Terry Willey; phony Navy SEAL

| June 18, 2017

Someone sent us their work on Terry Willey, the President of Rolling Thunder Chapter One in Ozark, Missouri.

He claims that he was a graduate of BUD/S class 108. He tells folks that he deposited his SEAL Trident in the cremains of a real Navy SEAL, George (Herk) Albrecht with whom Willey claims to have graduated from BUD/S class 108. You can hear him tell someone in a clip from a phone call in this video;

Well, according to his records, he was a Utilitiesman Third Class when he left the Navy from 1978 – 1986 with a few months break in service, but he’s not a SEAL. His assignments included a stint with NMCB Forty, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FORTY. Yep, he was a SEABEE.

Another perfectly honorable career in the toilet because of vanity.

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  1. Usafvet509 says:

    And very local to me. I might have to crash a party. …

  2. NR Pax says:

    SEABEE is a group worthy of respect. Being a utilities man means learning a good trade. But there is always the idjit that wants to throw that away.

    • CC Senor says:

      Being a Seabee ain’t enough? What the hell, John Wayne never made a movie about the “Fighting Mechanics” or the “Fighting Supply Clerks”, for crying out loud.

      • thommymac says:

        I agree. I was in the high school class of 1981 in good ol’ Pittsburgh, PA. That was when the steel industry was bouncing off the ropes but still in some semblance of being upright. Pretty much every guy in my class enlisted. The guy who enlisted for the Sea Bees was a real piece of work in high school. He made it through boot and each time I bumped into him he was a little more squared away. He LOVED it and every time I saw him we’d have a beer or two. No clandestine Libyan one man slaughterhouse missions, just a screwball kid who became a decent man. His parents were justifiably proud of him and he has held a great job for a long time now. No need for any BS, he is another example of an enlistment helping the country and the man.

        As an aside, I had the pleasure of hearing the president of CMU speak about how Pittsburgh emerged from the rust belt to be a software and robotics center. No steel industry bail out from Reagan, according to him, was a huge reason we didn’t become another Detroit. Most folks around here know our county has a much higher percentage of veterans than the national average.

        Just be proud you did a hitch and got an honorable. That is way more than most.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Asshole. Just an asshole.

  4. Bobo says:

    That ribbon on top is a Battle “E”, not a PH. The Battle “E” is a unit award given to a unit for efficiency.

    • desert says:

      Where in hell did he get the armed forces expeditionary ribbon? for a trip to Port Hueneme? lol

      • NECCSEABEECPO says:

        No his Battalion was in Beirt. Yes Seabees deploy every where Marines are and JTF forces all over the world. Who do think responds in every Disaster Recovery Humanitarian missions every where we do. We don’t just build shit on US bases, we build FOB’s COP’s and support SOF and other type missions. Who do think built the detainee centers.

        Port Hueneme is the west coast home for deployable Battalions.The Battalions deployed out every six months back during his time, they would go out support JTF’s, or Forward Deployed for contingency response, then back to home port for six months. So yes he earned it, and deployed often. Not defending shit bag just pointing out facts about PH and Seabees you did not know.

  5. Fyrfighter says:

    SEAbee, SEAL…. they both start the same, so is there really a difference??? /sarc… it does baffle me why people have to embellish like this.. be proud of what you did, own it, and live your life!

  6. Kinda old ET1 says:

    Have to agree…
    In the picture he is not rocking a purple heart.

    His ribbons are still jacked.
    Three awards of good conduct medal? I think not.
    During his time in service, it was four consecutive years of no dick stepping. If my maths is correct he has about six years total. Not twelve needed for two stars.

  7. Club Manager says:

    The condom does not even have the coveted NDSM. Guess I’ll have to share this with the Ozark, MO media and see if Rolling Thunder has a web site. WAR STORY WARNING: Do any of you Vietnam types remember what Rolling Thunder was the code word or? Give you a hint, its counterpart was Prairie Fire.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      A bit before my time, though my dad was a Vietnam Vet… seems to me that Rolling Thunder was one of the sustained bombing campaigns of North Vietnam.. I believe it was under LBJ, but I could be wrong on that.. and iirc, it was stopped just about the time the NVA had expended the bulk of their SAM’s, allowing them to resupply from Russia, before the next round started… (love it when politicians without a clue try to run things)

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      There were two Operation Prairie Fires.
      Rolling Thunder was the carpet bombing part.

    • david says:

      Don’t believe the NDSM was given out during his terms of service

      • IDC SARC says:

        nope, but since he earned a NEM during that time frame, it is likely there is a unit award or two that he rates for that time period as well which he isn’t wearing or just doesn’t know about.

        • John McMahon says:

          NEM would have been awarded for a BIOT deployment with NMCB-40 during that time frame. I got one that way with NMCB-1.

          • IDC SARC says:

            Ok…MUC, NUC…any of the usual fruity salad with that NEM? That’s what I was wondering about. 🙂

            • 11B-Mailclerk says:

              (Furiously spinning decoder-ring)

              Wait, what was the key sequence again?

              (flips through codebook)

              November, shift two…. Echo… no, wait….


              I keep getting “Drink Ovaltine”.

