14-year-old phony cop

| March 8, 2018 | 23 Comments

Fox News tells the story of a 14-year-old in San Bernardino County, California who was making traffic stops and conducting phony domestic abuse investigations around town dressed as a county deputy and driving his great-grandfather’s SUV;

Detectives determined in the course of their investigation that the boy interacted with at least two other people while impersonating a deputy.

“The suspect again activated the emergency lights mounted in the vehicle, causing a white male, approximately 16-years old, to come out of his house,” the sheriff’s office said. “The suspect again claimed to be investigating a domestic disturbance call. When he was told, there was no disturbance, the suspect left.”

On the same day, the teen also pulled a woman over and gave her a warning before letting her go, officials said.
Teen Cop 3

Items authorities found belonging to a 14-year-old who impersonated a police officer in Southern California. (San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office )

Deputies later stopped the Ford Explorer and found the uniformed teen inside.

During a search of the 14-year-old’s home, detectives found the uniform worn during the incident, in addition to a large amount of counterfeit money, fake guns, ballistic vests and other law enforcement related items.

If only there were laws that made this stuff illegal so kids wouldn’t be tempted to do this stuff. Junior was on probation at the time of his arrest.

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  1. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    If he needs a lawyer …

    Oh, never mind …

    Bernath is still dead …

  2. ChipNASA says:

    I saw this yesterday in another news site and pretty much the consensus is this kid is messed up…

    one comment was ” The kid has big balls and big problems…..

    My comment was ”
    It’s bad enough when adults do this kind of shiat and yea, it’s definitely a sign of something gone wrong. 14? WTF?
    I bet he mutilates small animals and we’ll hear more about this kid shooting up a school down the road.”

    I *Certainly* hope LE and the community takes notice of this kid, straightens his shit out (or gives it a great try) or gets a GIANT clue from recent events.

    RED FLAG all over the place.

  3. jonp says:


  4. Guard Bum says:

    Man I was a slacker at 14….

  5. 26Limabeans says:

    At least he resisted the urge to wear the Trident. He will be back.

  6. Slick Goodlin says:

    I don’t know…he might’ve fooled me.

    I’m at an age where a lot of police and doctors look like they’re 14 years old.

  7. Graybeard says:

    I got nothin’

  8. IDC SARC says:

    There’s a lot of dope growing San Bernardino County…just sayin’

  9. Mason says:

    Depends on state law, here it’s only a misdemeanor to impersonate a cop. A kid that age, it’ll be diverted to some hug a thug program. He’ll be back up to his tricks before too long.

    Probably won’t actually be held accountable until he’s over 18 and committing crimes.

  10. Perry Gaskill says:

    Dude, you are so grounded…

  11. Dan says:

    Made himself a corporal

  12. USAF RET says:

    The 16 year old should have pounded the crap outta him.

  13. FatCircles0311 says:

    Give him a job. Obviously he’s willing to do police work unlike some supposed real police in Florida and the FBI. 😂

  14. Sgt Fon says:

    hey, at least he was not out smoking crack or whatever it is kids do these days.
    i say give him a gold star for good Initiative and take it away for poor judgment!…

  15. TheOldMaj says:

    Kids actually lucky that he was not killed. If he showed up to a real domestic situation or pulled somebody over with a felony warrant things could have gone South really fast

  16. Rosalee A Adams says:

    why not?
    Even adults masquerade e.g.
    Blumenthal as a combat vet and walking dead electorate in CT vote for it
    At least when I served I realized the difference between combatant and noncombatant
    Apparently, he does not and CT is okay with it

  17. Gat Cat says:

    What a total social degenerate! He probably played the LSPDFR mod for GTA V and thought he could be a cop based on what he “learned” in that game. Where are his parents at anyways? SMMFH.

  18. desert says:

    The liberals, the leftists, the assholes of this country have been lying though their teeth, making up phony shyt about Trump because they wanted their wicked witch of the east as prez….well you ignorant traitorous pieces of shyt….GET OUT OF AMERICA,, go to some shyt holes country where you can be the slave you have always wanted to be!! imo TRUMP IS HERE TO STAY!

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