Spencer Rapone in deep kimchi

| September 29, 2017

So that fellow, Spenser Rapone who flashed his support for communism and his disdain for the US at his graduation last year seems to be in a world of shit. I guess folk have tracked him down in his enlisted assignments and his time at the Ranger Battalions was less than stellar if we believe our friends at Connecting Vets who report that;

Lt. Col Matthew Bockholt, director of public affairs for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) confirmed that Army 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone was “RFS.”

What this means: Released for standards (RFS) means a soldier is kicked out of the Battalion. A source in the Ranger Regiment veteran community tells ConnectingVets a Battalion member RFS means that the individual “no longer meets all standards as outlined in the Ranger Standards ‘Blue Book.’ The most common reason for this is failure to complete required training, but it could happen for a variety of reasons.”

Rapone had a deployment to Afghanistan, and his father, in a now-deleted post claims that deployment changed him. I don’t know how a deployment to Afghanistan would make him consider communism, though;

So, despite that, Rapone was accepted at West Point where his faculty mentor was one Rasheed Hosein, a professor of Middle East history, according to PJ Media which reports that Hosein is on administrative leave and he’s being investigated for something unrelated to Rapone, we’re told. Rapone and Hosein took a trip to India together a few years back. I still don’t see how all of that would make him a communist, though.

Anyway, he made his way through the Infantry Officer Basic Course last year, and then he went to Ranger School around February this year and for some reason they bounced him out. According to Stars & Stripes he’s back at his unit in 2d Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum. He’s in the field until later today according to his leadership;

[Brigade spokesman Capt. Michael] Mahar said Rapone has been in the field all week with his battalion, where he is an assistant operations officer helping to facilitate live fire exercises. Those conclude Friday, he said.


The 2nd Brigade Combat Team issued a statement saying, “Both the Department of Defense and the Army have longstanding policies encouraging soldiers to participate in the democratic process. However, the Army has strict rules regarding the wear and appearance of Army uniforms. The 2nd Brigade Combat Team, Tenth Mountain Division chain of command is aware of 2nd Lt. Rapone’s alleged actions and is looking into the matter.”

So, yeah, he’s in deep shit. Especially when it came to light that he disparaged President Trump (of course), Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Vice President Pence and John McCain, in public on his social media accounts. He also expressed his love for traitor and spy Bradley Manning;

Rapone’s Reddit account describes Manning’s “courage and tenacity” giving him “strength” to espouse his beliefs in the military.

I guess “courage and tenacity” means “incessant whining” in commiespeak.

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  1. radar says:

    The Daily Caller got their hands on a 2015 report made by a lieutenant colonel who was teaching at West Point at the time. Read it and see if you can come up with a reason why he wasn’t kicked the fuck out back then, because I sure can’t. The brass at the school knew exactly what the sonofabitch was and they let him graduate anyway.


  2. Clyde Angelo says:

    Frag the traitor and use his body for target practice.

  3. Boogur T. Wang says:

    WTF ever happened to “NCO Justice”