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| March 13, 2018 | 22 Comments

Churchill the war criminal

Busted tranny


Spit in the cup, Lizzy

Leftists are edgy and cool

He also got a Nobel participation trophy, so what

Didn’t they also contribute to the Clinton Foundation?

Here’s a collection of retards. Enjoy.

21 and counting

Rooting for our enemies, a DU tradition

What else has a blue wave? The toilet.

Obama’s birth certificate is more authentic than this

New Math

Will the real Slim Shady please shut up

Poor Hillary!

Once a whore…

Maybe some of them identified as men?

Fake coworkers won’t fake do something fake racist

Leftists hate it when you co-opt their schtick

So he’s cheating?

And Bernie can GFY

…always a whore.

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  1. Mason says:

    Maybe they’re not all lost hopes. The post about Churchill received some sane responses. They even had someone questioning their Chinese brethren.

    Churchill the war criminal. UFB

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Cannot resist this: from the ‘collection of retards’…

    – Oprah Winfrey – gained weight, lost weight, gained it back, lost it again, gained it back; if she didn’t give stuff to her audience at Christmas, no one would pay any attention to her; never had anything useful to say; does not have a physical relationship with Stedman; has no real purpose other than running her mouth
    – Elizabeth Warren – lies like a spotted hyena, routinely makes a public ass of herself, believes her own lies
    – Hillary Clinton – lies like a spotted hyena, makes a public ass of herself, has more bad stuff hidden under the fake oak flooring in the dining room than Bluebeard had in his locked rooms
    – Nancy Pelosi – senile dementia has already set in; still thinks Bush is president
    – Maxine Waters – yells ‘impeach’ at the drop of a piece of extra-crunchy KFC, then denies it despite video evidence; still yelling ‘impeach’ and denying it; has bad taste in clothing; sucks the bag as a person; supports any and all scams as long as she can profit from them.

    The rest – well, it’s the DUers sobbing out their angst. Send them the number of a good shrink who has a regular group therapy session available. They need it.

    Glad to get that out of my system. We may have snow tonight.

    • Dinotanker says:


      Ex-PH2, if youre cool with it, Im going to start using the “Sucks the bag” expression!


    • Mason says:

      Respect your female betters Ex.

      You should:
      -Lie about everything (who you know, how you knew them, whether you knew them at all) without consequences.
      -Stand by your adultering spouse, without hesitation no matter how he embarrasses you. If anyone asks why you are, just deflect. There will be no followup.
      -Cheating is OK. Want to sell out your country for profit? Go for it, girl! Need a job, but they only want minorities? Grandma said she once had a crush on a native dude, so you’re like totally 1/416th Cherokee. You can check the native box on your ivy league job application.
      -Reinforce every screaming, crazy harpy stereotype around.

      That these are the women used to define “strength” of the gender of my mother, wife, and daughters disgusts me.

      As for Oprah, I never expected that she was a nice person (she always seemed very phony), and this was confirmed by my mother-in-law. She went to a taping of her show years ago and said she was a total bitch to the audience and her crew. Sounds like she, like a good lib, turns into a different person when the cameras are on.

  3. CPT11A says:

    Re: “Leftists are edgy and cool”

    Offering thoughts and prayers for a tragedy is meaningless, but hanging 17 crosses off a billboard for a Kentucky gun show is “symbolism that gives me chills” and an “excellent way to protest”?

    Of course, that thread wouldn’t be complete without someone pointing out that many of those kids were Jewish, and therefore the protests were actually inappropriate, and indicative of white, Christian privilege.

    There really isn’t any message in leftism other than hatred for everyone who isn’t a leftist. It pulls them in a million different and opposite directions. Trump has exacerbated in a hilarious and hopefully fatal way. The 22nd Amendment is the only thing standing between him and the office of President for Life.

  4. Perry Gaskill says:

    Once a whore… and …always a whore.

    It’s interesting how the DU moral compass often points in whatever direction is most appropriate to push an agenda. Not one of the comments directed toward Stormy Daniels deciding to go public with her President Trump revelations mentioned the character flaw in breaching an NDA. To them, moral relevance is apparently guided by who can write the biggest check– so long as it’s a Democrat.

    I’m also finding it bizarre that 60 Minutes would wallow in tabloid sleaze enough to have Anderson Cooper interview Stormy and her sweater puppies on prime time. In the interest of hard-hitting investigative reporting and fully transparent disclosure, it would seem only fair for Anderson to share with everyone his own sexual proclivities:

    Tell us, Anderson, when you’re getting buggered by your domestic partner, do you usually pretend to whimper like a little girl, or are you more the type who likes the rough “damn the breeders, ram that torpedo home, Cap’n” kind of guy?

    Enquiring minds, as they say, want to know…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      60 Minutes is still on TV?

      Huh. I thought it was losing the audience so much that it had been canceled. Or is that coming down the road?

