Baltimore Residents Blaming Murder Increase on Lack of Police

| January 2, 2018 | 99 Comments

Breitbart is reporting residents are blaming the city’s soaring murder rate on a lack of policing, three years after the Freddy Gray riots. Black Lives Matter (BLM), an activist group, insisted policed presence be curtailed, and city hall acquiesced. As a result, civic leaders are blaming the police for the high murder rate, and that the pullback has put them in danger.

The Rev. Kinji Scott, a Baltimore activist, is blaming city hall for leaving the neighborhoods unprotected.

Scott and others are now pressuring the city to bring police back in as a deterrent to the soaring crime rate. Despite the loud proclamations from BLM activists that the police are the problem, Scott and his fellow activists are now claiming that they never wanted police to go away.”

In an NPR interview, Scott states only activists like BLM wanted the police removed:

“No. That represented our progressives, our activists, our liberal journalists, our politicians, but it did not represent the overall community. Because we know for a fact that around the time Freddie Gray was killed, we start to see homicides increase. We had five homicides in that neighborhood while we were protesting.

What I wanted to see happen was that people would be able to trust the relationship with our police department so that they would feel more comfortable. We’d have conversations with the police about crime in their neighborhood because they would feel safer. So we wanted the police there. We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.”

He also blamed the city for failing to foster a community atmosphere between the police and the neighborhoods.

“The primary thrust nationwide is what President Obama wanted to do: focus on building relationships with police departments and major cities where there had been a history of conflict. That hasn’t happened. We don’t see that. I don’t know a city—Baltimore for certain—we’ve not seen any changes in those relationships. What we have seen is that the police has distanced themselves, and the community has distanced themselves even further. So the divide has really intensified, it hasn’t decreased.

And of course we want to delineate the whole culture of bad policing that exists—nobody denies that—but as a result of this, we don’t see the level of policing we need in our community to keep the crime down in our cities that we are seeing bleed to death.”

An unethical prosecutor and an incompetent Mayor have diminished and demoralized the police department; small wonder the cops aren’t very interested in leaving their patrol cars. Now the good Reverend wants his cake and eat it, too? Careful what you ask for…

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    “Stop Burninz, we need our weeeve”

  2. Rochambeau says:

    Another blog for an unvarnished veiw of policing in a different Democrat enclave is

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Yeah, I blame Rahmbo for all of that. Never used to happen under the Daleys. It won’t improve until Rahmbo is voted out of office for good.

      • Dave A says:

        Ex-PH2, agreed. I was born and raised in Chicago. Richard J and for the most Richard M ran a tight ship. Problem is that Rahm is a hand picked candidate of Richard M. Until a suitable candidate to the Daley’s comes forward ut’s going to br Rahmbo. His father must be rolling over in his grave. I am actually leary of going back home for a visit, even to the Garfield Ridge area.

      • NavyEODguy says:

        Last time I was in the Chicago area, was NTC Great Lakes, going to an IC-C school for CCTV/PLAT systems.

        I just tried looking up the homicides in Dec ’78 thru Feb ’79 – came up a big goose egg – zero.

        All I know/remember is a bowling alley bar that had an event room that opened the folding doors at 2130 every 3rd Thursday of the month at the completion of a self-help group called “Parents Without Partners.” It was in, of all places, a little burg called Libertyville. The group usually numbered around 75 people. About 20 or so men, the rest womenzss. 😬

  3. Dick Weed says:

    And in a related story:

    In the days after BLM was seen, heard and filmed by thousands chanting, “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now”, two NYPD officers were executed.

    So, I don’t know how to square the peg between citizens wanting police protection and at the same time demanding their execution.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Proactive cops or no cops.

    Pick one, and learn to deal with the results.

    • E.Conboy says:

      You can police some of the people all of the time.
      You can police all of the people some of the time.
      But… You can’t police all of the people all of the time.
      Just sayin’.

  5. Bobo says:

    In an atmosphere where any interaction, regardless of the benefit to the community as a whole, will likely lead to, at best, a police inquiry board, and, at worst, a lifetime of legal bills built up in defending against a criminal case, there is no incentive for a police officer to get out of the patrol car.

