Frederick Ferguson; phony SEAL

| November 16, 2017 | 49 Comments

Our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on our daily phony SEAL, Frederick Ferguson. He has all of the shirts and even a tattoo, so you know he must be legit;

It turns out that he was aboard the USS Detroit when it ran aground as it entered port at Hampton Roads in 1981. None of the crew were injured nor was the ship damaged, but the Captain lost his job.

Ferguson had no SEAL Training and he left the Navy after 3 years as a seaman Apprentice (E-2), so he was a real fast burner.

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  1. Mick says:

    Oh great. Fine. OK. Here we go again.

    A day without a phony SEAL here on TAH is like ‘a day without sunshine’.

    This poser bullshit will never end.

    • Mick says:

      And it’s Florida again.

      From the Military Phonies website linked above:

      ‘Frederick John Ferguson comes to us from Clearwater Beach, FL.’

      • Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

        Mick; Not Florida again OHHHHHHHHHHHHHNO. Well I’m on the East Coast and he’s on the West Coast.WHOOOOOO. Looks like the TAH race track has the Seals leading out of the starting gate. Will they be win, place or show??

      • Patrick408 says:

        Interesting that a lot real frogman I know are from Florida, so I’m sure idiots like this will get confronted some day just not soon enough. One phony was stupid enough to talk shit at a bar in Coronado surrounded by real operators and he had all kinds of claims and phony medals in his truck and yes he was confronted big time and I’m sure he learned his lesson. No physical harm was done but I’m sure he won’t forget the incident. Fuck these asswipes!

      • Daedalus says:

        I’m in Central Florida so that means I’m close to this asshole. Now I know where the stench of shit is coming from.

  2. Graybeard says:

    If we could take all the phony SEALs and airdrop them in Iran, the Ayatollahs would be overwhelmed by the sheer stench of their BS and die.

    But that may be against the proscription against chemical/biological warfare.

    Frederick Ferguson done faggot-farked himself. An E2 who is Eeewww.

  3. RM3(SS) says:

    Yet another underachieving asshole who gotta claim what he could never be. With the tattoo no less, there’s a motorcycle involved too. I’m sure he has an emotional support dog somewhere for all the PTSD he got from being a non-rate piece of shit. He probably will blame it on all the dust he inhaled from chipping paint on the Detroit.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Thrown out as an E2 in 1983? That was during the Reagan Era when the Military wasted little time in throwing out the trash!

  5. IDC SARC says:

    He’s making a SEAL merchandise vendor very happy.

    • Ncat says:

      I had the same thought. I know some of the vendors of this stuff are more cautious, but many others have to know they are helping phonies in their phoniness. Anything for a buck I guess.

  6. Atkron says:

    All that UNREP experience probably really helped him out in the Teams.

    Handling shot lines, proper Kapok wear, coiling and uncoiling the ship-to-ship comm line, and running pallet jacks I hear are very important skills to Team Guys.

  7. Wilted Willy says:

    Another phony piece of shit poser SEAL! Why are all of these cocksuckers always from Florida? I called a VSO in Tampa yesterday about my pos brother and he said there was nothing he could do for me?? Why does the VA want to keep paying my poser brother 3K a month for his phony PTSD???

  8. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    You guys are clueless.

    Everyone knows real SEALs have multiple TEAM tee shirts and always wear them for the public to peer at.

    Google it!


    • Chip says:

      I know two SEALs and you would not even know there were SEALs. Great fellas.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Whether it was the college I went to, the command I served at, or the bowling league I belonged to… I tend to be subtle about my logos. A small one (1″x1″) on the one side of my chest is more than enough and may be overkill. A full chest or full back logo is more akin to a billboard.

      • Eden says:

        I prefer traveling incognito as much as possible. The less I stand out, the better I like it. I don’t understand people who put all kinds of stickers on their vehicles, run around in identity t-shirts and ball caps, etc. The one concession I willingly make is a SMALL sticker on the back of my bumper identifying me as an EMT.

