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| January 12, 2018 | 180 Comments

January 12, 2018

Walk the Line

A slackliner walks a highline over Navagio Beach in Zakythos, Greece. Slacklining is a sport involving a flat rope strung between two points, often with less tension than a tightrope. Those who walk across wear harnesses connected to the slackline, to catch them in the event of a fall.

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  1. Mick says:

    Where is everyone?

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      I don’t know about everyone but I see that Lurker Curt is here. In fact, his post arrived milliseconds before yours. You ate the last sucks donut again, Mick.

      • Lurker Curt says:

        No bullshit, I spent 8 minutes pounding my F5 key- a co-worker was watching over my shoulder as I tried to explain (in terms he could understand) the importance of Firstiness on the WOT. He remains clueless.

        Happy weekend, fellow Dickweeds!

  2. SFC D says:

    Woohoo a new personal best!

  3. NHSparky says:

    Not first, still gainfully employed.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Present and unaccountable.

  5. Graybeard says:

    Top 10 and working for a living.

  6. Wilted Willy says:

    Sorry, I was late today, trying to find out where my meds were that were supposed to be delivered by Fed-Ex by noon! Some ice storm in Memphis, they are still sitting there!!!

  7. Graybeard says:

    In the 2018 Stolen Valor Race we have:

    Navy SEALs: 2
    Navy UDT: 1
    Navy EOD: 1
    Army officer: 1
    Marines: 2
    Vietnam Vet: 2
    —- w/real service: 1
    —- Canadian (no US service): 1

    We have a 3-way tie as of this TAH-WOT with Navy SEALs, Marines, and Vietnam Vets at 2 each.

  8. Aysel says:

    Top 15? I’ll take it ^_^

  9. Claw says:

    Glad to see the WOT is up and running.

    The screaming from the abused F5 keys was making my ears bleed.

    Both of the “First” entries have been duly recorded into the Coveted WOT Book of Firsts.

    Unless…., now that 2/17 Air Cav is back, does he want to resume the duty?

    Or just leave things as they are?

    Or is 2/17 willing to take on the duty of arbitrating “Firsts” or should that duty be left to Daisy Cutter?

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Well, Claw, you have been the keeper of the sacred Book of Firsts for lo these many months and I do not see an issue with your continuing. You have been dutifully entering the names, have you not? You have pronounced judgment in the course of deciding disputes have you not? If the answer is no to either question, FedEx the Book to me ASAP. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  10. Derek says:

    14th HA! Suck it 15 and beyond!!!!

  11. Dallas Wittgenfeld’s Bunghole says:


  12. Frankie Cee says:

    We know that the posers are mentally unbalanced, and because of that, (and their low self-esteem), feel a need to pretend to be someone they are not. In the case of Stolen Valorist Kyle Christopher Barwan, his cell mate has taken it on himself to be Barwan’s ANALIST”“. The sessions should satisfy Little Kyle, since he worked so hard to get himself put in the State Prison. Bless his pillow biting little body.

  13. ChipNASA says:

    GODDAMN IT, I was working and totally forget about WOT.

    Fuck this.

    “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here screaming FIRST!!!!????”

  14. AW1Ed says:

    9D5 Helo Egress Trainer, aka “Panic in a drum.” Good times.

    Helo dunker

  15. Hondo says:

    Ya know, I sure bet the weather in Florida today beats that in Norfolk and Maryland.

    Hey, DRG guys: you did it to yourselves by being (as a former POTUS and VP collectively put it) “major league a-holes”.

    Hope it was worth it, you two. Continue to enjoy the hospitality of Virginia and Maryland.

  16. USAF Ret says:

    Well I just got back from spending the morning at the Social Security Office getting my wife set up.
    Next cubby over there was a “Real Live” war hero, NOT. This man was signing up for Medicare; because in his words: “The VA does not give me care.” This is about the only true statement I heard come out of his mouth.

    It seems that because he did classified missions in Laos and Cambodia (“I should not be telling you this”) the VA denies any knowledge of my service.