    The citizens of Baltimore got what they wanted, despite their current protests.

  6. Carlton G. Long says:

    While the consequences in Baltimore are far more severe than a work-related incident, I do recall years ago working in accounts payable for a lab company…we had a talented but very blunt employee who had hurt a few special snowflakes’ feelings…he was let go, and then many on his work team and his management team discovered that not only had his work been exemplary, but that he had been doing the work of about three people. Things were chaotic, and I heard (through a closed door no less) the department manager yelling at the team supervisor and a couple of the team members, “You all wanted him gone…I terminated him…now I don’t care how you do it, but I expect that work to be done!!”

    Soon the supervisor and a couple of the snowflakes were gone. I heard through the grapevine that the company actually called the terminated employee to offer him to come back, but he had found another (better paying) job within a week of being let go.

  7. SFC D says:

    If they’d stop killing each other, they wouldn’t need “proactive policing”. Maybe they just need stronger gun laws? Declare Baltimore a gun-free zone?

  8. JacktheJarhead says:

    To quote my rather blunt father: “Whatcha Bitchin’ about? You got what you wanted, deal with it”

    We want a “Conversation”. No, what that means is that they want to tell you how wrong you are and how to do it. They did have a “Conversation” and here you are.

    Have BLM come in and do “Policing”, that would set everything right! Or get out there on the streets, “Reverend” and convince those wayward “Gangstas” to be good and stop killing each other.

    Freddie Gray was an criminal who tried to bang himself up to get a lawsuit and some money. He wasn’t smart enough to do that and hurt himself. So, you burned down your neighborhood for a stupid Criminal, wanted the cops to go away and now you have higher crime.

    Quit your bitchin’. You got what you wanted!

  9. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Another “D” run city with problems… and, following the “D” playbook, they allow the fringe groups (BLM) dictate policy.

    The only way that the people of Baltimore are going to get real change in their communities is to stop voting for the “D” machine.

    • GDContractor says:

      From the OP above: “The primary thrust nationwide is what President Obama wanted to do: focus on building relationships with police departments and major cities where there had been a history of conflict. That hasn’t happened.”

      Gee, you’d think that of any place in the world that would have enacted what “Obama wanted”, it would have been a Democrat controlled city.

      Hmmmmn. They must not have wanted what Obama wanted…and by definition then, they are a bunch of mean racists! Probably literally Hitler too.

      • Bill M says:

        That was their mistake. They listened to Obama, the community organizer. And they ‘organized’ themselves into a climbing crime rate and a record high number of murders in 2017. That worked really well, didn’t it? /sarc

      • OWB says:

        Is there evidence somewhere that building relationships is what he wanted? Seems to me that all the evidence suggests exactly the opposite – destruction of healthy relationships appears to be exactly what he wanted, and he got it.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Study after study finds that 10 out of 10 crime-infested urban hellholes have been lorded over by D-rats for multiple decades.

  10. Carlton G. Long says:

    Some NPR-type will simply state, “There are no easy answers…” / eye roll

  11. The Other Whitey says:

    So Black Lives Matter doesn’t actually serve the best interests of the people it allegedly represents? You don’t say! Wow, y’know, it’s almost like conservatives were right all along.

    To “the Rev,” I say: why should the cops care? They get blamed, stereotyped, and knee-jerked for everything. Then y’all call for dead cops and cheer when cops in other cities in other states that had nothing whatsoever to do with whatever complaints you might have get ambushed and murdered. Why should the cops you’ve maligned give a single fuck for your neighborhood?

    Yes, there are problems with the way that many communities are policed. But you have insisted on making it much, much worse. Chickens always come home to roost sooner or later.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    No sympathy from me at all. Period. They got what they wanted and now they don’t want it. Crybabies.

  13. Graybeard says:

    What I see is called “winning” – give the protestors exactly what they ask for and let them bear the consequences.

    Hello, “Rev.” Kinji Scott? Remember the principle “Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.”

    You asked for it. You got it. You own it.

