Remington to file for bankruptcy

| February 13, 2018 | 81 Comments

A number of people have sent us links to the news that 200-year-old gun manufacturer Remington is contemplating bankruptcy protections.

“It’s not the first time Remington has been in financial trouble; it probably won’t be the last,” said Richard Feldman, president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association. “Almost all behemoths end up stumbling over themselves during see-saws in industry cycles. I suspect that if the Democrats make a resurgence this November, gun company stocks will come roaring back with them.”

Funny, I thought it was the National Rifle Association that was responsible for gun makers’ profits. Turns out that it is Democrat politicians. So vote Democrat in the Fall to help Remington stay afloat.

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    Vote Democrat, he says. Riiiight.

  2. UpNorth says:

    Maybe Remington could give some thought to moving their HQ to a state with less draconian tax laws? Just a thought.

  3. FatCircles0311 says:

    Fuck that. Remington needs to go. They don’t make anything people want and what they do make doesn’t even work right.

    • Graybeard says:

      I dunno, FC. I picked up one of their little .22s when my old Wards Westernfield got a little too loose in the stock and I couldn’t shoot squirrels with it any more. I like it – it puts ’em where I point it. The only problem is the nut behind the stock is a little shaky.

    • AW1Ed says:

      That R-51 was a jam-o-matic POS.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      I have Model 700 in .338 Lapua Mag, a M1903A3 made by Remington Arms during WWII and a 1911 made by their spin-off business machine company Remington-Rand during WWII. They work just fine.

      • Tallywhagger says:

        Amen. My 30.06 is as good as they come.

      • SSG Kane says:

        I’ve got a 700pss in 308 that has never failed me. I’ve failed it on several occasions, by not being a better shot, but its always forgiven me and worked just fine.

        • rgr769 says:

          The Remington 700 bolt guns have the best out of the box accuracy of any of their peers according to several friends that own and shoot multiple bolt-action rifles. I don’t own any Remington bolt guns, so I can’t express a personal opinion. That new semi-auto retro pistol appears to be a major blunder, given their present financial position.

          • SSG Kane says:

            I grew up with a 300 Savage bolt action, and the 700 blows that rifle away. And the 300 was no slouch.

            Which is part of the problem. I’ve had the 700 since 2011, bought it used from a friend who rarely shot it because he had a 700 in 338, which was his go to rifle. 26” heavy barrel and I have no reason to buy another rifle. This one suits me, works, and…

            So that’s one less customer for Remington. Which is how you get gimmicky things like the R-51 (which is the pistol I think you are referencing here). You make such a good product that you have to make a bad one to keep people buying it.

          • Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

            rgr769; I bought the Rem. 700 back in the early 70’S and had a stainless steel bluing tank fabricated and I parkerized the barrel dark grey. I bought the Leatherwood scope which I saw advertised in SOF Magazine. Never shot it and later sold it.

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        It might be mentioned that the Army M24 and Marine M40 sniper weapon systems are both based on the Remington 700. The Army version is chambered for the Winchester .300 Magnum.

        An interesting sidebar to Remington’s financial problems is that the high-end rifle manufacturer Weatherby announced recently that it was moving out of California to Wyoming because of California’s anti-business climate.

      • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

        I had a Remington Mosin 91 in original 54R. Far better fit and finish than later Soviet 91/30’s

    • Roh-Dog says:

      870? Their bulk .22LR?
      I blame this tyrannical state of mine, know as Dannel Malloy’s Socialist Paradise of Konnecticut Union for the Imposition of Fairness and Destruction of Free Market Principles.
      I’m sure the Moms Demanding all that Action are going to throw a huge party…on Soros’ and Bloomberg’s dime.
      Do your part! Buy guns and ammo…while it’s cheap (and there)

    • David says:

      Tell ya what, bucko, when you figure out how to make something with a generally decent reputation for over 200 years, including what is generally considered the gold standard in pump shotguns and the most popular hunting rifles sold for half a century, come tell us of your product prowess.

      • FatCircles0311 says:

        What a super shitty straw man. I hope you’re not an adult.

        • Graybeard says:

          That wasn’t a Straw Man, FC0311. That was a challenge (although, IMHO, an unfair one) to show us how it should be done.

