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| September 13, 2017 | 28 Comments

Yesterday, we wrote a bit about Phil Haberman and I mentioned that there was some media interest in his story as a phony Special Forces soldier. I found a story from Reuters today and how he couldn’t help but tell his phony story while he was helping storm-ravaged victims of Hurricane Harvey;

Phil Drager commanded a fleet of rescue boats, closed a highway, and flagged down a helicopter when he led efforts to rescue flood victims in Texas as waters rose after Hurricane Harvey, citing as his credentials a record in U.S. military special operations.

His actions as a volunteer were real, but some of what he told victims, volunteers and officials about himself – including his name and the details of his military background – was not.

Drager was born Phil Jason Haberman but said he uses an assumed name for personal reasons. He served in the Marines from 1990 to 1991, according to military records. He also served for a year and a half in the Army National Guard where he was discharged in 2006 under “other than honorable conditions,” a National Guard spokesman said.

Drager told Reuters the records were “not accurate.” He later said additional paperwork filed in Florida showed his National Guard discharge was overturned to become honorable. The National Guard spokesman said he was unable to find those records.

Here are his “inaccurate records” in case you forgot;

After initially saying he could not retrieve information he had at home relevant to Reuters’ comment request because he was traveling, Drager sent copies of records showing he joined the Army Reserves and was assigned to active duty in Georgia in April 2008 for a term that expired a year later. Multiple military representatives did not immediately respond to requests to verify the records.

There is no evidence Drager acted illegally.

Apparently, he did good things in Houston, but he could have accomplished those good deeds without telling his phony story about his military career.

But phonies gotta phony.

Folks in Houston who run into Haberman, should keep their hands over their wallets.

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  1. Skippy says:

    And the saga continues. Were it ends nobody knows

    BHWHAHAHAHA ! ! ! !

  2. Green Thumb says:

    This man is a disease.

  3. OldManchu says:

    Hey I volunteered for a couple of hours last weekend at our local food bank.

    … oh …. and be sure and note that I’m a Green Beret!

    Not really.

  4. ChipNASA says:

    Just another Phake Phucking piece of Pheces named Phil just like Phildo Dale Monkeyshits

  5. FatCircles0311 says:

    He’d make a great Democrap. I hear Dick Blumenthal is already sweating.

  6. 1610desig says:

    That quote of his at the bottom of the article is, well, remarkable…I’ll be in Houston next week and perhaps fate will allow me to jack his dumb ass up for all of us if he isn’t already saving the day in front of the cameras for Floridians after Irma….after all, since people who do good things always end up on the bad end of things, it seems only right

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I hereby once again make a motion for the Wall of Insults®™ to be deployed against the moldy parasitic POS known as Phil Haberman whom I shall from henceforth refer to as “Phildo Jr.!

    • ChipNASA says:

      And because I was out of pocket last few days, I missed the other request, and that was seconded and voted AYE so by the abbreviated Robert’s Rules at TAH, I hereby make the declaration that no other seconds or votes are needed.

      Because you’re a giant sucking tremendous bag of ass Phil and like it has been said, we are not Phond of phakers named Phil, grab your ankles “Phil Jr.” because WE’RE GOING IN DRY!!

      Wall of Insults®™
      FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!
      DANGER CLOSE!!!!
      MOPP LEVEL 4!!!
      TAKE COVER!!!!!

      Phil Drager “Phil Jr.” Jason Haberman , is NOT Special Forces, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed or proven, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, turd-sucking feces factory, Bitch-ass Fuckstick guzzler, pile infested, onion-eyed flapmouthed butt-bailiff, “Fowl” mouthed Chicken fucker, moral equivalent of pond scum, inflamed, “Towel boy” in a gay bath house, Ambulatory verbal dissembling anus, gaping ass fungus nugget, Cambodian cunt sauce, ball working asshole, Poster-child for abortion, Swallowing Spoo Sampler, shit tonguing, munching wanktoaster, cock gobbling, lientery steatorrhea, sperm burping, tit, sniveling, codpiece licking toilet seat sniffer, lying, taintpimple, Pillow bitin pickle smoocher, Bowl of ass soup, Festering fuckwart on a sewer rat’s ass, Satan even said about you, “Boy is this guy a DICK!, Sparklepony, worthless, Vice Admiral of the Narrow Seas, More worthless than rubber lips on a woodpecker or tits on a boar hog, moldy bowl of ratshit, would wear Richard Simmons’ used jockstrap as a facemask, useless bag of monkey fuck, rancid floor buffer wax spreader, both of your Grandmothers should have had an abortion, just in case, Mayor Grundle of Scrotumburg and Anusville, waste of oxygen, prickwrinkler, anal sphincter canyon yodeling phallic squeezer, numbnuts, snowball, giggling beerflecked canker blossom , maybe a “buggerer of little boys”, rottencrotched, rump wrangling, colostomy bag curator, culo de chongo, booger eating fuckbucket, Lemon Party-lusting fruitcake, putrid, rotting, Santorum Stained Molting Muscrat, whoreson whale’s carcass, overzealous polyp burglar, bed wetting, follows in Victorious Felder’s bovine excrement -filled boots, toadstool slime-inhaling dickdrizzling sludge, as fucked up as an opossum eating shit out of a hairbrush, Champion Jailhouse Baloney Pony Rider, moron, Prevaricating Sphincter, Cock Bagel and Dick Doughnut, Straight Up Stupid Motherfucker, baby unit, one eyed snake charmer, you’ll never be the man your mother is, Odious Twonk, terminal crotch infection, asshat, dick pickle, It looks like he smeared super glue on his lip and chin and went down on Whoopi Goldberg’s cootchie, wanker, herpes-ridden dung beetle target, first volunteer for being part of a jailhouse human centipede, should eat a nice steaming pile of monkey shit you ass clown, helmet wearing short bus riding window licker, more ate up than a chocolate dildo in a crowded gay bar, shitbag, dipstickus giganticus, Humpty Dumpty cleanup man after the fleet visits Naples, poofter, knob gobbling, fimicolous galactic Jackoff, Assistant Jizz mopper in training, inbred, toe-jam from an infected Filipino hooker that specializes in foot jobs, tortured turnip turd, your penis lives in eternal darkness, I’d hate to see your toilet, retardus maximus, Microcephalic Toad Licker, steaming rat-felching bucket of moldy monkey fuck, Pecker-puffing pickle licker, catcher not pitcher, Arschloch, impotent koekeloeren, slaptard, couldn’t even be trained in my AFSC in the USAF to suck farts out of C-5 seat cushions, mumpsimus, reverse dirty sanchez lover, kutomba wewe, Cryptosporidium-ridden tire tosser, douche & enema nozzle, likes to molest small farm animals, dead and alive, is a hemorrhoid, schlong juice, cum-guzzling gutter butt-slut sphincter goblin, Fuck Tart, Sitzpinkler, lispian, Milksop, puss soaked jackwagon, waste of trace elements and water, knob breath dick biscuit, Pettifogger, donkey raping shit-eater, pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo it, may he lay a lip lock on the snotty end of a moose cock,butt munch, man of the night in a large animal bordello, I bet you’re the kind of guy that would fuck you own mother in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give her a reach-around (Thanks R. 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      Here endith the lesson.

