Ventura v. Kyle settled?

| December 2, 2017

According to the Star Tribune, it seems that Jimmy Janos has reached an agreement to settle with Chris Kyle’s widow in their long-disputed “Scruff Face” case in which Janos sued the late Kyle for the story he told about punching Ventura in the face in a San Diego bar. Ventura maintained that the story was not true, but it had hurt his reputation and his business.

A document filed by Ventura’s Minneapolis attorney, David Olsen, in U.S. District Court on Friday said that Ventura and Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle’s widow, have agreed that the lawsuit was being dismissed “with both parties to bear their own attorneys’ fees and costs.”

Reached Friday after the filing, Ventura declined to comment on the development, saying he will hold a news conference on Monday afternoon. Olsen could not be reached.

Ventura had won a $1.8 million lawsuit against Kyle’s widow which was snatched away by the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals last year.

The Appeals Court remanded the defamation portion of the case to the district court for retrial, if Ventura wished to pursue it.

Ventura has previously said that he would seek a retrial unless he was reimbursed for his legal costs and it was acknowledged that the statements in the book were untrue.

I’m sure that suing a widow while she was still grieving didn’t help Ventura’s image.

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  1. Usafvet509 says:

    Fuck little Jimmy

  2. Bill Cook says:

    Mr. Janos seems quite capable of dishing it out but doesn’t appear to be able to take it, just as Chris Kyle proved in his book.

  3. chooee lee says:

    Jimmy Janos is the end result of a bum fuck.

  4. AW1Ed says:

    Being a washed up has-been is a business?

  5. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Stick a fork in him… he’s done.


  6. RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

    Going after a widow really must have done wonders for his business and reputation. Jimmy, you stupid SOB, people can’t miss you if you won’t GO AWAY; face it ya bullet head, you’re a washed up has been “wrestler”; has been half-assed actor; and a washed up politician. Do what the other washed ups do and endorse useless crap on cable infomercials, then you can leave widows alone and stop looking for an easy payday for your “damaged business and reputation”.

  7. Sapper3307 says:

    Did Jimmy Janos the NoN-CoMbat Navy seal have a reputation to tarnish? I bet he still has PTSD from all the volley ball games and beers in the Philippines during the war.

  8. OWB says:

    His reputation as a pompous ass remains unblemished. He should have to pay all of us damages for having to tolerate him. He proved that he has no value to society when he decided to sue a grieving widow.

    You actually expected that would make you look good, Jimmy? Seriously?? What part of attacking an innocent bystander can you possibly believe would enhance your reputation, Jimmy?

    You made a series of bad decisions, little Jimmy. Yeah, you should receive no reward for any of it. You brought any loss of your previous low reputation upon yourself.

    Stupid. Just too stupid for words.

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Has anyone told janos he bores people to death?

    He’s the kind of guy who’d walk into that restaurant over on the highway, where AD people with valid ID can get a 10% discount, and demand the same discount because !!!~SEAL~!!!! Except that he isn’t on active duty any more and hasn’t been for a long, long time. Unfortunately for him, the waitresses over there are no-nonsense people. They’d call the po-po on him in the blink of an eye if he got rowdy.

    He does have a knack for making himself unwelcome in many places. So now he has to pay his own legal fees. (Snorrrrttt!)

    • Dave Hardin says:

      You tell people things about me that are not true all the time.

      You have hurt my reputation and my business … just the other night, I had a stripper give my dollar back.

      I demand compensation for my image being tarnished.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You poor thing. I have never said anything about you that wasn’t told to me by someone else telling how lazy you are in +++.

      It is not my fault that Joe Cryer didn’t want your dollar stuck in his pants.

      Do you want a cookie, to soothe your wounded feeling? If you’re nice to your feeling, maybe the others will return, too.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        I am not lazy in +++…I am thinking.

        I live in fear these days that thousands of women (ok, maybe a few were actually men) I invited (begged) back to my place (it was a nice car) are going to step forward (start screaming) saying that I sexually (disappointed) harassed them.

        Jesse and I have to deal with false accusations all the time.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Jesus? I thought his name was Raoul or Miguel or something.

        Buck up, Old Soul. You’ve never disappointed me… or harassed me in any way at all, much to my chagrin. (I knew that plastic surgeon lied to me about – oh, never mind.)

  10. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Jimmy Janos will always make maximum effort to live down to his reputation.

  11. IDC SARC says:

    “Damaged” his “Reputation?”


  12. NHSparky says:

    Good job, Jimmy.

