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| December 1, 2017 | 10 Comments

From Clearwater, Florida;

A Clearwater homeowner shot a possible intruder leaving the suspect with life-threatening injuries. police say.

The shooting occurred at a Clearwater home at 1501 Cleveland Street, according to Clearwater police. It’s unknown if the incident occurred inside or outside the house. Officers are asking people to avoid the area. Cleveland Street is closed between the Glenwood neighborhood and Highland Avenue.

From Smithfield, North Carolina;

A Smithfield homeowner shot a man late Wednesday who had broken into his house, authorities said.

The homeowner told Johnston County deputies that he returned to 261 Ogburn Road at about 10:30 p.m. to find two people inside, and they opened fire on him. The man said he returned fire as the burglars fled.

Deputies found Jauquan Fontel Sanders, 21, of 504 Winston Circle in Selma, a short time later with a gunshot wound to his leg. He was taken to WakeMed in Raleigh for treatment.

From Calumet Township, Indiana;

Lake County sheriff’s police were dispatched about 10 p.m. to the residence in reference to a report of shots fired inside, according to a news release from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Upon arrival, officers encountered the resident, who was standing outside. The resident told police two men with a weapon forced entry into his home, but his dog alerted him of a sound at the rear of the house, prompting him to arm himself with his handgun, police said.

The resident then told police he fired several shots upon seeing two men wearing black pants, black sweatshirts and ski masks entering through the kitchen, police said.

He said he believed he shot at least one of the suspects.

From Macon, Georgia;

Just after 1 a.m., three men entered the BP gas station at 1334 Rumble Road, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

As the clerk was stocking a drink cooler, one of the men went behind the counter and took money from the cash drawer.

The store employee confronted the robber, who pulled a gun, the release stated.

The attendant, who also had a gun, fired a shot but did not hit anyone as the men left in a dark-colored pickup truck headed toward Interstate 75.

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  1. OldManchu says:

    Jauquan Fontel Sanders

    No relation to the Colonel, but we might have a contender for high score on name scrabble.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Fontel??? Name Scrabble score, please!

  3. FatCircles0311 says:

    Jauquan dindu nuffin. He was just setting up a surprise party for a guy he didn’t know!

  4. Wilted Willy says:

    More range time people!

  5. Carlton G. Long says:

    Jauquan Fontel Sanders

    * sigh *

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