  8. Pinto Nag says:

    The buzzards do come out in a crisis, don’t they? I’d rather deal with an honest thief, than some oozing pustule that feeds on personal pain, fear, and uncertainty.

  9. Bobo says:

    Based on looking over his DD-214s, I have the following time line:

    2003 – Active Duty for Training, Reserve Component Member, attended Basic Training and AIT, 4 months. Rank at discharge SPC (E-4)

    2005 – Discharged from Ft. Bragg while mobilized with the 120th IN, NCARNG. The 120th deployed to Iraq from Dec 2004 – Feb 2005. He was charged with falsifying a DA-31 in Jul 2004 while assigned to D Co., Womack Army Medical Center. It looks like he tried to add a few weeks of leave to an approved DA-31. Discharged Nov 2005 as a PV1 (E-1) with a JKA Separation Code (Pattern of discreditable behavior with civil or military authorities. The ONLY RE Code allowed for Separation Code JKA is RE-4). Given that he was assigned to WAMC while his unit was still in Iraq, and that he was awarded a ICM but no PH, it’s assumed that he was MEDEVACed stateside due to injury/illness after deploying into theater.

    2008 – Active Duty For Training. Attended 74C school at Ft. Gordon while a member of the Support Co., 19th SFG, UTARNG. Discharged as a SPC (E-4).

    He was assigned to a active duty unit in Georgia from 2007 until 2008. It was the 551st Sig Bn, a TRADOC command that he was assigned to while attending the school to become a 74C.
    He was a member of the ARNG while there, not the USAR. Somehow he was able to enlist into the UTARNG despite the RE-4 RE code and become an E-4 again while there. Maybe he did get the adverse action overturned and the RE code changed? Technically, he served in some capacity in the SF, but as a support guy in an ARNG SF group with no long tab and no SF training. He was a commo guy running cable for the colonel in Utah. Regardless, he is a giant POS.

    • Brown Neck Gaitor says:


      A few comments. His falsification of the DA-31 resulted in a reduction to E-3 October 2004 (AR15 docs on Military Phonies). So he did something(s) else to get reduced.

      His E-1 has a DOR of 26 October 2005. The memo granting early discharge is dated 31 October 2005 with the DD-214 showing 03 November 2005 and end of service.

      Jonn, can you check the 2008 DD-214? It looks like a word for word match to the ’03 version except for being copy 1. Am I misreading it?

    • Skippy says:

      Bobo. I spoke to a buddy of mine last night about this joker
      At his time of re-enlistment his discharge would have been a factor
      On his waiver, but when he was put out the first time the guard
      Wasn’t all the way on I-Perms. he said so it’s possible he slid in
      Because a paper trail wasn’t there, also his enlistment was done in Nevada I believe it wasn’t all that hard at the time for folks to do that
      Everybody was a little hard up for body’s to fill the ranks
      It obvious he did this to get a enlistment bonus he probably did get the first part of it and not the other half. in 2007 they were offering 25000
      Buckaroos for four years and it looks like that is what he was after
      His address on his 214 threw me off because it’s a high end condo
      And apartment development off of the stip rents during this time there were around 3500 dollars a month starting how or why he reenlisted
      Is plain and simple he wanted money. I wonder what happened to the 215 he was supposed to be issued and did that not show up with the rest of his FOIA request,

  10. Mark Lauer says:

    I never quite know what to do about ass clowns who do good things.
    Maybe give them an “attaboy trophy”, but shove it up their ass?
    Decisions, decisions…..

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