    You fucked yourself over 10x worse than Chris Kyle ever could have.

    Remember that whole deal about having the right to remain silent, Jimmy? Next time, try exercising that right.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    What a loser.

    And I thought the Predator finished the job…..

  14. Sapper3307 says:

    BTW I believe R/T (Russia Today) media picked him up to give commentary on how evil America is.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      R/T seems to be the equal of blowing winos behind the dumpster at the truck stop for those in the media

  15. Cpl/Major Mike says:

    Useless, good for nothing piece of shit.

  16. thebesig says:

    To put a light on what Jimmy Janos did to Chris Kyle’s widow, I’ve been a widower for over a year.

    The grieving is long and goes in cycles. On top of that, an adjustment has to be made with regards to normal routines within the home and between the home and community. Both of these combined is enough to have to navigate through.

    The last thing that Taya Kyle needed, while going through this, with publicity added, was some washed up, narcissistic bully dragging her to court… Eating up time and resources on her part… Time and resources she needed to deal with what had been a major “sucker punch in life” for her.

    The alleged issue was between her late husband and him, not with his survivors and him. His arrogance/narcissism is such that in his drive to point to faults to where there weren’t, while ignoring where they truly lay (with him), he chose to stoke his ego by getting back at Chris Kyle’s estate… Which put the widow in his crosshairs.

    As was pointed out on this thread, the faults lay with him. His actions, over the years, driven by poor judgement, preceded by his failure to effectively use his brain to connect the dots first regarding his “luck”, amplified by his narcissistic and unrealistic view of himself, is what caused him the grief that he complained about… Not what was said in the book. A part of this effort is him trying to validate himself as someone that he once was in an attempt to ignore that fact that he’s now a “has been”.

    He doesn’t see what folks here see, as he’s blinded by his arrogance, and his narcissistic views of himself and the world he lives in.

    Because of his oversized ego, he caused pain where none should’ve been caused, and he angered his fellow veterans in addition to many Americans. Jimmy Janos has a lot of self reflection to do, corralling in his excessive arrogance would help in that endeavor.

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      ” … corralling in his excessive arrogance would help in that endeavor.”


      • thebesig says:

        I doubt that he’d read our statements; but if he did he would assume that we’re in the wrong and that he was “justified” in his actions. This is one “wrestling match” that he’s not going to win.

    • mr.sharkman says:

      He was tolerated, kind of like an angry old uncle who was slipping, before the incident in question.

      When he rolled into SD, he was given proper default respect and always scored some points with the boys, handing out cigars, dropping a keg or two off at McPs, and so on. He was a UDT (NOT a SEAL, and he should have known to not cloud the issue, considering the time frame of his service). I never heard a negative comment about him during this time. He’d gone ‘high profile’ but never forgot where he came from, so to speak.

      But your comment:

      ‘and he angered his fellow veterans’

      He’s dead to the Teams. I doubt if he’ll ever show his mug at a reunion or muster again, for good reason. There are some young killers from a certain ST-3 platoon that would have some words with him. Not guys I’d want to piss off.

      • thebesig says:

        Anger would do that, cause someone to “be dead” for all practical matters. My mention of “fellow veterans” was referencing the veteran community in general, beyond UDT/SEAL veterans. He has angered many non veterans with this stunt as well.

    • rgr769 says:

      By definition, narcissists are incapable of meaningful self reflection because they are convinced they can do no wrong.

      • thebesig says:

        Hence the arrogance that acts like amnesia to protect the narcissist from the pain of their stupidity. I made the above statement about Jimmy Janus just like I did about Dennis Howard Chevalier… I knew that neither was going to change partly because of what you stated here.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Mrs. Kyle fought Janos, and went the distance, despite what for most would be debilitating grief.

      She is -tough-.

      I believe Chris Kyle married -well-.

      • thebesig says:

        I don’t blame her, I would’ve done the same thing. One of the big things about grief is that one has to “Charlie mike” and not get paralyzed by the grief.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Just checking: did I sound like “blaming” ? ( I may have misread your comment)

          -not- my intent. -respect- was intent. Much.

          • thebesig says:

            Meant as figure of speech, didn’t read your post as placing blame. :mrgreen: I supported your statement by saying that I don’t blame her, as I’d do the same thing. Most of us would.

  17. Reddevil says:

    I don’t like Jessie Ventura and never have. He’s a conspiracy theorist, bad actor, worse governor, and a loudmouth.

    But Chris Kyle didn’t deck him in a bar. The story is fabricated, and it did hurt Ventura’s career. Arguably, the decision to sue hurt his career more, but that is a different topic.