    He was in both the Army and Navy (at the same time) doing classified missions (“I should not be telling you this”) “sort of like the Green Berets and SEALS, but they were the cover for my unit.” (“I should not be telling you this”).

    And this was all in 1967 to 1969. Did I say that he was turning 65 and was registering for Medicare?

    My wife kept hitting me on the leg and giving me the “Shut up, pay no attention and do not make a scene” eye.

    “I should not be telling you this, but…”).was his favorite sentence; he used in constantly as a transition to his next lie; and he told many.

    But my wife is on SS and Medicare; my 2 teenagers are getting it because of my wife. And I got to sit by a LPOS listening to war stories.

  17. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    TOP FORTY like Casey Casem and I once again claim Honorary First.

  18. Skyjumper says:

    Top 50!! Woo-hoo!!

    Interesting things you find on the Internet (thanks Al Gore).

    If you are still working, plug a few numbers into this calculator to find out how much you earn while pooping. I shit you not!! 😉


  19. RGR 4-78 says:

    WOT up TAH?

    Here’s to a great weekend for you all.

  20. Sapper3307 says:

    Close enough for government work!

  21. Dennis - not chevy says:

    Presented for your consideration. An Airman’s mother-in-law moves into the Airman’s home. The purpose of the visit was to help care for the Airman’s wife who was pregnant. Within the year, both the Airman’s wife and his mother-in-law give birth to a child. The Airman was the father of both children.
    My question is, “Is one of the children his own uncle?” I can’t figure out how the family tree works in these cases.

  22. just some feller says:

    Rats … I forgot to [/b] after “think.”

  23. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I had occasion today to visit the IRS website and look over their list of FAQs and the answers. I was just humming along until this one: “My child was stillborn. Can I claim my child as a dependent on my tax return?” This was among FAQs, suggesting that the question is not a once-in-a-blue-moon query. Hey, maybe it’s just me but any person who seeks to learn whether their still-born child qualifies as a dependent for tax exemption purposes needs to have his human card revoked.

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    Just as an aside, I went to the hardware store yesterday to get a new toaster, because my overprice toaster from Bed Bath & Beyond stopped toasting toast properly. The outside coils won’t fire up. I bought a more practical model made by Proctor & Silex, as well as a Black & Decker egg beater with 6 speeds and Turboboost, plus two beaters and two whisks. Bought birdfood and lights for the stove (they go under the microwave).

    While I was there, admiring the Lodge cast iron cookware and the Kilner glass storage jars with clamps, two guys flirted with me.

    I guess it’s because I told them I also cook.

    • Claw says:

      Did one of the flirters have a pink bathrobe and bunny slippers peeking out from under his street clothes?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Regretfully, no. However, when I mentioned BBQ beans and smoked sausage, and Tuscan bean soup, both of these gentlemen whimpered and said ‘you’re killin’ me!’

      It was an honor not to be forgotten.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      “Lodge cast iron cookware”

      Love the stuff. Especially the covers.
      The deep Dutch oven is great for Moose pot roast.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        It would be a valid excuse to get a new stove with two simmering burners and a double burner in the middle for a griddle, wouldn’t it?

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          “…and a double burner in the middle for a griddle, wouldn’t it?

          Don’t piddle and fiddle, get the one with the double burner for a griddle!

        • OWB says:

          Looked briefly at stoves last year, in anticipation of plumbing for natural gas later this year. There are some very interesting stoves these days. And they all seemed to have a fifth burner in the middle. But, will take a more serious look later.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          It’s kind of strange that when I look at restored antique stoves, the very things that they were known for, such as the griddle in the middle of the stovetop and stacked ovens up off the floor, are coming back into “style”.

          • Wilted Willy says:

            My favorite stove was my old coal burner with an all flat top! It also had a nice tank on the right side for heating up hot water! I could stoke that puppy up so it stayed burning hot all night! Just had to had a little fine coal in the morning to get it all going good again to cook breakfast! Some nice home made hash browns, some hand ground sausage and of course a bunch of nice eggs cooked in the sausage grease! Along with some old fashioned coffee in an old time coffee pot. I loved to watch it get nice and dark thru the nice little glass bubble at the top! Of course all the cooking was done in a 80 year old cast iron skillet, which I still have! Want to come by for some breakfast Ex??

