Dane Powell sentenced for Inauguration Day rioting

| July 8, 2017

According to Fox News, Dane Powell was sentenced to four months in jail for his part in riots in the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day;

Dane Powell, 31, was captured on video carrying a black flag while throwing rocks and bricks at D.C. police officers and shattering store windows during the 30-minute riot that spanned 16 city blocks, prosecutors said. He was also dressed in black and had part of his face covered.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff said Powell was spotted in Logan Circle the day before President Trump’s inauguration with gas masks and carrying the same black flag seen in the video, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

“He initiated violence,” Kerkhoff said. “He came to the District of Columbia to engage in violence by hiding his face, throwing rocks and running. He’s a violent coward.”

Kerkhoff called Powell “among the most violent” of the defendants that participated in the riot.

“He was throwing rocks and bricks at windows where people, customers and children were inside,” she said. “He charged the police line with bricks.”

His LinkedIn profile says that he is an Army veteran and that he was stationed in Japan, Germany and Fort Drum as a Computer and Information Systems Manager.

Powell asked for leniency from the court. He asked for “forgiveness for anyone who was scared, hurt or felt threatened.” His lawyer claimed that he came to DC to protest peacefully, but then he didn’t – “He got carried away”. Six police officers were injured during the rioting and 234 stank-ass hippies were arrested.

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  1. UpNorth says:

    Bend over, Powell. You might as well practice picking up the soap, you’ll be doing a lot of it in the PHITA prison.(Pound Him In The Ass)

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      He;ll have a few “opportunities” to dine at the BTJT Deli (Home of the “WORLD-FAMOUS” Cockmeat Sammich and Ghey Whey Shake)>

  2. Instinct says:

    Should have been given a lot more time to set an example for the rest of those jackasses.

    • Jus Bill says:

      That was a heavy sentence for DC. Usually unsupervised probation (pinky swear you won’t riot again).

    • desert says:

      You got that right! “he got carried away”? He should have been carried away feet first!!

  3. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    FOIA in 3…2…1…

    • MSG Eric says:

      I’d like to think that he’s full of shit and added that to his statement in court. When the FOIA comes back, it would show he’s in fact full of shit and the Judge can revisit his case and tag him with perjury to extend his prison stay.

      I can dream I guess.

  4. The Other Whitey says:

    Yeah, I’m sure the bricks jumped into his hand, then just flew out by accident. Fuck this guy.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    At least the hippies and draft protestors in the 1960s were adult enough to show their faces.

    He can rot, for all I care. No one has forced him to stay in this country, right?

    • LiRight says:

      Only because the miserable SOB’s weren’t smart enough to cover their faces!

      Good God….when I think back to those days I could still kick some of their asses.

  6. 26Limabeans says:

    I’m shocked that he didn’t claim PTSD.

  7. Perry Gaskill says:

    At the risk of going off topic, the Fox News piece is an example of why the news business has continued to fail. In this instance, Fox took an arguably better story generated by the Tampa Bay Times, banged out a quick rewrite and posted it to boost Fox’s web traffic. Which means, given that Fox is a media 300-pound gorilla, that it will likely get more of an advertising revenue benefit than the Tampa Bay Times which did the heavy lifting.

    This isn’t a problem with Fox specifically, they at least extended the courtesy of pointing to the Tampa Bay Times piece, it’s a problem starting with search engines like Google, and working down through all the aggregator pundit pinheads like Buzzfeed and Politico. Eventually it will get to a point where there will no longer be much original news because people like the TB Times can’t stay in business if they send actual reporters to actual courtrooms.

    We’ll be left then with either carefully choreographed events staged for the major networks, or those viral wannabe items the Twitterati all seem so fond of. And that would suck.

    Which is a verbose way of getting to the point that if TAH is going to run links to news stories, it would probably be better, IMOH, in most cases to point to the original source.

    /end rant

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      I usually do run the original link. Folks who send me links can testify to that fact. But on Saturdays I get lazy. Besides, I’m sure Fox pays for the Times’ stories.

    • MSG Eric says:

      It’s Saturday, lighten up Francis….

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        I’ll just leave this…

        • MSG Eric says:

          Something tells me that guy is a bit on the queer side. Its not just the earring, there’s something else….

          • 1610desig says:

            Only a euro-fag would have the name “Dane”…even just a few centuries ago, he would have been a Viking stud.. now he just prances to Abba in Richard Simmons work out shorts

            • MSG Eric says:

              I know a couple of “Dane” characters and it is amazing how correct you are in this.