          From the down-thread comments, your opinion concerning Remington’s quality is not shared by the majority of the TAH posters here today.

          I’m not saying that you didn’t get a lemon from Remington – but evidently your experience(s) do not align with the rest of ours.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      My 870 shotgun has been pretty bulletproof (no pun intended) and didn’t cost my left nut. My 700 in .30-06 is a solid gun for antlered game, and mine wasn’t affected by the accidental-discharge recall. If only they were available in California, I would have already grabbed a couple of 1911R1s. My M1903A3 is also a Remington, and th only problem it’s ever had was a home gunsmithing failure due entirely to my own stupidity.

      So the R51 sucks. I never fancied it anyway, so I’m not particularly bothered. I’d say Remington’s got a pretty solid average.

    • SFC D says:

      I have a Remington Model 34 .22 that I got for my 12th birthday 1974. My dad got it for his 12th birthday 1936, and it wasn’t new when he got it. Grampa got it and a Winchester model 12 at an auction for $35.00. Both still in use and work as good as the day they were made.

    • Sgt Fon says:

      Lets see here,
      Model 70 pre 64 in 30-06 made in 1938. over 100 deer, 2 elk, 1 black bear, 1 brown bear and untold antelope, CHECK

      Model 70 post 64 in .308, made in 1976 30+ white tail, 1 black bear 13 coyotes, CHECK

      Model 10 in 12 GA made 1909, 1000’s of rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, foxes , pheasant, quail, coyote and woodchucks, CHECK

      Model 241 Speedmaster in .22 LR, made in 1940 1000’s of rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, foxes , pheasant, quail, coyote and woodchucks, CHECK

      Versa-max in 12 GA made 2016. 70+ coyotes, 20 turkeys, 2 woodchucks and one chicken who flew in the way as i was shooting a coyote.

      while most of these guns are old, my versa max is the best coyote/turkey gun i have ever had. it cycles faster then i can shoot it and its spot on. its actually getting a birthday present of a rifled slug barrel and Meprolight M21 sight.

      if you can’t shoot or take proper care of your firearm that’s on you. i have had manufacturers like FN that have charged a premium for their firearms that suck (plastic rail on FN-FNP .45 moves all over, improper alignment of of top rail on FNAR) and eventually got a refund. I have never had to return a Remington Firearm, ever

      • Steve1371 says:

        Sgt. Fon, I had a mod. 241 also and it had a billion rounds thru it. You could stand next to someone shooting it and watch the rounds going down range. Being a blow back design the springs were tired. I bought a new set from Wolf Gun Springs and replaced them and whammo! That old rifle was always very accurate and now has its zap renewed.Also it is a take down design making it very easy to pack.

    • ifcsguy says:

      My 870 has nailed more pheasants than I can count and it did it despite my frequent misses, never failing to do its job. My first .22 was a Remington Nylon, and it still works as great as it did over 50 years ago. Last I heard, they’re still making the Wingmaster, 870, and they’re great shotguns. Can’t say that I love their ammo though.

  4. Claymore says:

    Let’s cut to the chase; if Remington couldn’t make money in the Era of Obama (best damn gun salesman evah), they deserve to go out of business.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      It’s not just them, look at Smith and Wesson (AOBC), Ruger (RGR) and Federal Ammo (VSTO) stocks.
      NONE of them are market performing.
      Hard times for the gun industry.

      Disclosure: own/have owned all in the last 30 days.

      • Graybeard says:

        So, that’s where I need to put my money for long-term investments?

        IMHO (being a lowly investor of just a few hundred shares) a lot of Upper Management types get to thinking they can lead The Company to greater profits either by diversifying from the company’s primary strengths, or an overly optimistic growth forecast without consideration of variables outside their ability to control.

        Just because someone is paid a lot doesn’t mean they are good at what they do – they may just be lucky.


    • SSG Kane says:

      I think the problem a lot of gun manufactures made is alluded too in the original post. They all thought the good times of panic gun purchase politics would last forever.

      And they, really thought, much like everyone else that President Hillary Clinton was going to result in another wave of buys. They over invested in infrastructure and personnel for a demand that never materialized.

