IVAW’s Marlissa Grogan perpetuating the lie

| February 5, 2009

Toni at Bear Creek Ledger emailed me this morning about perpetual traitor Jane Fonda’s new blog and Fonda’s new BFF, former Marine captain Marlissa Grogan. I think this is Grogan in her uniform marching at the DNC Convention in Denver (photo from People’s Press Collective) wearing her ribbons improperly;

Here’s her profile at IVAW;

At Fonda’s blog, she perpetuates the lie that many military recruits have to choose between the military and jail time;

She talked about the similarities that exist between today’s military and those of the Vietnam era but also pointed out the profound differences, citing in particular, the fact that so many recruits are confronted with the choice between jail or military. For many it’s a much needed job. Look how young she is, yet so wise and committed. “We can’t just rely on the hope that Obama has brought us,” she told the audience. “We have to get off our asses and make sure we organize and speak out for what we feel is right.”

Fonda appears to have learned her lesson from Vietnam and seems to support the troops, but allowing knucklehead liars like Grogan to have a launching pad so they can call the troops hopelessly retarded criminals is just as bad as spitting on them. I’d like to see Grogan’s research on exactly how many troops are given the military as their only escape from prison. She ought to spend some time recruiting.

I also found this quote from the “wise and committed” Grogan who charges our troops with violating their oaths and being enemies of the Constitution;

“I look at it in a really concrete way. As an officer, as well as enlisted Marines, we are always charged with the promise to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and right now we’re violating that Constitution, and that’s my main concern,” she said. “We’re going against something that we promised: We’re going against our oath. We’re contradicting the Constitution in a way.”

I’d like to see her legal brief on that charge.

Here’s a picture of Grogan hanging out with David Zeiger, the producer of Fonda’s “FTA” Vietnam-era anti-war “documentary” of Fonda and Donald Southerland’s attempts to end that war (I wrote about the movie and the attempts by IVAW to use it as a fundraiser last month);

I guess this is how Fonda atones for her sins of the Vietnam era – by letting other people spit on the troops for her.

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  1. The Sidewalk says:

    As I once said to Randi Rhodes after she had too many bloody marys, I’d hit that.

  2. sporkmaster says:

    The only thing that I can think of that has happend like that was in WW1. But I am away from my computer and will have to get back to you on the sources.

  3. Sean says:

    Just another in the Pantheon of IVAW liars

    I Hear Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is their new director of Public relations

  4. How does a wench like this make Captain?
    nuf sed

  5. Claymore says:

    I remember it like it was yesterday, man. We were about to take out a village where the CIA suspected VC activity, but we knew better. PVT Johnson and MAJ Mierda sat on the hood of our jeep as we took turns running over these huge sacks of rice. They cut loose on them sacks with everything they had…loose rice was flying everywhere. I was picking rice out of my ass for days afterward. To this very day, I can’t walk past one of those stir fry places at the mall food court without feeling sick to my stomach. Yeah…we was the real terrorists over there, man. No shit.

    PVT Jesse Joshua McGrogan
    121st Attack Squadron Infantry
    Dang Dong Valley, Vietnam 1965-1966

  6. airborne injun says:

    F.O. That would be affirmative action. BTW…did stevie wonder help her get dressed? Most UNSAT and disgracful for the Corps and the rest of the military. A cryin Damn shame!

  7. AW1 Tim says:

    yeah, I was wondering who helped her put on her bars. I’m surprised she made Captain if she couldn’t even square away her uniform. Nothing like leadership by example, eh?


  8. defendUSA says:

    Ooh, hey, I get to open another can o’ whoop ass, do I? Man, y’all better hold me back on April 4th, I swear. If a moonbat so much as moves to flip a finger, I hit it.

  9. airborne injun says:

    defend USA…No one in their right mind would try to hold back a steely eyed killer like yourself. Hell,Who would WANT to stop you from tear assing around those dickheads! GET SOME for me, thanks!

  10. UpNorth says:

    Hey, is that Perry in the background in the blue bandanna covering his face? Sure looks like it. And the asshat in front of her in the 3rd ID uniform has the fourragere on the wrong shoulder. Nice job on the bars, “captain”. Must be a bitch trying to get dressed in the dark after too many beers with the comrades.

  11. airborne injun says:

    Is it just me or does our FEMME FATALE Captain have that “Oppps…I just shit on myself look?” I dunno, I still think the best part of her ran down her mama’s legs.

