SPLC wants Army bases “taken down”

| August 31, 2017

Those creepy guys at the Southern Poverty Law Center who influenced Floyd Lee Corkins to shoot up the Family Research Council offices in downtown DC five years ago have found a new way to raise money and foment hate from the ignorant masses on the Left.

They’ve provided a helpful map to 1500 monuments to Confederate soldiers along with a sample letter that you can cut and paste and send to your local representative, urging them to “take down” these monuments. Among the monuments are Army forts, like Benning, Bragg and Hood. I’ve also found towns that they claim need to be “taken down”, like poor little Bradley, South Carolina.

More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed.

It’s time to take them down.

Scary, huh? I’m sure the 400 soldiers who are deployed to the hurricane disaster area from Fort Hood are really concerned about the name of their post, and the folks in the Houston area don’t want their help.

It’s funny (odd, not ha-ha) how this is an issue now, you know since many of these “monuments” have been around for the last hundred years or so. Now they’re going to cause bloodshed. Drama Queens.

Thanks to Chief Tango for the tip.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    It’s interesting that the SPLC has moved money offshore in order to protect it from the current lawsuits that have been filed against it by a church group. I guess they figure they are going to lose that one and don’t want their money taken away. Potok and the rest of the assholes need to be dick punched and sued into oblivion. I guess they figure their version of hate is acceptable.

    • 11B-mailclerk says:

      Actions speak louder than words.

      Also note the destination of at least some of the money: places that are inaccessible to American law enforcement or auditing These offshore locations, in addition to shielding assets from court judgements, enable money it to be effectively laundered and returned to various people and organizations even where such actions might be questioned, become highly embarrassing, or be found unlawful.

    • desert says:

      S.P.L.C. stands for “Sorry assed Pathetic Lowlife Communists”!

  2. Skippy says:

    These people are idiots the monuments here in Arizona are concerning
    Events that took place during the civil war they don’t commemorate
    The south they mark were the south got its ass kicked here during
    The civil war. Talk about re-writing history

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    ANYBODY who is SO offended by a statue or monument that badly needs yo call for a *WAAAAHHHH*mbulance to be dispatched to their location for a group hug, fresh Kool-aid and a peanut butter sandwich while everyone sings “Kum-ba-yah”. I SO MISS the Good Old Days when this world wasn’t so overrun with overly sensitive PUSSIES!

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Maybe if they can’t have their way, the SPLC will find their heads exploding.

    One can only hope!

  5. Graybeard says:

    I believe SPLC itself qualifies as a hate group. It certainly spews enough of it.

  6. Silentium Est Aureum says:

    Dear Potok,



    The World

  7. Roh-Dog says:

    This yankee always had a certain smug self-satisfaction about being from the winning side of “The War of Northern Aggression”. I was downright angered when I saw the Confederate Flag, thinking it meant a lot of things; hate for the north, racist beliefs, secession, etc…
    While in the Army my knowledge of Southern culture grew as I did. I felt a pride at something that was based on a false premise, Northern superiority.
    Having lived in the great state of Georgia, having talked to people that were friendly as all getout, even IF I am a “Dirty Yankee”, I’ve seen a very dark individual, on more that one occasion, wearing or displaying the Confederate Battle Flag…
    One thing that the South has, beyond any shadow of a doubt, pride in the title of American.
    I may have been born and live in the North, but my blood is as red as that Georgia clay.
    F*** the SPLC and all their ilk.
    Confederate history made the South what it is today, a fantastic representation of what being American means.

    • Duane says:

      Funny that you mention it this way, Roh-Dog. I’m about as Northern as you’re gonna get (Wa State), and my first Army duty station was Ft. Polk. While it wasn’t exactly the shining beacon of the South, it did expose me to even more Southern culture than Basic did. Like you, I learned a lot about the South and it’s people, and met some truly wonderful folks along the way. I got ribbed because of where I was from, but even back in 1978 I have to say there were no warmer people than the ones I ran into from the South! This crap from the SPLC is just that – crap!!

      • Roh-Dog says:

        Those Southerners are proud, damn proud, they definitely have earned the right.
        At least the SPLC waited until after the summer to mess with them. 100+ degree days, ‘shine and a trunkful of armaments isn’t to be toyed with.
        I kid.
        The ‘S’ in SPLC don’t stand for my (or my interpretation ) of the South!

      • jonp says:

        I met my first black person when I arrived at Ft Jackson for basic. I never got the whole southern flag thing and I was never offended by it either.

