Brad Hynde; phony Green Beret

| February 3, 2018 | 96 Comments

Our partners at Guardians of the Green Beret share their work with us on this fellow, Bradford Hynde, who wanted to be a member of the VFW so badly, he pretended to be a combat veteran special forces soldier. Apparently he submitted two applications with DD214s that were rejected by the veterans service organization. The third one was the charm, but folks at the VFW asked our partners to look into Hynde;

He submitted yet a third set and this time a Combat Infantryman Badge appear on his DD214 and they allowed him to join and also reached out to us.

You see, he also claimed to have been a Special Forces Medic.

We checked with the SF Schoolhouse at Bragg and they confirmed beyond doubt he was a drop from the course.

In the few pictures you see, he has both a Special Forces Long tab, meaning he’s a Green Beret and completed the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course), and the Combat Infantry Badge.

Here’s the forged DD214;

He did attend special warfare training, but he didn’t finish it;

No CIB, either, or any awards that would indicate he was deployed to a combat zone or in a position to earn a CIB.

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  1. IS2 (SW) says:

    What a COCKSUCKER!

  2. The Stranger says:

    And of course there’s a leather vest. The bike is implied. But, where’s the dog and the doo rag? It’s like they’re not even trying!

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    The cigarette and Bud Light in his hand just scream Special Forces.

  4. IS2 (SW) says:

    I hate how these fucks always have those stupid shit eatin grins when they know deep down that they’re lying pieces of shit. I just wanna slap those grins off.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    ‘If this DD 214 won’t get me in, let me know. I have others.’

    Congrats, Brad, you finally made it into the club–the Valor Thieves, Wannabees and Phony Shitbags Club, Inc. Nice going.

  6. Mason says:

    Warthogs motorcycle club? Doesn’t warthog seem just a bit too on point for this guy? Guess the Fat, Mustachioed Faker MC wasn’t accepting new members.

  7. OldManchu says:

    Go Army SF phonies! We have those SEALS on the run for 2018 keep it up.

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Cum-guzzling Atomic Queef.

  9. OWB says:

    Been hanging around the VFW for several decades now and have yet to hear a single member sharing exploits of daring do and all the other stuff for which valor thieves are famous. It may be because my post is happy to submit SF-180’s for those who wish to join. As a service to the prospective member, of course. When worded correctly, the offer sounds properly helpful for veterans and is usually appreciated by real deal vets who don’t know how to get accurate records on themselves.

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    There has to be some Hynde jokes in here somewhere. Hyndequarters. No child left behynde. Something. Or is his name pronounced Hin-dee, in which case I have to find some Hindu jokes.?

    • RGR 4-78 says:

      His Hyndend is in a sling.

    • Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

      2/17–HINDU is what happens when one would be playing stoop ball or Chinese handball with a spauldeen or pennsie pinky rubber ball and the ball hit a pebble or crack and would bounce in a different direction than intended. The one who threw the ball would then scream “HINDU”.those of us silent majority/baby boomers growing up in the NY tri state area during the 1950’S can attest to this quirk. Point of interest-Chinese hand ball was also called box ball where one would stand in chalked boxes on the ground and hit the ball against the wall into another box. The loser then would have to kneel on the ground with his head against the wall and his butt facing the ball throwers, who would try and hit his butt. Sometimes the game was called “ASSES UP”

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Stoop ball. Hadn’t heard of that in many, many years. There was also street stick ball, also played with a pink Spalding and a broom handle. The good news on the latter was that no windows got broken. The bad news was a car would occasionally make it past the designated guard who was supposed to yell “Car, car, c-a-r!” Occasionally, “stick your head in a mustard jar would finish the warning cry. The other bad news about stick ball was that you would lose the balls to the sewer or put the ball into orbit.

        Thanks for pointing me to Memory Lane.

        • Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

          We used to yell c a r, c a r coming down the country bar when we played punch ball in the street. I could never make 2 manhole covers. Stick ball we played in the school yard across the street from my house.

    • SFAlphaGeek says:

      As a real, authentic “Green Beret” he’s made a vow to leave no man’s behynde.

  11. Green Thumb says:

    You can tell he is the real deal by the way his holding that smoke over the beer can.

  12. RM3(SS) says:

    Warthogs MC is a LE affiliated group. I haven’t seen one of these groups yet that I’d join. My friends and I call it being a pretend 1%er. If you want to be an outlaw, quit and join the HA or Banditos.
    Weak sauce.