  9. 1610desig says:

    Dude is sporting a cross too….can rightfully suspect he also poses as a Christian

  10. Forest Green says:

    Is that a dick reflected in his sunglasses?

  11. AF RIC says:

    He must have shopped at SEALs R US. Quite a collection, and Ink to boot.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    What an asshole.

  13. AW1Ed says:

    No Harley, patch-slathered vest and bandana, or PTS of the D dog? Small wonder he rocketed up to E-2 in three years. Work on it, Fergie.

  14. Tallywhagger says:

    A little trivia as to how Hampton Roads came to be called Hampton Roads:

    “The earl took an interest in the new English settlement on what is now the Peninsula. The city of Hampton was officially named in 1610. Roads comes from the centuries-old nautical terms “road” and “roadstead,” meaning a stretch of deep water safe for passage. But when those two words were put together the first time is a bit of a mystery.

  15. 26Limabeans says:

    Place of Separation. USS DETROIT.
    Is it normal to be separated on a ship rather than some shore facility?

  16. NHSparky says:

    Depends on how large the command is. If they have their own Personnel Dept., they will; otherwise, the nearest PSD will handle it (as it was when I got out.)

  17. Combat Historian says:

    Am still learning my Navy lingo and terms. So if this guy got out as a E-2 Seaman Apprentice, that would mean he never had a rating and never went to “A” school, if I understand it correctly. Looking at his chit, I didn’t see any mention of “A” school or any type of advance training, did I read that correctly? If I did, then this douche must have been a real loser and high drag/low speeder…

    • AW1Ed says:

      He didn’t attend an “A” school or “strike” or learn a rate on the job. One had to show some aptitude and good work ethic to be selected as a striker- otherwise one was a non-rate and fresh meat for every menial and unskilled job available, which are legion onboard ship. Rust never sleeps, ya know, and those steam kettles won’t scrub themselves.

  18. AZtoVA says:

    Aaaaannnnnnnd his Facebook page went dark.

  19. Window Licker says:

    That is by far the STUPIDEST tattoo I have ever seen. A team guy would get his ass kicked by his own platoon for sporting that. Team guys don’t wear shirts like that…would also induce an ass beating, strictly to sell to wanna bees made by people who don’t have a clue or to make a buck, and non SEAL endorsed.

  20. Claw says:

    Ha. “Daily phony SEAL.” Somebody help me out with the math if I’m wrong.

    Roughly 2500 real SEALs?
    1,000 phony SEALs riding on the back of each real SEAL.

    Works out to be 2,500,000 phonies divided by 365 days in a year equals 6,849.315068 years to finally expose them all. (Can’t really tell if it’s supposed to be 6,849 or 68,493. Math has never been my friend)

    Sounds to me like Military Phonies and the Hair have a lot of job security and we here at TAH will have many years of enjoyable commenting in our future.

  21. rgr769 says:

    Hey, he could be a Seal. Since he is from Clearwater, Floriduh, he could be a Scientologist and have served in their Sea Org. I bet they have a Seal team.

  22. Shawn says:

    Fred is a first class piece o shit! He beat up his beautiful wife and did 16 months in prison…after selling off 2 of her cars and her motorcycle. Lived off her for a couple of years with no job and owed 42.000 in back child support.

  23. Shawn says:

    Fred ferguson is a person i wish i never met. My father did 2 tours in Vietnam. He pickick up on his one..he moved into my home…sold my Motorcycle..2 vans..stole my Jaguar..and almost made me get fired from my…job….he did 16 months..for dislocating my shoulder…i was his wife. Shawn wheeler…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Many years ago, I was duped too.. bought me an engagement ring only to find out he was using his father’s credit, not only for the ring but for the truck he was driving… such a long story about the nightmare I went through, but I thankfully got out of the lies in time!!!! I feel for all of his victims…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Many years ago, I was duped too… after many lies and deception, I was able to get out and start over. I am happy now. I feel for his many victims and hope they can move on with their life as I have. I hope he pays the ultimate price for those he has hurt.

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