Seabee Head Shed fired

| February 14, 2018 | 104 Comments

The leadership of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4, Cmdr. James J. Cho, Lt. Cmdr. Jason M. Gabbard, Command Master Chief Jason K. Holden were canned when the unit’s executive officer (Gabbard) was observed buck-ass naked in nearby woods (except for his boots) after a command gathering for chiefs and officers. The other two tried to cover it up;

NMCB-4 has been in Okinawa since Oct. 14, when it assumed duties as the Western Pacific Naval Construction Force.

Cho, Gabbard and Holden have been temporarily assigned to Naval Construction Group One in Port Hueneme, California, according to Cmdr. Cate Cook, spokeswoman for Navy Expeditionary Combat Command.

I guess tequila makes his clothes fall off.

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  1. Graybeard says:

    He was just trying to lead from his behind.

  2. The Stranger says:

    I got nuthin’….
    And that’s really saying something.

  3. RGR 4-78 says:

    Ray Stevens was unavailable for comment.

  4. Ret_25X says:



    this is why we can’t have nice things or drink beer at official gatherings anymore…

    Because of idiots.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Sounds like a comedy team. Put your hands together because here they are: Cho, Gabbard and Holden!

  6. OWB says:

    Uhm, well, hmmm. Yeah, gotta join others what got nuttin…

  7. Wilted Willy says:

    Was he doing the boot skootin boogie?

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SHIT LIKE THAT is why most aren’t allowed to have real fun anymore!!! I hear tales of how those currently in aren’t allowed much more than milk, cookies and Tiddly-Winks®™ in their off time and now shit like this, it makes me angry enough to hate-fuck a porcupine and have sloppy seconds with a trash dumpster.

  9. Sparks says:

    Suffering fools…

  10. SFC D says:

    Great party, where’s the whiskey…

  11. NECCSEBEECPO says:

    Well hell way back when there were times guys got drunk and we tied them naked to tables and shaved eyebrows off. We did stupide shit, and didn’t cover it up, just let things go. This was when our camps were secured on there own usually Seabees on them only not like today. Bottom line is you can’t do stupid shit today with all social Media that we have today. The two should not have covered it up. I would also like to know where the other 04’S were at when this went down. You have two 04’s usually in OKI deployment the OPS Officer S3 and Suppo S4. You usually have another Master Chief around like an Alpha Five, who should have stepped in.

    The big problem is the reporting chain when something like this happens you just report and then everyone knows, starting with NCG, then NECC and all the way up. You can’t just handle things at lowest levels anymore.

  12. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Damn… that evil Mexican stuff usually leads to some regretful stuff going down. Looks like the former head shed is gonna get DORKED IN THE SQUEAKHOLE over this shit.

  13. maybe he had to take a dump and the port-a-potties were all occupied so he decided to make like a bear and shit in the woods, but plopped his ass over a yellow jacket nest..that would make anyone dance around the woods naked

  14. The Other Whitey says:

    A long way from the dumbest shit I’ve seen drunks do. No injuries suffered and no felonies committed here, at least.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    And just how is this different from the Marines having naked haircut Thursdays over in the Viet of the Nam?

  16. mr. sharkman says:

    Eh, they took the fall trying to cover for their XO. Their hearts were in the right place.

    They just broke the 11th Commnandment in the process – ‘Thou Sha;t not get caught’. 😉

    It does reaffirm my belief that SeaBees know how to throw a party…

    • Reaperman says:

      Of course they tried to cover it up–what the hell else is supposed to happen in that situation? No sarcasm there, that’s clearly a cover-it-up moment if I’ve ever seen one. Probably a helluva sea story in there somewhere for the rest of the unit.

      • SSG Kane says:

        What is supposed to happen is the event is pretty much ignored, becomes an ubran legend, and the command quietly reviews to make sure there isn’t an underlying larger issue (alcoholism, mental instability, etc) and takes appropriate action (ie makes sure he gets the help he needs), and its never spoken of again.

        Hell, sounds like the guy got hammered once and ran naked through the woods. Unless its part of a larger pattern of behavior, I don’t see it being a big deal.

        • NECCSEBEECPO says:

          The problem was in who caught him. AF Security caught him, so the Airforce did their reports, the Problem is with NMCB, they wanted to wait until Monday, this happen on Saturday, and they wanted to call NCG without doing the SITREPS in the time lines required. I am learning more. They were going to recommend what you stated, problem was reporting to big Navy, i.e NECC and above, not just NCG.

        • mr. sharkman says:

          ‘I don’t see it being a big deal.’

          I could tell some stories…but I can’t/won’t.

          All I will say is this incident, when compared to other incidents I have witnessed (but NEVER been directly involved in 😉 ) ranks up there with sipping a light beer while playing legos with the kids in the church nursery during Sunday services.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Hell it could have been a runaway competition of D.O.T.F.A, Dance Of The Flaming Asshole!