  12. Fuck me…what a buncha shitbags.

  13. olga says:

    The screwed up gold bars jumped at me right away, and the sour face expression next… what a shame…

  14. Heres an interesting link for anybody who cares.


  15. Actually this one is even better….major gathering of the lefties on 21 March @ The Pentagon


  16. Wow are these people psychos or what.

    Why We’re Marching on the Pentagon
    Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine… Occupation is A Crime

    We are organizing a Mass March on the Pentagon on Saturday, March 21, and it is important that you and your family, friends, co-workers and fellow students put on your marching shoes that day. People are coming from all over the country. Simultaneous demonstrations are taking place in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    March 21 Color 8.5×11
    Download the 2-sided color ANSWER flyer, which has this statement on the back
    Why are we still marching even after the war criminal George W. Bush has left office? Because the people must speak out for what is right. More than 1 million Iraqis have died and tens of thousands of U.S. troops have been wounded or killed.

    The Iraq and Afghanistan war will drag on for years unless we act now. The cost in lives and resources is criminal regardless of whether the Democrats or Republicans are in charge of the government.

    We must also act to end U.S. support for Israel’s ongoing war against the Palestinian people. The Bush Administration gave the green light and provided the weapons and the money for Israel’s recent war against the Palestinian people in Gaza. More than 5,000 Palestinians were killed or wounded; the majority of casualties were civilians, including hundreds of children, in this high-tech massacre. “We the People” pay the bill as the U.S. provides $2.5 billion a year for Israel’s massive military machine.

    Why We Say: Bring All the Troops Home Now Not Later!

    If Bush’s war and occupation of Iraq was an illegal action of aggression—and it was—how can the new government say that it can only gradually end the war over a number of years? The Iraqis don’t want foreign military forces running their country. No one would!

    The Pentagon has employed 200,000 foreign contractors (mercenaries) and 150,000 U.S. troops to maintain the occupation of Iraq. They have no right to be there. A few thousand are being brought out of Iraq only to be redeployed to occupy Afghanistan, and the fools in the media proclaim “the war is winding down.” That is not true.

    President Obama decided to keep the Pentagon just as it was under Bush. He even selected Bush appointee Robert Gates to keep his position as chief of the Pentagon. Gates announced that the new administration would double the number of troops sent to Afghanistan. That is certainly not the “change” most people thought was coming following the end of Bush’s tenure.

    These are wars for domination in the Middle East and Central Asia.

    The people of the United States want change. We are sick and tired of wars of aggression waged abroad under false slogans of “national security.” These are wars that reap massive profits for corporate weapons-makers with the promise of winning control over the vast oil and natural gas reserves in the Middle East and Central Asia.

    Working people may have another definition for “national security.” What really makes the people “insecure?” Ask the 2.3 million families who are losing their homes because they are being foreclosed when they can’t pay their steep debts to the banks. Ironically, when these same parasitic bankers couldn’t pay their debts, the federal government rushed in with a $2.5 trillion bailout using our tax dollars.

    Or ask working-class students who are being laid off from their jobs just as tuition costs soar out of reach. What defines “security” for millions of young people whose future is at stake? Do they want tax dollars spent to kill poor people abroad or to finance education?

    We will march on Saturday, March 21, the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq invasion, to demand that taxpayer dollars be used to meet people’s needs—here and everywhere. This year’s real Pentagon war budget will top $1 trillion.

    This amount could create 10 million jobs, provide healthcare and education for all, rebuild New Orleans, and repair much of the damage done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We need money for jobs, housing, health care and education, not for wars of aggression.

    The occupation of Iraq alone costs $12 billion each month. This amounts to $400 million each day, $16.7 million per hour and $278,000 per minute.

    The Pentagon war machine does not act in our interests. Its wars benefit the biggest corporations and banks that seek to control the markets and riches of the Middle East. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are not our enemies. They want to live free from colonial-type domination. Only a people’s movement demanding an end to U.S. wars and militarism can win justice for people here and abroad.

    Go to PentagonMarch.org for details about transportation, meetings and to get involved. Buses will be traveling to Washington, D.C. from across the country.

  17. Sean says:

    Interesting link, so now after 6 years of the Iraq war is Illegal, we should concentrate on Afghanistan, the IVAW types now say the Afghanistan Mission is also Illegal

    Now the truth can be told, there just Cowards, plain and simple.

