Anthony Swofford: I Was a Marine. I Don’t Want a Gun in My Classroom.

| February 25, 2018 | 348 Comments

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about veterans rushing to the microphones of the media to get their few minutes of fame, or notoriety, by embracing the current fear-mongering about Armalite-style rifles designed by Eugene Stoner more than 50 years ago. Today’s example is Anthony Swofford, an assistant professor of English and creative writing at West Virginia University who writes in the pages of the New York Times.

His bio says that he was a Marine Corps scout/sniper in the Gulf War, but, I have my doubts, because after a few hundred words about how restricted access to ammo and the extensive firearms training in the Marine Corps, he writes this erroneous BS which is supposed to refute the premise that by having armed teachers, that alone will keep someone with ill-intent from entering a school to kill students;

People attack heavily armed institutions all too often, as with the mass shootings in 2009 at Fort Hood in Texas and in 2013 at the Washington Navy Yard. Assailants in such cases aren’t typically worried about losing their lives in the process. Usually, losing their lives is part of the plan.

Folks who are not on the range, firing their weapons, are disarmed – their weapons are locked up in an arms room and the ammo is stored in a secured ammo storage facility guarded by other armed personnel charged with keeping the ammunition locked up. Military personnel are forbidden to bring their own firearms to the base where they work, unless their firearms are locked up and under the control of the unit commander.

Swofford continues with more illiterate BS;

At the White House on Wednesday, President Trump suggested that if a football coach at the high school, Aaron Feis, had been armed, he would have saved even more lives than he did, perhaps even his own, because rather than simply shielding students from gunfire, he could have drawn his weapon, fired and killed the assailant — putting a tidy end to the rampage.

This is absurd. More likely, had Mr. Feis been armed, he would not have been able to draw his weapon (a side arm, presumably) quickly enough to stop the shooter, who with an AR-15 would have had the coach outgunned. Even if the coach had been able to draw his weapon — from where? his athletic shorts? — any shots he managed to fire would have risked being errant, possibly injuring or killing additional students. As some studies have shown, even police officers have missed their targets more than 50 percent of the time. In firing a weapon, Mr. Feis would have only added to the carnage and confusion.

I’m not sure who started this utter bullshit about how someone with a pistol is automatically “outgunned” by an adversary with a rifle, but that’s just wrong. The guy with a rifle might have more bullets, he might be able to engage targets at a longer range, but if the fellow with a hand gun has been trained better than the guy with a rifle, he has the upper hand in a short range gun fight. If Mr Feis had been properly trained, the only carnage and confusion he would have brought to bear is on the gun man.

Last month, the State Legislature in West Virginia, where my university is located, introduced the Campus Self-Defense Act. This would prohibit colleges and universities from designating their campuses as gun-free zones. If this act becomes law, I will resign my professorship. I will not work in an environment where professors and students pack heat.

Adios, MFer. I guess you left your stones on the clerk’s desk when you picked up your DD214. Enjoy your life as a problem rather than a solution.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Dear Lily,

    Look, I get that you hate Navy folks ever since that weekend your mom came back from Port Hueneme with half the Acey-Ducey Club, but don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Maybe he got stiffed on a customer wearing a Sailor Suit costume one night behind The Blue Oyster?

      IMHO it’s obvious that lily LOVES getting slapped around for being stupid!

      • lily says:

        I can immediately think of seven Navy veterans who were complete retards. They either got fired for not being able to simply show up to work on time or worse. Some of them were just complete assholes to me without provocation. One of them couldn’t show up to work without smelling like alcohol. It’s really pathetic how they lost whatever discipline they had when they left the service.

    • IDC SARC says:

      Dunno about the rest of the claims there Lily, but every Corpsman, including myself, that wanted to be a Corpsman and serve the Marines had to do so by joining the Navy.

      The history speaks for itself and beyond that, I don’t feel any need to punch down at someone posting from ignorance.

      Carry on.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I’ve never seen any drunken Navy vets. Not even any drunken Marine vets.

      Must be some sort of projecting going on with the ‘you people’ thing and disparaging the service of others, and stereotyping as a backup.

      lily has become repetitive and boring.

      • lily says:

        Just because someone serves in the military doesn’t mean anyone has to like you. From my personal experiences around veterans I’d rather be around civilians.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Well, gee whizzikers, if it’s that awful for you to associate in even a slight way with vets and you’d rather be around civilians, then it’s completely illogical for you to continue associating yourself with this online group.

        In addition, no one is forcing YOU to show up here.

        You complain now that veterans are anathema to you and civilians are preferable company, and yet you keep showing up here.

        This disconnection from reality is stupendous!!!

  2. Graybeard says:

    lily has quit making any sense.

    I thought at one time she might – but her screeds have lost any color of rationality. Although I think every once in a while she is trying to be sarcastic, humorous, hyperbolic, or something – but it is never clear what she is thinking.

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