Richard C. Fisher; your daily SEAL

| November 29, 2017 | 81 Comments

Our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Richard Copeland Fisher III who offered his experience as a failed Navy SEAL to a couple of kids to help them prepare to graduate from BUD/S, even though he hadn’t completed the course. He tried to raise money for equipment through GoFundMe and he had a pretty rigorous plan for them;

He says that the pair have jobs, but I don’t know how they could. 5000 push-ups alone would fill up my workday.

Of course, the implication is that Fischer graduated from BUD/S and he’s qualified to train youngsters.

Fisher did attend BUD/S while he was in the Navy. He was in the Navy for about 13 months and it looks like he was in BUD/S from February – July 2000 and then he was out on the street for whatever reason.

But folks, if you want to get training for BUD/S go get some training from someone who completed the training successfully and has trained SEALs in the past – someone like Don Shipley. To do otherwise might cost you more than a few thousand bucks.

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  1. Daisy Cutter says:

    “Get sandy” – laughing my butt off.

  2. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    You never trust a ginger.

  3. RM3(SS) says:

    Sounds more like he can teach them how to fail at BUD/S and get a med discharge. Total service time 1 year and change.
    Must be hard up for cash, maybe he needs to work the interstate with a gas can.

  4. A day without someone claiming to be a SEAL/Green Beret/Recon Marine/POW or FBI secret hamster squeezer is like a day without sunshine

  5. Combat Historian says:

    He’s our daily liar, in this case lying by omission…

  6. David says:

    Let’s see, at a fairly quick sustained pace of 2 seconds per pushup they could complete the 5,000 in only about 2 hours 45+ minutes. This of course ignores the fact that the since-2000 world record for most push-ups in an hour is 1781, with another fella managing 2000 in two hours. At the record pace of 100/hour he is planning 5 hours of pushups and professional-runner pace of an hour for the running – daily. Uh, no.

  7. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    What is wrong with these peeps? I served and admit I was a screw up before getting squared away and was reccomended to re up but I got out and had a nice career before retiring. Can’t these peeps follow my lead???

  8. Tallywhagger says:

    Is attending the BUD/S course similar to attending an “A” school for other advanced training programs?

  9. Graybeard says:

    Richard Copeland Fischer III is a delusional liar who ought not be trusted.

    Richard Copeland Fischer III is a shame and disgrace to his ancestors.

    Richard Copeland Fischer III ought to be forced to do 5,000 push-ups every day for a week, or pay everyone who has ever seen his stuff on the interwebz $1M each.

  10. Jorge says:

    Weird. Rated as a Hull Technician, then pretty much immediately went to BUD/S. So I guess he put in his paperwork to crossrate right after boot camp.

    • ChipNASA says:

      And failed spectacularly, just like he is doing now.

      Richard Copeland Fischer III is GOOGLE AND INTERNETS FAMOUS and you’re going down in flames, asshole.

    • NHSparky says:

      Not that unusual.

      There were a few “guaranteed” SEAL contracts when I was in recruiting, provided they qualify for a SEAL source rating and attend A-school (if there was one for chosen rate.)

      That way, if they wash out of BUD/S, no harm, no foul.

      Sounds like this guy either got hurt badly enough to warrant a medical discharge, or stomped on his dick. Given the fact he came in and left as an E-3, I’m inclined to go with the former.

      • Jorge says:

        Rog. A friend of mine about that time (CTI type) fell into a loophole, crossrated to GM and then went to BUD/S and made it through.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        I saw a few guaranteed contracts while recruiting and at the HM”A” schoolhouse right after 9/11.

        Sounds like this clown got booted out at Coronado for a medical issue (maybe a preexisting issue that he failed to tell his recruiter about) and it showed up during his training.

        He has no business “training” anyone for BUD/S – his “program” is going to hurt someone to the point of seeing a ortho specialist.

  11. A Proud Infidel®™ says:


  12. CM says:

    5000 push ups in a day though…

  13. jonp says:

    Well, he was there long enough to learn the training regiment I would think even if he dropped. Seems to me that he made it through the hardest part then failed out for some other reason.
    5,000 a day is kinda high but if you do one a second that’s only 8hrs worth so plenty of time to do other things.

  14. PTBH says:

    I believe it is Fisher vs. Fischer.

    We may have already left him off the hook. See what I did there?

  15. MarDet says:

    Richard Copeland Fischer III should be beaten like the red headed stepchild that he is!

    Btw, Richard Copeland Fischer III you’re a fuckin liar you piece of shit!!

  16. Bim says:

    OK, I’ll bite. He lists his name as “Fisher” on the gofundme an the DD-214 shows that same name. Where did he change it to “Fischer”?

    BTW: if you run a google search on the name, there is a Richard C Fischer Jr. listed on a web obit page (passed this summer, unfortunately). but the memorial does not say he had a son.

    A reverse image lookup on his “Just a ginger in a car” pic also comes up blank. Mysteries abound with this one.

  17. Hondo says:

    Where do I sign up? I love getting “Sandy”. What a douche bag poser.

  18. PTBH says:

    Richard Copeland Fisher III never made it through BUD/S so it is difficult to see how he is qualified to teach others.

