Rowdy Dwayne Hall, phony Green Beret

| July 31, 2017

The folks at Professional Soldiers send us their work on this Rowdy Dwayne Hall who claims in his advertisements for his ninja school that he’s a Green Beret;

At his website, he claims;

Prior to joining law enforcement, Professor Hall served in the United States Army’s 1st/75thAirborne Rangers, then later joined the 10th Special Forces Group.

Same thing at another website;

Well, yeah he was in the Army;

The Army got tired of him after 27 months of service. He was stationed with the 2d Armored Division in Garlstedt Germany for a year, then they sent him south for a few months in the 3rd Armored Division and then put him out on the street;

He left after 27 months as a Private First Class (E-3) no airborne training, no special forces training, just a Ratelo (Radio Telephone Operator) Radio Teletype Operator not that there’s anything wrong with that. Unless you’re trying to be something you weren’t.

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  1. Jay says:

    If your name is “Rowdy”, chances are you’re a DB.


    • Mick says:



      — sigh —

      It’d be interesting to find out if his claims of being a retired police officer, ‘graduate of the FBI Swat School’, etc., are also phony.

      • RM3(SS) says:

        It looks like he did retire from San Jose PD, but his linked in said 81-2001. According to

        he retired in 2015 with 12 years service. The amount he makes tells me it wasn’t a medical retirement.

        • Spiny Norman says:

          I can tell you that is claims of service at the San Jose Police Department are about as accurate as his claims of military service. Here is another site with the same military BS:

          May want to do some homework on his spouse, Margarita Jimenez Hall who was a San Jose Police officer too. Both left the department around the same time.

        • TruthSerum says:

          Was terminated for an alleged crime f time card fraud. Theft of government funds. His rank was officer at sjpd. All the other info is BS.

        • TruthSerum says:

          He was not able to collect retirement until age 55. He vested in the retirement plan at 10 years. By California law the city couldn’t take away his retirement if he was vested in the plan. He left before the age 55.

          • RM3(SS) says:

            Ah that explains it. He must of have missed out on 3@50 too. Stolen Valor is always just the tip of the shitty iceberg.
            A shitheel is the same no matter what uniform (or Gi) they wear.

    • David says:

      Knew a Rowdy – Naval aviator assigned to the Marines (aka a ‘Marine pilot’) mustang who flew A-8s, F-4s, got out, and became a stud pilot for Continental. Great pilot and sorely missed since ALS took him a few years back… was a close personal friend of POW Chuck Rice and one of the best men I have known. Might want to eat those words, there, sonny.

      • USMC 7577 says:


        No such aircraft in the Marine Corps inventory. Not then, not now.

        • Old_Grunt says:

          He may have meant F-8 as there used to be one in the Navy inventory. Dunno if the Marines had a version or not.

  2. Combat Historian says:

    He’s got the Steven Seagal look down, but behind the steely-eyed look is a shitbag who couldn’t even finish his first enlistment as a RTO, and is CERTAINLY NOT a SF guy…

  3. sj says:

    Wasn’t there SoMeOnEElsE who was a snake eater RTO? He was/is from Florida though.

  4. Hondo says:

    Small point, Jonn. The man’s first assignment was as a Radio Teletype Operator (RATT) – not an RTO. That’s a bit more complex job than operating a single-channel radio, either “in the bush” or in a TOC. The RATT equipment of that era (late 1970s/early 1980s) was a bit difficult to use and was notoriously hard to maintain.

    Not defending the guy, but there’s not much shame in not having the aptitude for that job. It’s not a particularly easy one. Lots of moving parts involved (literally).

    The transfer might be significant, though. Could be due to his screwing up bigtime as a RATT operator or be a rehab transfer because he was a “problem child”.

    • Combat Historian says:

      When I was the Asst S-2 of a guard separate infantry brigade, we had a gama goat RATT rig assigned to the Bde HHC/TOC; the RATT set-up was down a lot, probably most of the time when we were out in the field…

      • Gamma Goat.

        I remember those.

        But, that was a long time ago.

        Thanks for the memory.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          The US Army Gama Goat is one piece of equipment I have NEVER heard anyone say anything nice about.

