Tuesday morning feel good stories

| July 18, 2017

From Rancho Cucamonga, California;

The homeowner told deputies that he heard noises in his garage and went to investigate the sounds. When he entered his garage, he saw a suspect burglarizing his car.

The suspect got out of the car with a knife in hand and advanced toward the homeowner. That’s when the homeowner drew a handgun and fired at the suspect, authorities said.

The suspect ran from the garage, and a car was seen fleeing the area at a high rate of speed.

While deputies were at the Carriage Place residence, dispatch was advised that a woman called from a home in Fontana to report that her adult son had been shot.

The son, identified as Eric Hartwick, was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center to be treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

From Dothan, Alabama;

A suspected robber was fatally shot Sunday night inside Crossroads Baptist Church on Westgate Parkway in Dothan.


The suspect encountered one church member outside and forced him into the building. That’s when the one shot was fired. The man killed was apparently armed, according to a police source.

Initial indications are the shooting was in self-defense and charges are not likely though evidence could be presented to a Houston County Grand Jury as a matter of policy.

From Beaumont, Texas;

A robbery victim was shot Monday morning before returning fire at the assailant, the Beaumont Police Department announced in a news release.

The victim did not sustain life-threatening injuries and it was not immediately clear whether the robber was injured, the news release states.

From Spokane County, Washington 17-year-old Kimber Wood heard on the news that deputies were looking for a fugitive in her neighborhood, so she called her dad who had left for work and asked if she get one of his guns for protection and he gave his permission;

Kimber grabbed a gun, placed it under her pillow and went back to sleep. A short time later she says she woke up to the sound of someone coming into her house. She grabbed the gun and hid behind her makeup vanity. She soon found herself face to face with the man on the run from deputies.

Kimber pulled her gun out, pointed at the suspect and said, “Who are you?” and “Get the (expletive) out of my house!”

According to Kimber, the intruder’s eyes got really wide and he ran out of the house. As he was running from the home, Kimber says she fired one shot into the ground.

Kimber says the suspect stole her boyfriend’s ATV and fled the scene.

He’s still on the run, but odds are that he won’t bother Kimber again.

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  1. OldManchu says:

    In other news, there is a trail of human shit and piss across Kimber’s lawn…

    Good on the Dad and the daughter Kimber!

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    For The Lord will not be mocked, nay, not even in Alabama.

  3. CB Senior says:

    I bet Kimber’s Prom date is going to be very, very well behaved.

  4. Mick says:

    Dothan, Alabama:


    — sigh —

  5. gitarcarver says:

    In a related move, the state of Oregon seems to be moving forward with a new law which enables a judge to take a gun away from someone:

    The Oregon legislature just passed a gun control measure that substantially weakens constitutional rights. Senate Bill 719 will allow a family member or a police officer to obtain a civil court order immediately stripping someone of the right to possess a firearm for up to a year, if a judge finds the person presents a danger to himself or others.

    Proponents hail the law as an effective way to prevent suicides. Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) argues that it will bring the number of veteran suicides down. Gun control crusader Gabrielle Giffords has called it a “responsible bill that helps keep guns out of the hands of individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.”

    Paul Phillips, president of the group Oregon Gun Owners, retorts that the bill does little to prevent suicides but does deprive gun owners of basic constitutional protections. Gun confiscations under SB 719 will be “based on hearsay evidence alone, and the firearm owner is not privy to a fair trial,” he says.

    According to the bill, any law enforcement officer and family member—including partners, siblings, or even roommates—can request a hearing with a judge to get a “extreme risk protection order.” If issued, this would prohibit a person from possessing or purchasing a firearm.

    At that hearing, which has to be held within one judical day of being requested, the judge will decide whether to issue the order, which goes into effect immediately.

    The subject of the order has no right to contest it before it is issued. He can pursue an appeals process afterward, which is a bit like having the right to a jury trial after you’ve already been sent to prison.

    source and more info: http://reason.com/blog/2017/07/07/oregon-cracks-down-on-gun-rights-in-the

    I agree with the idea of determining whether a person is a danger to themselves or others has merits on some level, the idea that the person can’t appear or offer testimony in a hearing depriving them of a Constitutional right is troubling and wrong.

    • David says:

      pretty much as a general rule, if Gabby Giffords is fer it, I’m agin’ it. This reminds me of the famous Brendan Behan quote (loosely) “I was tried in absentia and convicted in absentia. I told them they could execute me in absentia, too.” The lack of defense reminds me of the don’t-fly/don’t buy proposal. Funny how the libs who claim to support your rights are the first to infringe on them “in the name of liberty” or “for the children” or some such.

    • UpNorth says:

      Here’s hoping that whoever fights this “law”, takes the quick route and just bypasses the 9th Circus and goes right to SCOTUS. This “law” fails the Constitutionality test so many ways.