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Tim sends us a link from York County, Maine;

A corrections officer restrained a Standish man who entered his home in what appeared to be drug-induced state of delirium Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

Anthony Jones, 35, broke through the door to Sean Wilson’s Limington home around 2:30 p.m., York County Sheriff William L. King Jr. said in a statement.

Jones, who was sweating profusely and bleeding from the mouth, told Wilson he was being pursued. But Wilson, who was at home with two of his children, both under age 4, knew something was wrong.

“Jones was rambling about people chasing him and appeared to have excited delirium,” a sign that he was under the influence of some type of drug, King said.

At the time of the intrusion, Wilson was preparing to go to work at the York County Jail and waiting for his three older children to arrive home. Wilson ordered his two children to go to a rear bedroom, then ordered Jones to lie on the floor and remain still, but Jones started walking toward the rear bedroom, where the children were hiding, King said.

Wilson, who is 6-feet 2 inches tall and weighs 330 pounds and played lineman for his high school football team, then wrestled Jones to the floor and called 911 for assistance, King said.

Wilson restrained Jones until deputies from the York County Sheriff’s Office arrived and arrested him on a burglary charge. King said Jones is also wanted for violating his probation stemming from a domestic violence incident in Cumberland County.

From Louisville, Kentucky;

[LMPD] Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said it happened outside the store at Broadway and 13th Street. A man allegedly tried to rob the Family Dollar, and when officers responded, the suspect ran out of the back of the building with a hand gun.

Mitchell said despite officers’ orders, the suspect refused to lower his gun. He was then shot in the leg.

The man was taken to University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No one else was injured.

From Independence, Missouri;

Police were called to the 3400 block of S. Appleton Ave., Thursday afternoon after a homeowner called to report he had shot an intruder in his home.

The suspect was taken to the hospital with injuries not considered serious. It happened shortly after noon Thursday at a home near Winner Rd., and Sterling Ave.

Independence Police spokesperson John Syme said no one at that address had been arrested or charged.

From Glenpool, Oklahoma;

Police say a man entered the store, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money from the register. The suspect, identified as 48-year-old Ezell Brown, allegedly threatened to shoot the clerk in the head and knees.

The clerk complied and put the money in a plastic sack, but the clerk knocked the gun out of Brown’s hand as he was giving it to him, according to police. Brown then ran outside the store, but the clerk grabbed a gun and a baseball bat and chased after him.

When police got there, Brown and the clerk were outside the store. Officers then took Brown into custody.

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  1. Wilted Willy says:

    Come on people, not one DRT to start my Friday! Always remember, one in the brain bucket and two center mass! More range time folks, more range time!!

  2. Tallywhagger says:

    This may be the honey-lamb who has been evaluating the enigmatic DRG navigator’s mental capacity:

    It is notable that:

    “She has experience conducting a wide variety of forensic assessments including competency and sanity evaluations, custody and parenting evaluations, fitness for duty evaluations, FAA evaluations, pre sentencing sex offender evaluations, independent medical evaluations, and immigration evaluations.”

    Go get’em weedchopper!

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