  8. Dave Hardin says:

    This guy was either deployed in Yemen or Lebanon as a SEABEE. You have got to be shitting me…perfectly honorable service anyone should be proud of.

    He served during a time when most Americans refused to, did what many would have been honored to do.

    Now he left a giant shit stain all over his records.

    • AW1Ed says:

      This explains the Navy & Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon. Had to look that one up.

      • IDC SARC says:

        yeah the FOIA only lists one SSDR…he’s wearing 4. He’s also wearing the OSSR, a pistol ribbon, and 3GCMs not listed. If he actually earned the NEM, Battle E and such it would be more than likely he would have also been awarded one or two Unit citations …it doesn’t jibe

        • John McMahon says:

          Battle efficiency “E” doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with a MUC or NUC.

          • IDC SARC says:

            I wasnt implying that.

            • IDC SARC says:

              Although I would say a floaty gray thing that earned a battle E and no citation in the qualifying period would be the exception, rather than the rule…dunno about the seabees, and personally I can’t recall anyone earning 4 SSDRS and not at least a MUC…but it’s mostly the NEM I was referring to. It’s rare as hens teeth for a unit to get an expeditionary medal and no unit citation.

              • NECCSEABEECPO says:

                The thing with us is we are always attached to some other type unit,command JTF’s. The issue would be if the operational command put in all subordinate commands or Attachments. The award could also be listed under operation, not the NMCB number, this gets confusing looking up Seabee information most of the time they are JTF missions, not Navy. I had to look up NMCB 40 after action report to see they belonged to Multi National Peace Keeping Forces Lebanon.

                • IDC SARC says:

                  Yeah, I drank beers and played pool with the Sea Bees in Beirut, but couldn’t tell ya who they fell under operationally.

              • HMC Ret says:

                He’s probably wearing whatever ribbons he found while wandering a flea market or Army Navy Surplus store one day and put them together with those he legitimately earned. Should have done more research, though, concerning order of precedence, etc.

                • 26Limabeans says:

                  “whatever ribbons”

                  Sounds like a “make your own award” kit. Complete with blank citations.

  9. 26Limabeans says:

    Man, is that dude whaled out or what?

    • IDC SARC says:

      Yes, he does seem to be the poster child for visceral adiposity.

      Not that he should be judged solely on that, but damn if your gonna say you were a SEAL, at least try to look like you might have done some PT in your life.

    • Instinct says:

      I think he’s expecting triplets.

      • IDC SARC says:

        Triple bypass…unless he just keels over.

        • SSG D says:

          Yeah, we’ll be seeing him in the OR soon. Just another day of adipose tissue to fight through whilst on bypass. Some Days I hate my job.

          • IDC SARC says:

            might need a sling rope to belay yourself while hunting down that saphenous graft

            • IDC SARC says:

              Do you guys have bariatric tables or do you still just push two together prn? 🙂

              • 26Limabeans says:

                I usually lay the moose across a slight depression so everything drops away from the cavity. Then just pull the carcass away clean.
                Not sure why you would need a table.

          • Ashley says:

            What does his weight have to do with him this is my dad I just lost my mother 2 months ago? So please tell me what does his weight have to do with any of this?

      • Ashley says:

        Etc does his weight have anything to do with this I guarantee every jerk on here who comment are to small them self why make fun of someone’s weight I thought you were an adult guess not

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Elephant seal. He could damage your fenders if he got mad at you.

  10. gitarcarver says:

    Not Florida!

    Woo Hoo!!

  11. OldManchu says:

    Y’all don’t understand. He DID work with a seal team. They needed to exfil a populated area so he hid them all in his belly and walked for miles until it was safe to let them out and go on their way.

    For that he was made an honorary seal.

    Hey… it’s just as believable as his bullshit no?

  12. thebesig says:

    All he had to do was to balance a spinning ball on his nose, clap his hands, and say, “Arf arf arf,” and he would’ve had people convinced. 🙄 Common sense, like math, doesn’t seem to be a strong point with these people. 🙄

  13. Green Thumb says:

    This dude needs to step over and open a local chapter of “Operation: Rolling Turd”.

    I imagine there is an MC down in Florida that might be of assistance.

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    There is no motorcycle big enough….

  15. Hack Stone says:

    Ask not what your country can do for, but when was the last time this guy saw his penis?

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      I’m guessing that TERRY WILLEY hasn’t seen his WILLY in about 20-25 years…

  16. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Another shitstain wannabee that crapped all over a perfectly good service record.


    • Ashley says:

      All you guys need too stop this is slandering my father y’all call your self hero’s wyd is the respect what the fuck does his weight have shot to do with any of this y’all are the peace of shits if something happens to my father because the guy bill McNabb who posted this never served in the military and actually is just a volunteer fire fighters that’s just trying to make some one look bad solo he can look good is the ducked up part Bill McNabb never served one day in the military so and vice President of the pow and yes I said VICE BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS HIM TO BE APART OF ROLLING THUNDER COME ON NO WHOS THE IDIOT TRYING TO MAKE HIS SELF LOOK GOOD AND TRIES AND CALL HIM SELF A BROTHER TO ALL THE MILITARY GUYS BECAUSE HES A NO BODY HE WANT TO TRY AND RUIN SOME ONE ELSES LIFE THATS A BIG WINNER AWARD GOES OUT TO BILL MCNABB YAY CHEEEERS STUPID FUCKS!!!