    • Jon The Mechanic says:

      I moved from NY to the South a couple of years ago. When people ask me about my accent, I tell them that I am “newly native” to the South, and have been here for a couple of years.

      They laugh and then ask me if I want some Sweet tea.

  8. Poetrooper says:

    Washington Free Beacon has an interesting article up today that shows clearly that the SPLC is a fund-raising scam that is moving millions of dollars to offshore accounts in the Caribbean and Bermuda. The execs are paid high six figure salaries and God only knows how many millions the founder, Morris Dees, has made from the scam. The Beacon also reports that little actual legal work is done on behalf of the poor. It is like the Clinton Foundation: it exists to raise money.


    Southern POVERTY law Center my ass!

    • LRRP2 says:

      Why don’t they target statues of Lenin ? There’s at least 5 of those in the US .

    • jonp says:

      Someone better tell George Clooney and his muzzy wife. They just sent those assclowns a million bucks

      • Jon The Mechanic says:

        Why do you have to say “Muzzy wife”?

        Rule number one is not to give the enemy anything that they can use against you.

    • rgr769 says:

      Their real goal re “poverty” is to make their stoopid donors poorer by whatever large sums they can white progtard guilt them into donating. They are a criminal scam just like the Hildabeast’s “foundation.”

  9. Sapper3307 says:

    The SPLC says Vermont has Nazis behind every tree.
    The closest I have seen is BLM and Bernie supporters on Church street..

  10. J Wright says:


    General Bragg was from Wisconsin.


  11. UpNorth says:

    Funny how those statues meant little to nothing to the morons at the SPLC, and the left for the last 8 years. Why now, except to deflect from Soros, JW’s suits to expose the Clinton Foundation and Massage Parlor, and now, the dems enabling of the muslims who worked for the head of the DNC. Those guys and gals who managed to get access to House and Senate Armed Forces and Intelligence committees and the classified info those committees had.

    As for hiding their cash off-shore, if they lose any of the pending, or upcoming suits, I believe the judge can order them to dip into their overseas coffers to make good on any judgements, or seized their properties.

  12. Commissar says:

    Revolutionary war monuments: < 50
    WWI monuments < 200
    WWII monuments < 200
    Vietnam monuments < 20
    Korean war monuments < 20

    Union and Union Army monuments 1500

    More than 80% were put up during eras of resurgent racism in the south. Particularly during the Jim Crow era and the civil rights era.

    This is not about heritage or history. This is about the South sending a message in defiance of efforts to treat blacks equally under the law.

    It is also interesting to note that none of these “Generals” held the rank of general in the US military. Not then and not retroactively. The US military officially recognizes them as the highest rank they held in the US military.
    For instance Lee’s official rank is Colonel, Bragg’s is Brevet Lieutenant Colonel.

    Benning is officially, “Mr. Benning” because the US military does not recognize any rank he held.

    • Commissar says:

      *Union and Union Army monuments 1500

    • Commissar says:

      Union and Union Army Monuments 1500

    • Commissar says:

      Something is preventing me from correcting those numbers.

      Union monuments is LESS THAN 150 (one hundred and fifty)

      Confederate Monuments is MORE THAN 1500 (fifteen hundred).

      • rgr769 says:

        You are full of fake numbers as well as shit. There are likely more than 100 Union monuments at Gettysburg, alone, I suggest you visit it sometime. You might learn something other than the fake history taught by your Marxist perfessers.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Commissar, I believe the terms were, Southerners go back to being -Americans-, and -not- a conquered nation or people.

      Reconciliation, not revenge, was the national policy of the United States.

      That means Southerers get to run their mouths same as anyone else, even if folks don’t appreciate it. None alive today are on parole. None alive today are on -any- limitation of their liberties.

      That war is -over-. Done.

      Civil rights is a done deal. -Done-. Irrevocable.

      So unless someone is actively -taking up arms- against the USA, let it fucking -drop-. We are -not- refighting it.

      Southerers today are rather fiercely loyal to the USA, as any number of subsequent wars have proven.

      The folks chanting “no USA” and -meaning it- are not by and large at all Southern. They are also not waving “Rebel” flags, but the Red banners of Socialism and the Black banners of Anarchy (but only Anarchy against non-socialist governments, of course).

      You know, the -same- black banner that means “no quarter”. The one that means even the rules of warfare are moot. Used by pirates and Jihadists to indicate “no quarter”.

      So exactly -who- is a threat to Liberty, eh? Someone with an old statue of a dead rebel, or the thugs silencing or battering Americans -today-.

