MCCAIN’s officers canned

| October 11, 2017 | 17 Comments

Business Insider reports that the commander and XO of USS MCCAIN, Commanders Alfredo Sanchez and Jessie Sanchez have taken the fall for the ship’s collision with an oil taker last month;

Although the investigation is ongoing, the Navy called the collision preventable and said “the commanding officer exercised poor judgment, and the executive officer exercised poor leadership of the ship’s training program.” The Navy’s strict adherence to customs and traditions dictate that commanders be relieved of duty when superiors lose confidence in their leadership.

Thanks to Mick for the link.

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  1. Sgt Fon says:

    I Shit you not, i just had a truck roll past my house with “Sanchez and Sanchez Moving” plastered to the side. i guess the Navy really does work quick if you get relived for cause!

  2. Michael Reed says:

    Sadly, the first thing I thought when I heard this last night was, how long will it be before they become racially motivated firings.

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    Wait. Both the CO and XO are named Sanchez?

    I was at a boxing match once where both contenders were named Jose. The crowd was silent as they fought until someone yelled Jose! Then all hell broke loose.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yeah, I’m waiting for the SJW howling, too, but bad judgment is simply bad judgment. Let’s wait and see what really happens.

  5. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Well, as the old saying goes, any bird can build a nest but not everyone can lay an egg.(Stan Laurel quote)

  6. Devtun says:

    CDR Alfredo looks like he’s mostly white Spaniard stock w/ no hint of mestizo – the SJW won’t give a shite about him.

  7. Graybeard says:

    Too bad we can’t can McCain as well.

  8. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    Isn’t there a rule about married people serving on a boat together?

  9. Sparks says:

    Another chin and the XO won’t make the tape.

  10. 1610desig says:

    EO won’t help them at all…Navy pretty consistent about collisions/groundings…but they may both be manning an EO office until retirement

  11. Rosalee says:

    You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility.

  12. CM says:

    Trump has his Patton. He now needs his Halsey.

  13. Frank says:

    Apparently because this court martial took place in a “Sanctuary City” ICE weren’t called to take these two affirmative action experiments away….

  14. Indeed smacks of Affirmative Action. Liberal rot from within.

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