  14. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Glad to see the Ferggison effect in full play up in Baltimore. Just ticket expired meters, parkers but don’t do traffic stops in the hood. I want to see the LEO’S go home to there families every night. The other way around it is to have black & white sector patrolling but the shit would hit the fan over segrigation of the B&W patrolling in B&W neighborhoods.

  15. Wilted Willy says:

    Like everyone here has said, they got what they wanted! Now deal with it. How about they get out there and patrol the neighborhoods? Let them stop their own from killing each other? Let’s have them be able to purchase guns and ammo on their EBT cards. More bullets, problem solved??

    • Martinjmpr says:

      Exactly. It’s their neighborhood, if there is crime happening it is them, their family members or their friends who are committing it.

      Maybe send the Baltimore PD recruiting van into the most dangerous neighborhood in the city and start handing out applications. You want a safe neighborhood? Then step up and do something about it, don’t sit back and expect someone else to do it.

      You also have to wonder how many of the people complaining about crime in their neighborhoods have ever used phrases like “snitches get stiches” or “never talk to the cops?” How many of them refuse to testify against people they know to be criminals or just look the other way when obviously criminal conduct is going on?

      You get what you tolerate. If you tolerate crime, then crime is what you are going to get.

      • Bobo says:

        95% of the folks in those neighborhoods who got the applications would be ineligible because of convictions, current investigations, or not being able to pass a polygraph.

        • Martinjmpr says:

          Then that means the 5% need to step up, don’t they? 😉

          It’s their neighborhood, after all.

          If you live in the middle of a dump and refuse to help clean it up, you really have no right to demand that someone else do something about the smell.

      • Jus Bill says:

        Easiest & fastest way to clear a gathering in the Hood: Hand out job applications.

  16. Old Trooper says:

    “No. That represented our progressives, our activists, our liberal journalists, our politicians, but it did not represent the overall community. Because we know for a fact that around the time Freddie Gray was killed, we start to see homicides increase. We had five homicides in that neighborhood while we were protesting”

    While you were protesting? Hmmm; sounds like you can’t make up your mind if you were for it, before you were against it.

    Look, Scooter, you got what you wanted. Sucks when that happens; huh? Now, live with it……..or not.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      Something to consider is that Baltimore is apparently not only undergoing an increase in number of homicides, but also a drop in the percentage of cases cleared.

      Back in the early 1960s, cases of murder resulting in arrest and conviction amounted to around 90 percent nationwide. The national average now is around 64 percent. Baltimore’s solution rate now is around 33 percent for 2015 and 2016. This is down from around 50 percent in the years prior to Freddie Gray.

      By way of rough comparison, Chicago’s arrest and conviction rate for homicide is estimated at about 20 percent.

      One interesting source for this stuff is the Murder Accountability Project ( which provides a clearance rate tool for the FBI’s large dataset.

      • AW1Ed says:

        Indicative of police self-preservation. Baltimore’s City Hall poisoned the well for prosecuting those six officers in Freddy Gray’s death. Why would I leave my squad car to interact with the citizens when there’s a very good chance of being thrown to the wolves by City Hall for a decision forced in a split second? “Bolshevik” Bill De Blasio and “Rahambo” Emanuel are no better than Pugh.

  17. Martinjmpr says:

    “it did not represent the overall community”

    Don’t BLM and the similar “civil rights” organizations claim to do exactly that, i.e. represent these communities?

    Did these “community leaders” expressly repudiate BLM’s demands that policing be reduced? Or did they just stay silent until the bodies started piling up.

    If someone claims to speak on your behalf and you know they are doing so and choose to remain silent, aren’t they, in fact, speaking on your behalf?

    • Old Trooper says:

      Quit using logic, dude, it confuses them.

    • gitarcarver says:

      Who said they were silent?

      Remember that people like those in the BLM movement have far more access to the mics and to the headlines than the average person, or even this Pastor.

      When the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case was ongoing, the media covered large rallies and the parents of Martin coming to the city to speak.

      The media never covered the numerous, peaceful marches on holding parents accountable for their kids, or church groups banding together to address what had happened. Those church groups included churches with parishioners of every every color but the media didn’t cover them. They weren’t “sexy” and “controversial.”

