Lizzie Warren: nobody is going to take that part of me away

| March 12, 2018 | 144 Comments

On NBC’s Meet the Press yesterday, according to Yahoo News, Chuck Todd asked Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren why she won’t take a DNA spit test to shut up her opponents, most importantly, President Trump who calls her Pocahontas at every chance because of Warren’s questionable claims to a native-American heritage. Warren responded;

Rather than address that question specifically, Warren told a story about how her mother and father, born and raised in Oklahoma, met as teenagers and fell head-over-heels in love. Her father’s family was bitterly opposed to their relationship, she said, because her mother was part Native American, but the couple eloped and persevered.

“That’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our Mom and our Dad, from our grandparents and all of our aunts and uncles. It’s a part of me, and nobody is going to take that part of me away — not ever,” Warren said.

After hearing this story, Todd returned to his initial concern: Why not do genealogical research or take a DNA test to find out her actual heritage? What’s wrong with knowing whether her family’s story was the truth?

“I do know. I know who I am. And never used it for anything, never got any benefit out of it anywhere,” she said.

My follow up question would have been something about “how can they take anything from you?” You know, if a DNA test would prove her heritage. Unless, of course, she knows what the results would actually be – that she’s 100% full of crap. European crap. No one can take from her something she never had.

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  1. Doc Savage says:

    Cant take away what you never had.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      I’m guessing she is referring to the beautiful story they were told and the fond memories of how it made them feel.

      They don’t want that taken away from them but something as invasive as the truth.

    • desert says:

      Fhony Faucahontas knows there is no special dna for native americans, only european and asian, so she doesn’t want that to get to her constituents, so they will know for sure she is a lying pig!! imo

  2. OWB says:

    Really? You know it just because??

    Lots of folks from OK tried unsuccessfully to prove they were part Indian back in the day. Why? Because those who were got oil money and were allowed to live in certain parts of the state. If her family didn’t get the benefits then, they weren’t able to prove it.

    Still, the legend abounds.

  3. Roh-Dog says:

    She used that fake Oklahoma drawl when explaining her history…
    Here’s a logic test for you, Mrs Warren. Being a gun owning, US born citizen, who swore to uphold the Constitution. That is part of my family’s story. “It’s a part of me, and nobody is going to take that part of me away — not ever”. What say you?
    Censure her ass, yesterday!

  4. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    “Nobody is going to take that part of me away — not ever” …


    A DNA test will clearly prove that I am not an American Indian. So, I will not agree to a DNA test … so I can continue to live my lie …

    • Animal says:

      A DNA test probably already has. It’s probably the reason she’s not running for president anymore.

      • David says:

        same reason I was not a birther, you just KNOW the Clintons poured serious money into that particular get-out-of-jail card in 2008. Smart money says she already had a test done and came back as lily-white as the new-driven snow used to be, and knows that any serious opponent will dig it up. She may have even done it under her own name so she could triumphantly point to it and say “See!!”

      • Buckeye Jim in MA says:

        Don’t count on that “not running for President” line. She is up for re-election to the Senate here in the People’s Republic this Fall. As soon as she is re-elected, she will continue to run for President, claiming that is what so many people want.

        Complete bull as usual from her.

      • Mason says:

        Oh, she’ll be running. Hillary repeatedly said she was not going to run in 2016. Until it became 2016.

        That Pocahontas says she’s not running in 2020 now is just because she’s up for election in 2018. Historically, this was the respectful way of asking for your vote. In that you were asking for a vote to fill a six year term, not a vote to sit there for a year and then run for President. Democrats don’t care about that though, Lieberman was so confident that he’d get elected as VP that he simultaneously ran for his senate seat.