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            I think I could get a new stove like that old coal burner from Lehman’s. They have a bunch of different designs, suitable for wood, coal, and/or gas.
            The warming cubby over the stove top for bread and rolls is something you never see any more.
            My parents long ago had a nice set of cast iron cookware, but that disappeared some place. So I either go with Lodge’s enameled Dutch oven or Le Creuset’s version, both of which are good brands.

            But can you think of anything that will give food a better flavor than being properly cooked in a lidded Dutch oven? Roast beef, for example, is best cooked in something like that. Ditto, ratatouille or beef stew.

            • Wilted Willy says:

              Mine also had the nice little cubby on top that was great for keeping the bread nice and warm. The Dutch oven is a wonderful thing as long as it is all cooked in good old grease! My Grandpa ate like that for all his life and he lived to the rip old age of 98! I think all the additives they put in everything is what’s killing us all. I wish I still had his cane that was made from a old bulls cock! It was really a neat cane!

  25. AnotherPat says:

    Trivia for today:

    12 January. Today marks the birthday of Ira Hayes, Joe Frazier, John Hancock, Jack London, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Kirstie Alley, Hermann Goring, Chistiane Amanpour, Jeff Bezos, the Amazing Kreskin and Robert Patterson.

    Did I leave anyone out? Hmmm, yes I did. Another Pat. Birthdays are always fun when one is in bed with the flu. But yet, it could be worse. So happy WW cancer is in remmision. Have a roof over my head, family to take care of me and good ole soup and crackers to consume (plus nasty tasting precription medicine).

    Plus, I get to enjoy reading TAH and all the comments, esoecially the funny ones. Laughter is good for the soul and has amazing healing powers.

    And Jonn, I”m still older than you, but a lot younger than those who served our country in the Viet of the Nam. SALUTE!

    Back to bed. To All: Have a great weekend! And welcome back, 2/17 Air Cav!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Get well!!!

      Eat hearty and get well! Chicken soup is not just for the soul. Everyone knows it defeats just about everything, including bouts of S,A,D, on dark and gloomy winter days.

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Thanks, Another Pat. I just spent a week with the flu. There’s a strain that a flu shot cannot protect against. I’ll say. My skin hurt. My head ached. My eyes didn’t work well and my back was no good. I coughed until my neck nearly broke off. My prayer was, “Lord, either take me or make me well. Just don’t leave me like this.” Best of luck to you.

        • AnotherPat says:

          2/17 Air Cav: What a bummer…you DID go thru alot with that strain of flu. Have you recovered? Don’t wish what you had on anyone! Hopefully, you are now fit as a fiddle and can start posting your wittiness more on TAH. If you are still under the weather, get well, my friend! And thank you for thinking of my health as well!

          • 2/17 Air Cav says:

            I’m about 80% now but it may as well be 100% for the absolute joy of not feeling like I was being beaten unmercifully by an evil spirit wielding a bagful of hammers. There are evidently multiple flu flavors making their visits all over the country right now. Lucky us. Time was you got the flu, you felt like crud for two days. You had fever and couldn’t (or wouldn’t dare) eat and then, just as suddenly as the storm came, it passed. The modern bugs are simply vicious and like to linger. Nasty stuff.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            The modern bugs mutate their DNA to survive better in a bug-hostile, vaccine-ridden world awash in chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The viruses visit each other and get into shameless bouts of exhanges of genetic material, then go home and share that with their siblings.

            Do remember that, in the World of the Virus, they are all their own mothers and fathers, and all of them are mutants!!!!

      • AnotherPat says:

        Ex-PH2: Thank You! You are so right about the magic powers of chicken soup. When I am feeling better, going to try your recipe you posted on last weeks WOT (the beef). Looking forward to more of your recipes and of course, your pictures.

        Hope everyone stays healthy and not come down with the nasty flu. Especially on a birthday!

        P.S. Hope DB enjoyed the “beautiful”snow Hampton Roads/Tidewater area encountered this past 5 days. Some places got 15 inches. And it was frikin cold!

