Mr. President, please just stop it!

| July 17, 2017

This is an open appeal to our media-besieged and much beleaguered President to exercise the power he possesses as Commander in Chief of our armed forces to be the ultimate determiner, as George W. Bush might have called him, in limiting matters of military insanity. The folly at hand is the reported move by the Defense Department to require all our military services to bend over so far to accommodate transsexuals within the ranks that the leadership of our various services appears to be viewing reality through their nether parts.

According to a very sincere, young, ex-Army captain appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show recently, the Army is disseminating directions to commanders on how to deal with issues arising from the presence of transsexuals of both genders in latrines and shower stalls in military barracks. From my own long ago experiences in such environments I can’t really envision any problems in male barracks where a female confusedly thinking she’s a male enters a barracks shower with only soap in hand. If forbidden by regulations to comment on the soldier’s lack of a male appendage, you can damn well bet that all eyes of her fellow soldiers will be focused on the triangle that is there in its place. This applies equally to the transsexual soldier’s mammary attributes. If that soldier isn’t flat-chested as hell, there’s going to be a lot of sidewise glances directed that way with every soldier in that shower stall thinking about soaping up those suckers, most especially if they happen to be a pair of youthful pointers. You can tell a young soldier all day to ignore those boobs and I promise you it is going to fall on deaf ears. Or deaf somethings.

On the distaff side, things may be a chance more problematic, particularly if the transsexual soldier in the shower room happens to be well-endowed and still hasn’t undergone the hormone therapy to reduce his natural testosterone driven reaction to naked female bodies in very close proximity. My seven decades of living have taught me, much to my chagrin at times, that as long as that male organ is just hanging there flaccid, it’s fairly easy for the opposite sex to ignore. However, and this is the big however, when that reproductive appendage is sticking out there in full present arms, as it very well could be in the scene set above, it is very difficult for females to ignore. I can imagine that in the case of one erection in a shower room of young female soldiers in sexual full bloom, it would be only natural for them to be wondering which one among them it was who was triggering that stand-out performance. I can also imagine that some of the more liberated of those female soldiers just might be thinking about soaping up that sucker as well.

Mr. President, our armed forces as they have traditionally existed have long had to contend with hormonal-generated problems, and the last thing they need is a social experimentation program concocted by the Obama Administration to add to the complexities of dealing with the problems nature hands them. You, Sir, have the singular power to stop this nonsense in its tracks by simply countermanding the ridiculous Obama order.
So, Mr. President, please just stop it!

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  1. Thunderstixx says:

    One of the first things he did was to shitcan the oblowme ROE’s, this should be one of the next ones…
    Of all the stupid wastes of money, this has got to be one of the worst…

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    There is something deeply disturbing about the denial of reality involved here.

    A few days ago, someone mentioned David/Diane Schroer, so I looked that up. As s/he relays in this statement, s/he’s a lesbian at heart.
    ‘But Schroer wasn’t envisioning a sexual relationship with any men. Schroer is interested in dating women. “I would say I am in fact a lesbian,” she said.’ – ABC News article:

    This is nothing but an exercise in idiocy. I hope it comes to a grinding halt before any more tax money is wasted on this crap.

  3. Sapper3307 says:

    I Think some of the female troops might be offended when the NEW ladies in the latrine start doing their monthly testicular cancer inspection in the shower next to them.

  4. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    I haven’t had much time lately to comment, real life sometimes gets in the way of sitting and reading online….

    But I’ve been watching this whole issue with a questioning eye to be certain. While I’ve no quarrel thinking all our citizens deserve equal treatment under the law I’ve always been against favored status for any individuals either through hate crime laws or advantage law…I understand the latter more easily than the former though if I’m being honest.

    In this instance I see many areas that are problematic to me, creating special status for people who aren’t sure whether their birth genetics match their mindset regarding their own biological sex does nothing to make the military more lethal and does nothing to advance the causes of those poor souls thus afflicted. I say afflicted because unlike simply being gay trans people often don’t know if they are gay or straight or male or female because their brains are disconnected from the reality of their birth gender. To my line of thinking this is a mental health issue and sadly should be treated as a disqualifying factor in much the same way as schizophrenia would be problematic for an enlistee. While the affliction is not the fault of the individual the reality of their situation creates unnecessary problems for the military and those charged with the training and preparation of the young men and women who will face death at the hands of those who hate us and our nation. Adding the burden of dealing with someone possessing serious mental health problems creates an additional burden that is beyond the scope of training for war.

    Consequently I’m with you Poe, Mr. President stop this nonsense and let’s get back to focusing primarily on killing our enemies and destroying everything they hold dear before they are able to do that to us.

  5. USAFRetired says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    This makes as much sense as a ban on prayer ins school. I guarantee that as long as teachers give test or call on students in class that there will be prayer in schools. Please God let me pass this test, or please God don’t let the teacher call on me.