  19. mr. sharkman says:

    His proposed ‘dailies’ will wind up creating 2 dudes broken and completely unprepared for BUD/S (needing to recover from multiple injuries)

  20. Window Licker says:

    Wow… think about 32 years ago the only money I spent on preparation for BUD/S was….nothing,…..except the boon dockers I got issued from bootcamp until I got issued my first pair of jungle boots at BUD/S I am not against people prepping to do difficult things, but no amount of money spent is necessary.
    Run, in tennis shoes ( save your feet), swim ( a lot, and and I laugh to think I didn’t even do that) do a shit load of pushups and pull-ups. If you need all the coaching to be a fitter quitter, we’ll, just send me the money.😉
    In the end you don’t need to practice to get kicked in the nuts.

    • mr. sharkman says:


      The biggest prep breaks I scored was guys from ST-1 showing me how to break in my boots & feet and showing me good technique on the o-course.

      I’m very leery of change but ‘4th phase’ was a great idea in my opinion. I know a lot of guys who were lost to med issues or DORd from med issues and 4th phase probably would have saved some of them. Guys coming from the fleet and classing up almost immediately had almost no chance when it came to lower extremity abuse, especially stress fractures.

      I don’t think they called it 4th phase for very long, and I know it’s called something different now.

      And the most extreme I got with running prep was 4 miles soft sand, not worrying about pace just learning good soft sand form/technique.

      • Daniel Daly says:

        No matter when you went through, isn’t it funny how the experience is the same…..
        Yup I am sure I probably know you, and you probably know me. I was class 138. I was a no fun One guy and few other teams as well.
        Hmmm BUD/S,
        My advice to the interested,
        I think a lot of guys all being type A personalities tried to be number 1 in every evolution when they start thinking they are impressing someone. Going in to every evolution treating it like a sprint, and some outstanding athleates did themselves in and injured themselves. I kind of felt I needed to take it like a marathon. Not sandbagging it, but always strategically holding a little back…finish in the pack, stay out of the goon squad ( which I seemed to fail miserably at) nobody cares if you are number one just don’t be last…yea I know it pays to be a winner, but suffering through each evolution did make you stronger and mentally the idea of yea, give me your best shot, built the mentally tough side, knowing that whatsoever ever they threw at you, you could take it.. ( I used to joke…they raise their minimums, and I would raise my maximums… 🤣🤣)
        To kids that want to try,
        I wouldn’t say it was all mental, you do need to be prepared, but preparedness, it is something you cannot buy, but you have to have the self motivation to put the miles in and do the work, on your own in the morning when it sucks and no one around to cheer you on. in the end you can train for years and not be ready, I guess you cannot find your motivation from somebody else, especially some con man BUD/S drop trying to peddle wanna be CrossFit bullshit.

        • mr. sharkman says:

          ‘I kind of felt I needed to take it like a marathon.’

          You had it right for certain.

          When Teamguys would tell you ‘be the gray man’ no matter what else you hear, lots of guys wouldn’t really take it to heart and they should have.

          There’s something to be said about on the last day of phase or day before graduation one of the instructors looking at you with a ‘who the hell are you?’ look on their face.

          No fun One and I always chuckled over Stalag-1 (ST-1).

          I was EC my entire time. But the Teramguys at 1 really, really helped me out prior to BUD/S. I really lucked out and I owe them a lot, especially in avoiding needless pain and suffering in 1st phase.

        • mr. sharkman says:

          I think the guys in the goon squad earned a grudging respect – maybe almost respect but not quite – from the instructors.

          Sort of if you were getting gooned all the time and getting your guts stomped I think sometimes you’d get benefit of doubt when it came to ‘gut checks’ passed out to students at other times.

          Maybe it’s just me seeing things that weren’t there, but that’s how it seemed to me.

        • mr. sharkman says:

          138- you were a little ahead of me.

          I think Matt P. was 138, went ST-2.

          And you guys had a dude from El Salvador, pretty interesting guy.

  21. OldManchu says:

    He left some items off his wish list:

    Anal lube
    Penis pump
    Cock ring
    Blow up Hillary sex doll
    Blow up Bradley Manning sex doll
    Choker ring
    Leather mask

  22. mr. sharkman says:

    Any wanna-bes/gonna-bes reading this: make certain you get in contact with a SEAL motivator through your recruiter and do exactly as he says. That is the best and only BUD/S prep you will need.

  23. thebesig says:

    Looking at what Military Phonies have on Richard Copeland Fisher III, and what they have on him, I doubt that Richard Copeland Fisher III intended to get the equipment he talked about, or to train a couple of guys to make it through BUD/S. The reality?

    Richard Copeland Fisher III intended to scam people, intending to do good, in order to steal from them by deceit. There are no “people wanting training”, and those ores and inflatables have no future in his plans. Just another one of his schemes to get money.

    Disorderly conduct, intoxication while open carrying, plus this, smacks of someone using poor judgement repeatedly. I wouldn’t be surprised that if he were medically discharged, it was because of poor judgement on his part that lead to that medical discharge.

    He’s begging for money, as he isn’t earning enough money to make ends meet, or enough money to sustain a non productive habbit, or for some other issue related to his poor judgement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Richard Copeland Fisher III had a hard time holding a job, or building a career, due to his apparent serial poor judgement and the results of this poor judgement.

  24. Daisy Cutter says:

    Hmmm… looking at his picture and I’m thinking Rob O’Neill wannabe.

  25. Green Thumb says:


    I imagine he just likes being around young men.

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