      If there is a dissenting voice and the media doesn’t cover it, does the voice exist?

  18. gitarcarver says:

    I grew up and lived in Baltimore for most of my adult life.

    The problem that the good Reverend is talking about goes way back – back before Freddie Gray and the riots that followed his death.

    While it is safe to say that communities are responsible for the current state of the safety of Baltimore’s citizens, the police and specifically the police union is to blame as well.

    The BPD is one of the most corrupt police departments I have ever encountered. For example, a few years ago the FBI did a bust on officers that were in cahoots with towing companies and repair shops which resulted in kickbacks to the police, higher prices for consumers and a blind eye to chop shops that paid the cops off. Over 100 cops were indicted and 30 ended up serving actual time. The cops that were convicted and did not serve time were allowed to stay on the force.

    A training officer was convicted after he shot and critically injured a trainee in a training exercise that was being conducted on property they BPD did not own, and did not have permission to use.

    In 2013, the Baltimore Sun reported that over the last 4 years, the City had spent $5.3 million in police brutality awards to victims, plus $5.8 million in legal fees. The police all returned to work. The victims either were not charged with crimes or not prosecuted. It’s been running at that pace for a long time now – over $1 million in settlements a year.

    Cops near the Inner Harbor are told to “pull back” and not interfere with large groups of mostly teens who enter stores, robbing the stores and destroying them, and then attacking citizens.

    BPD has continually lowered physical standards. When I was there, the joke was “what do you do if the police catch you robbing a store? Answer: Walk away. They can’t catch you when you are walking.” Discipline is non-existent amongst the police. I have watched alarms at banks go off while officers ate lunch across the street and did nothing.

    It has gotten so bad in Baltimore that the Obama DOJ had to step in and try to clean up the PD, including the BPD signing a consent decree for DOJ oversight.

    Someone earlier in this thread talked about a corrupt mayor in Baltimore. That’s not true. They have elected corrupt MAYORS – not just one. There has not been an administration in my memory after Mayor Schmoke that has not had ethical violations, arrests, etc.

    Fixing Baltimore’s policing issue is going to take attacking the problem from both ends. Someone in this thread said that people in the community need to hold their friends and neighbors accountable for their illegal actions. I couldn’t agree more.

    At the same time, the police need to hold their fellow officers accountable for their illegal actions.

    The City I love is long gone and has become a victim to the idea that there is no accountability and no negative repercussions for any wrongful acts.

    Until that changes, the cesspool will continue to deepen.

    • JacktheJarhead says:

      Very well put.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      The City I love is long gone and has become a victim to the idea that there is no accountability and no negative repercussions for any wrongful acts.

      Until that changes, the cesspool will continue to deepen.

      It’s been said that in a democracy, people get the government they deserve.

      The citizens of Baltimore put these political leaders into power, and kept them there. Those political leaders, in turn, put those police chiefs into office.

      The “accountability” can’t come from without, the people themselves have to demand it, and have to enforce those demands by voting out the politicians who won’t account for their actions, and who won’t hold their police chiefs accountable.

      In healthy democratic system, there would be an opposition party that could use the failures of the current administration to boost their own fortunes (In fact, I’m pretty sure this is exactly how New York City got Republican Rudy Guiliani as mayor back in 1994 – he based his candidacy on the glaring failures of the previous Democrat administrations and it worked.)

      But in a de-facto one-party state, there is no organized opposition and thus it becomes almost impossible to bring political pressure to bear.

      And that’s the tragedy. Our political system offers a solution to this problem, but in our current political climate, my guess is that the Republican party does not consider the mayorship of Baltimore to be a prize worth pursuing. Better to let the city become an albatross around the neck of the Democratic party than to risk the inevitable cries of “RACIST!” that would accompany any Republican attempts to stem the collapse.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      A lot of good points GC.. it’d be interesting to see how the demographics of the police involved align with changes in hiring practices.. in many public service areas, standards across the board have been lowered, in order to create a more “diverse” workplace… I’m sure that there’d be some correlation between those actions, and the issues you’re describing..