    • AO2(NAC) says:

      bet you my paycheck she already took it and knows there ain’t shit there.
      Sir Winston Spencer Churchill was more native american than she is.. (no shit, his mother was from the US and did have native american ancestry.. I think Sir Winston was 1/16th or so Iroquois)

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    How many SV types told family and friends about their illustrious military histories only to learn later that it was wholly or partly bullshit? Warren’s mother was Pauline Reed and, as I understand it, frequently called Elizabeth by Elizabeth’s Indian name, Squaw Load-in-Pants. If anyone believes that Warren is any part Native American (other than Harvard, which proudly advertised that bullshit to spotlight the school’s diversity) see me about a bridge. I’m letting it go cheap.

  6. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    New name:


  7. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Liawatha doing what she does best…LIE!

  8. SFC D says:

    My Mom’s side of the family is from south Texas, always claimed to have a Comanche connection, with direct ties to Quanah Parker. There’s some old photographic evidence that there may be some truth to a native American ancestor somewhere 5-6 generations ago, but what actual proof do I have? None. I have high cheekbones and I tan pretty good for a mick. I’ve also never tried to use it for personal professional gain. I could sure use a cut of that casino money, too.

    • David says:

      alternative: there is also the term ‘black Irish’ to describe tanned, dark-haired Irish descended from survivors of the great Spanish Armada who washed ashore on Ireland and stayed there.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Interesting. I’m ethnically half-Irish (Saxon kraut on the other side), and I’m dark-haired and tan fairly well from a naturally-pale complexion—taking my watch off reveals a sharply-defined stripe. I was always told that “Black Irish” was just a term invented to describe Irish who don’t match the green-eyed redhead stereotype. Most of my family has brown or dark brown hair, with about 1/3 blondes. Hardly any gingers in the family tree.

        • David says:

          Knew a black-Irish fella who retired as a CSM a few years back. Me, I’m the pale tans-in-various-shades-of-brick kind of Irish (and Scot, German, English, Welsh – pale drinkers, the lot of ’em.)

        • Roh-Dog says:

          Who in their right mind would invade Ireland, even accidentally?
          On the upside, if someone has Spanish blood, they probably have Moor blood, which means you can not be racist or an islamaphobe.

          • The Other Whitey says:

            Same for Sicilians. Dennis Hopper explains:


          • Cris says:

            There you go! I cannot be racist or islamaphobe. As an AF brat,Scottish Irish from dad’s side, Mom from Spain. 100 percent American by birth,and Marine (retired)by the grace of God. And, although I am proud of all my heritage and being only a 2nd generation American, my history begins with the start of the Revolutionary War.

            • Garold says:

              Greetings Chris, Irish and Scottish myself; though for some reason my parents gave me a German name – Garold which means “Leader with a spear”. Hmmm, no spears but quite a few other weapons.

          • Perry Gaskill says:

            The Spanish weren’t trying to invade Ireland; they were trying to invade England. During naval engagements in the English Channel, the lumbering Spanish Armada was pretty much ripped to pieces by a more nimble English fleet. In an effort to escape with what craft were left, the Spanish sailed north, and then west, up around Scotland and Ireland.

            It so happened that in making transit around Ireland that the remnants of the Armada were caught in a violent storm which wrecked many of the remaining Spanish vessels. Some of the Spanish survivors who made it ashore then settled in Ireland.

          • Elfmeister says:

            If you’re Spanish you can’t be an “Islamophobe”? Seriously?? Do you not know Spanish history? The Muslims invaded, pillaged and raped Spain for 700 years, until they were finally kicked out. I’m Spanish and am descended from knight who fought against the Muslim invaders. To be Spanish and not have a chip on your shoulder against Muslim invaders would be like being a Russian and not having a grudge against the Germans.

          • MSG Eric says:

            Vikings did a fair amount of invading, both accidentally and purposely.

    • SFC D says:

      Dad always said we were from the Fugawi tribe. They’re a lost tribe, cousins of the Heckawis.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      You get huge breaks on college tuition if you can prove you are part or whole Native American. Probably best to be on the roles maintained by the tribe. I think it has to be above 1/16th but some require 1/4th.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        I have yet to meet a real Indian who considers 1/16 blood, or claims thereof, to be legit. Especially since a substantial number of those 1/16 claims are whole-cloth bullshit.