    • OWB says:

      Take care, Pat! Don’t overdo things as you get better.

      Chicken soup really does help cure colds and respiratory stuff. So consume it. Lots of it.

      You, too, AC.

      • AnotherPat says:

        Thank you, so much, OWB! And thank you for thinking of 2/17 Air Cav. Hope you and others do not get it. As shared with Ex-PH2, am a firm believer in Chicken Soup. It really works. Family decided to hold off the Birthday cupcakes and mini ice cream cones until later when I’m ferling better. Just have no appetite for then, but chicken soup and crackers! Heck ya!

        Also wash my hands alot or use hand santizer. Don’t want the family to get it. Have a great weekend!

    • Commissioner Wretched says:

      Many happy returns of the day, Pat! You’re in some pretty interesting company, there … though, given the absolute choice, I’d rather celebrate with Kirstie Alley than Hermann Goring.

      • AnotherPat says:

        Thank you, Commissioner Wretched! Thought long and hard about adding Gorings’ name on the 12 January list, but thought: What the heck. And you are right…Kirstie Alley is better than that dirtbag! 😉

  26. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:


  27. Dinotanker says:

    Happy Friday All! Western Washington is paying a visit to Eastern Washington today and we are getting some rain. That’s not a bad thing, its just different.

    Glad to see 2/17 is back and the WW is kicking some cancer ass!

    The Department of Energy and their contractors are wondering why flying in the face of several radioactive materials control measure has blow up in said face. My crew and I are getting ready for the next round of environmental samples to collect and send to the public health lab.

    Mrs Dino and the little tankers are good. Anyone know if a 1977 Standard VW Beetle was built in Mexico or Brazil?

    Its a kick in the ass to read what you guys write and it scares me to think, I think pretty much like all y’all. 🙂

    I hope that everyone enjoys an awesome three day holiday and that 2018 is good!

    • MSGT Richard Deiters USMC(Retired) says:

      Dinotanker, Here is a link to a VW site that has vehicle numbers/engine numbers with what year the cars were built.


    • Wilted Willy says:

      Thanks for the well wishes Dino! I was so happy to get the lab results saying “No Cancer Cells Detected!” I pray you all recover from this bastard flu! I had it bad about 20 years ago and thought I was going to Die! I have faithfully gotten my flu shot and pnemonia shot every year since! Thank God I have never gotten it since! It helps that I work from my home office and don’t have to go out and make contact with all the sick bastards that won’t stay home! Praying for a fast recovery for all of you! I love the chicken soup as well, it is also a great cure for a nasty hangover as well!!
      Take care all,

  28. Hack Stone says:

    You can sue some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but I’m going to sue all of the people all of the time.

    Daniel Bernath 2018

    • Tallywhagger says:

      That enjoined, disbarred and incarcerated counselor won’t be suing anyone, anymore, without an actual attorney.

      That court appointed mental health professional must really be working with him, probably to protect him from himself.

      Maybe one of the local TAH guys can show up for his next hearing wearing a safety vest and house helmet in case he is ever released into the general population.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Let’s see, he HAS been judged to be a Vexatious Litigant in Florida which means he can’t file unless he’s being represented by a bonafide Attorney at Law and I’m sure that will pop up in each and every Court he files in from now on regardless of the State he files in. I don’t see him being released from incarceration any time soon, he’s pissed a LOT of people off that want their pound of flesh from him, folks not known for backing down or messing around. He’s played with the system enough that it will perpetually bite him in the ass as well. I only wonder what Jurisdiction will put him away next when his current jail stint is over with?

        • Tallywhagger says:

          I wonder if Virginia is taking care of his catheter requirements. Hell, after so many months in jail he may even get healthy enough to pee, while standing up. But only if Thor lets him.