      That twaddle show hasn’t been relevant since Dan Rather crawled into a hole in the ground during the Gulf War, or whenever it was that he did that.

  5. Dinotanker says:

    Alright, Im the resident dumbass today…

    Why would Churchill be considered a war criminal? He was a company grade officer during the Sudan and Boer Wars, and even with his connections wouldn’t have had much influence on policy.

    If people are referring to his support of the Empire, they probably ought just call most of Englishfolk of the 18th, 19th and 20th centruries war criminals. Ever read what they had to say about Irishmen back in the 1600’s???

    He can be blamed in part for Gallipoli, but then he doesn’t have the market on bad military decisions.

    India? Nope he wasn’t PM then, I believe that was Atlee.

    So have I fallen into a DU trap? Or am I missing something? The Germans couldn’t see as a war criminal could they? Wouldn’t that be the pot calling the kettle black?

    • CPT11A says:

      Why is WInston Churchill a war criminal? Because he’s white, duh.

      • Dinotanker says:

        LMAO! DOH!

        Thanks for squaring me away, CPT11A.

        • CPT11A says:

          No problem, Dino. I am here to help.

          On a serious note though, I don’t know how anyone considers leftism with a straight face.

          Every single belief in leftism whittles down to hating people who aren’t leftists.

          Support the poor? Not those hillbilly motherfuckers who are too proud to surrender to Daddy Welfare.

          Support minorities and immigrants? Sure, right after Colion Noir, Stacey Dash and Tim Scott get their black asses back on the plantation. And damn legal immigrants who vote for Republicans because we’re too busy fighting for illegal aliens! They need to shut the fuck up.

          I usually try to make these jokes in groups of 3, but leftism is too fucking stupid for me to bother. I’m done.

        • Dinotanker says:

          CPT11A and Mason,

          11A: Totally with you on leftism, its a bunch of shit.

          Mason: I thought that’s where they might be going…but WTF??? EVERYONE BOMBED EVERYONE DURING WWII. Im not really a Churchill fan. I cracks me the hell up when people apply today’s PC bullshiz to history.

          Would be interesting to sit down with ghosts of Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, and few other founding fathers and ask “Hey guys, did you see this coming?”. In reference to todays political and social climates. Or have them come back from the dead and kick some ass…

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Dinotanker, the application of today’s PC bullshiz is entirely due to dropping the REAL history out of history classes and using the ‘let’s all have a hug now’ hogwash.

            The PC crowd despises competition, therefore, anyone they support who doesn’t win the ‘contest’ (election) must be the MOST AWFULLEST PERSON EVER ON THE PLANET, because elections are SOOOO not fair!

            While you’re sorting out that BS, just remember that what goes around, comes around, and at some point, they will be wishing that they had read real history instead of the bullshit they were fed in junior high school.

          • Mason says:

            Dino, I’d like to imagine the founders would be aghast at our political arguing nowadays.

            However, my pragmatic side says they’d be thrilled that we are arguing over such issues as which bathrooms the .001% percent of the population who are trans use. That we aren’t spending all our time finding clean water and food to eat and aren’t in constant fear of someone invading would astound them.

      • Mason says:

        Sounds like their position is because he was in favor of bombing civilian targets. Which was the SOP for all belligerents during and before WWII.

        Pretty sure we dropped more high explosives on Germany than the UK did. We also imprisoned large numbers of people based on their race during the war. But every liberal’s favorite pres FDR isn’t labeled a war criminal.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      It gets complicated. The source of the DU thread on Churchill was a Washington Post opinion piece by Shashi Tharoor who is on the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee in India. Part of the context is that Tharoor apparently got pissy because Gary Oldman won best actor for his portrayal of Churchill at the Academy Awards.

      Tharoor’s opinion on what went on during the era of the British Raj is about as objective as asking Sitting Bull what he thought of George Custer. Mostly, Tharoor’s screed amounts to how when you be a person of color you be oppressed and shit, dawg.

      Additional claims that Churchill was a “war criminal” apparently originated with German historian Jorg Friedrich and relate to the bombing of Dresden. Something which liberal literary icon Kurt Vonnegut, an American POW in Dresden at the time, described in the book Slaughterhouse Five. Whether or not Dresden was justified as a strategic target is still open to debate.

      Personally, I’d be willing to cut Churchill some slack. He was a product of his life and times. He was also one of the few public figures with stones enough to tell Adolph Hitler to take his vaunted Luftwaffe and jam it up Hermann Goring’s fat butt.

      If you want to understand about Churchill and the kind of person he was, a good place to start is William Manchester’s The Last Lion.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    On another note, I was pleased to see that the DUers’s blogsite or forum or Agora of Agony – whatever it is – has slutwear ads on the side. It’s very appropriate, especially when they weep and wail about shrillary and equalz ‘cuz and all the rest of that crap.

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