John Siver; phony SEAL

| August 25, 2017

Our partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, John Siver who claims to have graduated from the SEAL training program;

Well, the Navy disagrees;

Military Phonies summarize his career;

Based on John’s DD-214 he did just over 4 years and 5 months, got out as an E-3, not as an E-5 which he states on his resume and Linken account. It does show he went to BUD/s for about 6.5 months which most timelines would be 2 months of BUD/S prep, class-up quit or get dropped (1-2 weeks) then 4.5 months of being in the X-Division to process to a new command.

Siver explains himself in Military Phonies comments.

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  1. Graybeard says:


    Another day, another phony SEAL.

    And he made it a lot further than many others ever did. Nothing to be ashamed of – but he has soiled his reputation for life with his lies.

  2. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    All I can say is HI OLD SILVER AWAY. Ok, so Silver was the Lone Ranger’s horse so that makes the Seal wannabe Silver a horses ass.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    What. A. Marone!

    I’m tellin’ youse guys, if I go to a surplus store and see that they’re selling SEAL hats, I’m gettin’ me one, just because it’s a hat.

    Where’s my broomstick?

  4. IDC SARC says:

    He put out a half assed apology on Miitary Phonies…blames a reporter and then blathers on about what he’s done.

  5. 26Limabeans says:

    He has an uncanny resemblence to Mike Sleeper.

    • Carlton G. Long says:

      I’m glad you mentioned old Mike…he’d fallen off my radar. I need to set up a couple new Twitter accounts to call him out (he keeps blocking my other ones).

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      SHIT YEAH he looks like MICHAEL SLEEPER, and I was about to say that myself until I scrolled through and saw that you beat me to it!

    • Dave Hardin says:

      His Attorney has been exhausting himself with correcting Sleepers records.

  6. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    And notice his date of rank. Aug 20, 2002. On the street six months later.

    Someone stomped all over his pee-pee, methinks.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Dude looks like he should be shaking his flopper down at the local Blue Oyster Bar.

  8. Atkron says:

    Funny part is he even questions his own Phonyness by asking ‘Why John Siver?’

  9. Mick says:

    Enough already with this never-ending phony SEAL bullshit.

  10. lily says:

    Maybe it’s time for the military to stop using special forces as a recruiting tool for gullible teenagers? The recruiters know that most of those teenagers who enlist because they want to be Navy Seals will wash out of the program and end up in the blacks shoe Navy. Then a lot of them get out and lie about their service by claiming to have been a Seal.

    • mr. sharkman says:

      ‘Maybe it’s time for the military to stop using special forces as a recruiting tool for gullible teenagers?’

      A certain breed of young man is attracted to the most dangerous, most demanding, nearly impossible to qualify for units.

      Your gullible teenagers were the core of the 82d Airborne and 101st Airborne in WW2, along with the Rangers.

      While most outside of the US military had no idea what a SEAL was when I enlisted, I knew of them and their reputation from my dad’s brothers in arms from Vietnam (all were US army but had heard the rumors) and they nudged me to go into one of the USN dive programs because I was a fish out of water from age 5.

      I respect the attempt to cut down the never ending waves of phonies, but you’re going against centuries of military practice and tradition.

      Guys left the legion baggage train to fight as Velites, most likely when some Centurion challenged them to ‘get in the damn fight and share in the glory and the spoils’.

      Then again, one of the baddest Teamguys to ever exist volunteered for UDT training because of the additional related special pay. He had no idea what the UDTs were and had never swum in the ocean before classing up in Coronado. Saw plenty of combat in Korea and was part of the legendary ‘Class zero’ (his instructors packed up their kit and followed the graduating members of the class into combat in Korea).

      FW&FS K.G., old school UDT badass & career secret agent.

      Food for thought…

  11. Dave Hardin says:

    John Siver served when most would not, attempted to do more than many who did serve, he was not perfect.

    Why he decided to piss all over what honorable service he did have is beyond me.

    It appears from what is being said withing the SEAL community…he has a history of doing this sort of thing.

    In any event he posted an admission/apology in one of the private groups on FB.

  12. Skippy says:

    Be proud of your service, what’s with the story telling nowadays
    Damn you did your time be proud of it

  13. PRCS(AW/SW) Ret. says:

    So, he was a BUD/S drop for whatever reason, then straight into Physical Security with assignments in Souda Bay and La Maddalena? That’s shitting on a couple pretty good deals, there.