  18. airborne injun says:

    Friends,Please allow me to reinterate….How much more bullshit do we have to listen to until POST NATAL ABORTION is legalized by congress and funded by taxpayers? Just think of the “Carbon Footprints”that could be saved. See how good it would be for the environment!

  19. airborne injun says:

    I just realized why the military has such screwed up assholes like IVAW.Our military has the same problem that prostitution has….It’s been ruined by amatures!!Any one out there agree?

  20. Raoul says:

    Guess it’s up to TSO to let Grogan in on a little secret called an orgasm.

    I mean someone’s got to take one for the team to lead her to the staright and narrow.

  21. Raoul says:


    Reminder, the fourth bag goes bag over the dog’s head so he’ll respect you in the morning.

  22. airborne injun says:

    Raoul…TSO could always do it for God and Country…put a flag over her face and a cross around her neck P.S. Don’t let him forget the 4-ply steel belted snow tread condoms!

  23. YatYas says:

    Another ex-marine disproving the old saying of “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” You would need to be “3 sheets to the wind” to skrog that skank.

  24. Lucky says:

    The whole “VIolating our oath to the Constitution” thing is IVAW’s favorite response when you call them unpatriotic and Un American to their face. Then, they get all whiney and claim that, you must not be a Veteran because you didn’t go through the same ‘suffering’ that they went through.

  25. UpNorth says:

    Wow, just wow, that whole “Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Occupation is a crime”, thing is just so, so wonderful. Come on, we can all sing along together. What a cluster f–k that bunch is. Maybe next they’ll have the military declared unconstitutional, just for giggles. I hope it rains that day, they’ll need the bath.

  26. USMC Steve says:

    Please forward this info and the photo to Headquarters, Marine Corps. They need to know about this in order to convene court martial proceedings against this piece of shit officer. She has committed at least 4 violations of the UCMJ that I am aware of and probably more.

  27. The Sniper says:

    “I guess this is how Fonda atones for her sins of the Vietnam era – by letting other people spit on the troops for her.”

    In Grogan’s case I think it’s more like “by spitting and dribbling the leftover DNA of deserting troops on her improperly worn uniform.”

  28. olga says:

    USMC Steve,
    that’s what I was told by a couple of my Marine officer friends when they saw the pic and when I told them where it was taken…

  29. Raoul says:


    That whole “oath” Bull Crap from IVAW nad VFP is a lie.

    They have stated numerous times that “world peace” supercedes that oath.

  30. Tammy says:

    Here is some information about a REAL Marine hero:

    One of our authors, Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch (Marine tank commander, Silver Star recipient, combat wounded–only 8 percent vision remaining in his left eye, with the other blown out) was on Fox News Channel (Red Eye late show) this week, and the result has been overwhelmingly positive. You can watch the clip here: http://www.foxnews.com/video-search/m/21814156/once_a_marine.htm#q=red+eye. Funny, quirky show and Nick had a great time. Hope you like it.

    “Gunny Pop” is widely known around the world as “The Cigar Marine” (Google it–his tanks captured Firdos “Saddam” square in April 2003 and helped pull down the hated statue). His new bestselling book is called “Once a Marine” (www.onceamarine.com), where you can also see his cool Hollywood-style book trailer here: http://www.onceamarine.com/once-a-marine-movie

    We appreciate any support you can provide this American hero and his family, whether it is reading his book, sharing this message with others in your email list and asking them to do likewise, and especially contacting local and national TV and radio hosts/producers and asking that they have this patriot on their show. He teaches character, dignity, and values.

    Signed copies of his book are available.

    We appreciate your support of Nick and his family in any way you can.

    Thank you.

    Tammy Hall
    Sacramento, California

  31. dontworry says:

    Wow she was my adjutant.

  32. Anonymous says:

    oh look her ribbions are upside down~ her rank is even crooked!

  33. Pete says:

    Isn’t it a shame when someone who puts their life on the line in the military has the audacity to have an unfavorable opinion. Her service was meaningless and she should be burned at the stake.

  34. Old Trooper says:

    Glad you agree with us, Pete.

  35. Scott says:

    Pete: How did you manage to reach the age of majority without ever grasping the distinction between an “opinion” and a “lie?”

  36. gbodge says:

    One of the indicators of the quality of the service member is the quality of their uniform. Based on the examples here, I am sure that we are better off having them in that parade then in Afghanistan.

  37. A Proud Infidel says:

    Grogan reminds me of the phrase “Should have been a blowjob!”.