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From Arlington, Texas;

The suspects entered Z-Comm, an Arlington-based cell phone repair store that buys and sells cell phones, under the guise that they were there to do business, surveillance footage of the July 18 incident showed.

But it wasn’t long before one of the two suspects pulled out a handgun, pointing it at the store’s owner and his son, who were standing behind the counter.

The armed suspect pointed the gun at the store’s owner and his son and jumped over the counter, where he was quickly tackled and wrestled to the ground, the surveillance footage, released by Arlington Police, showed.

As the struggled ensued, the other suspect pulled out a gun and can be seen brandishing the weapon at the group, but the store owner didn’t miss a beat, swatting at the second gun while continuing to wrangle the first away.

Both suspects got away, but not before the store owner and son nearly dragged one of the men back inside.

“We do NOT recommend that you try and fight off armed robbers,” Arlington Police wrote in a Facebook post about the incident. “These clerks got very lucky that they were not shot or killed.”

Store owner Khurrum Monga agreed, telling CBS DFW that it was only after the fact that he realized what he and his son did was dangerous.

From Charleston, Missouri;

Charleston Department of Public Safety was contacted about a report of a person shot in the 600 block of Paul Street.

Not too long after news of a shooting, the agency was notified by Highway Patrol that a person was robbed at the Casey’s General Store on Story Street.

Officers responded to the shooting scene and found a 20-year-old Charleston man with several gunshot wounds.

The officers who responded to the robbery and found two men from Tennessee who claimed to have been robbed.

One of the men told officers he shot the person who had robbed him.

The investigation indicates the man from Charleston was the one shot by the two Tennessee men.

The man allegedly pulled a gun and tried to rob the two men.

One of the men had a concealed carry permit, so he drew his weapon and fired it several times at the robber.

The two Tennessee men then fled the scene and contacted officials.

The Charleston man was transferred to an area hospital for treatment and he is listed in serious condition.

From Roseville, Michigan;

The suspects are said to have arrived at the home on Pasadena in a black Acura around 2 p.m. They allegedly got out of the car and began to assault a man who lived at the home. That man is said to have fired a handgun — hitting one of the suspects in the leg.

After fleeing in the vehicle, the suspects were found in a parking lot on Gratiot south of Martin.

Two fled on foot and two stayed with the car before being taken into custody.

Currently, three of the suspects are with police and the fourth taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    “We do NOT recommend that you try and fight off armed robbers,”

    Oh really officer? I suppose it would be best if I just “cower in place” as suggested in your community safety talks and not anger the bad men any further.

    • Graybeard says:

      In Texas there was no reason the store owners could not have a gun with them (barring any criminal history).

      Taking on a pistol with nothing but your bare hands is depending on the bad guy to not have the guts to pull the trigger. Not a bet I’d take. That is what I think the LEO was trying to convey.

      Get a gun.
      Get more guns.
      Get lots of ammo for the guns.
      Practice with said ammo and guns until proficient, then practice some more.
      If there is a next time, pull out the gun and blaze away at the bad guys.

      It’s the Texas way.

      • Hondo says:

        Arlington’s in the DFW metro area. I’m guessing the officer meant exactly what it sounds like he was saying: cooperate with the thug. It’s the mantra of large metro area police forces.

  2. Dapandico says:

    Michigan gives color and make of car. No description of perps

  3. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Cell store robbery? I guess the two perp business men were really PHONE’IES. WOW, 2 comment puns this morning. Must be the egg yolks.

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