      • gitarcarver says:

        Ask and ye shall receive:

        White alone, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016)(a) 31.4%
        Black or African American alone, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016)(a) 63.3%
        American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016)(a) 0.4%
        Asian alone, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016)(a) 2.8%
        Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016)(a) 0.1%
        Two or More Races, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016) 2.1%
        Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016)(b) 5.1%
        White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, July 1, 2016, (V2016) 27.7%


        * Of the 2,745 active duty police officers in the department — 1,445 — more than half are African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American, according to data provided by the Baltimore police department to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

        * Four of its top six commanders are either African-American or Hispanic.

        * More than 60 percent of the incumbents at the highest command levels hail from minority communities.

        * Among the 46 Baltimore police officers who hold the rank of captain and above, 25 are from ethnic or racial minority groups. That constitutes 54 percent of the command leadership.

        In other words, Baltimore is a black-majority city led by a police force whose officers are mostly racial minorities as well.


        So the police demographics and the city demographics align fairly closely.

        • Fyrfighter says:

          Thanks GC! not that there’s probably any way to find, but I wonder who among them benefited from the changes in hiring practices, who had criminal records before, and how those groups overlay the ones that are problems now…

    • Graybeard says:

      In other words, a deep blue city in a deep blue state has the blues?

      Kinda like what is happening in Houston, I suspect.

      I think the quote of the year for these people, in The People’s Republic of Maryland and Chicago, will be: “They told me there would be tea.”

    • Marine 0331 says:

      I too grew up and lived in ole B-MO. And you are correct about the crooked Mayors. ALL of them since Schaefer are pathetic and useless as tits on a bull, including the current “Mayor.” All they do is turn their head to the real issues and who and what are the causes of the crime problems in the city. Until they admit the truth, nothing will change. The cops are just doing what the people and the BLM wanted. The previous mayor was freaking useless and totally ignorant. The one before her was just as ignorant, but was also a lying thief. The current Mayor, well……..ahh never mind. Ravens didn’t make it to the playoffs, but at least our city won the murder record. I bet they’re real proud of that record.

    • Reddawg_03 says:

      “A training officer was convicted after he shot and critically injured a trainee in a training exercise that was being conducted on property they BPD did not own, and did not have permission to use”

      “BPD has continually lowered physical standards. When I was there, the joke was “what do you do if the police catch you robbing a store? Answer: Walk away. They can’t catch you when you are walking.”

      That isn’t corrupt….that’s just stupid

  19. REM says:

    It is all BS.. This is a 3-4 generational problem and the “long” Solution will take 4-5 generations. The short Solution = we NUKE the site from orbit, It’s the only way to be sure.

  20. Casey says:

    Prosecute cops for doing their jobs, and they stop (or cut back) on doing their jobs. Whoda thunk it?

  21. Thunderstixx says:

    Meanwhile, across the big pond the goat roper mayor of London has reaped the same rewards…
    #libidiots fail, everywhere they are allowed to govern they fail.
    Yet people are stupid enough to continue to elect them and then wonder why their cities are a cesspool of the scum that rises to the top of demonrat politics…
    Fuck ’em, they got what they wanted.

  22. Bim says:

    You can’t demand “Trust” and “Respect” from the Police and then go around screaming that you want them dead when they have to do their job to protect themselves or others. You also can’t expect the Police not to overreact on occasion when they’re being constantly faced with vicious hatred and threats of violence on a daily basis.

    As long as there is a predominant culture of praising agitators and their public expressions of hatred and prejudice against the boys in blue, I have no sympathy for what results.

    F*ck these people. Respect and trust is a two way street, Is that so hard for folks to understand? I don’t blame the cops one bit for standing down and letting nature run it’s course.

    • gitarcarver says:

      You can’t demand “Trust” and “Respect” when you are beating citizens and abusing them either. You can’t expect people not to over react once in awhile when too often police treat people like they are the enemy no matter what. You can’t expect people not to react when they are pulled over, harassed and beaten by the police for no reason.

