Jose Ines Garcia Zarate indicted on Federal charges

| December 6, 2017 | 31 Comments

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the fellow who murdered Kate Steinle with a stolen firearm on a San Francisco pier, and was sentenced to a mere three years for being a felon with a gun last week, was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press, on one count each of felon in possession of a firearm and of “being an alien illegally and unlawfully in the United States” in possession of a gun and ammunition.

Garcia Zarate had been deported five time[s] before the shooting. The San Francisco sheriff’s department also released him from jail several weeks before the shooting despite a request from federal immigration officials to detain him for deporation.

San Francisco is a so-called sanctuary city and local officials are limited in the cooperation they can give with federal deportation efforts.

From ABC7;

Garcia Zatate now faces felony charges for possessing a gun and bullets and for being “an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition,” according to a press release from the Department of Justice’s Northern District of California.

The indictment charges Garcia Zarate, 47, with handling a semi-autom[t]aic pistol and multiple rounds of ammunition on July 1, 2015, the day Steinle was shot and killed on San Francisco’s Pier 14.

Officials said the indictment “merely alleges that a crime has been committed and Garcia Zarate, like all defendants, is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Garcia Zarate faces a maximum statutory penalty of 10 years in prison if convicted of either felony charge

It’s odd that the media would blame President Trump for the hoopla surrounding this case, we wrote about it before Trump announced that he was running for president. Americans’ frustration with immigration enforcement in this country existed long before there was a candidate Trump.

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  1. Skippy says:

    That it did most Americans are fed up with lax immigration enforcement, fake News,
    The fake Russia probe “that’s no longer a Russia probe’ but A witch hunt
    And so many other things

  2. Ret_25X says:

    I had a flat tire in 1985—no doubt that it was Trump’s fault…LOL

  3. Graybeard says:

    Just shoot him and be done with it.

  4. Arby says:

    And when the next a-hole brings up the need for more gun control, remind them of how the current laws are not enforced…

  5. Thunderstixx says:

    Illegal immigration is the issue that put Trump in office.
    Suck it #libidiots…

  6. Wilted Willy says:

    I hope this cocksucker slips on a bar of soap while he is in prison. I hope he slips many many times and suffers a neck fracture that will leave him a quadraplegic!

  7. They should lock him up with Aryan brotherhood cellmates…& let the chips fall

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      The AB are nothing more than POS criminals who kill more of their own gang members than anyone else.
      They only cross the line and kill other races in prison when there is money involved.
      Fuckface here will be welcomed and protected by the Hispanic gangs. He’ll be a hero to them.
      By the way it’s a 180 degree turn when the Federal Government has to step in to prosecute a minority for killing a white person because the local and state officials ( and population) let them off.
      They need to make a new movie “Missifornia Burning”

      • Mikey W. says:

        As a Federal Correctional officer for over 22 years, I’m afraid I have to agree. Crooks/inmates won’t “cell” with another race, even if they want to because their “own people” won’t allow it.
        I hope he dies quickly of one of his diseases he most likely is carrying[Hep a/b/c, etc] so we won’t have to pay for all his medical care.

      • desertdweller says:

        The family of Kate Steinle in my humble opinion should sue the shyt out of the SF transgender, queer sheriffs dept! Immigration told them to hold the scumbag for deportation, but they let him out to kill Ms Steinle….seems like a dandy lawsuit to me..but what do I know?

  8. USMC Steve says:

    Why don’t the feds charge him with violating that pool woman’s civil rights? That is always popular and trendy when a black is shot by white folk or cops.

    They really need to put the boots to this slimy reoffending wetback to make a point loud and clear.

  9. Docduracoat says:

    It is satisfying to see the Feds stepping up to the plate after California only gave him 3 years with credit for time served
    Will California turn him over to the DOJ?
    They are not allowed to cooperate with ICE
    Will there be any change in policy on law enforcement agents storing guns in cars?
    I understand this gun was stolen from a state LEO’s car
    It seems that if the State can give him a gun, they can give him(or her) a lock box bolted to the floor

    • jonp says:

      They do cooperate when a felony is involved, it’s just illegals they get all butthurt over

    • Berliner says:

      You can’t fix stupid. In 2005 former Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske had his service gun stolen from the glove box of his unmarked police car parked on the street nightly in front of his house. He thought it was safer than keeping it in his house. It never was recovered. His punishment was being named the Drug Czar under Obama.

  10. Perry Gaskill says:

    This is all just posturing and preening to compensate for the fact the verdict for killing Kate Steinle was an outrageous miscarriage of justice. I’ll start to believe Garcia Zarate will suffer serious punishment when: A) The San Francisco Sheriff actually hands him over to the feds, and B) The feds sentence him to more than minor time for each of the charges. Odds are Garcia Zarate will be on his sixth deportation bus within two years.

    Which means he’ll probably be back in San Francisco in time to vote Democrat in the 2020 election.

    An interesting aspect, for those paying attention to dogs not barking, is that a lot of the prominent Latino politicians in California have been curiously quiet about the Steinle verdict. So far, loudmouth Kevin De Leon, as one example, has had apparently nothing to say publicly, despite the fact he almost never misses an opportunity to lecture about all those noble illegals and their struggle against the evil gringo.

    A possible sidebar, something also flying below the radar, is that the LA Times ran a story yesterday about how the federal DOJ declined to renew to the LAPD a $3 million annual block grant to be used for community policing. Target areas are evidently those with strong gang activity such as East LA. Brought about, one might imagine, by the fact LA is a sanctuary city. Connect the dots…

  11. Devtun says:

    Deported 5 times? This pos is a rookie. Couple recent convictions of Mexicans nationals had 19 & 20 deportations, respectively. What a joke.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I wish THREE THINGS on everyone who took part in taking it easy on that multiply-deported ILLEGAL ALIEN:

    Immobility, Insomnia and Immortality.

    If it was some illegal alien getting killed by a White Person there in San Foo-foo, they’d likely have lynch mobs galore in no yime!

  13. NavyEODguy says:

    I just watched Martha Maccullum interview an alternate juror. Now it is even more understandable to me how this travesty of justice happened.

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