      • erik petterson says:

        In LRS,our commo guys had RATT rigs, which were the Base Radio Stations for intercepting our HF,
        digital messages. I was an 11B operating a AN PRC 104 RADIO as team RTO on a LRS team.
        Sad that an RATT operator is ashamed of his MOS/job enough to blow smoke up everyone’s ass and embellish his 27 months in the Army, and create a false PERSONA.

      • Leo Starkey says:

        In B Co 75th Rangers , prior to helping standing up 1st Batt, I operated a RATT Rig on a Gamma Goat. Hated the goat but loved the rig

        • Leo Starkey says:

          And having been an original member of the 1974 1st Ranger Batt I can guarantee that no member of the Batt ever referred to as 1st/75th Airborne Rangers

    • Claw says:

      Not even going to try to get into why there would be a RATT Rig in a line company, what with that outfit being part of the 2AD Forward with unit/Brigade rotations to and from Hood and when in Germany the units were pieced out on many, many TDY trips to Graf, Wild Chicken and various other places.

      Can’t really tell whether he was an RTO or a RATT Rigger with the duty MOS’s being redacted.

      I do know that the 2AD(F) lived in a whole nother world all of its own during that period.

      • Claw says:

        But then again, there are many, many ways of carrying the company dirtbags on the books without having the actual piece of equipment on hand.

        Even if a piece of equipment is called for by the MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) but not physically in the unit, the personnel manning roster for operators/maintainers still call for them.

        It was usually in those types of Duty MOS slots that duds were carried. His actual physical duties may have been to be the assistant company R&U (Repairs and Utilities) (think tool belt and a sewer line snake) man, while being the First Sergeants and Supply Sergeants Gofer and on call area police clean-up man and every third day permanent Charge of Quarters runner. Sounds like a tough row to hoe, but shitbags gotta shitbag until transferred to another outfit to be a burden on them or until discharged early from their enlistments.

      • rgr769 says:

        I think his FOIA implies he didn’t cut it as a RTO or a RATT Rigger, so they sent him to another unit where all he had to know how to do was pull them laterals (that’s the two levers the driver pulls to turn and stop an APC, for you non-mech infantry boys). Except for the operator maintenance stuff, you could train a chimp to drive an APC.

  5. Just An Old Dog says:

    What’s with all the Posers in the Martial Arts as well?
    Some of the Links go to his association and other ” Instructors” Lots of them are claiming decades of martial arts experience… in like 15 different Martial Arts.
    The term “McDojo” comes to mind.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Could that be due to not being a good employee in an office job, or being unwilling to wear lots of flair as a table server at Big Buns Burgers?

      Rowdy, huh? Does that mean his mom was a big fan of ‘Rawhide’ when he was a kid and had a ‘thing’ for Rowdy Yates?

    • Cris says:

      The guy joined the Army in 78, so a year before I was eligible to join. I guess watching Barney Fife do his Judo chops on the show classifies as participating in Martial arts since 1964. That means I’ve been involved in Martial Arts since I was 2 cause I watched the same shows. I better go out and buy me some black belts…

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      The term “Bullshido”comes to mind, give it a Google®™️ spin!

  6. Claw says:

    The Dragoons at Gelnhausen are good at weeding out the shitbags.

    PFC Rawhide Hall, B 2/48 IN – Discharged early on 8 Dec 80.

    Chief Shitting Bull – Buck Private Paul Dean Fultz, B 1/48 IN – Discharged early on 31 Dec 80.

    Musta been something in the German “water” around that time.

  7. Blue6 says:

    Hey, he deserves credit for being a fake Ranger, too, not just SF.

  8. Wilted Willy says:

    My pos brother has this shitbag beat by a mile, he isn’t even close to claiming all the bullshit my brother did and all he was ever trained to do was make some false teeth!

  9. RGR 4-78 says:

    I wonder if posers blame their respective Service for their own bad behavior and tell their lies in an attempt at payback?

    In any case, another failure to add to his life that will be spun as someone else’s fault.

  10. NormanS says:

    27 months and only Pfc? I made Sp4 in a couple of days shy of 10 months!