      And as to that “no quarter” shit from AntiFree idiots: don’t tempt me, assholes. You fly -that- “no quarter” flag in -my- face while threatening violence against -me- and -mine-, then -I- am not obliged to -give- quarter, either. Don’t throw me in -that- ther briar patch Brer AntiFree Assholes. You -won’t- enjoy the result.

      • timactual says:

        Well said.

      • Mike says:

        I thought the red flag traditionally stood for “no quarter,” while the black flag symbolized a request for “parley” – only later co-opted and corrupted by anarchists.

        • Twist says:

          From what I learned, it was the pirates flying the red flag that gave no quarter.

          • Mike says:

            The red flag of no quarter (possible origin of the name for the pirate Jolly Roger – from the French jolie rouge – as many early pirate flags were red) was also flown by Santa Anna at the Alamo, I believe.

        • 11b-mailclerk says:

          White flag is parley (to arrange surrender, cease fire, truce, etc)

          Black is “no quarter” – no prisoners, no surrender, no mercy.

          Santa Anna flew the black flag upon besieging the alamo, to signal that no prisoners would be taken, nor surrender accepted. (Aka no quarter) He carried out that intent.

          The meaning has been widely understood in warfare, at least in the western world, for centuries.

          • Mike says:

            Recheck your sources, please.

            Traditionally (though, admittedly, traditions vary by region/period), red would symbolize “no quarter,” black would symbolize “parley,” and white symbolized “surrender,” though it could also refer to “ceasefire” and overlaps with “parley” a bit.




            While wiki isn’t a perfect resource, it offers its own citations. I’m away from wifi and don’t want to waste the data looking for a source on which flag Santa Anna flew, but one is cited in the first link.

            Regardless, I agree that the SPLC should put a gun in its collective mouth and pull the trigger with its toes.

          • bg2 says:

            “Gods and Generals” early on…Stonewall Jackson speaking to Jeb Stuart emphasizes “the black flag” and I think he meant, “no quarter.”

      • Roh-Dog says:

        So would you like them to “put up or shut up”, i.e. start shooting or keep quiet?
        I don’t like violence as a general rule but if they bring it I’ll make it my work to end it short order.
        One has to ask, what is AntiFas’ goal? Their end state?
        Maybe more martyrs to sway public opinion to their cause.
        Walking over that thin line between political action and domestic terrorism to earn that label so as to recruit more members.
        Whatever BS they up to, I’m not a fan, they scare the s*hit out of me.

        • 11b-mailclerk says:

          The AntiFree fools? No, i do not -want- a fight, but i will accept their stated flag-signaled intentions at face value. If they attack under a flag of no quarter, i have -zero- legal or moral obligation to offer it to them. I will defend myself as law allows.

          Fighting under a black flag is a statement of intent to massacre.

          And they damn well know it.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            I wasn’t aware. I’m feeling a bit motivated, I’ll leave this here:

            I am the Infantry.
            I am my country’s strength in war.
            her deterrent in peace.
            I am the heart of the fight-
            wherever, whenever.
            I carry America’s faith and honor
            against her enemies.
            I am the Queen of Battle.

            I am what my country expects me to be-
            the best trained solider in the world.
            In the race for victory
            I am swift, determined, and courageous,
            armed with a fierce will to win.

            Never will I betray my country’s trust.
            always I fight on-
            through the foe,
            to the objective,
            to triumph over all,
            If necessary, I will fight to my death.

            By my steadfast courage,
            I have won 200 years of freedom.
            I yield not to weakness,
            to hunger,
            to cowardice,
            to fatigue,
            to superior odds,
            for I am mentally tough, physically strong,
            and morally straight.

            I forsake not-
            my country,
            my mission
            my comrades,
            my sacred duty.

            I am relentless.
            I am always there,
            now and forever.
            I AM THE INFANTRY!
            FOLLOW ME

      • SFC D says:

        “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

        ― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series

        I won’t be the man to hoist the black flag. But listen closely and carefully, Antifa. If you do, and it becomes a direct threat to my life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness, and that of my family, I suggest you guard your throats.

        • Graybeard says:

          I ‘spect this is why the Anti-Free (hat tip to 11b-mailclerk) thugs are reluctant to try their antics in places like Texas.

          I tend to take folks at their word. If they say they want to kill or beat me, I accept that as their honest intention.

          In which case, war has been declared – by them – and the only rule is to win by any and all means necessary.

          My plans are to die at the age of 112 in a backpacking accident in the mountains. Not at the hands of some punk black-shirts.