    In the movie Starship Trooper there were mixed gendered showers and apparently no problem. Perhaps all it takes is you have to serve in the military before you gain the right to vote to solve these issues.

  6. Club Manager says:

    I think youse guys have this all wrong. Think back to the days of yesteryear when we were 17 year olds in the communal shower. It would have been a motivator on those cold mornings when we had to walk from the Quonset hut to the squadron latrine about 200 yards away, not to mention a morale booster to wake up to a nice pair of boobs. I say bring it on and increase retention rates.

  7. FatCircles0311 says:

    This is hilarious. Marine boot camp is segregated by sex but suddenly because someone is delusional that simple is disregarded to appease them because the US military cannot set standards on who they allow to join any longer.

    Mattie needs to quit fucking around here.

    • David says:

      Maybe the solution is a test… complete 100% mixed shitters, showers, etc… see how well the entire USMC does as a whole.
      If it’s good for the trannies it’s good for all. See how long it lasts… especially when John and Jane Parent discover that the seeds of their loins have communal showers together. I’m guessing public outrage would kill the whole concept in seconds.

  8. Stacy0311 says:

    Trannie awareness was a MANDATORY training session prior to deploying.
    IT covered such topics as how to deal with a biological female who identifies as a male but then becomes pregnant. Biological male who identifies as female, has changed gender identifier in DEERS but has not started hormone treatments.

    And about a dozen more scenarios.

    1 more promotion and then 2 more years and I’m off like a prom dress…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I think the entire military is sex-obsessed. Needs a good, long session with a notable shrink about its obsession with sex, especially when it’s other people’s sex lives we’re talking about.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here you go: how to coordinate mixed-sex showers.

  10. CB Senior says:

    Zero value added misadventure. We all know when it comes to Troops, there is finite funding. These resources are needed elsewhere to greater Force Enhancement. {Insert Pun Here}.
    It may be recognized as a medical condition but Personnel are discharged for Med all the time. Conditions that would interfere with them properly executing their duties.
    Bad policy makes for Bad results.

    • Poetrooper says:

      “It may be recognized as a medical condition,”

      If it requires significant surgery to correct the physical aspects of the problem then I’d say that’s a medical condition, wouldn’t you chief? Or are you just going to argue for the sake of pissing in my cornflakes?

      • CB Senior says:

        No. We are in agreement here. This adds zero value to the War Fighter Base and takes away.
        My line there was half rebuttal that supporters will use that it is recognized as medical condition and use it as a shield. Even without surgical procedures. The is a major chemical component to treatment on top of years of Mental Health treatment. Making one non-deployable. Which was item #1 for many of separations.

  11. Sparks says:

    Nothing but wasted money for a sliver of the population who aren’t sure what they are and then smaller percentage of them who would dare enlist. I would say it is much ado about nothing except, there are still bone headed Obama dick suckers in the Pentagon who want this kind of shit instead of the best fighting force we can field.

    My first screw up in boot camp was responded to with, “You better get your fucking head screwed on right and I mean NOW!” These people undeniably do NOT have their heads screwed on right. I hope above all that Secretary Mattis will in this six month stay, be working on how to shitcan the whole mess.

  12. Chris says:

    Imagine how much higher my APFT score could have been had I been allowed to just change one little letter in DEERS!

  13. Former Mafioso says:

    Been through the training and it covers everything.

    Urinalysis is done after the person in charge, Commander or Senior NCO, talks with said person and that person decides who gets to be the gazer.

    Barracks is at Commander’s choice, it hints at just under flag level.

    Now everything boils down to what the gender says in personnel files and that is not changed easily. If a person feels that they are the wrong sex, they have to go to US military medical professionals, not civilian. After a while, and some tests, the docs make the choice if the person gets the treatment or not, not the person. Next, starts treatment and leave, yes they get leave and an automatic flag for nondeployable status. Last of all, comes the change to the gender in personnel files.

    From a pragmatic and political stand point, it covers all the bases for no one can lose their rank, enlisted probably will, over this.

    Personally as a junior NCO, I will only state one problem with the whole thing, my people being physically and mentally healthy for duty, especially deployment. I don’t want to have a person going through transitioning while trying to care for the rest of them. It’s only one of my worries but for the sake of all the BS going on, officers going after their lowers online, y’all get one.

    Oh yeah, I don’t want someone who is having doubts about their gender when we are on a deployment, especially a fellow member of NCO Corps or someone in my chain of command, the troops would suffer.

  14. Pinto Nag says:

    The whole shebang can be fixed real quick. How?
    1. All services go co-ed.
    2. All services ramp up fight training, to include edged weapons and empty hand tactics.
    If they do those two things right, it just isn’t going to matter WHAT is in the next bunk/stall/shower over.