    • David says:

      Without any college, normal time used to be 6 months to E-2, a year to E-3, and I think 24 months to E-4. Fast trackers could go below-the-zone to E-5 by 25 so this guy was definitely suspect; kinda like “well, ya screwed up this time Private – think we can wait a while for that next pay grade”.

      • Ret_25X says:

        primary zone to SP4 is 26 months without a waiver. We never promoted a two year enlistee unless they reenlisted.

        His move from 2/50 INF/ 2AD at Garlstadt to 2/48 INF/3AD at Gelnhausen suggests a COT to ETS (unaccompanied tours were 1 year then and a COT could explain an in theater PCS.

        From the 2-1 I suspect this is a two year enlistee who was denied promotion when he declined (or was denied) reenlistment.

        Yet….we never received a two year enlistment type as a replacement soldier. They always showed up as a platoon or company size cohort.

        So a likely minimum standard guy who drank his way through Europe and went home “on time”…

        • Ret_25X says:

          all of which is to say that the math works on the ETS without a “dumbass” discharge, but that does not indicate he is not a dumbass.

          If anything, it makes him even dumber…

    • RGR 4-78 says:

      On the assignments sheet it says that he DEPed for 222 days and entered as a PV2. So he was only promoted once or lost rank to ETS as a PFC.

      • Ret_25X says:

        not necessarily. We had two year guys show up as PV2 and ETS as PFC. No one was going to advance them unless they reenlisted or were very high speed….this guy…

        Well, this guy would be on every crappy detail I could find so that I would not have to deal with him. Things are different now, but in the 1980s, no one could hear you complain.

  11. OldManchu says:

    There is definitely some inbreeding signs present. Just look at that forehead and temple line.

  12. Green Thumb says:

    Substandard Discharge = Shitbag.

    I would like to see this turd lock horns with The 4th Least Dangerous Man in the World Stephen “Cio” Burrell.

    One turd would be scared and the other one glad of it.

    What a loser.

  13. Snotcrow says:

    What does he claim to be a professor in? And also claims he went to FBI’s SWAT school. How hard must that be to check?

    • Snotcrow says:

      Nope, he claims a BS in Kinesology from San Jose State University. That’s a far jump from Professor.. unless he thinks he can call himself professor just because he teaches.

      His Linkein doesn’t even mention the Army… odd huh, since he was such a badass operator?

    • 1610desig says:

      The kilohana martial arts association allegedly awarded him “professor”.(why not Sensei or something else Eastern mystical?)..I looked briefly at their website…lots of martial arts and massage…didn’t know the two mixed….maybe as a “professor” you need a massage (or traction) after getting your ass kicked by someone who actually know martial arts

      • RM3(SS) says:

        Yeah, them secret mystical martial arts are just ass kicking. Well until you actually have to fight someone who knows how to fight.

        • 1610desig says:

          I spewed valuable beer watching this…Mr “Kung Fu/Kill Bill” couldn’t do shit with that wavy hand serpentine hip menacing crane karate kid bullshit…tell me this was a complete setup joke!

          • Sparks says:

            I think Mr “Kung Fu/Kill Bill”, was saying, “he knocked the snake outta me!”.

            • 1610desig says:

              Perhaps…but I don’t think he could even speak! Dude should just retire to Bangkok and check out like Davey Carradine…

          • IDC SARC says:

            Kung Fu historically doesn’t do well in open competition. Linear styles just IME tend to win more often than not.

            • 1610desig says:

              I don’t know shit but thought one untelegraphed Texas haymaker would have ended the mystique of Kung fu…or maybe I was thinking so watching the original Rollerball with James Caan..

              • IDC SARC says:

                That’s the key point right there.

                The mystical aspects are IME utter BS. If you aren’t routinely training with someone that is trying to beat your ass senseless then unless you fight someone that isn’t a fighter, you’re gonna get stomped.

