Damn Squids!

| July 16, 2017

“The Soviets are our adversary. Our enemy is the Navy,” General Curtis LeMay, United States Air Force.

Folks over at “We Are The Mighty” have been posting hater’s guides to the various military branches.  Cut me and I bleed Navy Blue, and I could go off about Jar Heads, Zoomies, Mud Ducks, and Doggies, but I’ll post the link of we of the Nautical Service Arm, the United States Navy, and what’s good, bad and ugly about us. And with luck, some truth and humor as well.

Ward Carroll penned this; he’s a former F-14 RIO, author of several very cool books (check out his Punk series on Amazon), musician, and an editor at WATM.

So here’s a teaser, click on the link for the entire article.

The branches of the U.S. military are like a very large family. They deal with one another because they have to, not because they always get along.

The differences don’t stop at uniforms. Each branch has its own goals, mission, and its own internal culture. At the upper levels of the services, they compete for funds and favor from civilians in DoD. In the lower ranks, they compete for fun and favor from civilians in bars and strip clubs (especially in North Carolina). The branches are like siblings, competing for the intangible title of who’s “the best” from no one in particular.

We Are The Mighty

You all are my brothers and sisters, one big family. And fear not- your service branch gets the same treatment, written by those who know it well.

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  1. Cowpill says:

    Anybody who attacks my country and fights by my side, is my friend

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    They’re just jealous.

  3. Guard Bum says:

    I totally agree except those of us who were in the Marine Corps humbly accept our superiority even if we are too modest to mention it! LoL

  4. Tallywhagger says:

    I used to know an Air Force guy who was pretty good at repairing refrigerators and air conditioners 😉

  5. jonp says:

    Airborne always threw insults back and forth with Marines when I was deployed but we always bought rounds for each other. It got heated a time or two but never nasty that I could remember. Pity the fools that tried to start something as you had Our Military with each others backs. Happened a couple of times in Fayetteville. Punks started running some guys down because they outnumbered our guys and were showing off for their girlfriends until they finally looked up and saw a whole bunch of men in crew cuts were forming a circle and staring at them in an unfriendly manner.

  6. Marine 0331 says:

    Aww c’mon and just admit it, all you non-Marine types. You’re all just jealous of us. Ok, ok, we know our uniform puts all of yours to shame, but we can’t help who we are. Lol. Just kidding. I love all of ya!!!! But I gotta admit……the “Air Farce” is the best “slam” there is!!!

  7. Perry Gaskill says:

    Something that might be pointed out about the relatively delayed formation of the Navy was that mission circumstances were different enough in 1776 to cause things to be handled in different ways.

    In the case of the Continental Army, for example, a lot of the experienced seamen from New England, such as fishermen, who might have gone into a Continental Navy were put to use by George Washington because of a pressing need for waterborne transport. In the famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware River, who was handling the boats? Frontier riflemen might make for good infantry, but not so much for small-craft handling.

    The nature of the conflict on blue water was also different. If memory serves, armed privateers operating under letters of marque were able to not only act as blockade runners but to also cause serious disruption of British shipping. Since the difference in legal definition between “privateer” and “pirate” is razor thin, and sometimes a matter of opinion, American crews operating under those conditions were, if captured, often not given status as prisoners of war.

    Personally, I don’t remember any inter-service conflict while going through language school in Monterey. And it was a mix of all the services. The only partial exception to that was the Marines who sometimes had a tendency to fight with each other.

    The reputation of Navy food being better was true. For reasons not made clear, the Presidio of Monterey and the Naval Postgraduate School allowed for exchange in the mess halls. If you were a DLI student, you could eat meals at either one.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You left out the British press gangs, PG. They’d stay outside the boundary water and wait for US ships, and in particular, Navy ships, to cross that line, and then hijack them and seize anyone they decided was not an American citizen.

    • David says:

      The best chow hall award floats… sometimes Navy, sometimes Co C – one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I ever ate was at Co A. I suspect you need to remember the intended clientele at each hall – NPG was serving the supposed creme de la creme (uh, for you Air Force and Marine types, that phrase implies the best of the best)of Navy officers, not just the enlisted swine. And if there was no inter-service rivalry… does no one paint the Navy anchor at DLI pink every year any more?

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    The Armed Forces even tell time differently. When civilians say “3:00 PM”:

    The Army says it’s 1500 Hours.

    In the Navy some bells ring after some Sailor polishes them and goes back to mopping and painting,

    In the Air Force, some O5 or O6 asks an E3 “Bill, do you know what time it is?” to which the Airman says “YEAH Bill, Mickey’s big hand is on the twelve and his little hand is on the three!”

    In the USMC they say “*OOG!*, *ARRGH!*, *GRUNT*, GRUNT*, *GRUNT*, FUCK, KILL, OORAH!

  9. Yef says:

    All men were created equal, then some became infantry.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      and us Signal guys are thankful for them helping us win wars.

      • Doc Savage says:

        And thank the almighty for you guys…..I couldn’t figure out two Dixie cups and string if my life depended on it let alone those damn SINGARS.

  10. Yef says:

    “I am a Soldier. I fight where I’m told, I win where I fight” GEN George S. Patton

    • Texas Nomad says:

      “All men were created equal, then some became infantry.”

      General Patton was not Infantry.

      • Yef says:

        Your reading comprehension is lacking.
        I never said GEN Patton said that.
        Re-read, analyze, then come back and comment.

        What I said GEN Patton said was:
        “I am a Soldier. I fight where I’m told, I win where I fight”

        I know you are really, really trying to get me on some kind of embellishment, but I think you need to work a little harder at that.

  11. Texas Nomad says:

    I love all the services and respect everyone has a mission and a job to do.

    Some things I don’t understand:

    Why someone joins the Marines to shuffle papers?

    Why someone joins the Navy to follow Marines around with band aids?

  12. Doc Savage says:

    Medics and Corpsmen…..because even the Infantry and Riflemen need a Hero.

  13. David says:

    The Navy itself has several different branches, subs, Airedales, gators, destroyers, cruisers, and the nuclear navy. I think that master at arms rate took the marines responsibility on the large ships, but there were times that marines had more sea duty than most sailors. The navy also has a small boat unit with the special warfare personnnel.

  14. FatCircles0311 says:

    We are going to war, gents.

    Air Force: will there be a/c? If not we ain’t going
    Navy: finally something good to watch on Armed Forces Network
    Army: We’ll bring the big PX.
    Marine Corps: liberty is cancelled……again

  15. MSgt (ret), USAF says:

    I respect all branches, but am SOOOOOOO fucking glad I joined the Air Force. After living/working at Quantico, yeah, Marines and Navy are special/sarc. The Army is just too damn big and has way to many problems on post (crime). Don’t know anything about the Coast Guard.

  16. Cris says:

    As an Air Force brat, I’m always asked why I joined the Marines. I tell them I was dropped on my head as a kid…best 24 years spent

  17. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    More than a few times one of my Superiors would tell me to look at the “U.S. ARMY” tape above my left pocket and tell me it stood for “Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet” and I’d reply that if they read it in reverse it said “Yes, My Retarded Ass Signed Up”! YEAH, I had to do a shit-ton of pushups for that in my EM days and I likely canceled a promotion in my NCO days with that, but I said what was on my damned mind!

  18. Dustoff says:

    Sorry.. No Marines at Valley Forge. GO ARMY!