      While you “can’t blame the cops one bit for standing down and letting nature run it’s course,” doesn’t that mean that you think it is okay for the police to not do their job? To accept a paycheck from the taxpayers and say “screw you……you can’t touch me and we all know it….”

      You are correct that respect is a two way street. We should respect the good citizens and the good officers. The bad citizens and bad officers deserve our scorn.

      We need to get rid of the officers who don’t have the personality and the skills to treat people well, and we need to ignore those who call for hatred of all people in blue just because they wear blue.

      • Marine 0331 says:

        All ya gotta do is what the cops tell you and everything will go smoothly. Run your pie hole like an arrogant jackass when they pull you over and act da fool and I assume the cops would act differently. It’s that simple.

        • gitarcarver says:

          Ah yes….the crime of “disrespecting the police.”

          Frankly, you are trying to make the horrible case that the police are always right and citizens are always wrong.

          The fact of the matter is that there are “arrogant jackasses” in this world. Some are citizens and some are cops.

          I cannot understand why you give one group of jackasses a pass and condemn the other.

          • SFC D says:

            It’s not a pass. It’s common courtesy. Act like an ass, you generally get treated like an ass, in any human encounter. It applies to cops too.

            • gitarcarver says:

              Color me confused.

              Your original post seemed to indicate that not complying with the police made one a “jackass.”

              If that’s the case, I would mightily disagree.

              True story:

              I was riding my bicycle legally down the road when I was pulled over by a cop. He said that he pulled me over for failure to wear a helmet.

              (At the time in Florida, people under the age of 16 were required to wear bike helmets.)

              I said I wasn’t required to wear a helmet as I was well over the age of 16. The cop acknowledged that I was over 16 and then demanded to see my ID.

              In Florida, cops can ask for ID under only 2 circumstances. The first is when they suspect a person of a crime or crime being afoot. Clearly that did not apply to case.

              The second is if there is a legal traffic stop. As the cop himself admitted, the law he was claiming did not apply to me.

              The stop was a violation of Florida law and the 4th Amendment.

              He asked for my ID. I refused. He asked again. I refused again citing that he had no legal right to pull me over and therefore I did not have to produce anything.

              I asked for a supervisor because I knew personally the supervisors as well as the Chief of Police.

              The officer then put me in handcuffs while waiting for the supervisor. There was no legal basis for him to detain me in such a manner.

              So there I was, handcuffed not 3 blocks from my home as friends and neighbors drove by. A second unit came up and said I had to produce ID on demand.

              I said nothing.

              Finally, the supervisor (who was the assistant chief of police in my small town) came and the officer explained what happened. The supervisor told him to remove the cuffs immediately. He did. I explained to the supervisor what had happened and his response was “[the helmet] law doesn’t apply to someone your age.”

              “Which means the whole stop is illegal and I don’t have to produce ID.” I said.

              “Right.” was his response.

              So please tell me how telling the cops “no” during an illegal stop and detention makes me a “jackass.”

              Please tell me how not “keeping my pie hole shut” made me the jackass.

              Please tell me how my not rolling over like some dog to the illegal stop and demands of this cop made me the jackass.

              Furthermore, please note that I was not abusive to the cop. I never raised my voice. I never interrupted him.

              The only thing I did not do was comply with his illegal demands.


              The “jackass” known as gitarcarver.

              • Marine 0331 says:

                So you came across a bad cop. Me too on several occasions. But I acted respectfully (as my parents correctly taught me) and all but twice it made for a positive outcome. They are human beings and as such are not always right. In other words, they make mistakes. But just do what they say and TYPICALLY things will go well. If not, then you encountered a bad person. Shit, it happens. But to act like the cops are the criminals is plain ignorant and stupid.