    • TruthSerum says:

      He spent all his law enforcement time with SJPD who has their own SWAT team known as MERGE. They don’t use the FBI to do their SWAT training. It’s all a lie. Fact – was enlisted in military and left early? Fact- was a SJPD cop and was asked to leave vs being terminated for time sheet fraud (which is a crime) because he left early he had to wait till age 55 to collect his already vested retirement years (SJPD doesn’t have a 3% at age 50 plan) every year up to the 20th year is worth 2.5%. He never did anything but patrol at sjpd.

  14. Ret_25X says:

    What an oxygen thief….

  15. AZtoVA says:

    Looks like some suppressing fire is showing up on his (OPEN for comments) FB page… Wonder how long that will last?

    • AZtoVA says:

      Now he posted his account has been ‘hacked’. Doesn’t even understand FB. Someone get him a 12-year-old on the line to teach him how privacy settings work.

      • ChipNASA says:

        Bitch can’t spell either.
        His FB “cite” has been hacked.
        It’s spelled “site”

        • Claw says:

          Gotta know Morse to have a back-up when the RATT goes down.

          Private Hall scratching head and says “Hey, Sarge. Need a little help here. Right after we went down I keyed in your message about Has anyone cited the chow truck on the way to the RATT sight, but all I got back was a WTF.”

  16. Mayhem says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a phoney Professor as well.

  17. just some feller says:

    His “founder/instructor profile” mentions only being in the army before joining LE:

    Professor Hall is also a retired police officer. He is a graduate of the FBI Swat School, San Jose Police Merge Handgun School, Thunder Ranch & Gun Sight advance certification courses in pistol, carbine rifle, and Shotgun. He has experience in undercover narcotics, narcotic enforcement, high risk entries, and dignitary protection. He is a Tactical Defensive Instructor both in armed and unarmed defense. He has his advance instructor certification in the Koga method, FBI tactical defense, & Krav Maga. Prior to joining law enforcement, Professor Hall served in the United States Army.

  18. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Wow a FSK RTTY Ham operater. Maybe I can DX him up on 40 meters working ITR-2, 45 baud 170 shift or on the marine bands sitor B FEC working 100 baud 170 shift.
    I’ll crank up the old Drake R7 and Universal M-8000 Decoder.

  19. Claw says:

    05B – Radio Operator

    05C – Radio Teletype Operator

    05F – Radio Teletypewriter Operator (RATT)

    Take your pick as to which one he was.

    • Claw says:

      As usual, fornicated the fido. Correction to above:

      05F – Radio Teletypewriter Operator (Non-Morse)

      31C – Radio Teletypewriter Operator/Maintainer (Morse)

      Mea Culpa

      • sfalphageek says:

        Interesting – when I went through Ft. Gordon in 1986, all of the 05x MOS’s had been converted to 31x (and the Radio Telephone and Radio Teletype Operator had been merged into a single MOS. I was a 31C, Radio Teletype Operator,and all the “tactical” radio guys were 31 something, but guys I knew who had gone through a few years earlier for the same training were 05B or 05C. When I took the Morse Code test, they gave me an ASI (A4.) There was no separate MOS for Morse Code qualified.

        I moved to a different CMF and years later, when I was reclassing within my new CMF, I got orders that claimed I had an AMOS of 25Y – Telecommunications Team Chief. By that time, they had changed the Signal CMF number again.

      • rgr769 says:

        I think he was most likely an 05C since he was assigned to two rifle companies in Germany. If he was an 05F or a 31C he would have been assigned to the Mech Inf Bn’s HHC.

  20. Green Thumb says:

    Professor Hall here served up some beef for “boys” in class.

    What a loser.

  21. JarHead Pat says:

    I called facebook…BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what a total turd.

    • AZtoVA says:

      I saw that. Wonder what their direct line is…. and what number you’d have to press for ‘English’?

  22. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    A sooper sekrit, double naught, special feces warrior… works balls and tickles taints with the best of them.

  23. SARC88 says:

    I’d like for the guys at Bullshido to have a look at this one and all his “creds”. Probably equally bogus.

  24. Green Thumb says:

    This dude is into massage as well.

    I wonder how many sets of balls he has “massaged”?

  25. He just deleted his entire website.

    Game, set, match.

  26. Reck Less says:

    He doesn’t look like a Rowdy or Jiminez either