          • Jon The Mechanic says:

            My goal is to die old as well, surrounded by my last 3 trophy wives, and their combined ages would not equal mine.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          May GOD have mercy on those Antifa shits if they decide to mess with my home, Family, Friends and Neighbors if he sees fit BECAUSE I WON’T.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:


    • timactual says:

      ” This is about the South sending a message in defiance of efforts to treat blacks equally under the law.”

      Horse hockey. Those monuments were set up to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of southern soldiers, just as Union monuments were set up to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of Union soldiers. Believe it or not, both qualities existed on both sides, and were admired and respected by both sides.

      Probably in the same time frame as the Confederate monuments.

    • Mr. Pete says:


      Let me ask you,

      do you want the confederate monuments at Gettysburg battlefield taken down? How about the other the other Civil War battlefields?

    • Skyjumper says:

      Commissar, what is your source of information concerning the number of monuments dedicated to each war period?

      Your claim of 20 total Viet Nam monuments is totally off. Hell, I can find well over 20 Viet Nam memorial monuments easily here in my state …. the same goes for WWI, WWII and Korean monuments here.

      Basically you “cherry-picked” the numbers to try to prove YOUR point. You appear to have counted all of the state, city, national Civil War memorials but didn’t do the same for the others, just to try to prove YOUR point, which you failed miserably at.

      List your sources or the criteria you used.

      Seems to be another case of you “if I can’t dazzle them with brilliance….than I’ll try to baffle them with bullshit”.

      • Twist says:

        He obviously thinks we don’t know how to do an internet search. It took me less than a minute to find over 50 Revolutionary war monuments. I barely had to look farther than the Boston and Philadelphia.

      • Jonn Lilyea says:

        Yeah, that’s Lars’ MO. There are no more numbers left in his rectum.

        • SFC D says:

          The numbers were crowded out by his cranium.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          I once thought of trying to see things from his point of view but I quickly realized that THERE WAS NO WAY I could get my head THAT FAR up my ass!

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Just in my state alone, I started counting the memorials for Vietnam and those include ‘all wars’ memorials.

        I lost count at 29, and was barely halfway through the list of locations, when I got pestered to feed my pussies.

        So as usual, Lars Taylor is full of hot air and mustard gas. He’s almost always wrong about a lot of things, and specifically, and extremely, wrong about this subject.

        All monuments have to be counted, not just certain ones, especially if they are titled ‘all wars’. It doesn’t have to be war-specific. We have some dedicated to the American Revolution and the Spanish-American War. Those count, too, you know.

        Because he’s so full of digested food products and hot air, I will no longer use his name. From now on, he is Sir Fart Strangely. He never has anything important to say, anyway.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Lars likes trying to baffle the rest of us with his cherry picked bullshit…

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Yes, it’s as thought he really thinks no one knows how to do anything or knows anything about anything, except him, Sir Fart Strangely.
          Best example is when he snarled at me about my response to his snide remarks about my Chrismat tree photo and how DUMB I must be about computers. That, of course, means he fails to take into account that I’ve been working on and with computers since 1978, which is when he was still wearing diapers.
          It’s easy enough to throw something in his general direction just to see how ridiculous he is in response, especially when his tirades are almost identical to each other.

          • rgr769 says:

            I think you are giving him credit for being older than he is. In 1978, I think his coulda been older smarter brother ran down his mommy’s leg.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Well, I was guessing, rgr769. Maybe the year for him was 1988?

            • Claw says:

              Sir Fart Strangely was born five days before I was inducted into the Army.

              Those familiar with my comments know when that induction occurred.

            • Ex-PH2 says:

              I’ll find the re-up bird video for you, if you want a reminder, Claw. 🙂

      • Thunderstixx says:

        Hey, he/she/it’s the expert and knows more than you, me and everybody else here…

        Don’t believe me, ask him, he’ll tell you. In some fourteen page long screed informing us how we should be awed by his expertise on Confederate Monuments, transgender psychological benefit and how each of us should denounce our God Given sexual connotation, Right to Defend ourselves, right to free speech, right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and declare ourselves free of outside social constructs and how that will be the panacea we have all been waiting for as the world turns in to his vision of the utopian dreams of Lenin, Marx, Mao, Pol Pot, Uncle Ho Stalin, Hitler, Adolph Eichmann, Che, Margaret Sanger, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie and the Cruisers and of course Lucky Luciano !!!
        If only the world would listen to he/she/it, all would be wonderful |!!!
        Spo, sit down, shut up and take your re-education vitamins, the French Flag, (white surrender) is your new national symbol !!!