        • Graybeard says:

          If I have any Indian blood, it is at most 1/128th, possibly less.

          I am Germanic on one side, Scots on the other. The Germanic side appears to be from the Bavarian region, and the Moorish heritage shows in facial features. I have been addressed in Parse and Arabic by mistake, and my father easily passed for Latin American; particularly since he was fluent in numerous dialects of Spanish.

          There is the usual hodgepodge of British mixes that come into play as well. It is a bit surprising that with all of that, none of my children wound up with the Moorish features, but could be expected with all the recessive genes, I suppose.

          Obviously, my family is 100% American cur – running strong on the sheepdog.

        • desert says:

          Well, I am 1/8th Cherokee but never tried to prove it, looked up some of the roll call books for cherokees and lots of people with my last name on there but??

  9. Atkron says:

    “I do know. I know who I am. And never used it for anything, never got any benefit out of it anywhere,” she said.

    Except for that Harvard teaching position…jackass.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      I was just about to say that she specifically marketed herself as a “diversity hire” at Harvard based on her claims of Indian blood, so that’s a blatant lie. Then again, so is the claim that she’s Indian.

      I’ll consider replacing “Indian” with “Native American” when I meet an Indian who calls him/herself a Native American. I know a lot of Indians. Every Indian that I’ve ever met either calls themselves Indian or their specific tribe. I’ll stop calling Warren “Fauxcahontas” when she stops claiming to be Indian.

      • rgr769 says:

        Warren’s genealogy was traced by someone who knew how to do it back when she first ran for senator from Progachussetts. He checked out her claim that she had a certain male ancestor who was on the “Trail of Tears.” The research disclosed that male ancestor was on the trail alright, but not as a Native American, he was one of the white military escorts of the Indians forced removal.

        • rgr769 says:

          Ms. Warren has claimed her Cherokee ancestor was through the Crawford line in her mother’s family tree. Pvt. Jonathon Crawford was a private in the East Tennesee Mounted Militia that helped round up the Cherokees for the Trail of Tears; he also fought against the Seminoles in Florida. His purported son is irrefutably Warren’s great great grandfather in her mother’s lineage. Every one in that lineage is listed in every census and every recorded document as “white.” The entire story about her mother being part Indian is completely bogus. One of her father’s close friends was Native American; hardly someone who would be prejudiced against a less than half-breed future daughter-in-law (which she wasn’t). Several Cherokee genealogists have completely mapped out her tree and there isn’t an Indian in it, feather or dot, going back to 1826.

    • Aysel says:

      I was about to post this too. I’m glad others remembered that piece of BS.

    • desert says:

      Yeh and when this b.s. first started she tried to get money for college! imho

      • rgr769 says:

        Not really, according to what I have read. She did not start claiming she was part American Indian until sometime in her 30’s after she had graduated from college and law school. The claim first surfaced in public documents/records when she was a law professor at U. of Penn. Law School, before she was hired at Harvard’s law school. Harvard has refused to release her employment application docs which would show whether she claimed Native American status and was a “minority” hire.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    What is that tactic called…?

    Oh, yeah – misdirect and evade.

    Other words for it include the following: fabrication
    perjury (under oath)

    She’s a politician. Why would you expect anything but BS from her?

  11. Club Manager, USA ret. says:

    Paleface visiting reservation to local: How!

    Local: I know how, the question is who.

  12. 2banana says:

    Sanders-Pocahontas 2020.

    That would be fun.

    Best election ever.

    And landslide for Trump.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      I was just watching a standup show that Owen Benjamin did in Vermont on YouTube last night. The crowd even admitted that Sanders doesn’t sound so great when you realize that you could replace his voice with that of Bane and there would be no change to the content of anything he says.