  29. Thunderstixx says:

    Things that I found out today, first of all, I’m the 12twooth poster here. Also, if you search Bing with the sentence third world shithole country, you get 121,000,000 returns with that subject matter, so it isn’t all about President Trump.
    In the movie, Forrest Gump, when he is in Vietnam with Bubba and Lt Dan, he is serving in the 2/47 Infantry, part of the 9’th Infantry Division.
    That was my unit on North Fort at Ft Lewis. I was in
    the CSC company so the movie is accurate as far as the placement goes as that unit did serve in Vietnam. what a coincidence.
    Considering how stupid I was back then, I would imagine that I was part of the model for that movie and it was my squad leader that put me in the thing…
    It was a true honor to serve this country, god bad or indifferent, it was a true honor to serve her and serve with almost all of the people I served with. One more thing, this is the greatest Milblog on the Interwebz and the people here are some of the best out there.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of the family.

    • OWB says:

      Your words triggered a thought which I had not pondered in a while, and might just explain a few things, especially if I am not the only one who feels this way.

      Those who served in the military are very much like a family. We have immediate family and extended family. Some we would prefer to only see occasionally, and others we like so much that we would lend them money. And the crazy uncle, dependable aunt, and aging wise ones, the in-laws and the outlaws.

      We don’t get to select our family – once born into it, even if you move away and have no contact, family will usually step up to criticize, assist, or otherwise acknowledge your position in the family. We who served, once we made that decision to serve, have joined a huge family, one which will always be there for us.

      Thanks, all, for joining my family.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Thank you, too, OWB, and the rest of you (allofyou) because without a small spot like this in the Universe That Is The Internet, life might be a lot less fun.

      Maybe I didn’t have a 20-year career, but I did what I wanted to do.

      Speaking of family, my mother was completely aghast that I would want to do anything like join the military when I announced it. But my father said he was proud of me. That’s all anyone needs.

      • Wilted Willy says:

        Amen to all of the above, this site has been a God send to me dealing with my POS brother, stolen valor poser David “Doc” Shrum! This place always makes me feel much better with all of the support and help that I get from all of you! But let’s all remember the man who started it all, Jonn! Try and send a little cigar and rum money his way when you can spare it! I hope someday to be able to buy you all a cold beverage of your choice when my POS brother is finally arrested and put back in prison where he belongs! It puts a nice grin on my face when I think of him being passed around like a used hanky with Bubba and the gang! I’m sure they would love a loudmouth fat old white boy!! Keep up the great work Jonn!

        • AnotherPat says:

          WW, glad to hear you are feeling better! And please, don’t ever give up on your wishful thinking on your brother. Oneday, one way or another, he will be caught…again. Always remember that Al Capone went to prison because of Tax Evasion and not the other crimes he committed. He also died of syphallis, so his last days were not pretty. Karma…it will get you everytime. Hang in there, Brother! P.S. Did your furry babies enjoy their shrimp ring mold for Christmas?😊

  30. Ret_25X says:

    In other news, this retired sergeant major was accused of stolen valor in the Charlotte airport today….someone saw my CIB tie tack and lost their minds…

    The best part was when I showed him the blue ID…and asked him who his CSM is.

    That CSM was in my class at USASMA. We had a great conversation on the phone in front of the dickweed.

    I suspect his life is not going to be fun when he goes to work Tuesday…he has an appointment with his CSM. His entire NCO support chain is invited to the festivities.

    I’m sure hilarity will ensue…

    I know we see a lot of posers, but an assumption that anyone with a beard is a poser just won’t hunt.

  31. Frankie Cee says:

    While many see Florida as a tropical paradise, it has several different climates. Up here, in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, weather is totally unlike my old home in the South Florida Keys. Stolen Valorist Kyle Christopher Barwan, dob 1/1/90, FDOC # H50625 has been assigned to the coldest of the cold facilities of the Florida Department of Corections, and it happens to be the most uncomfortable in the summers. He is now at the Northwest Florida Reception Facility” at Chipley. But his new cellmate, Big Bubba will keep him warm at night.

  32. Ex-PH2 says:

    From the weather map, it appears that much of the eastern part of the country is going to get whacked with snow, including West Virginia.
    We’re only getting the cold here in my kingdom. And that fat calico stray cat that I felt so sorry for, who disappeared three weeks ago when it got nippy around here, turned up on my front steps yesterday afternoon looking for chow, just as chubby as she was the first time I saw her. She must have a caretaker somewhere around here. I gave her a can of cat food, anyway, like the idiot I am.