  17. Dan Jones says:

    Retired BU1 (SCW) here, makes the Bee’s look bad. What a Douchbag. Should have been enough pride just to say he was a BEE. Not many can say that.

  18. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Looks like he ATE the seal. Maybe two of them.

  19. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:


    • Perry Gaskill says:

      It’s interesting Willey’s nickname is apparently “Tiny.”

      Probably a choice between that or “Zippy”…

      • Hondo says:

        Tiny Willey? Sounds like an embarassing personal problem to me.

        Maybe he should call “Smilin’ Bob” and order some Enzyte. (smile)

  20. Sparks says:

    Wonder what his Disabled Vet bling is for and if it’s legit?

    • IDC SARC says:

      Considering the DMV will give you a disabled plate for morbid obesity…who knows?

      • HMC Ret says:

        I’m not sure if it is yet a thing, but wait for the day vets get SC for ‘morbid obesity secondary to dietary indiscretion’. Katy, bar the doors for the mad rush. Heck, for all I know it’s already authorized. I sure hope not.

        I can see the line in the chow hall: “Isn’t that your third visit?” “Yes, and I’ll be coming back for a forth visit. I’m shooting for 70%, maybe 100% IU. I have a disease. I need to get paid” /s

  21. Frankie Cee says:

    Terry Willey is not a SEAL.
    Terry Willey is a lyin’ crock of feces.
    Terry Willey would lie about a fallen hero to inflate his own ego.
    Terry Willey stands in the blood of better men than him.
    Terry Willey wears out motorcycle seats at an unbeliveable rate.
    Terry Willey is about to be the laughingstock of Rolling Thunder 1 of Missouri.
    Terry Willey is gaining fame at Gooooooooooooooooogle.

    • bg2 says:

      The “Google Fame” is one positive result of the lies of this person and others. They will remain notorious, and not forgotten, long after they’ve passed.

    • Ashley says:

      And how do you know my father please tell me your comment makes you look like an idiot!!!!

  22. bg2 says:

    I think this makes 3 or 4 SEAL Posers in the last week or two. Very popular. Wonder why posing didn’t happen (so much) in the ‘Greatest Generation’ that fought WWII. Perhaps, because of no internet.(_PLEASE feel free to delete my post if too OT for this particular subject under discussion._)

    • Skippy says:

      There probably was but most have check out
      And goes home, there was one turd on here the other day who’s dad was a WW2 or later vet that was FOShit, son got it from somewhere
      I guess

  23. Skippy says:

    Another lost soul embillishing his service record
    I should have known biker leather would have been involved, and for crying out loud are you claiming to be a seal or did you eat all the ones at sea world
    Nothing wrong with being a Just Your self
    You gave something at a time your country needed you
    Nothing to be embarrassed about
    Now you will forever be GOOGLE FAMOUS
    was it worth it ?????

    • Frankie Cee says:

      It is necessary to mention the name of Terry Willey in order for him to become Goooooooooooooooooglicious. Every comment, every post, using his name, establishes him as a Gooooooooooglized dipshit.

  24. Jonn Lilyea says:

    The Club’s FB page seems to be gone and his personal page is locked down for comments.

    • IDC SARC says:

      it was getting carpet bombed. 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      Because this is a bullshit site and lies y’all don’t realize what this can do to someone if anything happens to my father it will come back all on you and this site and Bill McNabb for false information

      • C2Show says:

        Shut up, Ashley. Your father if full of shit and a coward. Using made up stories of threats to cover up his lies is embarrassing.

  25. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Terry Willey looks like a VERY highly trained and experienced JELLY DOUGHNUT ASSASSIN, other than that he’s just another pus-nuts pisspants candyassed lying sack o’ shit dingleberry of a toad fart!

  26. Terry Willey says:

    To all of you posting on here I’m the one you are posting about. I did serve as a Sea Bee. I was honorably discharged from the Navy. I was injured in an accident on Guam and lungs were burnt by chlorine gas. I don’t claim to be a seal and during the conversation on sound byte I was driving in a storm and did not hear the whole conversation at hand and agreed to what was said. I didn’t pay attention to the convo because I was distracted. I am the president of Rolling Thunder 1 Mo. If you want to know about me I will gladly speak to you . I do a lot of volunteer work with veteran orgs. I spend about 6 to 7 hours a day trying to help my Veteran Brothers I’m not a seal and if I were I would prob not disclose to anyone so to keep an identity from being compromised. I did serve honorably I did earn my ribbons . I work hard to help other vets. I ain’t wearin any in earned medals or insignias of any type I’m not posing as a Seal. And I don’t take credit for being one either. I have a pissed off member who I had had a burr in his ass for me for awhile. I pissed him off. All the shit being posted and threats I have received is not right Brothers. This jeopardizes my family and friends that I have that have high level jobs. I’m not posing as a seal. I wear my Sea Bee patches proudly. I served in 2 Battallions and the 31st NCR PT Hueneme Ca. I am a veteran I am 100%. Total permanent disabled. Service connected. I spend a great amount of time helping veterans. It is very difficult. Sometimes dealing with my own issues and trying to help them with theirs to but I do. So for my families sake I have suspended my FB page for Rolling Thunder and made my page private. Only till I could explain to you all. I just don’t want all the work that I done for veterans to be destroyed. My families safety is my highest priority! Again I have not worn any seal team logo or insignia on anything I wear and that is the truth. I also have not ever taken credit for it either. I’m a Sea Bee for life. So please if you want to hammer that’s fine but it seems to me Bull shit if a person isn’t wearing the shit. Like a asshole around me wears and is a veteran but I have seen saying welcome when thanked for their service when they didn’t serve. To me that’s a phony. If you want to speak to me directly here Is my email. I will try to answer all of you! bigtgrafix7@gmail.com

