Joff Paradise; phony veteran

| October 18, 2017 | 45 Comments

Someone ran across an article in their copy of Elevate (the article has since been yanked) in which this fellow, Joff Paradise, claimed to have been a special forces officer who lost his leg as a result of combat.

That’s funny because that is not what he told someone in Facebook communications in regards to his loss of his leg;

The Bikers for Christ seem to think that Paradise lost his leg in a motorcycle accident;

Of course, what makes his Vietnam stories harder to believe is the National Personnel Records Center says that there is no record of his service in the NPRC or at the Air Force;

Mr Paradise was born in 1962, so the Vietnam War ended when he was thirteen years old.

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  1. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Is his name paradise or Parasite.

  2. Combat Historian says:

    One of the articles says he is aged 53, so he must have deployed to Vietnam in 1985 as Rambo’s wee little junior sidekick, kinda like Indiana Jones little buddy Short Round…

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    “The two checks combined ended up being exactly the amount Paradise and his wife needed to cover their mortgage”

    Well praise the lord.

  4. RM3(SS) says:

    Huh. Motorcycle, religion, where’s the “service dog?” Maybe the dog ate his Cannabis.

  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:


  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Tried to enlist when he was still an egg in his mother’s ovary. The recruiter told him to come back later… much later.

  7. Martinjmpr says:

    Jonn am I missing something? I didn’t see any mention of Vietnam in the article?

    • Martinjmpr says:

      The closest thing I see to a VN mention is the reference to a “fellow veteran” who suffered from Agent Organge exposure. But nothing in the article implies that Paradise and this ‘fellow veteran’ served together.

      I mean, clearly the article is complete crap as Paradise was not a “27 year veteran of the airborne special forces” whatever the hell that means, but unless there is another article somewhere else that references Paradise’s claim to have been in Vietnam, I don’t see it in the article you posted.

  8. Martinjmpr says:

    BTW I have it on good authority that he lost his leg due to an infection he picked up from a hot tub in Florida. 😉

    Sorry, I know I’ve used it before but that just NEVER gets old. 😀

  9. MSGRetired says:

    One of his photo’s has Jump wings with an SF Patch in the middle

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Not only is he a lying POS but after looking at his farcebook page it appears that he’s also some kind of MLM get-rich-quick shyster always on the prowl for his next batch of suckers, thus I hereby make an official motion for Joff Paradise to receive The Official TAH Wall of Insults®™. IMHO he’s more full of shit than a Brigade of shifty Used Car Salesmen!

    • ChipNASA says:

      OK guys, you know the drill,
      I have a request for the WOI and a Second. Any Aye votes?

        • ChipNASA says:

          OK Folks, That’s a wrap.

          Per the TAH Robert’s Rules, only one “AYE vote needed…

          Here comes the NEW AND IMPROVED Wall Of Insults because the more we dig and read about this creeper, the dirtier he gets.

          Wall of Insults®™
          (aka, “This Ain’t Hell” Thesaurus)

          FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!
          DANGER CLOSE!!!!
          MOPP LEVEL 4!!!
          TAKE COVER!!!!!

          Joff “Jerk Off, Lost in” Paradise, NOT Special Forces, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed or proven, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, turd-sucking feces factory, Bitch-ass Fuckstick guzzler, pile infested, onion-eyed flapmouthed butt-bailiff, “Fowl” mouthed Chicken Fucking Chickenfucker, moral equivalent of pond scum, THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS A WALKING TURD, inflamed, “Towel boy” in a gay bath house, Ambulatory verbal dissembling anus, gaping ass fungus nugget, Cambodian cunt sauce, Poopy Headed ball working asshole, Soup Sandwich, Poster-child for abortion, Swallowing Spooge Sampler, should be ass raped and tea-bagged, at the same time, by a Rabid Rhinoceros, shit tonguing, munching wanktoaster, cock gobbling Pigfucker, lientery steatorrhea, sperm burping, tit, Sharmouta, sniveling, codpiece licking toilet seat sniffer, lying bucket of Chihuahua shit, taintpimple, Pillow bitin 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          FUCK YOU, ASS HAMSTER!!!
          Here endith the lesson.

  11. Tom Huxton says:

    “Paradise” sounds like an assumed handle to me. His own page seems just so slick n slimey that I would not trust any version of his biography.

  12. Sparks says:

    Fucking Multi-Level-Marketing Clown.

    Can I get a read back?

    Copy that…Pyramid Scheme Ass Hat.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      You mean to say that Joff Paradise appears to be some MLM shyster that runs around trying to tell people how to get rich yesterday by hustling some kind of Ponzi Scheme? Same thing I saw when I peeked at his farcebook page, that’s what made me motion for him to get the TAH WOI®™!

  13. Skippy says:

    What da fuk


  14. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    IMHO it appears that Joff Paradise is a Dutch Rudder Gang/All Points Logistics level of slime ball, slimy enough to be a clone of phildo!

  15. Mick says:

    I’m thinking that this assclown is a prime candidate to show up in here as a sockpuppet.

  16. David says:

    Claims Augsburg as his home town now…. nice city, doesn’t deserve him.

  17. Cris says:

    Until I see proof otherwise, I also don’t believe he is a custom motorcycle builder or was on any TV show of that genre.
    I don’t think he takes CBD for any kind of pain, but he’ll need to hold on to it for the future pain his arse is going to feel when he eventually ends up in the slammer for the schemes he’s trying to pull on folks.

  18. MSGRetired says:

    And the Facebook Profile is not available. I did post a link on his page to TAH . He sent me a rather nasty PM lol .. Well I did capture the PM and the pic of him with the SF pin and an 82nd lapel pin .. Douche Pickle !

  19. 11 Bravo says:

    Add his name to the Ads Hamster list.

  20. hoofhearted says:

    math skills: paradise < pair of balls.

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