              Significant lack of testicular fortitude, or testicular anything, is too much a commonality.

          • Perry Gaskill says:

            Either that or he was a really big fan of Liberace when he was a kid.

            NTTAWWT… 😎

          • ashamed says:

            He’s not. I’m related, unfortunately. He has three little girls that he should be focused on, but instead, thinks he’s somehow changing the world with this bullshit, while simultaneously ruining it for his own daughters. Although I do not think it has anything to do with ptsd…something caused him to flip a switch. It’s like complete opposite of who he used to be just a few years ago.

            …if you want to “change the world” go home and raise your kids.

  8. Aysel says:

    fuck this guy, and not in the good way. I’ve got zero sympathy.

  9. Claw says:

    Where’s he from? Oh, Flori-duh. Never mind.

    I was gonna say have him spend the next four months baling hay in one of those god awful Midwestern states that the name begins with a vowel. By the end of the summer his ass would be sucking buttermilk and he wouldn’t ever even think about picking up a brick and trying to be a masked protestor.

    But instead, he’ll get three hots and a cot and all the satellite TV he can stand in a comfy air conditioned building somewhere.

    • Guard Bum says:

      Hey now, I have a farm in one of those “god awful” midwestern states and I do in fact bale hay.

      Yesterday we mucked out the barn, a task I find particularly onerous, so send thos ass clown on down. Lots of hard work available to redirect his energies.

      • Claw says:

        Actually, Sir, what happened was my fingers went faster than my brain. The comment should have said “one of those god awfully HOT Midwestern states….”

        I was born and raised on a corn and hogs family farm in northern Indiana and have mucked the barn and baled hay many, many times.

        • Guard Bum says:

          No offense taken brother, I knew what you meant. 96 here today with about 80% humidity…why oh why cant NFL be on in the summer so I have an excuse to stay indoors!

  10. RM3(SS) says:

    That wimpy raised fist thing always looks so GAY. (not that there’s anything wrong with that) The little smirk however just screams cock snorkler. Enjoy the BJ hotel MF’er.

  11. LiRight says:

    I’m still waiting to read about all of those right-wing “rioters” that were arrested.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    IMHO he should have gotten at least a year or two, make and example out of that fleabag!

    • MSG Eric says:

      I’d say we give him over to the Israelis after his 4 months is up. According to his shirt, they might be interested in what he has to say about who he supports.

  13. TankBoy says:

    Looking at the picture, the term “Man-Bitch” comes to mind. I wish it was five years, but hopefully 4 months is enough. Funny how none of these bitches only pull this crap in a nice and safe liberal city, instead of small town Texas.

  14. jonp says:

    I’ll hit it. after wrapping my dick in barbed wire and then standing over him to prevent any medical help before he bleeds out. Asshole

  15. Jeffery D Monroe says:

    man he one old ass looking 31 year old -and 3 military post and 1 overseas and in a high tech in demand mos and yet he looks like a damn homeless bum.

    • cdw_215 says:

      Oh,he is a jobless bum by choice so he can devote full time to protesting and avoid having to pay child support for his three girls. A member of “Food not Bombs” I guess bricks are okay.

  16. Jeffery D Monroe says:

    Hi has anyone been able to verify that guy who tried to rob a bank in Atlanta and was killed. It has been claimed that he said he was a USMC Iraq War Veteran who could not get help at the local VA-I say total BS.

  17. M884 says:

    My question, claiming to be an Army veterian, does he also claim a VA disability along with compensation?

    • MSG Eric says:

      Semi-good news is that even IF he does get disability, it will be stopped for those 4 months he’s in the can. If you go to prison (“gummint housing”) you lose your disability for the timeframe that you are there and “taken care of”.

      I still question whether he’s even a real veteran from our military. (Maybe he was in Hezbollah and just left that part out in court?)

  18. IDC SARC says:

    Boot to the head!

  19. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Hey shit bird dane. You are the perfect example of why abortions should be a zillion percent legalized.

  20. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He grins like a meat-gazing bathhouse towel fluffer.

  21. Stephen McCartney says:

    I think he served with Sgt Bergdahl and Pvt Bradley Manning in the Fighting 69th Bn whose logo is
    “We got your ass covered, Bro”

    CAPT “Bones” USN (ret)