since nobody could verify anything was wrong (though positive tests were in my records they were ignored because they didn’t match the symptoms individually. However, I had two diseases which combined have a much broader strectrum of effects. Hell even a positive biopsy was essentially ignored with no effective treatment.)

    But I had a VSO fighting for me and once the diagnosis were made everything became easier.

    • 11B-mailclerk says:

      OK. I think I may have misread your post. It really did seem like you were saying “Good News” to what sounded like a diagnosis of Cancer.

      No. Good news you are getting care you need, and apparently the paperwork-bullcrap was suitably smited.

      (On a more humorous note. My internet-gadget absolutely will not let me type “bullcrap” without a pitched battle. Keeps changing to Bull rap. Must be a hip hop fan……)

  5. HMC Ret says:

    The VSOs take an occasional rap, often b/c they have in their membership someone who is a poser. When Ivan did tens of thousands of dollars damage to my home in 2004, the DAV was in town almost immediately, handing out $500 checks to any veteran, no questions asked. Membership was not required. I told the man I was a DAV lifer and he thanked me but said it was not necessary. They did tremendous good as did several other VSOs during that difficult time. They can’t catch all the posers and to their credit they usually bounce those they do catch. When taken off at the knees, it’s welcoming to have an ally in one’s corner who knows the ropes and can deal with the bureaucrats. I have a friend who won’t join any VSO b/c he says he won’t accept charity. I tell him to think of it as a deferred earned benefit, not charity. That’s how I see it and I’m blessed to have them in my corner. I would never have been able to get 100% w/o the assistance of a damn fine VSO who actually gave a shit about me

    • 11B-mailclerk says:

      Not a charity. A Fraternal association with a tradition of mutual assistance.

      Tell him to cash the freaking check and pay it forward when back on his feet.


      • HMC Ret says:

        Oh, I’ve told him a few things. Pretty much I can’t believe he’s being such a pompous jerk. I’m sure I have conveyed that opinion to him.

  6. Mike Striff says:

    Michael Striff · Berklee College of Music
    “To withdraw this benefit from people who rely on that money would be very difficult to do”. This is the way he speaks. Very good at spin. What did he say? He said it would be difficult to do. Nothing you can grab onto here. He also incorrectly described IU as a retirement program. The intention is to describe IU as an unemployment program and convince the general public that “double dipping” is unfair. He knows it’s a lie but that’s the way he will sell it. I didn’t see any backing off here. I saw a man saying just enough to give us the impression he’s on our side. He’s not!

  7. 1AirCav69 says:






    I couldn’t believe the amount of people putting down the DAV on FB when this was first announced. The DAV provided an easy way to contract your congress people. Veterans were swearing the DAV was part of Clinton/Obama, spreading fake news. The had the White House website right there to check out the budget. These organizations are vital to our keeping hard earned benefits. Everyone should be a Life Member of at least one. If they ever go, we’re all dead.