  13. RGR 4-78 says:

    Both document 1 and 2 list him as retired, I wonder how that happened?

  14. rgr769 says:

    C’mon Army POSers! This could be our week or month in the playoffs. Seriously, though, for the benefit of the non-Army guys, there is no way to get a CIB or a CMB while assigned to the Special Forces school. You never leave Ft. Bragg and its environs. It looks like he was injured while attending the SF Qual course. We had a guy in my Ranger class who broke his hip on a patrol at the Mountain Ranger Camp. He was still assigned to the Ranger Training Battalion over a year and a half later when I attended the Infantry Officer Orientation Course with him. He spent all that time recuperating and still had to use a cane. Our hero must have been medically retired after the Army gave up on trying to fix him.


    Our second Green Bidet of the day!

  16. Combat Historian says:

    Two DD-214 strikeouts and the POS magically found a third one with a CIB on it…that shit only happens in the movies and in Poserworld…

  17. 11 Bravo says:

    A true ass hamster. Phoney,lying piece of shit.
    In that pile of dd214’s somewhere there is his proof of being the Leader of Seal team 6. Right next to his POW paper work. And submarine captain. And jet fighter pilot. And……….

  18. 11 Bravo says:

    I have a CIB. A REAL ONE you jackass

  19. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    If you go to his FB page, he’s sporting a kilt in the picture of him holding a beer. Probably claims he taught William Wallace how to be a bad-ass in a previous life.

  20. Snotcrow says:

    This might already been said, but if this 214 claims 2 months of service. Basic Training is about 2 months. So claiming a CIB, does mean that the time does not even stretch long enough to have gone through infantry school.

    I mean, you have all already noted this – but this is retardedly apparent. Any VFW would and/or should just laugh when this should support his claim.

  21. Oak Island Infidel says:

    I belong to this particular VFW and know the situation well. In defense of the THREE DD214 submissions – I am sure some of you here belong to a VFW post and know that there are a lot of older vets that have been out a long time and aren’t real knowledgeable about DD214’s. Well our VFW was like this when the POS poser Brad first came around. Like many older vets they took this guy at his word and really had no idea that multiple DD214’s was a bad thing. And I will say that Hynde is a used car salesman in every way. He fooled the Warthog’s as well that he was an LEO. He isn’t, never has been. The Warthog’s are going to deal with him too. So – when the post got new younger leadership, familiar with what DD214’s should look like, is when all this began. Then a couple legit SF guy’s joined the post, saw his BS 214’s, and really got the ball rolling. One of the 7th Group SF guys talked to this assclown on the phone and asked him what ODA he was on and the dipshit’s reply was “What’s an ODA?”. Needless to say the conversation went downhill from there. Not only has this guy lied about just everything he is, he also is suspected of taking a significant amount of money from the Post when he was the canteen manager, but unable to be really proven. VFW 10226 has requested National to revoke his VFW membership and he has been banned for life from the building. He told the Guardian’s that he was “going to take care of the VFW”. I hope he tries – would be the worse day of his life. We are thinking about taking the fraudulent DD214’s (each a felony) to the Raleigh FBI field office and see if any of the Stolen Valor laws might apply to this situation. Came across the comments here and just thought I would give you guys the real low down. Be well and stay safe.

  22. Oak Island Stud Muffin says:

    i am also a member of this VFW post and Hynde had his hands on everything. By chance we finally got a commander in position who called his shit from day one and immediately removed Hynde’s poser fingers off our beloved post. Our commander is prior Army and prior LEO. He knew Hynde was a pretender from day 1 and immediately started the UnVeting process to get this shitbag removed. The commander literally worked on this for 12 months leaving no stone unturned. Finally the outcome was in the posts favor and 💩 was removed. Thank god for the freedom of information act.

    • Just A VFW Guy says:

      Absolutely brother. Everything was done by the book. The hilarious thing is that I was told last night he sent a “certified” letter to the post asking for all of his fraudulent documents be immediately returned to him or he will take “legal action”. Lol. There is some real irony in there somewhere I think. I wonder who will take legal action first – the FBI or the lying SF poser boy?

