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From San Benito, Texas;

A San Benito man was arrested this past Monday, after the Cameron County Sherriff’s office say he attempted to break into a home on the outskirts of San Benito. Authorities arrived on the scene after reports of shots fired.

According to Sherriff Omar Lucio, the shots originated from the home owners.
Lucio stated that witnesses in the area saw a man running away from the house with the homeowner chasing him. Chief Deputy Gus Reyna said deputies arrested the man on suspicion of three misdemeanors and one felony.

From Fayetteville, Arkansas;

“My dad was standing in the driveway when a man approached him,” said [Alexis] Cox. “He was wearing a mask, so all you could see were his eyes.”

Cox explained that the suspect demanded large sums of money from Moore, forcing him inside his home at gunpoint. Once inside the home, the suspect took Lou Moore’s arm, and dragged her into a car with her husband.

“He told my parents, if you flee, I will shoot you. If you crash on purpose, I will shoot you,” said Cox. “Fortunately, my dad has a gun license and had just moved a gun into the car a few days earlier.”

That’s when the story takes a turn.

“The man was in the back seat of the car, my parents in front, when all of a sudden he starts screaming for his phone,” Cox stated. During the commotion, Jerry Moore, reached for his gun.

“The man must have heard the safety click, because he lunged at my dad and started biting his arms as hard as he could,” Cox exclaimed. “The man’s hands were on my dad’s, trying to get control of the gun. My dad was able to adjust his hands and shoot the man, then threw him out of the car.”

Sgt. Anthony Murphy with the Fayetteville police department said that’s when they got the call of a shooting.

“The victims left the scene and called 9-1-1,” said Murphy. Cox added that her parents were going straight to urgent care to treat Jerry’s bite wounds.

Fayetteville police have not released the identity of the suspect at this time, but told 40/29 News he is in serious condition at the hospital.

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  1. HMC Ret says:

    Never take molars to a gun fight. Didn’t work for Mike Tyson or this guy.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    “shoot the man, then threw him out of the car”

    Dead skunk in the middle of the road.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    …starts screaming for his phone, then bites the guy who’s trying to put a stop to this episode of Da Strange, and then gets thrown out of the car….

    Ummm… how many crazy people are loose on the streets with no one to stop them? Just askin’.

    In the “More Reasons Shoppe Owners Need Guns”, two bandits walked into a Michigan Avenue store that sells expensive watched (think Tag Heuer), smashed the glass cases, grabbed about two dozen, maybe more and ran out of the store to a gold Toyota(?) and drove off. Clever fellows, weren’t they? Except that the serial numbers on those expensive watches can be traced. Not as clever as they thought.

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