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| December 11, 2017 | 10 Comments

From New Orleans, Louisiana;

Bennie Sideboerd and his cousin just got home early Sunday morning when they saw two masked men approaching them. One came towards Sideboerd, the other towards his car.

But what they armed robbers didn’t know, was that 63-year-old Sideboerd was armed.

According to NOPD, one of the masked men told Sideboerd’s cousin to put his hands on the car while the other pushed Sideboerd to the ground.

“He said, don’t you move, so I turned around … he pointed at me and I pulled out my gun and boom boom boom!” Bennie said, reenacting the dangerous encounter.

None of his bullets hit their target.

“Then he came running at me … he knocked me down … I grabbed him by his back and I went BOOM,” Sideboerd said. “It was a five-shot gun and I knew I had one shot left, so when I grabbed him, I went boom … he dropped the gun then he grabbed his stomach and said ‘Oh Lord!’ and rode out and ran.”

When the shots rang out, police say Sideboerd’s cousin ran to the 2nd district police station just a couple blocks away, while the second robber took off in their car. He remains at-large.

A Navy veteran and shooting range regular, Sideboerd said he wasn’t nervous at all.

“When somebody comes at you like that, you can’t be nervous,” he said. “If not, they’re going to kill you anyhow. So you have a choice: Either you get them or they get you.”

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  1. OldManchu says:

    Boom boom boom!

  2. Steve1371 says:

    Nothing like having a Bulldog in your pocket!

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    “Either you get them or they get you.”

    Pretty simple concept lost on far too many.

  4. chooee lee says:

    Double tap em center mass. It so uncomplicates things at the inquest when yours is the only testimony.

  5. Bobo says:

    “None of his bullets hit their target.”

    “A Navy veteran and shooting range regular, Sideboerd said he wasn’t nervous at all.”

    Apparently his time at the range isn’t spent going over the basics. I recommend either more time or a better use of the time spent.

  6. Docduracoat says:

    Follow up story
    Andrew Spikes, 17 years old, arrested at an area hospital with a gun shot wound to the stomach
    He was picked out of a photo lineup by the victims
    The person who brought him to the hospital was arrested as an accessory after the fact

  7. AW1Ed says:

    Bennie Sideboerd and his pal, Ricky Chaffingdish…

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