  5. Carlton G. Long says:

    Their electric razors suck too

  6. Atkron says:

    I love my Remington firearms.

    I have an 870 Express, 20 gauge; a Model 700 ADL, .308; a Model 783, .308 (for my middle son); and a Model 783, .243 (for my youngest son).

    I am about to buy a Model 783 Compact, .243 for my wife and youngest daughter; and a Model 870 Express, 12 gauge for myself.

    Hang on Remington…Atkron is coming!

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I guess part of the issue is that guns aren’t like TVs where people replace their sets just because. I suppose that most folks don’t keep a small arsenal and after they buy two or three they’re done.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Why buy a gun when you can buy the parts online and build it yourself? Ghost guns are easy to build, untraceable and the parts available right now. Think I’m kidding?

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Yeah, but…
      it requires some tools and knowledge on how to ‘gun stuff’ (and before anyone jumps down my throat, think of the kids that’re growing up today).
      Also, if you go the roll-your-own route, it’s more money (most of the time)
      Besides, it is completely legal (for the most part, know ur laws!)

      • USMC Steve says:

        If you buile your own firearm, such as the AR platforms I have built, you save 14 percent on the Federal Excise Tax. I put that back into the guns. True about the sniper rifles, but it is only the basic actions, then everything else is attached.

    • David says:

      You have to really want one without serial numbers to pay $1500 extra for the milling machine to build a $600 rifle which can’t be sold or given away.

      • rgr769 says:

        Correctamundo; and in some states if you get caught making a “ghost” gun AR-15, you are going to get a long term reservation at the gray-bar hotel.

      • Mason says:

        Much, much easier to get a stolen gun or steal one and scratch the serial off it. High end machinists lathe or a screwdriver?

        • rgr769 says:

          A forty dollar dremel tool would likely get the job done better than a screwdriver. I would suspect you need to cut pretty deep to make the serial number completely un-recoverable, based on what’s on the crime shows. It is also a crime to remove a serial number from an NFA regulated firearm.

    • rgr769 says:

      A major source for your story linked above is that Mexifornia Dhimmirat politico Lyin’ Kevin Deleon. He is undoubtedly working on his next “contribution” from Soros and Bloomberg, because “ghost” guns are already illegal in the Peoples’ Democratic non-Republic of Mexifornia. Note: A little home gunsmithing ended up sending one amateur working on a not-an-assault semi-auto rifle to the mortuary when he tried out his handiwork at the range. It unexpectedly went full-auto on him and the last round went through his brain pan.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      If you order the parts with a credit card online, and/or order the kit to make the receiver with a card, it is quite traceable. (If somewhat more fuzzy than an FFL transaction)


  9. Mason says:

    A Remington 870 saved my life once. Great shotgun.


    My favourite 12ga is an 80’s vintage 870 Wingmaster. It looks rough but cycles buttery smooth and never lets me down.

    Their ammo is another story. I find the ammo pretty lightly loaded. Especially how they ‘idiot-proof’ former military cartriges such as 7.92×57 by loading them to ‘pussyfart’ velocities.
    They are assuming their consumers are incapable of reading, researchering and slugging a bore. But then again, they have to tell Adults now not to eat Tide Pods….
    Rem rifle brass sucks for reloading due to sub par annealing.
    PRVI Partizan out of Serbia has the best complete ammo and brass, cheap too!

    • Graybeard says:

      I was resizing brass from several different manufacturers last weekend (hadn’t done this in several decades, so….) and when I evaluated the number of cases of once-fired brass with split necks 2/3rds of them were marked R.P.

      That any of the once-fired brass has a split I found to be bothersome. I may need to have a gunsmith look at the chamber.

      • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

        That does not suprise me GB. Their bottlenecked brass is awful. I have been loading the same RP .38S&W brass since 2003 and never had a split. However, this is not a suprise due to that being a mild, very low pressure cartridge.(being originally a BP cartridge created in 1877)

        • Graybeard says:

          I hate to confess it in public, but these are 30-30 rounds, which don’t strike me as high-pressure rounds, through my 1960’s Winchester lever-action.