    • NHSparky says:

      God help us all if the media ever learned about what happened in about 100 Westpac ports, crossing the line, and just generally getting bored as shit after 120 days at sea.

  17. ChipNASA says:

    I was at Kadena 1984 to 1986 and when the Marines came down from the jungle training area up north, the safety briefing was usually something like “STAY ON BASE AND SECURE THE GATES” because the Jungle Marines that weekend were some crazy MoFos when they hit the town.

    Now I do have a quick “Cool Story Bro”. There was a guy in my squadron who was a regular visitor to the bars on BC street and knew all the girls and was there a few weeknights, in addition to weekends.

    Back in the day you could buy 2 10 oz rum and cokes for a few bucks and we’d end up getting pretty shitty for like $15.
    My friend Marty was pretty lit one night and a bunch of Marines roll into the bar we were at. They sit and order drinks and my friend Marty slurred out “Hey wash dis…”
    He goes up to the table of 4 Marines and yells “Hey if yous fuckers each buy me a drink (4 Marines 2 for 1, 8 rum and cokes) ‘I’ll go up and eat the banana.”

    They called his shit talking, paid the waitress, she turned over 8 glasses on the table for Marty and the nasty bitch limboed up to the stage, leaned over backwards, and ATE. THE. FUCKING. BANANA. It wasn’t the first or last time he did it, and I saw an entire table of hard ass Marines almost throw up.
    Good Times Good Times.

  18. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    XO naked in the woods only wearing boots.. CO and CMC tried to cover up.

    OK …


    This is NOTHING!! except hilarious
    He should just have to make an apology and a ‘light remand’. No one was hurt, killed or GOD forbid!!!!!…….offended.

    • USAF Ret says:

      Late 1970’s at the O’Club at Clark AB Philippines, the Clark Rugby team had play Rugby with a team from either New Zealand or Australia (do not remember, would lay money on NZ) and it was also a military team. It was getting close to mid-night, and curfew, and the visiting team started chanting and singing, bagpipes started playing and the team started dancing in a circle.

      The circle started to add layers as more of the team joined in. Then flying out from of the center of this multi-layered circle uniforms (us they came dressed in their uniforms). Then from the next layer and all of the layers came uniforms. The bagpipers, still in uniform, then led the march out (and not the shortest route) of the club of all these neked Rugby players on to their buses so that they could get back to their hotel before curfew.

      Interesting after party that night and Randy Rams for all of you who remember Clark.

      Late the next morning another Rugby match; good times were had by all.

      Oh the many rugby stories…

  20. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I’m not going to say that the pic looks like the xo is a tad light in the loafers but he does look awfully doughy.

  21. HMC Ret says:

    Got a story. Knew an HM1 who had some personal problems coupled with mental problems. One day out of the blue he removed ALL of his uniform plus skivvies and began dancing around the clinic. He was actually returned to duty after his mental health issues were addressed. Personal problem was also addressed … his cheating whore of a wife left him. Good guy, good sailor, just overwhelmed at one point in his life.

  22. HMC Ret says:

    Saw the banana show twice, first in TJ about 69 and a few years later on Okinawa. Why I would want to see it again after my first time seeing it I have know idea. Some things can’t be unseen or forgotten.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Because it’s amazing.
      My jaw dropped when I was the “new guy” cause at 21, I’d never even imagined that kind of thing.

      After a few times when you were the old hand, it was boring, BUT, it was a delight to see the reaction and the look on the new “new guys” face when we took them down there.

      That was the fun part.

  23. AW1Ed says:

    Burned in my mind’s eye is the vision of my Ordie waltzing up the tube in the mighty P-3 Orion wearing only his flight boots, LPA, and helmet. EDC#1 had shit the bed so it was hot, which is I think the point he was making up in the Flight Station. Ordies are subtle like that.

    • MrFace says:

      Have a similar story burned into my minds eye. Although, due to GO-1, no alcohol was involved.

      Setting : Kirkuk, Iraq, 2008

      Mortar attack whilst us night shift ninjas prepping for duty. My buddy just got out of the shower and was headed back from the Cadillac. All members of the CHU report to nearest bunker with a sense of urgency, including my friend. Only wearing his IBA and a toothbrush in his mouth. Only his IBA… Got reamed by the first shirt for not grabbing his Kevlar and running with a toothbrush in his mouth.

      I didn’t know gingers could run so fast, btw.

      Good times.


    • Atkron says:

      But, was he repeating IYAOYAS in a mantra whilst parading the tube?

  24. Roh-Dog says:

    What’s next, fucking swearing rations?!
    Shit, did I just give the Good Idea Fairy another one?!