    • The Old Maj says:

      BUDS Class 108? How did that get started?

      • Animal says:

        Sorry, but I’m not buying it. I watched the video and you clearly knew what questions you were answering. You answered rapidly and clearly. But even if what you say were the case, the person asking the questions got the information prior to talking to you and you were more than happy to answer them.

        • Terry willey says:

          As I said I’m not posing as a seal. And death threats toward me and my family that I’m receiving is bull shit.

          • Jonn Lilyea says:

            I find it hard to believe that you’re receiving death threats.

          • IDC SARC says:

            The biggest and likely only death threat you’re facing is your own corpulence.

          • Green Thumb says:


            Rolling Turd you are.

            Fat Maggot.

          • Just An Old Dog says:

            Sorry Buddy,
            That Conversation made it pretty clear you claimed to be in BUDS class 108.
            No one on here would ever threaten you or your family.
            You will, and deserved to be called out on your bullshit.
            While you may have done a lot for the Veteran Community it’s not something that gives you a pass.
            As for you and your family receiving death threats. If you lied about being a SEAL, why wouldn’t you lie about threats?
            If you ever read through this blog what you are doing is part of Poser 101, claiming that you being outed has resulted in death threats.
            If you have been threatened waddle your fat ass down to the police station and report it, let them handle it.
            I think you just want sympathy.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      I have the entire six minute conversation and not once does it sound as if you couldn’t hear the caller. I also have witness statements about the claims you seem to confirm in the recording from two different unrelated people.

      • Terry willey says:

        And I know who those folks are to. Regardless as I said I don’t take credit for being a seal and never have or worn anything to say I did. I did serve as a Sea Bee have honorable discharge. Again having death threats thrown out at me is BS.

        • Jonn Lilyea says:

          You’re right, if you’re getting death threats, it’s not right, but I don’t know anyone in this crowd who would threaten you.

        • Animal says:

          The death threats are a different issue to the one being presented here. I think you’re using them to deflect attention. You told that man you put your trident in the remains of a dead SEAL. That’s what is bullshit.

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          Terry, what’s up with the “BUDS Class 108” statement? Why in the Hell would you make such a statement on one hand, then come here and post that you’re proud of your service as a SeaBee?

          Remember the old saying about “atta boys” and “aw shits”? Maybe you need to resign and back away from any vet related activities for a long, long while and tell the truth to anyone you may have lied to about your service, starting with the people in your Rolling Thunder chapter. That’s if you’re sincere enough to do so…

    • IDC SARC says:

      “I did serve honorably I did earn my ribbons”

      Giving you the benefit of the doubt for the moment…

      If the ones you’re wearing are accurate, I recommend you pull the awards messages online, because there are probably at least a few more you rate to wear that you’re unaware of earning.

      You can have your record updated.

      • Terry Willey says:

        I only had these ones left from when I was in. I know I can wear more but choose not to. I’m gonna quit wearing all my military insignias and I’m gonna call it done. It is becoming to much for me to keep up with health wise. I’m finished have no more fight left. He wins! I will not claim any of my service that way I don’t ever have to explain anything again. I’m done with this crap.

        • IDC SARC says:

          Given the choice of wearing them in the manner you chose, I think not wearing them at all is the wisest choice.

        • IDC SARC says:

          You say you know you can wear more….that just brings us back to the FOIA….why didn’t you make sure it reflected differently, since you knew.

          an SSDR is no great achievement, but I made sure my DD-214 reflected the 10 I actually earned, you’re wearing 4 but your FOIA only credits you with one, no OSSR, no GCM, no pistol expert. There’s a contradiction between your responses and apparent actions.

    • Chief says:

      wait a minute…31st NCR? can anyone verify that 31NCR even existed? I was with the 30th NCR out of Hueneme, but I’ve never heard of the 31st…

    • Gregory Kennedy says:

      I got your back brother

  27. HMC Ret says:

    If you believe anyone from the TAH community is contacting you directly and threatening you or your family members, you should quickly contact Jonn. We don’t stand for that crap here. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to threaten the life of someone who we believe MAY be a poser. Yeah, threatening ISIS and other groups who would bring harm to our nation is commonplace on TAH, but contacting a vet with threats in unacceptable.