          More reason I was surprised at the number of cases with splits where they neck down.

          I don’t plan to load them hot anyway – it’s a fun plinking/Big Thicket hunting gun.

          If I can ever get the Mrs. to let me get a .30-06, then I’ll be really working on developing a good load for the gun.

          • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

            The .30-30 is certainly no slouch! Typical loads have about 20% greater muzzle energy than 7.62×39 M43 Ball. I would suggest you check the headspace on that classic rifle GB!

            • Graybeard says:

              I may need to do that RCAF. If my reloads end up with some split cases after my next range session I’ll walk it into the gunsmith at my range and ask him to take look-see. I also know a young man (and GWT vet) who has his own gun shop, I can get him to double-check it if necessary.

              I certainly like that old rifle. Got it in trade for a Ruger Blackhawk, which I’d gotten in trade for a Kawasaki 50cc with a seized motor. Best horsetrading I’ve ever done in my life.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Partizan shoots pretty good, and you don’t have to pay out the ass for it. Before the Soviet Socialist Republik of California pushed the unconstitutional Prop63, I was buying that stuff by the crateload from Cheaper Than Dirt and having a blast at the range.

      • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

        I shoot commie milsurp 7.62x(54r,25,39) in my cheap commie guns.
        However, I handload or shoot PRVI in my more expensive guns. I am not gonna risk corrosive ammo of dubious quality in say, my all matching, non import marked, 1939 Kar98 with all the dirty birds.

        • The Other Whitey says:

          I’ve identified ignition sources on a few fires over the years by finding something made of steel with .30-cal holes in it at the origin, then finding some of those shit-brown bimetallic 7.62x54R cases fifty yards away. Shitty Russkie steel-core crap through some yahoo’s $80-from-Big5 Mosin-Nagant garbage rod, steel-on-steel friction throws sparks in SoCal brush, fuego!

          I am somewhat more picky about what kind of ammo I’ll put through my own $80-from-Big5 Mosin-Nagant garbage rod.

          • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

            That is a human stupidity issue. Not one with the guns or ammo.
            That being said, I once unknowingly bought a crate of 70’s era Czech M43 ‘Ball’ that actually contained about 1/3 tracers!

          • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

            A simple DIY epoxy bedding and a trigger job turns a Moist Nugget into a decent rifle that would rival most modern, entry level,’ outta the box ‘hunting rifles, especially with quality SPammo.

        • RCAF-CHAIRBORNE says:

          I only handload .303 for my Martini-Enfield’s. The Martini action is very strong and can handle loads that would blow up an SMLE.
          I slugged my bore and cast/pwdr coat .312 215grainers that I drive at about 2600fps. A real Moose thumper!!

  11. Docduracoat says:

    Remington makes the R 15 and R 25 .223 cal and .308 cal AR rifles
    They make a 1911 they call R 1
    All are pretty solid midrange guns
    The AR’s come camo dipped in hunting patterns and are geared towards hunters
    The R 1 pistols, R 15, Bushmaster brand and DPMS rifles are all made in Alabama
    The corporate headquarters is in North Carolina
    They have been around a long time
    Likely they will survive this bankruptcy and be a name into the future

  12. 26Limabeans says:

    I like their gun oil in the spray can and the skunked dog deodorant is to die for.

  13. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    If I remember correctly, we used the 870’S on the trucks when I worked for Brink’s. I’m suprised that Remington, Kimber and Rohrbaugh that are in NY State didn’t move to a more friendly “gun” State when that whats his name govenour went on the rant that NY State gun owners were not welcome in NY State. This was a few years ago. Do any NY State Vets out there remember when the above was said.

  14. OldCorpsTanker72 says:

    Nylon 66. Best .22 ever made.

  15. That Guy says:

    Remington has made a lot of bad market decisions. As the nation was moving into self-defense handguns, they eschewed the market. A decade later, they returned with an overpriced 1911.
    As the nation was picking up AR-15s, they hemmed and hawwed for years, then put out the R-15, which was more a varmint AR than a tactical AR.

    Combine that with one settlement and a second ongoing issue that is hanging over their head like the sword of Damocles, and it’s not hard to see how they ended up here.

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