Mansfield firefighters step up to help WWII vet step up

| December 10, 2017 | 15 Comments

Someone sent us a link to an article from Mansfield, Massachusetts which tells the story of some firefighters there who stepped up to help World War II veteran Walter Gilbert and his wife Mary. The 95-years-olds have mobility issues, and the firefighters noticed that when they responded to a call at the Gilbert home recently;

“The guy is an amazing individual,” Fire Capt. John Terry said.

Terry said he stumbled across Gilbert when firefighters responded to a fire alarm call at his home. He later visited on a weekend off duty to change batteries in smoke detectors in the home.

Terry said he sat down and talked to Gilbert, learning he endured about 180 days of combat, and was wounded twice. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge where he took shrapnel.

Those wounds make it difficult for Mr Gilbert to walk, and Mary had recently broke her leg, so the firefighters coordinated with the local veterans services to get him a ramp for his stairs. They went out to the house to install the ramp during their off-hours. Unfortunately, there was a part missing, but they stand ready to make the installation when it arrives.

Terry urges folks to check in on local veterans to see what they can do for veterans, whatever war they served in.

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  1. Dave Hardin says:

    I got issues…nobody checks on me.

    • Tallywhagger says:

      Other than their ingrained liberal political indoctrination and resultant perversity, many people in The Bay State are otherwise very decent folks–almost like most Americans except they talk funny.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    My neighbor checks on me because I’m old.
    The JW’s check on me because I’m a sinner.
    The insurance company checks on me because the stairs don’t have railing.
    The town checks on me because of the junk (their word) cars and parts.
    I hope nobody finds out I’m a veteran.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Nobody checks on me except the stray cats that show up at my front door, whining for dinner.

  4. borderbill (a NIMBY/BANANA) says:

    I dunno—-maybe there are more good guys and gals out there than are normally brought tour attention. Thanks to them.

  5. Thunderstixx says:

    They keep knocking, I have to tiptoe across the floor…

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