    • 1610desig says:

      Well stated…we tend to pile ridicule and scorn on posers…and let law enforcement deal with the law breakers…death threats are just an attention seeking/accountability deflecting sympathy hoax…fuck off

    • Terry willey says:

      Sir I posted my personal email on here so Members could contact me. The comments are pretty harsh and some very threatening. I don’t know if they are from TAH or where they are from. I understand people voicing their opinions etc. I have no problem with that. That is why I post my email up there. And those that want trash me me talk shit about my physical appearance etc. well how about thanking the US Navy and VA for that one. Lung Damage beyond repair 6 freakin Hernia repairs because VA can’t freaking do shit right. All service connected. And yes I did serve! And yes 100% total permanent Service Connected. I will send proof if need. It is real easy to understand how come so many commit suicide each day. I will be quoting as a PTSD advocate also. I don’t want to go through anymore sleepless nights anymore when one of Brothers call. I will let the onecausing this shit have the job. You Know HMC. None of these folks on here knows anything about me. Nothing. They don’t know all the of the help I provide for my Brothers. I spend 6 to 7 hours a day almost 7 days a week working to help veterans. Everything I do is for veterans. This is verifiable to! The past 7 years I have rode to the Wall in DC I have carried numerous Cremains to the Wall and multiple items for Brothers and families of the fallen. I have never once ever done it for the glory or praise. I have always done from the heart! I had Seal friends that were good friends while serving. I was a Sea Bee and proud of it. I have never turned my back on a single veteran ever! I’m about to get the hell out of everything I have worked to build. The one causing this who is not a vet can run it. My family don’t deserve any of this and personally. I don’t think threatening to destroy me and my family is very noble either. Oh and that bull shit about the creamains of Herk. Their are none in that urn that was placed. It was sheet rock dust no cremains on his doing. He placed sheet rock dust in the urn to feel like cremains. That’s a fact sir.

      • Frankie Cee says:

        Yep, all of that, but what about the BUDS class 108, and the putting your trident in the cremains of George (Herk) Albrecht? You seem to want to refuse to address those claims. We have not said that you were not a SeaBee, in fact, we have said how that service had gotten you an honorable service time. Tell us about the SEAL claim, the BUDS Class 108, and putting your trident in a buddy’s cremains, and you might get some help from us. Until then enjoy the ride.

        • Terry willey says:

          Frank I was asked to help escort Herk and family members to National Cemetery. I was told that the urn was not going to have ashes in it but that he was replacing them with sheet rock mud mix. To make the box feel like it had cremains in it. I had thought about that shit over night. I then thought this was wrong to place a box of drywall mud mix in a Memorial at the cemetery. So I took 2 of my favorite possessions I had a team 1 patch given to me by a friend who served in team one. And a collar lapel trident. And asked to place it in the urn so at least my way to honor this man. I felt it was at least the proper thing to do. The patch was legit and the lapel was legit. They both came from a good fried who was in team one that is the honest truth. You don’t have to believe it. But that’s a fact

          • CWORet says:

            “I then thought this was wrong to place a box of drywall mud mix in a Memorial at the cemetery.” Drywall mud mix. No shit that was wrong. It’s offensive at every level imaginable. This whole story is wrong. My rage-o-meter is redlined. Thanks.

          • NECCSEABEECPO says:

            Okay,U 3,I will not call you Seabees until you clear shit up. Why did you happen to have a Trident lapel pin on spot.WTF

            • NECCSEABEECPO says:


              • Terry Willey says:

                I was aware of this the night before of the escort. The patch and lapel pin were given to me by a good friend who served in Team One and the lapel pin both from him. That is why I had those pieces. I felt it would be honorable thing to at least have those in there to honor Herk. Plain and simple. That was how they were in my possession that day. Because he told me the day before that they were not placing ashes but drywall mud mix. And yes I thought that was bull shit period. And this was supposedly his best friend that did it. Don’t know if any Law was broken but you can bet I’m going to find out! I know it was morally wrong for sure

                • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

                  You knew it was “morally wrong”, yet you still did it?

                  You’ve got a shit ton of explaining to to to your chapter members – and I’m guessing that they won’t be sympathetic to you.

            • Chief says:

              I’m with you, brother. makes you wonder if he even earned his bug, let alone a trident…

              • NECCSEABEECPO says:

                Never earned the bug,it was not around until 1992. He would have never been allowed under the first instruction you had to be a second class, unless command waived 3rd class’s. They were not authorized E-3 and bellow in early days.

                • Chief says:

                  I didn’t know that. thanks for the education. I got my bug as a non-OF13 E4 back in 2010. hardest of my 6 pins I’ve ever earned.

          • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

            “I was told that the urn was not going to have ashes in it but that he was replacing them with sheet rock mud mix. To make the box feel like it had cremains in it. I had thought about that shit over night. I then thought this was wrong to place a box of drywall mud mix in a Memorial at the cemetery.”

            And you didn’t have the common sense God gave a goose to back away from a stunt like that (if it’s the truth)? And you’re the head of a Rolling Thunder chapter? The membership of the chapter should run you out of it just for that stunt. WTF else have you done that is questionable as a chapter president?