    • sbalm says:

      Eric Holder is going to make a run for president and rumor has it he’ll get Anthony Weiner as a running mate on a early release from prison.

      It will be a Wiener-Holder ticket.

  13. Old Troper says:

    Let’s ask Ward Churchill how that works.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Ah, yes… Ward Churchill and his Native American bullshit that cost him his job at the University of Colorado.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      An oldie but a goodie:

      Still reeling from Vietnam, and with Watergate and OPEC looming on the horizon, 1972 was a turbulent time for America. Nowhere was the zeitgeist more reflected than on ABC Thursday nights, with the debut of “Chutch.” Starring Jan-Peter Bronston in the title role, the fast-paced action series centered on the adventures of a mystic, Indian-like professor at fictional Boulder University. Based on the rugged hippie anti-hero Bronston portrayed in a skein of popular low budget drive-in biker films (including 1968’s “Tenured Losers” and 1970’s “The Angry Ones”), Chutch battled against injustice and The Man with a lethal arsenal of martial arts, mystic dialog, dirt bikes and his faithful mountain lion, Zapata.

      When I was deployed to Kuwait for almost all of 2004, reading Iowahawk was one of the things that kept me sane.

      • rgr769 says:

        Loved Iowahawk. Too bad he stopped blogging. His wit and political humor is epic. As for fake Indian and fake Ranger “Chutch” Churchill, he had as much Native American DNA as he had time served in a LRRP/Ranger company in the Viet of the Nam, which is none. He did have quals on operating audio visual equipment, however, in his transportation unit.

  14. AZtoVA says:

    “never got any benefit out of it anywhere”

    Like a $300,000 tax-payer funded ‘job’, Lizzie?

  15. Hondo says:

    So, Fauxihontas – if you “know what you are”, why not prove it to everyone?

    Regarding that “family history”: a late friend of mine was from Oklahoma. He was proof that the ability to tell world-class tall tales wasn’t limited to Texans – he could hold his own in that department with ANY Texan, and was better (and more believable) than many. I suspect many from Oklahoma share that skill.

    “Never got any benefit out of it” my ass. What the hell do you think “Native American preference in hiring” at places like Harvard is called? Sheesh.

    Later, Liawatha. Quit insulting our intelligence.

  16. Dustoff says:

    In other news EVERYONE’S IRISH this coming Saturday. Even Ms. Dustoff’s cousins in Seoul:

  17. SSG Kane says:

    I agree with her, she doesn’t need to take a test to prove anything about her family and her hertitige because genetics isn’t the determining factor of who we are. We are the sum total of how we are raised, the choices we make, and the stories we are told and make for ourselves.

    Having embarked upon my own adventures in genology recently, I get how skewed family stories can become from generation to generation. My own family, for example, we aren’t nearly as Prussian, as we thought we were. Hell, I’m actually more English than the average Englishman these days.

    That doesn’t diminish the lessons and teachings my family taught me about discipline, focus, personal courage, discipline, punctuallity, and the importance of education and structure in life even though they were taught “This is how OUR PEOPLE do things”.

    No, she doesn’t need to take a test to tell us who she is. We know who she is from how she acts.

    And to the best of my knowledge DNA test’s dont give “Shitbird” as a result.

    • MSG Eric says:

      I found out I’m not as German as I thought, but I’m a whole lot of messed up.

      Mostly Irish/Scottish, also English, Welsh, German, Polish, European Jewish, Hispanic (from the original Ethpania), Hungarian, Finnish, Norweigan, (about 1/4 Scandinavian), Greek, Italian, and Persian and Arabic. Might be a couple I’m forgetting, but that’s most of it.

      Throughout my lineage, that I’m able to track, it seems my families went out of their way to find other cultures/ethnicities to hook up with as if they were perpetually pissed off at their parents and trying to get back at them.

