Anthony Martinez aka Anthony Gambino sentenced

| November 15, 2017 | 56 Comments

We wrote about Anthony Gambino last year when he was arrested for pretending to be a wounded Marine in New Mexico. Soon after I first wrote about him, the threats started, yes, lawyer threats. He was going to sue me for republishing news reports. Dave Hardin wrote about those threats earlier this year.

This is a letter to inform you that I will be obtaining your information and sueing for Libel. We have already took pictures of your artical ,comments, etc. One must reseach things before printing damaging and false information. KRQE is in the same situation. Gambino Security Corporation was not a fraud and media cost millions of damage. Thank you for your time and i hope in your future your organization is more careful as libel is a crime. Sincerely, Anthony Gambino

Here’s part of the complaint against him;

One of our ninjas send us a link to the news that Mr Gambino was sentenced last week for stolen valor and some firearms charges;

A Farmington man was sentenced to six months in a federal prison after he pleaded guilty to claiming to be a combat veteran who earned medals and ribbons, including a Purple Heart and being a felon in possession of firearms.

Anthony Gambino, 45, was sentenced Thursday in Albuquerque federal court and will have three years of supervised release after completing his prison term, according to a U.S. Department of Justice press release.

He was indicted on May 25, 2016, with charges of making false representations about receiving military medals and decorations along with being a felon in possession of firearms.

He had actually been in the Marine Corps, sort of, he had enlisted using his brother’s name because he was a felon who couldn’t enlist with his own name. The Marine Corps divested themselves of his presence after eight months.

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Another addition to Bubba & Thor’s cellblock harem, ‘BYE!!!!!

  2. Hayabusa says:

    Six months? Convicted felon in possession of firearms and he got six months?

    Again, what is the point of passing new gun control laws when the ones we already have either aren’t enforced, or result in a slap on the wrist?

    • Graybeard says:

      To quote the Gun Control Lobby: “That’s different because shut up.”

    • AZtoVA says:

      “being a felon in possession of firearms” only nets 6 months when it is clear he will have no respect for any laws, including and especially gun-control ones. Liberal judges want people like him on the street until they shoot someone so they can continue the kabuki theater of a gun-control debate. Good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist….

      • TX Gunner says:

        The reason he only got six months is the DA when they offer a plea agreement the firearms charges are the first offer on the table because they carry the heaviest sentence. If they were serious about stopping gun crime the powers that be would stop allowing gun charges to be dropped in exchange for convictions on much lesser charges.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      That’s an easy one… because it’s about CONTROL, not guns… and each time they take away some part of our liberties, knowing it won’t fix anything, it leaves open the next opportunity for them to say “but current laws didn’t go far enough, so we need to take more”. and yes, without question, it is a conspiracy

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Remember that Whipple guy? On his second go-round with the courts, his second arrest for illegally carrying a concealed weapon, he was sentenced to two days in jail (time served).

  3. Claw says:

    45 years old and has three awards of the National Defense Service Medal.

    Totally legit./snark

    Dumbass. Enjoy the BTJT Deli.

  4. Wilted Willy says:

    Hell! 6 Months?? Why did they even bother? He will just go out and do it again!! No wonder my brother who lives near there doesn’t worry about getting caught in his lies! This asshat should have got at least 10 years on the stolen valor charges alone!

  5. Combat Historian says:

    Six months in the fedpen seems awfully light for all those offenses, especially the weapons charges. This shitdick should be in the slammer for at least a few years; but hey that’s just me…

    • James Haltom says:

      Not defending this man, never would. I am speaking up for people that have had a non-violent felony conviction and are then treated like crap from people like you for the rest of their lives. I’m a convicted felon. Suspended sentence and 3 years probation (19 years old). I took the bait when the recruiter came trolling for canon fodder at the court house back in the mid 70’s. I crossed my T’s, dotted my I’s and received a waiver for Army enlistment. I stayed 22 years, retiring as an E-7. Three overseas assignments, one middle-east deployment. I’ve had one traffic ticket since 1972. Yet people like you take the time to jump on the “Once convicted, never forgiven” bandwagon.

      • Ret_25X says:

        That is not what he said, but if you need to conflate your vision of yourself with his words, I’m OK with that.

        If you spend your life reading your anger into others, that makes you an SJW.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        There’s a difference, you straightened out and became legit while Anthony Gambino chose to stay a criminal and go from one con game to another when he’s not locked up and will continue to victimize people as long as he keeps getting slap-on-the-wrist sentences. WTF good are Laws when they’re not enforced worth a damn?

