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| September 19, 2017 | 3 Comments

POW McCain – Not a hero

Ramblin’ man

7th inning stretch

The good news is that Europe is only a Delta flight away

Liz, Bernie and Kirsten

…since his name isn’t Clinton

Butthurt Journalism

Dindu Nuffins

Dis Sanders

You will be made to care

Tap dancing

“You can keep your doctor”

Let. It. Go.

Party hearty

Have a Koch and a smile

Cotton balls

King DUmbass

I am pantsuit, hear me whine

Military is just a jobs program


Dizzying intellect…truly.

Socializing this democrat

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    “grease the skids so the generals will put millions in the camps when the time comes….” (Military just a jobs program)

    Okaaaayyy! I finally found The Golden Nugget, the thing we all aspire to acquire: the proof of bull-goose looneyism in the DUers!

    I mean, I knew they were nutballs, but I had to have proof!

    Thank you, Claymore! I can see again! I have EYES! I can probably walk, too! I’m so blessed!! Praise Claymore!!

  2. David says:

    gahDAMMIT those people are stupid. Love how they think if Mueller alleges Russian collusion that a) it invalidates the election and b) somehow Hillary would be sworn in. Unless they invalidate the Constitution and all the amendments, I’m pretty sure she can only be sworn at. Once again, a Tuesday headache…

  3. Eden says:

    This quote, a comment from a poster called “ileus” on the “European-style Hate Speech Laws” thread, is very telling:

    “Our side should get to author what is hate speech.
    If we go about it properly, the Right won’t be able to say or pen one of their ideas without fear. First we have to get complete power again…”

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