            OTOH, if you’re lying about the cremains story, I hope that the family of George (Herk) Albrecht take you to task for dragging their name through the mud.

          • Just An Old Dog says:

            Tons of fun,
            Let Jonn know the name of that “good friend” of yours who was in team one who gave you his “lapel pin” trident to put in the cremains box.
            If you have a verified SEAL team one member back up that claim with Jonn I will donate 100 bucks to a Veterans Charity of your choice.
            Everyone on here hold me to task.
            Put up or shut up food blister.

          • Frankie Cee says:

            Don’t stop now, Terry Willey, tell us about your claim of BUDS Class 108. You are still dancing around that claim.

      • NECCSEABEECPO says:

        I would apologize to your Seabee brothers, because you brought shame to them. You may have let a story or a friendship get out of control, and people who do not like you, took advantage of what you said. I don’t think most of TAH guys would make death threats. I do think you should explain to your Seabee Brothers, they are pissed at you.

      • IDC SARC says:

        You got a lot of BS on that clown suit for someone that doesn’t want attention….just an observation. I served 24 years and have been working training active duty troops since then (36+ yrs total), but don’t have any such item in my wardrobe.

      • Cornholio says:

        “Oh and that bull shit about the creamains of Herk. Their are none in that urn that was placed. It was sheet rock dust no cremains on his doing. He placed sheet rock dust in the urn to feel like cremains.”

        What kind of silly shit is that? Playing with urns and sheetrock dust. What the fuck?

        • Terry willey says:

          It is a fact I seen it myself. They took the ashes to the mountains but still wanted to have a place in the Memorial. That is the honest to gods truth!

          • NECCSEABEECPO says:

            You need to explain your actions too the Seabees not these guys, it is us and SEAL’s you disrespected. Given our history with NSW and SEAL’s

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            “Tell us about the SEAL claim, the BUDS Class 108….”


          • Green Thumb says:

            Your a “Poof King”.

      • mr. sharkman says:

        C’mon, SAILOR.

        Be ‘original’ for here and just…come clean.

        I get any frustrations over lack of respect and hollyweird-infected America’s STUPID hyping of all things SOF related.

        The SeaBees (predecessors?, not up on the unit history in detail) basically won the war in the Pacific a lot quicker than if they hadn’t done the work they did.

        We’re talking a couple hundred thousand Americans surviving the Pacific theater in that time gap created by the SeaBees.

        I think one of our leading Admirals called them ‘his secret weapon’.

        Just own the fuckup and drive on. “I was a SeaBee, and that should have been enough for me or any Man. I’m sorry, the lie ends here.”

        Just get it over with and go on your merry way.

        I’m hard pressed to recall the times I drank with a bunch of Criminals With Power Tools and Demo (TM) in/around Port Hueneme.

        I do recall it being worth the pain afterwards.

    • Ashley says:

      If anything happens to my father who has ptsd due to this site and Bill McNabb who posted this It will come back to this site and Bill McNabb also this shot needs too stop now he’s getting death threats ECT I’m very angry of this and it’s all because Bill McNabb is jealous of my father who’s never severed a day in the military in fact he’s just a volunteer firefighter so done this need to be take down asap!!!

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        Ha Ha,,, That is some hilarious shit! This site causes someone to ” catch the PTSD”
        Your pops is getting called out on his lies.
        If this Bill McNabb guy is a Poser as well feel free to submit any evidence he is and he can be outed as well.
        Pretty sure this entry is not coming down cupcake.
        You stomping and pouting about it isn’t going to help.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Ashley, your command of spelling, grammar and syntax is quite impressive. Please forward your resume to the Vice President of the proud woman owned business that I work for, we have an immediate opening for President.

  28. C2Show says:

    I guess he was the guy Chris ford was talking about…shooting Sea Bee Missiles.

  29. 26Limabeans says:

    “to keep an identity from being compromised”
    Never let anyone know who you really are.

  30. Ex-PH2 says:

    “I was a Sea Bee and proud of it.”

    Then why, Mr. Willey, do you find it remotely necessary to lie about your actual service and tell people that you were a SEAL when you were not?

    Don’t get your shorts in a bunch because you got caught.

    Most of us know the difference between sea stories and BS lies. Just stop the crap now.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      And while I’m at it, you still have NOT answered THIS question: “Tell us about the SEAL claim, the BUDS Class 108….”

      YOU made those claims, WILLEY.

      YOU said that.


      Why did you say that? Do not avoid it any longer.

      • Steven Williams says:

        I agree, you haven’t answered the questions of the original story.
        1. What did you tell people you were in BUDS Class 108.
        2. Why were you wearing ribbons and pins you didn’t earn. Based on the history you were in twice for less that 4 years either time. You were wearing a GCM with two stars whic would have required 12 years of service.
        You keep trying to deflect the attention away from what you did but you lead the family of an actual SEAL to believe you were a BUDS graduate.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        How come I still hear crickets????

  31. Skyjumper says:

    “…..I did earn my ribbons”

    “…… I ain’t wearin any in earned medals or insignias of any type”

    “I only had these ones left from when I was in. I know I can wear more but choose not to”

    I call bullshit on this.