    Chris Kyle was an American hero, but he had serious issues when he returned home. He got drunk and embellished a story, wouldn’t back down, and it ended up in a book.

    He had a history of this- he claimed to have sniped looters from the Superdome, and he claimed to have shot a would be carjacker in Texas.

    Slanos was within his rights to sue- but he should own the inevitable criticism and backlash.

    Kyle was a great man, and like many great men he had flaws. I’m surprised that this forum chooses to ignore those in light of the merciless outing of other veterans with embellished stories

    • mr.sharkman says:

      ‘But Chris Kyle didn’t deck him in a bar.’

      The tale was ‘common knowledge’ among the guys for months. The general sentiment among the guys when the tale was passed on was ‘wow, what a dickhead, lucky he got out of the situation after taking only 1 punch’.

      The story didn’t become huge until the book came out and civilians read it.

      But I can tell you I heard the story from multiple sources months before it was depicted in the book.

      And the words that led to the KO were EXACTLY the same words he’d use on his conspiracy rants.

      It was at a wake for Mikey Monsoor and Mikey’s parents were in attendance. Janos knew better, but made the error of thinking his drunk angry rambling would be tolerated. It wasn’t this time.

  18. mr.sharkman says:

    Yeah it never happened.

    Which is why Jaons and his attorney changed their tack and their tune THE DAY BEFORE some Teamguys were due to arrive in town to verify that it did happen, and to give eye witness accounts of Janos getting rightfully 1 punch KTFO when he pushed it 20 fathoms too deep with the young Warriors present.

    Fvck Janos.

    • rgr769 says:

      When were the Teamguys going to testify, in the re-trial? I know there were some witnesses in the original trial who testified it happened, but their versions were somewhat inconsistent.

      • mr. sharkman says:

        During initial trial if memory serves.

        The day before they were due to arrive in town Janos and lawyer changed approach. They went from ‘it didn’t happen’ to ‘even if it did happen the damage to his reputation is real’.

        Basically saying ‘whether or not it happened is immaterial, the story – true or false – damaged his reputation’.

        Not a lawyer but one Teamguy who I know well who is said they did it to avoid the Teamguys who witnessed the exchange getting on the stand and relating the events as they saw them.

        What I want to stress for everyone reading is in the months prior to the book it’s not like Chris Kyle (FW-FS) told the story to some guys and it spread. Multiple guys saw it go down, and passed on the tale when drinking with the boys, multiple times.

        It was ‘common knowledge’ within the teams for months and the story was spread by numerous witnesses, along the lines of ‘Did you hear what Ventura did at Monsoor’s wake and what happened?’.

        Ventura laid low after it went down, probably from embarrassment, but when the book came out and he started getting asked about it he lawyered up. If it didn’t happen (like Ventura said it didn’t happen), then he’d have defended himself face-to-face with any Teamguy he ran across. But that’s not what he did, because he got 1-shot KTFO for running his suck in a disgraceful manner at a Teamguy’s wake with the KIA Teamguy’s family being present.

        Since then he’s been PNG with his former Teamguy brothers. I don’t know if he got booted from the FO but there was a petition for Teamguys only to sign to boot him from the FO.

        Being booted from the FO is a serious deal. As in it almost never happened. The watchdogs at the FO are not going to initiate action in such a manner based on a ‘he said-he said’ incident. Multiple credible Teamguy witnesses would have to push the issue.

        I could say/relate a lot more but I don’t want to drag SFC Lilyea into any legal entanglements, etc.

        I get that there are some weird discrepancies in the ‘American Sniper’ book. But in this case, with this incident, Chris Kyle was not the lone guy relating what happened.

        I hope this clears things up a little, at least at TAH.

  19. mr.sharkman says:

    Lest anyone forget – 6 page article, worth the time to read it all;

  20. rgr769 says:

    Once I read the appellate decision and evaluated its impact on the potential value of his case, I predicted this would be the final outcome. Jimmy was not going to spend over $500K to recover damages of an equal or lesser amount, even if he won the re-trial. Also, he was potentially exposed to attorneys’ fees and costs for the appeal as Rule 11 sanctions.

    • clamsgotlegs says:

      I hope his attorneys spent a lot of time and had good record keeping in anticipation of that big payout.

  21. RM3(SS) says:

    Well I was going to say “eat a dick scruff face” but after reading all the comments, it would be superfluous. So I will say how can I miss you if you won’t go away you attention whore.