      As I tell my friends, I’ve even found both slaves and slave owners in my background, so when the reparations discussion starts up I just tell them I pay myself reparations daily to get forgiveness from myself for the actions of my ancestors. (How dare I be in a family of slave owners, my family of slaves is utterly horrified by my actions and I’m paying for my family’s actions, to myself.) I feel better after I do that.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        I’m a mutt mix of Scottish, English, German, Irish and Polish. All of my Civil War Ancestry I know of was Union, I’ve never heard a “Thank You” from the left AND IMHO I don’t owe them SHIT.

  18. HMC Ret says:

    I guarantee she has taken one of those DNA tests in the hopes that she had just a smidgen of Native American/Indian/Whatever blood in her lying body. It’s entirely possible to do so w/o using one’s name; just make up a name … nobody checks. No copy of any documents are required when submitting the saliva. Use the address of a friend or use a post office box. I’m sure in her rolodex is someone with a post office box who owes her a favor.

    • Martinjmpr says:

      It’s all on line. You get the kit, create an account with the number on the kit and they don’t care what they name is: Dick Hertz, Mike Hunt, Hugh Jorgan, Dick Jackman – etc.

      Then 8 weeks later you log on and it give you the profile. It can be completely anonymous.

      Wife wanted one for Christmas. Her maiden name is Slawinski.

      In a development that shocked absolutely nobody, most of her DNA is from Eastern Europe. Go figure. 😀

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Except for one little detail:

        Your unique DNA also shows your relations.

        They can easily cross-check yours with all the others. If yours shows a family link elsewhere, they now know approximately who you are. If a close relative also gets a test, they can be almost certain.


        And the data is forever. Note the periodic appeals for DNA samples to identify our fallen unknowns. If -that- works….

        Some religions are very very big on lineage. Their ancestry services also allow one to identify long lost branches of one’s tree.

        Privacy issues of DNA testing already make “private” adoptions increasingly dicey.

        And it is just a matter of time before insurance companies, employers, and government mandate tests.

        As computer processing power grows, so does our ability to read the ultimate “information technology”: DNA.

    • MustangCryppie says:

      Probably turned out that she is related to Andrew Jackson AND George Custer, both great lovers and supporters of Native Americans.

      • MSG Eric says:

        That would just be the icing on the cake of her bullshit level of bullshit.

        Reminds me of when Ben Affleck tried to get that TV show to omit the fact he has slave owners in his lineage. Yeah, its actually worse to try hiding it dipshit.

        • HMC Ret says:

          I heard about the Affleck fiasco. PBS had his shit all over their lips. It was the usual ‘this isn’t how we work; we’ve never done anything before this way; blah, bullshit, blah. More liberal bullshit.

      • Dinotanker says:

        I am in NO WAY a Custer fan, but Jackson made Custer look damn near liberal!

  19. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    I wonder if she is related to Warren whom headed the Warren Commission on the JFK Murder which didn’t allow conspiricy and other evidence into the cover up investigation.

  20. JURRASSICHM says:

    My Mom told me and my siblings we were part alien from the planet Snark in the Andromeda galaxy.Their spaceship broke down causing them to be stuck here so they moved in with a tribe of Eskimos. We have an affinity for whale blubber and space travel. I refuse to take a DNA test because Snarks DNA won’t show up in the results.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      I’m buying all of that because I have a sister who is an alien.

      • Wilted Willy says:

        I am 100% Indian from the great Fukahwee nation. My ancestors landed on the west coast of this great land and proclaimed Where the Fuck are we? Thus the long proclaimed name of our Fukahwee tribe! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Grandma on Dad’s side has all kinds of stories about the ancestors, all of which I take with the whole shaker of salt. One alleges that her great-grandmother purchased some land around San Diego when she immigrated from Germany in the 1860s, but was conned into selling it for pennies on the dollar based on a false claim that naturalized citizens couldn’t own more than an acre. The land, according to the story? Coronado. All of it. Yeah, I kinda REALLY doubt that one.