    You wear only the awards that are listed on your DD214 or DD215.

    Even if you legitimately received awards but they are not listed on your DD214, you simply DON’T WEAR THEM until you provide the military with sufficient evidence or documentation for them to evaluate and then correct your records with a DD215.

    And why the need to walk around like a frickin’ billboard with all of the bling? Why not just a NAVY & SEABEE patch and leave it go at that?

    Speaking for my ownself, I served 21 years in the Army, Viet of the Nam vet, have a CIB, jump wings, and a few assorted pieces of colored cloth & metal. I’m 69 years old and have never worn any of this in public. I know what I did during my time in the service and that is enough for me. I don’t have the need to “show off”, so to speak. The only thing that I have worn in the past (and still occasionally do) is my small “Retired Army” pin. Of anything that I was awarded, THAT has the most importance to me. But that’s just me, YMMV.

    So take off the fricken’ bling and be proud of what you did! You were a Navy Seabee! Be proud of that!

    By the way, you STILL HAVEN’t answered her question…waiting….. waiting….. waiting.

    Ex-PH2 says:
    June 19, 2017 at 10:21 am
    “Tell us about the SEAL claim, the BUDS Class 108….”

  32. HMC Ret says:

    There are a couple three questions on the table you need to address. Your silence on the matter speaks volumes and does nothing to lessen our legitimate concerns re your honesty.

    Sir, IF you gundecked and embellished certain ‘things’ the absolutely best thing you can do is to make a complete cleansing of the matter, take your lumps and disappear. Our badgering you will also stop when you take those steps. The damage is done so clear the deck and go away and we will do the same.

    So, will you answer the question(s) still on the table? And, PLEASE, get rid of that unearned bling on your vest.

    • Mick says:

      How about just ‘PLEASE, get rid of that vest’?

      And why does there always have to be motorcycles and leather vests involved in this nonsense, anyway?

    • Terry Willey says:

      1 I did have a close friend who was in Team 1 and I admired him greatly and we did hang out sometimes. I will not release his name due to dragging him through this crap

      2 I did receive Expert 45cal most Sea Bees had to in the battalion Sea duty the whole time I was in. MCB 49 and 5 and 31st NCR sea service ribbon Expert M16 I have been out for many years and I ordered my ribbons put together online I just told them what I had and thought that I had them correct. Obviously not. DD-214 was washed a time or two and been in wallet for so long trashed will try to order one from St Louis to verify my record! and make sure update it.

      And the bill board thing I received the Battle Flag star from a lady on the way to the wall very sentimental value 22to many to promote PTSD awareness pins are from various runs to the wall. Vet Flag patch and the red Disabled Vet patch was given to me by a friend on the wall run. Because I’m a disabled vet will verify that if need be.

      Guys I have tried to give you all that you want. I did serve in outstanding units. Sea Bees were hard to get into back then and I did get to do a lot. I was TAD quite a lot I had good eval’s usually 3.8 consistently I just didn’t get caught as much as my brothers did. And I didn’t. I was no ass kisser and I didn’t take any shit either. Your asking me to give up a bonafide name of another Seal Vet. Im sorry but he would come fucking unglued if I brought him into this crap. I will have to deal with possibly losing a friend I admire over this shit. I get what you are trying to do. I really do. I think by being beat down mentally by you all. Is enough being beat down other vets is even worse. So yea I don’t what else to say except I will never claim being a Veteran again! My wife is wiped and so I say to you all Im sorry about all this and to those offended by any of my statements I have made on here. But I hope you will accept the fact that Im clearing the deck and thank you all for your sacrifice for my freedoms That’s all I can say Im beat down

      • Terry Willey says:

        NMCB 40 not 49

      • Frankie Cee says:

        No one asked you to come up with the name of a “bonafide name of another Seal Vet” We might have asked you to come up with the name of a SEAL that you were in a SEAL Team with. You absolutely will not tell us about your claim to have gone through BUDS class #108, will you, Terry Willey?
        We don’t give a rats ass how well you qualified with the .45. Using that is your piss poor attempt at a diversion from answering about your claim as a BUDS 108 graduate. You, who embellish, just amaze the fuck out of me. You have shit on the good service that you had just to try to claim to be more than you are. Is your life really that pathetic?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        You still haven’t answered my question, asshole, and I am sick of your bloviatiing shit.

        Ex-PH2 says:
        June 19, 2017 at 10:21 am
        “Tell us about the SEAL claim, the BUDS Class 108….”

        Answer the frakkin’ question, blowhard. Put up or shut up.

      • C2Show says:

        Terry boy is full or shit. lying cowardly son of a bitch.

      • Steven Williams says:

        Terry, the “it’s been washed a few times” excuse is on the first page of the poser handbook. It amazing that in an earlier post you “I was just wearing the ones I had when I got out”!!
        Stop with the BS!!! Be a man!!! Admit you f***ed up and apologize for the lies. In you last post you did apologize if anything you had said on here was offensive but you still haven’t come clean on the original offenses,,,
        Wearing unearned ribbons and pins and claiming to be a graduate of Buds Class 108. You use your poor wife to try to gain sympathy but I pity her being married to someone as dishonest as you!!!