              • Fyrfighter says:

                GC, I think your example actually illustrates the actual problem. In your case, at no time did you “act da fool” as Marine put it. The only thing you did was refuse to comply with an illegal order from the cop (and rightfully so!) you did NOT mouth off, call him a pig, cry racism, or otherwise make yourself appear as some kind of threat. In other words, you acted like a civilized adult, and though the first two cops were either asses, or idiots, the situation did not escalate, and when the supervisor arrived, it was resolved appropriately. (and hopefully the first two officers got some retraining at a minimum). That is the difference between civilized people, and the type that usually get beat up / shot in confrontations with the police

          • Marine 0331 says:

            Not saying the cops are always right, but are you trying to tell me that drug-dealing, thug punks who won’t work and take care of their families are now all God-fearing, salt of the earth good ole fellas when the cops try to do their job? For cripe sake man, be real about this. Of course there are corrupt and bad cops. Heck, we had a pervert President back in the 90’s), so of course we have bad cops. There are bad people at every level everywhere in this world. All I’m saying is stop trying to blame the high percentage of good cops for the crap that the B-Mo thugs are bringing on themselves. Yeah. Destroying your own neighborhoods makes a lot of sense.

        • Graybeard says:

          Just like Andrew Finch, eh?

          Sorry – as a brother of a retired LEO who knows many fine and upstanding LEOs, I also know that some LEOs are total jackasses who are on a power trip, and will kill you for no good reason.

          • Hondo says:

            Yes, and those are precisely the cops that should be at a minimum cashiered when identified – and who should be sent to jail as inmates if the misconduct involves serious criminal behavior.

            Unfortunately, the “blue wall of silence” and police unions protecting their members regardless of the member’s conduct make doing that very difficult in many places.

            • gitarcarver says:

              Greybeard and Hondo,


              We cannot address the conduct of citizens without addressing the conduct of the police.

              We can’t address the conduct of the police without addressing the conduct of citizens.

              It’s a vicious circle. The police get attacked by citizens so they ramp up their response to where they attack a citizen riling up the citizens who then attack cops who then attack citizens and round and round it goes.

            • Graybeard says:

              In a way, I understand the “blue wall of silence” since those who’ve never been in LEO (or EMS for that matter) are apt to misconstrue what they say or do.

              But the LEOs need to police themselves, the unions need to be disbanded, and while we are at it find a way to keep the politicians from leaning on the Police Chief/Sherriff/Constables/whatever to give their buddies a pass, turn a blind eye to their or their kids’ infractions, etc.

              My LEO brother got a lot of pushback when he arrested a popular coach for DWI. A lot of indignation over that one. The coach was a habitual DWI/drunk, but he was supposed to be above such things as being held accountable for his DWIs.

          • Marine 0331 says:

            As I said. Bad people at all levels in every walk of life. Bad cops, pervert priest, pervert teachers, lying, nutjob (Hillary) pervert (Bill) politicians… it’s now right to condem the masses for the sins of a few? Yeah. Makes sense. Hhhmmmm

  23. QMC says:

    I’m so glad I made it out of Maryland. And I’m especially glad that I made it out of Baltimore.

  24. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    What’s next, are they gonna bawl for the United Nothing to come like Chicongo did?

  25. 26Limabeans says:

    I’d say they need a “Pied Piper” kind of solution but as I recall the guy never got paid which is to expected here.

  26. RM3(SS) says:

    This is happening everywhere not just in Baltimore. Proactive policing is going away. There is no incentive in taking risks and having the media and administration second guess you.
    It’s hard to get complaints if all you do is answer your calls for service and spend the rest of the time patrolling around and waving at people. I was fortunate to have worked the streets back in the days before everyone had a video camera and was attempting to win the ghetto lottery.

  27. NavyEODguy says:

    “The primary thrust nationwide is what President Obama wanted to do: focus on building relationships with police departments and major cities where there had been a history of conflict.”

    Bullhonkies! Oblame wanted nothing but anarchy, at the minimum, and the destruction of this Republic, as a maximum.

    “Bless yore little heart, you Nigerian imbecile!”

  28. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I once heard that a Little Caesar’s Franchise In B-more was gonna offer free breadsticks but NOPE, they burnt that place down as well.

  29. FatCircles0311 says:

    Everybody knew this would happen. Black Lies Matter wanted less police because the people that subscribe to that phony outrage are criminals and wanted less cops around so they could commit crimes. It’s why all of their examples were criminals literally caught in the act by police. The only people Black Lies Matter fooled were dumb white people trying to be woke.