      Another (which has a bit more plausibility, if only a tiny bit) says that her grandfather was a rancher in Oklahoma around 1900 or so whose ranch was failing. Along comes a guy from California who claims to have a thriving ranch with good water and plenty of graze, but wants out of the ranching business and proposes a 1/1 trade. Her grandfather thinks that sounds good, signs the papers, and heads West, only to discover that the land he traded for was a barren patch on the ass-end of Mojave where cactus won’t even grow. He then decides that he’s not all that worse off, after all, it’s not like he could graze his herd back in Oklahoma with ALL THAT GREASY, OILY BLACK SHIT COMING OUT OF THE GROUND! I don’t really believe that one, either, but it’s good for a laugh.

  21. sbalm says:

    She probably feels that she’s entitled to live in an alternate reality.

    She already does that anyway.

  22. Arby says:

    “Hatchet and Sickle 2020” – the slogan for the Warren/Sanders ticket.

  23. Old 1SG, US Army (retired) says:

    Lizzie Warren and Ricky “I served in da Viet of da Nam”Blumenthal are fine examples of people who are not comfortable in their own skin.

    They’re both from small New England states… surprised they haven’t claimed their families came over on the Mayflower…

  24. Bill M says:

    She doesn’t want to loose her delusions. And she did get something from it – her job at Harvard where she was touted as a person of color.

    Looks like Trump has already narrowed the Dem field by scaring her away.

  25. Brown Neck Gaitor says:

    “I am not running” is a nice way to avoid the question if she WILL run. She is 100% factual in that she hasn’t declared her candidacy, so she isn’t running. Just like Hillary would laugh maniacally when asked if she was going to run, everyone knows she is running.

    And the part where she said she never got anything from her (alleged) heritage is just as big a lie.

  26. That Guy says:

    ‘That’s the story my mom and dad told’
    Well, that obviously means it’s fact, and your two parents weren’t trying to spice up their background because they’re amazingly boring or anything.
    Even if it’s a true story, Warren would be something like 1/64th Native American. Her mom would be 1/32nd, or having so little Native American heritage as to be completely unnoticeable.

  27. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    She is “not running for president” because she wants to get re-elected to the Senate. Her opponent might otherwise raise the “quitter” issue.

    Once she manages re-election, her “listening tour” will “convince her the people demand” that she run for President.

  28. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    There is a story told in my family of an Australian ancestor who was hanged as a horse thief. I like to think it’s true.

  29. Commissioner Wretched says:

    I am 1/4 Native American (on my father’s side – Apache, to be precise). If Lieawatha Fauxcahontas is even 1/64th Native American, then the story my mother told me is true – I really am the Tsar of all the Russias. On her side, of course.

  30. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gallia in tres partes divisa est. And I have all of them.

  31. Garold says:

    Don’t you just love the way the progressives create various victim classes to increase the numbers of the “aggrieved” and then find which category they can place themselves in?

  32. Jeffro says:

    I was laughing so hard watching her tap dance on the Meet the Depressed.

  33. Hack Stone says:

    She should hook up with Phil Monkress. He can teach her how to convince a mentally deranged alcoholic subordinate to go online and launch incoherent attacks against anyone questioning claims of Native American ancestry and elite military service.

  34. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Is she conflicted on Thanksgiving?

  35. Heart of TEXAS (PSG, Ret.) says:

    THE primary reason she will not take a DNA test is because it will show that she is genetically predisposed to lying, a trait that does however qualify her as a politician.

  36. Just An Old Dog says:

    Just to chime in, DNA tests as far as Ethnicity, are NOT foolproof, especially when you are talking about small percentages.
    Even twins will have different percentages, or one may not have a trace of a specific ethnic group that he other doesn’t.
    My daughter, my wife and me did the test, and though it links me as her father, She has a lot less Western European than I do, plus no Askinazi Jew or North African which I have 2% of each.
    She has no Trace of Caucaus Region or Middle Eastern, Which is 12% of her mom’s DNA.
    She also has a higher percentage of Scandanavian than me.