        Oh, and your the one who brought her into the conversation,,,, how pathetic!!!

      • Joe Mama says:

        “DD-214 was washed a time or two and been in wallet for so long…”

        Oh yeah, I keep my original DD214 in my wallet too. Doesn’t everybody?

        • Hack Stone says:

          That DD-214 in his wallet was right next that condom that he has been carrying around since 1985.

  33. Graybeard says:

    Terry Willey, like many posers before him, has tried to whine his way out of trouble.
    Terry Willey apparently is unable to answer questions about his claims.
    Terry Willey wants to “poor pitiful me” his way out of trouble.

    Terry Willey has none to blame but himself for his problems.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      He’s an asshole.

      I don’t believe anything he says and never will. End of story.

      • C2Show says:

        Seems to think whining about his past life and getting to be a seabee would get him a pass.

  34. Steven Williams says:

    Well, it’s been awfully quiet today! I wonder if Mr. Willey thinks he’s now in the clear, the storm has passed? I know that Rolling Thunder is a national organization. I wonder if the leaders at the national level are aware of the type of individual they have out in Missouri representing them? It may be time to find an email address to ensure they know since he won’t answer the questions here on this forum.

  35. HMC Ret says:

    Your responses are like a wounded fighter jet firing off decoy flares as a diversion. You have not addressed the several questions that have been posted. Stop bringing into the conversation your ability with firearms, a wounded SEAL, etc. You’re running out of flares. Fess up and go away. It’s personally painful for me to watch this carnage which is brought about entirely by your actions.

  36. Steven Williams says:

    Here you go for any who want to contact Rolling Thunder National. Joe Bean, Rolling Thunder National’s president.
    I sure they’re real proud of Terry Willey!

  37. mr. sharkman says:

    Well, his story about graduating BUD/S 108 with SEAL/HM Albrecht is nice.

    The only problem I can see with it is that Albrecht – who was a little before my time and who I met more than once – graduated with class 109. Oops.

    And at the risk of creating more SeaBee imposters, as a new superhuman bullet proof and bomb resistant Teamguy, I was warned by my 1st LPO to avoid any ‘entaglements’ (he was a huge Star Wars fan, which got me off his sh1t list more than once) – however justified from my POV – with 2 groups:

    1. SeaBees.
    2. Marines finished @ MCRD and destined for combat arms.

    The Grotto off the coast of Coronado Isle don’t spawn stupid Frogmen, see?


  38. Steven Wikson says:

    Terry Willey, where are you??? I guess you’re hiding in the corner hoping it will all be over soon. Fess up and tell the truth. You’ll feel better once you’ve come clean. Crying and whining won’t help!!!

  39. Ashley says:

    Leave him alone you guys did what y’all set out to do good job Bill McNabb what did you do in the military ohhhh that’s right you never were in the military but your vice president to pow Rolling thunder and you are a volunteer firefighter doo lame everyone get on with your life’s and leave my fathers life alone!!!!!!!!!

    • Hondo says:


      A couple of pointers.

      1. If it’s true, it’s not slander. And the truth is that your father never attended BUD/S and thus is not and never was a Navy SEAL. If he’s been telling folks that he was . . . he’s been lying.

      2. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling make it far more likely that you’ll be taken seriously – and not simply dismissed as some ignorant twit. Your comments above make you sound exactly like the latter.

      3. There’s an old saying: better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Based on your comments above, you’d be well advised to take that old saying to heart – and simply shut up.

      I understand that finding out your father has been lying to you for years is very disturbing. But you should be p!ssed at him for lying to you, not at those who pointed out the fact that he’s a liar.

  40. Steven Williams says:

    It is sweet that Terry’s daughter would defend him. How pathetic though that he lets her attack this guy she’s referring to and Terry still won’t answer the questions.
    Terry, why were you wearing 12 ribbons and pins when you only earned 4?
    Terry, what’s with the BUDS claims?
    ASHLEY, do your dad a favor, have him tell the truth, that’s not too much to ask.
    Also, I don’t know what you have against this guy you keep referring to, Bill Mcnabb. Maybe he helped exposeTerry as a fraud. This is about what your dad did, not the person who exposed him and the facts are I’m sorry to say, your father is a poser and a fraud!!

  41. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Terry… Ashley… “George Kennedy”…

    “Tell us about the SEAL claim, the BUDS Class 108….”

    Deal with the GOOGLE FAME, TERRY WILLEY!

  42. Steven Williams says:

    I found this from Albrecht’s memorial service. If you look close at the picture you can see Mr. Willey the poser standing behind the family. It also explains who this Bill McNabb guy is, a close friend of Albrecht. No wonder he outed Mr. Willey, I would have done the same thing!


  43. Steven Williams says:

    Where has Terry Willey gone? I guess he believes the coast is clear and everyone is going to forget his lies. Rumor has it that he is still the president of rolling thunder there in Missouri. It doesn’t say much about their group to allow someone like him to remain a member. Pathetic liars have no place in groups that are trying to do good! Rolling thunder must be just another want-a-be motorcycle club.