FTA: Jane Fonda fundraiser for IVAW

| January 26, 2009

I read the other day that the anti-war crowd are having trouble raising money because the average anti-war less-whackos are a bit reticent about criticizing the new president’s policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and less likely to give up their money to fund the more-whackos like IVAW, Code Pink and the old coots at Vets For Peace. So they have to come up with more unique ways of tapping wallets.

A few weeks ago I found a blurb about the possible return of Jane Fonda to a more active role in the anti-war movement. I sent the blurb to someone who emailed me back a Village Voice article today that verified it;

How much more proof do you need to recognize that these clowns are trying to relive the 60’s? They’re screening a 37-year-old movie with the 72-year-old actress on hand to yammer about her anti-war antics with some 74-year-old guy who looks strangely like Jack Bauer. I wonder if they’ll have a Depends dispenser in the restrooms for the old coots. But what does all of that have to do with us here at This Ain’t Hell? Well, buried in the short article is this;

…a portion of the proceeds from the evening will benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War, a nonprofit organization that advocates for ending the war and for providing help to returning service members.

They left out the third bullet of the IVAW’s demands – that being reparations to the Iraqis for all of the hovels that got leveled and all of the “militants” who were forcibly demilitarized.

It’s probably a bit of irony that the movie originally was released the year before combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam and it’s being dusted off as a fund raiser for the Iraq Veterans Against the War the year before combat troops are scheduled to be withdrawn.

I’m feeling generous today so I caution the IVAW from depending on Fonda for her ability raise money with this from Wikipedia;

In [1972], Fonda spoke out against the war at a rally organized by Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. She offered to help raise funds for VVAW, and, for her efforts, was rewarded with the title of Honorary National Coordinator.
Her financial support to VVAW at this time was apparently not significant, as the organization ran out of money within a month, and one of its prominent leaders, John Kerry, was called upon to raise the necessary funds.

So, if you guys are hoping to get a new club house on Jane’s fund raising abilities, you’d better lower your expectations a bit. Maybe she can raise enough for a down payment on new refrigerator so you can keep your Hot Pockets and your bottles of urine separate.

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  1. rcd33b says:

    I still applaud the Vietnam Vet who stood in line a couple of years ago at Hanoi Jane’s book signing and presented her with his token of appreciation first hand. It was the only honest to goodness payback she deserved. We’ve been stuck in the 1960’s for 40 some odd years and it’s been a steady downward spiral ever since. Say goodnight Jane.

  2. UpNorth says:

    Who gives a rip what that dried-up old bitch says, or does? And glad the vet managed to get close enough to spit on her. She deserved it, deserves it today, and will deserve it tomorrow.

  3. Scrapiron says:

    The Vietnam Vet only made one mistake. He should have shot her, not spit on her. Vietnam Vet 70-71

  4. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    I wouldn’t piss on the bitch if she were on fire. But then again, it might be kind of rewarding. That bitch was in Vietnam in 1972 watching the NVA attack our American & Allied troops. It sure would go a long way in improving my anxiety were I get the chance to confront her publicly. Hey you traitorious bitch, if your’re reading this just remember Kenneth Yonan. One of a few of our many patriots still dying while you were cavorting with our enemy. How does the old saying go, “payback can be a bitch?” And some people have memories like elephants. Just for the record,this is not a threat.

  5. Jane has been protected by powerful left wing people in this country for way too long. She should have been prosecuted for treason and put to death for what she did. The only comfort I can see down the pike since she’s always been an immoral b#tch, is she will get to spend eternity in Hell.

  6. J3 says:

    Hey – I hate to be the guy to bring the bad news, BUT – if tha beeyotch here is supposed to be “raising funds” there’s gonna be beaucoup disappointment…because I hear she tried vainly for two years to make extra crack money by selling lap dances at a Tijuana truck stop, and all she came away with was twelve bucks, three pesos, a wet sombrero and more body lice than she had when she first ventured out. At least, that’s the word on the street.
    They also say that some gals are SO skanky, that they are referred to as “The Anti-Viagra”.
    Remember the good ole days, when those who aided and abetted the enemy were put in front of a wall?

  7. PETE says:


  8. OneEyedJack says:

    I was there when the bitch was there. I hate that bitch!
    How many good men died because of the whore!

  9. A Proud Infidel says:

    I was only in my rug rat/early yard ape days during the tail end of that war, but I’ve since taken part in the ME and did what the Army would let me do. As for that commie traitor whore, I’ll be around when she kicks the bucket, I just hope I can win the lottery beforehand, then I’d rent a charter bus or three to take surviving Vietnam Vets to wherever she’s buried, as well as buy the drinks they can use for fuel to piss on her grave! I’ll wait awhile before I do so myself, first because our living Vietnam Vets deserve first dibs, and I HATE WAITING IN LONG LINES!!