  33. Hack Stone says:

    Had an interesting conversation during my carpool home earlier this week. My travel companions include a retired SeaBee and a retired Naval Aviator. Anyway, here is the scenario, requiring the professional opinion a well qualified Barracks Lawyer, and since Daniel Bernath seems to have limited access to the internet lately, Hack will seek counsel from the esteemed commenters at TAH.

    Way back in the day, when Hack was a lot younger and skinnier, he completed the Marine Corps Institute NCO correspondence course. One of the few things that stuck with him was the explanation of when a Marine is “covered” when he is injured off post. Here are two examples similar to what was in the course.

    Scenario 1: Corporal Gallant is stationed at Camp Lejeune. He has weekend liberty, required to be at formation 08:00 on Monday morning. Saturday evening, while in New York, he is struck by a cab while crossing the street in Times Square. He sustains injuries requiring 3 weeks hospitalization. Since he was injured during authorized liberty, he continues to receive his pay, accrue leave, and have the Marine Corps cover his medical expenses.

    Scenario 2: Private Goofus is stationed at Camp Lejeune. He has weekend liberty, required to be at formation 08:00 on Monday morning. Private Gallant meets up with a transvestite named Rita, and spends the weekend with “her” in her apartment in New York. Private Goofus loses track of time, and by Tuesday morning, he wakes up from his haze, and attempts to leave Rita. Rita wants to be paid for “her”companionship”, and since Private Goofus has no money, she has her pimp stab him. Private Goofus was not in an authorized liberty status, being UA for over 24 hours, he does not receive his pay, accrue leave, and have the Marine Corps cover his medical expenses while hospitalized.

    So that leads to Scenario 3: Private Bernath is Private Goofus’ wingman, and at 07:50 Monday morning, while still being physically located in New York City, Rita’s pimp stabs him. He is still on liberty for the next ten minutes, but there is no way in hell that he would be able to get from NYC to Camp Lejeune in time for formation, especially since he does not have enough fuel to reach his destination. So, is Private Bernath covered in Scenario 1 like Corporal Gallant, or is he ass out along with Private Goofus in Scenario 2? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Full disclosure; Hack has never seen Scenario 3 play out in reality, but he just wants to give TAH something to mull overwhelm drinking their Saturday morning cup of Joe.

  34. sj says:

    During the white name tape era, Army had a term for this that I can’t remember. OH>>>> “Line of Duty” I first encountered it as a O1 at Bragg. If you had approved leave that began the next day, you could not sign out at BN until 0001 that day, and you had to physically sign out at the HQ even if you lived in Fayetteville. If you left before 0001 and got in an accident, it would be Non Line of Duty with the bad repercussions you described.

    PVT Bernath is SOL in scenario 3 IMHO

    • Claw says:

      Agree with sj that scenario #3 is not Line of Duty.

      But what I find most fascinating is that the Marines don’t hold their Monday morning accountability formations until 0800 hrs./s

      What is the Corps doing? Ripping a page out of the Air Force’s “Easy Living In The Service” handbook?/s

  35. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Rita was a transvestite and PVT Goofus spent a weekend with it? What’s more, PVT Bernath stood by while Goofus bedded a tranny. I don’t what happens to either of those sick knuckleheads.

  36. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Here’s the missing pkg: CARE

  37. Sparks says:

    So, it bugs the heck out of my wife to watch a program and for me to pause it to throw a BS flag and explain why. That said, we are watching this new network show she recorded called 9-1-1. About the 911 operators, firefighters and LE of Los Angeles. This new firefighter, the hunky rookie tells his chief, “I was going to be a SEAL”. The chief replies, “I didn’t know you were in the Navy.” The rookie says, “I wasn’t. You don’t have to be in the Navy to try out to be a SEAL”. I could not hit the pause button fast enough shouting BULLSHIT! I calling BULLSHIT on that! (I do the same thing when an actor is wearing an improper uniform.) She says okay, okay not now. I said yea but…YOU MUST BE IN THE NAVY TO APPLY FOR SEAL TRAINING! I told her, see this is where phonies get there BS from. Crap shows like this writing BS they don’t research before they script. Rant over. I feel better now.

