Trump targets Pakistan with tweets

| January 2, 2018 | 20 Comments

President Trump threatened to withhold US taxpayers dollars from Pakistan because, he claims, Pakistan is aiding the Taliban by giving them a chance to rearm and rest across their border. According to Stars & Stripes;

Trump’s New Year’s Day tweet comes as the administration, frustrated by Pakistan’s unwillingness to take on terrorist groups, is considering withholding $255 million in aid, The New York Times reported last week. Officials told the newspaper that a decision was expected in the coming weeks.

The administration told Congress in August it was holding back the $255 million until Islamabad did more to fight terrorism. In July, the Pentagon withheld $50 million in aid after Defense Secretary James Mattis told Congress he would not certify that Pakistan had done enough to fight the Haqqani network, a brutal branch of the Taliban.

Terrorist exploitation of outside sanctuaries is viewed by Gen. John W. Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, as the single greatest threat to the U.S.-led coalition campaign there, according to the Defense Department’s biannual country report, released last month.

In another Stars & Stripes article, Afghans praise Trump’s hard line against Pakistan;

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, writing on Twitter, greeted Trump’s remarks as “vindication that the war on terror is not in bombing Afghan villages and homes but in the sanctuaries beyond Afghanistan.”

Karzai proposed forming a regional coalition to pressure Pakistan “to bring peace to … the entire region.”

While U.S. officials have said cooperation with Pakistan is critical to efforts in the region, the relationship has chilled since May 2011, when al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden was found living near a major military facility in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, where he had apparently enjoyed sanctuary for years.

A pillar of Trump’s new regional strategy calls for greater pressure on Islamabad to eliminate such havens. Pakistan “has much to lose by continuing to harbor criminals and terrorists,” the president said when announcing his strategy in August.

The last time Pakistan tried to crack down on the Taliban in their tribal areas, they had a real shooting war on their hands which caused them to back off. Maybe with cash on the line, they’ll be able to draw on a little testicular fortitude and commit to the war against terrorists.

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  1. Graybeard says:

    Money talks.

    Right now, less of our money is saying “goodbye” as it heads toward our enemies.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    “Your call is important to us”.
    “Please stay on the line and a represetative will be with you shortly”.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    “a little testicular fortitude…”

    Well, it’s a nice thought, but the Paks might be more effective if they tried the ceremonial border flag-raising competition instead.

  4. Combat Historian says:

    Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency basically spawned the Taliban back in the 1980’s as a means to influence/manipulate/shape the situation in the Afghan-Soviet War, and especially to control the Pushtun tribes and factions on the eastern Afghan border with Pakistan. Paki ISI has basically been feeding money and resources into the Afghan Taliban for decades, sometimes overtly and most times covertly. Their covert support and funding of the Afghan Taliban has been the primary reason the war in Afghanistan has dragged on for so long. Simultaneously, the USA has been heavily funding the Pakistani military and intel services since the 1950s at the height of the Cold War. This double game by the Pakis should have been ended long ago; I hope Trump will end this Paki double game/charade NOW…

    • JacktheJarhead says:

      Nailed it. Until Pakistan reins in the ISI nothing is going to change. They created the monster and they are still feeding it. They are more worried about India and could care less what happens in the Tribals. Besides, they have Swiss Bank Accounts to maintain. How dare those Americans withold money! Think of their children going to private school in Bern!

  5. NHSparky says:

    Pakistan a sanctuary state for the Taliban?

    Yeah. This. Shocked face.

  6. AW1Ed says:

    Now he’s made the Pakis all grumpy:

    “ISLAMABAD – Pakistan has summoned the U.S. ambassador and Islamic groups have held rallies in major cities after U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at the country over its alleged support for extremists.”

    And isn’t that too bad.

    • Graybeard says:

      Pakistani: “We protest President Trump’s tweet.”

      U.S. Ambassador: “Will ain’t that too bad, sweetheart. It’s not your money to begin with. Play by our rules, or get out of the playground.”

      [I can dream, can’t I?]

      • Thunderstixx says:

        Those are words tat Nikki Haley might say, well, actually did say…
        She’ll make a great @POTUS. Would it just be great if she was the first Woman @POTUS to the United States !!!
        The snowflakes would never recover…
        BWAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

        • OWB says:

          Yes, indeed, she might be a great prez. The inevitable damage to snowflakes everywhere would just be a bonus. After all, she fits into nearly all their protected class categories, and has excelled in the real world without their assistance. Some of them would probably even vote for her! Because, you know…

        • Graybeard says:

          So would Condoleezaa Rice, IMHO, except she’s too smart to run.

          • OWB says:

            Absolutely. She was my first choice, but she maintains that she will never do it. (Just so ya know, she is every bit as impressive in person as you might imagine. The real deal.)

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              I’ve heard that she has quite a list of legitimate accomplishments to her name, thus the liberal left hates her.

            • Graybeard says:

              It would be an honor to meet her in person.

              I knew she didn’t want to run – she is smart, she’s accomplished more than I’ll ever hope to, so I cannot fault her. But I’d vote for her in a New York minute.

  7. Rosalee Adams says:

    We need to chop them off at the knees and anyone else who actively seeks our demise.
    No more taxpayer $$$ squandered on a bunch of miscreants who would see us go down the tube.
    And speaking of cutting funds to ne’er-do-wells, we can start with the UN, the majority third world whiners and their continued: “Please, Sir, I want some more”

  8. RM3(SS) says:

    Pakistan is our “friend?” So, have they released the Dr. that gave us Bin Laden yet? Fuck ’em and let them eat beans.

  9. FatCircles0311 says:

    We should cut off all welfare to that cesspool country(should have done it decades ago) and arm up India. Pakistan can get fucked.

  10. Docduracoat says:

    I agree with Rm3
    That Doctor found Osama bin Laden for us
    He performed a great service to the U.S.
    We should stop all aid to Pakistan AND get that doctor here!

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