  30. Mustang Major says:

    I served on a jury for a murder case in Baltimore. Drug dealers shooting drug dealers. The trial ended in an acquittal, as not all of jurors (Baltimore residents all) were willing to convict the accused. All agreed the evidence was there to convict, but would not vote for a conviction for other reasons. A big influence on the jurors was a witness being murdered in his house early in the morning the day the trial started.

    Generally speaking, Baltimore residents are reluctant to find violent murders guilty, much less report them to the police.

  31. Docduracoat says:

    The entire problem is the culture of the people living in the city
    They are majority black so I will say black culture
    The glorification of crime in rap music and the thug culture is a major indicator of the problem
    Black culture in the inner cities is sick
    Until they take a look at themselves as the source of the problem, then nothing will change
    Someone knows the name of every drive by shooter and every robber
    No one will talk to the police
    The jury won’t convict
    More gun control in my neighborhood will do nothing to drop the problem
    The locals have to change their morals

  32. Martinjmpr says:

    It seems like much the same dynamic that is at work on Indian reservations out West.

    In every random grouping of people you have some who are conscientious, hard working, honest, and productive. And on the other end, you have those who are unintelligent, dishonest, lazy, unproductive, and prone to antisocial or criminal behavior.

    ALL human groups have these types of people. It’s the bell curve – most of us fall somewhere in the middle but we’re all on it somewhere.

    In most large groupings of people there are enough “good actors” outweigh the “bad actors” and that makes for a functioning society.

    But what happens if, for various reasons, the “good actors” – the motivated, the intelligent, the conscientious and productive – leave the group and move somewhere else?

    It means that the group left behind is concentrated with a very high percentage of the “bad actors.” And they drag the rest of the group down.

    Eventually, anyone who has the ability to do so – the money, the talent, the skills – gets the hell out of the cesspool and goes somewhere else. THEY do all right, regardless of race or even education level.

    But the cesspool gets even worse, and it gets harder and harder for those within the cesspool to get out. It is also impossible to ‘clean up’ the cesspool because in order to do that, you’d have to find a way to lure intelligent, motivated, hard working people to come back in to start fixing the things that are broken.

    And how do you do that? Some cities have tried “gentrifying” by making trendy downtown neighborhoods that young, successful, educated people will want to move to. The problem there is that the ‘bad’ neighborhood doesn’t disappear, it just moves.

    New York was able to recover from its crime-ridden period but New York has always been different from every other American city, and in any case, New York has always had a thriving and extremely affluent central core (one of the most expensive real estate districts in the nation, I believe) and those people are not moving to the ‘burbs so they’re going to fight to keep their city thriving.

    In smaller cities like Baltimore (and Detroit, and Charlotte, and so many others), it’s easier for the affluent to simply flee to the suburbs, take their money and their talents with them and then, even if they still work downtown, they don’t much care what happens after they leave work.

    • Graybeard says:

      It’s like Docduracoat said above – the locals gotta change their morals. (GBPV [Graybeard Paraphrased Version)

      To put it in other terminology – they need to have a Revival and come to Jesus.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        The sad part is that a lot of the “locals” have perfectly good morals and are trying to do the right thing.

        But in terms of numbers, they can’t make up for the bad actors.

        It’s also made worse by the rank incompetence and outright corruption and self interest of the people in positions of power who are charged with trying to make the community work.

        As I said above, in a functioning democracy, this incompetence and corruption would be a giant, gaping opportunity for the opposition party to come in and say “look, if you want things done right, vote for US instead of THEM and we’ll fix it.”

        But sadly it seems as if our current political system is so poisoned by groupthink and identity politics that this isn’t possible. So not only does the opposition party (in this case, the republican party) not try to come in and offer solutions, but the in-power democrats have no incentive to clean up their act because they know they will not suffer any consequences for their incompetence.

        How good of a job would you do if you knew with absolute certainty that there would never be any consequences for incompetence or sloth?

        It’s very similar to the dynamics of third world countries.

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