      • Instinct says:

        Don’t see where anyone has said that, but hey, don’t let me get in the way of your rant.

      • MrBill says:

        Good on you for overcoming a youthful mistake. I wish more people did the same. But that’s not the subject at hand. Unlike you, Gambino has continued to commit crimes – that’s why he’s going back to prison.

        By the way, if a man is trying to distance himself from a criminal past and straighten out his life, changing his last name to “Gambino” may not be the best move. (His original name was Martinez.)

      • Yef says:

        James Haltom

        I ain’t going to believe you at face value. Sorry but that story about a recruiter at the courthouse sounds extremely fake to me.

        Nah. I can’t swallow that.
        Where is yopur DD 214?

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Hey Yef, here you go yet again babbling like a lobotomized, UC Berzerkely-educated blindfolded 2LT on LSD and you expect people to take you seriously? YES, the US Army offered “Serve with us or go to jail”’deals up until at least the mid 1970’s, remember the cadence about that? It actually used to happen.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          I know a nam vet that got busted for a roach in the ashtray in VT 1969.
          Judge gave him a choice. Eight years or see the local recruiter.
          Do you think the recruiter was blind or complacent?

        • Guard Bum says:

          You are either very young or very naive or both Yef. I enlisted in the Marine Corps on my 17th birthday with the very strong encouragement of my juvenile probation officer and was a 10th grade drop out to boot. I had two waivers for my education level and my criminal history (assault, speed contest, truancy, hitch hicking) and yet managed to serve 24 acdu and retire as a Captain.

          By the way genius, none of that would be on a DD-214, its on your DD 1966.

          As for this clown, he is being derided for being a valor thief, not a felon.

      • USMC Steve says:

        Speaking for myself, yep, that is just what I mean. If you don’t commit the crime, you don’t have to worry about the consequences of it.

  6. OWB says:

    You really must wanna be a Marine if you enlist using someone else’s name. Or maybe not. Could be you just enjoy living in fantasy land a bit too much.

  7. Berliner says:

    6 months means he’ll probably be out by Christmas. Hardly enough time for him and Bubba(s) to go steady.

  8. Frankie Cee says:

    I don’t know how much of his sentence Kyle Barwan will have to serve, but he was sentenced to 20 months, nearly 4 times what this turd got.

  9. Sj says:

    6 months is 6 months more than Bergdahl got.

  10. Cris says:

    Claimed Embassy Duty from the ribbon he’s wearing. Is that a first?

  11. thebesig says:

    Anthony Gambino, not a wounded Marine, will do 6 months of active prison time, then 3 years of the prison version of the Individual Ready Reserve. He breaks the law again, he could end up being “mobilized” back onto active prison service. 🙄

  12. Docduracoat says:

    To J Halton,
    You are obviously a good citizen who straightened out your life after a felony conviction
    Here in Florida you can petition the courts to have your civil rights restored
    As for the gun laws, they only affect the law abiding
    It always amazes me that felon in possession and straw buying and lying on form 4473 seem to never be prosecuted
    Why not?
    Seems like an easy conciction for the prosecutor

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Changing his name to Gambino was never a good idea. It could catch the attention of the real Gambino family, especially since he misspelled Antony or Antonio (take your pick). No Italian would ever make that mistake.

    Marino, Vernace, Gambino, Cefalù, D’Amico, Nicholas Corozzo, and Arnold Squitieri have all been listed as leaders in the family. In July 2011, it was reported that Domenico Cefalù has been promoted to official boss of the crime family, putting an end to the Gotti regime.

    If he goes to jail as a Gambino, there may be real family members there who will teach him some manners. Perhaps they could scare him straight.

  14. NHSparky says:

    Ah, the Farmington Gambinos, not to be confused with the ones from Aztec.

    Bitch, please.

    And had it been a state charge, he might have faced a bit more time, but then again, if the Keystone Kops…whoops, San Juan County SO finds your story is bullshit, you dun fucked up.

  15. radar says:

    I’ll give him credit for this much – at least his phony ribbons are in the correct order! haha

  16. thatguy says:

    I notice he’s not here threatening anyone anymore…

  17. rgr769 says:

    Any sane and not-a-prog (but I repeat myself) judge would have given him at least a year for the felon in possession charge and added at least another 6 months for the stolen valor charge. This just shows that the powers that be don’t really give a shit about enforcing our gun laws. Gun “control” laws are just really about making it extremely burdensome and difficult for law abiding citizens to own effective firearms.

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