    • MSG Eric says:

      Or maybe your wife has some ‘splainin’ to do?

      Just kidding.

      • Just An Old Dog says:

        LOL, actually Ancestry DNA also connects you to all the people who have taken the test that share DNA with you.
        So she ( My daughter) has me and her mom listed as parents.
        However I have several cousins who took the test who connect with me and not her.
        Also My daughter’s matches are mostly Hispanic.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      You get 1/2 your (nuclear) DNA from each parent. If that half is missing the trace bit of “X”, then away it goes.

      Mitochondrial DNA is always 100% from your mother, and can show some really far back stuff.

  37. Tallywhagger says:

    Loonie Lizzy is so dull that Larry Flynt wouldn’t giv’r a dime to prove that’s she’s a she.

    Some say that she’s got-some-back. Oooh, dat’ just nasty.

  38. HMC Ret says:

    If Lizzy the Loon is the Democrat nominee, which I doubt, the MSM will surround her with their wagons to protect her. See what I did there?

  39. HMC Ret says:

    Mrs. HMC and I took the test. I’m plain vanilla western European. A little on the continent but the majority in England and surrounding islands. The Mrs. is almost 100% eastern Europe. 98% in an area totally destroyed in WW2 and never repopulated. The other 2% is in another isolated place in northern Europe. Growing up in NC I was frequently told I had Cherokee blood, but I pretty much thought that was BS. Truthfully, I didn’t much care. I had no say in my heritage so it’s no big deal. What a person makes of themselves is more important than their makeup.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      My mother had stuff in her head about genealogy because she had an ancient typewritten report from the American Genealogical Society about how her paternal family name originated, with some self-designated emperor from the 10th century. When I found info on this particular person at the library, (in the days before computers) I found that he also had a large harem. As a result, I am quite sure that I have “cousins” all over France with my maternal grandfather’s last name. When I pointed out this logical, and factual, bit of info, Ma got mad at me. She was SURE it wasn’t true.

      There were other things that she loaded up on, and quacked herself over it. But since there were no “famous” people in my dad’s family, that went by the wayside.

      Ancestry stuff can be fun, or it can turn you into a quack like it did my mother, with false ideas about how you might be.

      It’s probably safe to say that Lizzie Warren has repeated this crap to herself so often that she almost believes it, and yet she knows that if she has to submit a sample to a real DNA testing lab (not the mail-order kind), her scam will come to light, and she’ll owe Harvard some cash for being hired under false pretenses.

      • rgr769 says:

        Interestingly, she did not start claiming any of this Injun stuff until she was in her 30’s. So one has to question how strongly her family pitched this story. She claims a maternal aunt said she (the aunt) was part Cherokee but when Liawatha provided the info for the aunt’s death certificate Warren reported her race as “white.” So, me thinkum Liawatha not honest Injun.

  40. HMC Ret says:

    I haven’t seen IDC SARC weigh in on the doability of the native American princess. After all, he IS the TAH resident expert and spokesman on such matters.

  41. Pigmy says:

    I’d bet a years salary she’s had a DNA test. No way she would hold back on calling out POTUS if she had actual proof. Additionally, it would cement her minority status for life. She’s a POS, who lied about her heritage (knowing or unknowing) to take advantage of a minority program at Harvard and when caught doubled down…

  42. jonp says:

    “never used it for anything”.
    Except that Harvard thing, getting elected and, you know, other affirmative action stuff

  43. E4 Mafia For Life. says:

    Or her DNA results show equestrian strands in her DNA.

  44. Frank says:

    Liarwatha dodged the DNA test in case “ Communist Asshole” turned out to be a race.
    Phil Sheridan was right about this particular Injun.

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