    What would they say if they saw what the Infantry does? It’s common for junk to be placed on someone’s shoulder while they’re watching tv, cuz, you know, a dick on the shoulder is better than one in the mouth.
    And the ways I’ve seen testicles presented would make a San Fran fruit blush…

  25. jeff monroe says:

    UMM this sounds very weird? Why where there no women and only dudes? Must be a fire in the hole situation ?

  26. OldCorpsTanker72 says:

    For whatever it’s worth, I streaked the Officer Club at Camp Lejeune in 1974. Had just come back from a Med Cruise, and had missed the whole streaking phenomenon, so it seemed like the thing to do. Don’t remember it being much of an event at the time. Some Shore Patrol types asked a few questions around the BOQ the next day, “nobody saw nothing,” and that was the end of it. So, now I have to wonder – was I a bad person? Should I have lost my commission and been sent home in disgrace? Seems to me like some people need to lighten up.

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    I want to be sure that I understand this, because people do stupid things all the time and don’t hurt anyone while they’re at it.

    Some Navy ossifer gets plastered, decides to shed his outerwear (except for his shoes) and go for a trotting tour of the local forest preserve. The zoomies find him, or someone told them about it and whined, and his buddies tried to blow it off. Now they’re all on report for one of them doing something stupid, and I have questions, because my tax money goes into this preciousness, so here goes:
    1 – How many trees did he slam into and how many were damaged by it?
    2 – Were any squirrels inconveniently awakened by this behavior and complained to the MPS?
    3 – Was he found wandering down the roadside, dazed and confused, or did he try to get back on the base with no ID because he left his pants in the woods?
    4 – Where are the pictures?
    5 – Who is the uptight beeyatch who turned him in?
    6 – How come his buddies didn’t follow him and make him put his pants back on before he got caught?

    Seriously, some of these people like that demented jugeared busybody are so uptight they squeak when they walk. There is nothing worse than a sea laywer/sky lawyer who knows all the rules and batters people with them, but doesn’t know when to back off. A sense of humor is always appropriate in such circumstances, but there are too many people pretending to be ‘understanding’ who are not much more than officious bitches (m & f both) looking for a chance to browbeat someone over nothing.

    Drunken sailors? So what’s new about that? Nothing.

  28. 10thMountainMan says:

    On or about June 6th, 2002, outside of HHS 2/7 FA barracks I observed several soldiers, NCOs, and barracks bunnies drinking heavily.

    One on the forward observers from 3/6 FA was barbecuing and had the grill lit at about 2100. At this time the group became hostile because there did not appear to be enough food for everyone. Another soldier from 1/38 INF was present and announced that his first sergeant had a refrigerator full of meat in his office. Later, that soldier and his “battle buddy” returned with two back packs full of sausages, steaks, and possibly chicken. One soldier had his hand bandaged and both appeared to be intoxicated. He later stated that he cut his hand after breaking the first sergeant’s window and reaching his arm through to get the refrigerator opened and loot it.

    Three new privates were also present. I personally handed them shot glasses full of tabasco sauce and told them it was a cocktail called “Prairie Fire” and that all artillerymen drank it. They fell for it.

    Into the night more and more soldiers from the artillery, divarty, and our associated rifle platoons showed up. I heard that cav scouts may have attended also but cannot confirm. This is because cav scouts are notoriously sneaky and can fake the funk of any MOS.

    Several men in attendance began to grumble yhat the fire was too pussy and too small, so they endeavored to make it larger. I observed several drunken soldiers breaking limbs and sticks off of nearby vegetation and begin throwing them on top of the grill. Within a few moments somebody came out of the barracks with a chair from the day room and threw that onto the fire. Then the 1SG and Commander parking signs were on the fire. Other soldiers were pulling up the 4×4 boards that lined the walking paths and piling those onto the fire. At this point in the night the barbecue grill had collapsed and the area had become an enormous bonfire.

    A man from 3/6 field artillery then emerged completely naked except for boots, a pro-mask carrier on his hip, and a kevlar helmet. He came out at a full sprint and leapt the bonfire then proceeded to the big rope, jumped on it and climbed to the top. Upon he reaching the top someone in the crowd yelle out “sound off with what you want to be!” The soldier, in full possession of his mental faculties replied in the proper form and then jumped off the tower, executed a decent PLF and rejoined the party. Then the MPs showed up.

    This is a sworn statement, in case anyone is still searching for guys that appear naked in boots.

  29. Guard Bum says:

    Sounds like AF security has no game. Used to be as long as there was no damage, interaction with civilians was not a factor to come back and bite ya etc the SPs/MPs would just return the miscreant to the unit for corrective action.

    To me this is an extreme over reaction and waste of money. Glad I’m retired.

  30. lily says:

    He’ll probably be our next fake Marine. Many of them already are.

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