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          You mean the French Battle Flag, the one with a white cross on a white background?

    • IDC SARC says:

      “This is about…”

      Hillary lost.

    • rgr769 says:

      Fuck you, proglodyte. As usual, you are full of proggy/crtpto-commie agitprop bullshit taught you by the likes of Angela Davis. If you had any money, you would likely donate to SPLC.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Babbles McButthead, once again you are completely and totally full of shit but right now I don’t have the time, patience or crayons to explain it to you!

    • Stacy0311 says:

      I guess Fitzhugh Lee, Matthew Butler, Joseph Wheeler, and Thomas L. Rosser don’t count?

      Statues of them can be left in place since they were ALL Major Generals POST Civil War.

      And I guess any statues of US Army soldiers from the post Civil War period have to go too since they might depict a galvanized Yankee.

      Learn your history, not lefty slogans/talking points

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    I wanted to be taller, and play in the NBA…guess me and the SLPC will have to remain disappointed in how shit works sometimes…

  14. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Isn’t moving that much money offshore and overseas liable to trigger an IRS audit etc?
    The IRS are quick to jump down an ordinary American’s throat for the same thing.
    Where are they now?

    • 11b-mailclerk says:

      Some Animals are more equal than other Animals.

    • Graybeard says:

      They have to talk to Shillery and 0bama first – and Shillery’s drunk while 0bama plays golf.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      The IRS is too busy stopping us right wing 501 C3 organizations from getting our tax free status…
      Ask larsyboi, he/she/it will fill you in on the details, after all he/she/it is the expert !!!
      *See above post*

  15. Poetrooper says:

    If you want to know the real truth about the SPLC go read this article at the Federalist:


    The founder, Morris Dees, is a long time scam artist.

  16. Perry Gaskill says:

    The 1500 number the SPLC is using to indicate a CSA “monument” is bogus. One of their evident points of outrage, for example, is a tiny crossroads just south of Salinas, California called Confederate Corners. The main road runs over to the Laguna Seca race track, and Confederate Corners was where a few rebel soldiers settled after the Civil War. It apparently reached its zenith around 1898 with a few houses. About all that’s left now is a gas station.

    It’s pretty much a safe bet that 99.99 percent of Salinas residents couldn’t locate Confederate Corners if you asked them.

    • rgr769 says:

      Maybe the commie commissar can take some of his Antifa buddies and mount a “direct action” there to fight the white patriarchy, etc., etc., and Southern racism. There won’t be anyone or anything to “protest” there, but they can always mount each other.

  17. Thunderstixx says:

    Speaking of the irony of ironies.
    The SPLC supports removing all indications of racism towards blacks including removing all the statues denoting the Confederacy and all those that served under that flag…
    But, they support the biggest racist in history, Margaret Sanger as she founded Planned Parenthood for the sole purpose of eliminating the black race from Earth because she is on record on numerous occasions talking about how she considers them totally inferior to white people…
    And then you get to the KKK , Byrd and the rest of them…
    I mean, think about that.
    About 60% of all black babies in America are aborted, read killed, but, they support that and have issues with statues…
    Somehow I just can’t wrap my head around that…

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yeah, Margaret Sanger WAS a white supremacist but we don’t see lefties screeching for Planned Parenthood facilities to be removed!

      Liberalism is truly a Mental Disorder.

  18. bg2 says:

    You know what the endgame is, right? It’s not “merely” about removing Confederate statues (that is just a “step” along the path.) The endgame is removal, read, “erasure” of our entire American heritage beginning with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They owned slaves, right? Once the Confederate monuments are removed, they (Antifa and other worthless items including the SPLC) will be “free” to go after our Founding Fathers. That’s really what they want…the erasure of the American republic and everything it has stood for over all these many years.

    This is not my original idea. Heard it over the weekend at a patriotic event in the Carson Valley, Nevada, articulated by American Conservative Union Chairman, Matt Schlapp. He made a lot of sense, to me, and to others.

  19. CM says:

    SPLC was formed by a man who defended a member of the KKK years back. It’s a fraud group that is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the radical left agenda and a means to funnel money. I am glad the FBI dumped them.

  20. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    The Obama/Mcain/republican shadow government in exile slow moving coup to get rid of Trump has added on the statue issue as another distraction because the Russian investigation looks like it is running out of steam. Their next investigation will be looking in to the Whatever happened to Baby Jane white House connection.

  21. J Wright says:

    I know that Fort Bragg is named for a CSA General. My dad was from Wisconsin and just wanted to stir things up.