  23. Matlock says:

    It is so much fun bringing down an idiot. Now this is how brilliant Mr. Poser Hynde is. He is pursuing legal action that will REQUIRE him to admit, under oath, that he submitted a fraudulent/forged federal document (DD214)to the VFW in order to try and prove his unfounded allegations against the Post. Once he does then the trial transcript will be public record to support a case against him of stolen valor. Brilliant strategy you fucking genius. We look forward to it. Embarrassing you (once again) in an open public forum will be awesome. And BTW – the Post wants it’s 7th Group hat back that you stole.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I spoke at length with the FBI Satellite field office in Wilmington about this freak show today. Explained the fake DD214’s and more importantly that he said, to the Guardians, that he would “take care of” the VFW. I was told they will “look into it”.

    Forging federal documents x 3? Terroristic threats? Buehler, Buehler, anybody?

    Let the real games begin.

  25. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    So Brad Hynde has been dealt with by the VFW AND the Warthogs so what’s next for him? He might as well join the Black Widows.

    • Just A VFW Guy says:

      Lol. Well I can tell you he is the current laughing stock of Oak Island, NC. Small place, and his bullshit is all over social media. Also his handful of dipshit supporters he had still hanging around all got suspensions from the VFW canteen. Little by little it is getting cleaned up so we can have a healthy and honorable post again.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        KUDOS to y’all for doing the right thing, and the more Brad Hynde gets his name mentioned the more it draws Google here. The Internet is forever and Brad Hynde is finding that out the hard way. Brad Hynde is looking for another job? Guess what pops up when a prospective employer Googles Brad Hynde? I’m sure Brad Hynde will have a spot in the Black Widows waiting for him.

  26. Oak Island Infidel says:

    “and the more Brad Hynde gets his name mentioned the more it draws Google here”

    So if you go Brad Hynde Bradford Kyte Hynde Oak Island Fake Green Beret Brad Hynde Slug Phoney #bradhynde #bradhyndefakegreenberet over and over again it will be like the first thing people see every time they google Brad Hynde? Excellent.

    Brad Hynde Bradford Kyte Hynde Oak Island Fake Green Beret Brad Hynde Slug Phoney #bradhynde #bradhyndefakegreenberet Brad Hynde Bradford Kyte Hynde Oak Island Fake Green Beret Brad Hynde Slug Phoney #bradhynde #bradhyndefakegreenberet Brad Hynde Bradford Kyte Hynde Oak Island Fake Green Beret Brad Hynde Slug Phoney #bradhynde #bradhyndefakegreenberet Brad Hynde Bradford Kyte Hynde Oak Island Fake Green Beret Brad Hynde Slug Phoney #bradhynde #bradhyndefakegreenberet Brad Hynde Bradford Kyte Hynde Oak Island Fake Green Beret Brad Hynde Slug Phoney #bradhynde #bradhyndefakegreenberet

    Welcome to cyber hell Brad Hynde

  27. The All Seeing Cyclops Eye Of Reality says:

    Hey Brad Hynde – I hope to God you are reading all this and realize how fucked you are. Your charges against the Commander are only going to embarrass and incriminate you. Drop them if you have half a brain. Your buddies Donovan, Aaron, and his loud mouthed skank wife got spanked and suspended. They will fuck up again and ultimately all get banned for good. We look forward to that. Your fantasy persona is over you poser lying jackass fuck. You have been outed – your name, honor, and reputation is shit. Be a man for once and deal with it and move on or out – whichever suits your sorry ass. Will see you in the Deli soon. Maybe you can “take it out” on me then. Lol. Nah, don’t think you can crooked leg.

  28. Oak Island Infidel says:

    tick tick tick Brad Hynde. March 9th will be here before you know it. We can’t wait.

    Brad Hynde Bradfor Kyte Hynde Oak Island Warthogs Fake Green Beret Fraud Fake Phoney Phony Loser Felony VFW 7th Group Special Forces

  29. The All Seeing Cyclops Eye Of Reality says:

    And to Brad’s butt pirate dart throwing fat boy buddy Aaron. You and your trailer park trash wife have already gotten booted from the post. I know you aren’t a man, but try and take it like one. Keep screwing around with your little juvenile games and calling people and you will see some real f@cking wrath. You are a fat little troll. Not even sure how you got into the VFW because all you ever did was stay out on the ship serving green eggs and ham to the real action guys. Knock it off dipshit – you are a nobody that simply puts in fence posts all day. My retarded neighbor can even do that

    • Just A VFW Guy says:

      Don’t these guys both work for Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County? If I was a vet, and knew that this company knew about this BS, no way in hell I would get a fence put in by them. Hmmmm.

      Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp
      Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp
      Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp
      Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp
      Bayview Fence Company Brunswick County Yelp

      There ya go.

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