  38. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I, too, am a pause and preach viewer. I especially enjoy being able to use rewind and pause when old movies and TV shows are on, produced in the days before the remote was imagined. As for matters military, my pet peeve has always been “Over and out.”

  39. Ex-PH2 says:

    Since it’s the WOT, I am leaving a link to a couple of good sites for getting stuff into your pantry and/or home, USA companies and not HUUUGE businesses, so here goes:

    North Bay Trading Co in Brule, WI


    They offer everything from 32-bean soup mixes to wild rice and a wide varieties of beans, air-dried and freeze-dried veggies and fruits, and they tell you whether or not the item is okay for Kosher cooking. They sell in low and high quantity bulk packaging. And as we know, beans and rice do not expire.

    Lehman’s Hardware, Kidron, OH


    They have served the Amish/Mennonite community for decades, as well as the rest of us. They have every kind of item you can think of, including weather emergency radios that you can crank to use, and which will charge your phone or whatsis, and home goods like rugs woven from old jeans. You name it, they got it.

    I’m fixing Tuscan bean soup for supper. Simple ingredients, easy to fix.

    Many, many recipes on the internet, but the basic ingredients are cannellini beans, chicken stock or broth, garlic, carrots, celery, and onion (all chopped), chopped kale or spinach, oregano, black pepper, salt, parmagiano. You can use canned beans and mush up some of that once they’re cooked as a thickener. Serve it with garlic toast and drop some paragiano on it.

    One recipe calls for throwing the parmagiano rind into the soup as it simmers, to boost the flavor.

    Here’s a link to one of many recipes:


    I think that how you put it together is what makes it best.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      Ex, one of the sites I still keep on the radar is Cool Tools run by Kevin Kelly. It’s fairly good for best-of-breed, and things of interest to people who make things. Kelly got his start as the editor of The Whole Earth Catalog published by Stewart Brand back in the day, and later went on to edit Wired magazine.

      While still on the topic of useful things, and because you write, one of the things I’d pass along is that I had a computer keyboard fail a few weeks ago and have gone through a fairly drawn-out process finding a replacement. I first tried a wireless Logitech but it sucked badly. At least for me.

      After a lot of research, it turns out that some of the best keyboards now are a variation of the old IBM Model M used on the original IBM PC. The updated difference is that they use custom switch sets which give a wide range of control over the tactile pressure needed and the relative loudness of the audible “click” when the key is pressed.

      What I ended up with is a KUL model using what’s called a Cherry MX “Blue” switch set which is fairly firm and loud. It’s also a tenkeyless design, no separate keypad, and weighs 2.2 pounds which gives it even more of a solid feel. It’s a nice unit, and I say that as somebody whose eyes usually roll anytime people start gushing about computer gadgets.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Ah! The IBM keyboard revived! I’ve seen those, and I think they’re worth every penny spent on them.

      I had to switch keyboards because the last one was nearing it uselessness level and the paint was nearly gone from the keys, so the replacement is much better, has a better feel, but sometimes, those old pre-Logitech things just work better than the new stuff.

      This Logitech is fairly heavy for a PC keyboard, doesn’t shift around like the other one did and has a fast response to my typing. Still, I’d almost go back to using a typewriter to make things less likely to “disappear” on me.

  40. BlueCord Dad says:

    Just read on ESPN.com that Kieth Jackson, “the voice of college football” passed away yesterday. Mr. Jackson was a veteran(USMC 1946-1950). Rest In Peace sir. “Whoa Nellie!!”.

  41. OWB says:

    Serious question:

    What are ya ‘sposed to do if you get an “alert” message from someone like, say, amazon, or ebay, or some other shipping place warning about security issues? My default position is to ignore it, after reporting it as spam. The addie appears to be legit.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I got spam ‘alert’ mail from what appeared to be my bank, but called and asked about it, and then reported it to the bank’s fraud department.

      I’d say do the same thing, find the fraud or abuse department (if there is one) and report it.

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